Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

58. Johann George (George H.) Clock (4)

b 2-7-1765 (Dat Far Ch S A record) d 5-14-1833 m Margaretha Overheiser (or Ofenhaus) (d 11-26-1844). Both bur in Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville, Ohio.

Mr. Prindle in a letter to H L C W 1-11-1950 writes-. "It has been my observation that in the early days a middle initial (frequently followed by a colon) almost invariably represented the father's name . Thus ,George H. was doubtless the son of a Hendrick (Henry). Another observation is that a given name Johannes (John, frequently abbreviated to Hannes) was actually the given name of the child - the name he bore through his life. The given name Johan or Johann, however, seem almost always to have been a courtesy mame, given in honor of someone, but not used. Thus a child baptized as Johan (Jost) would never go by the name of John, but would be Joseph (Jost); a child baptized Johan Dietrick would be Richard (Dietrich), not John. On that basis, Johann George Clock b 2-7-1765 bap 2-10-1765 sponsors Stophel Fox and wife Margaretha, son of Henrich and Anna (Young) Clock would be 58 George, son of Henrich (Stone Arabia record)." See also Mr. Prindle's Early Palatine Nomenclature In the 5/11 and 5/18/50 issues of the Enterprise and News (St. Johnsville, N. Y.).

The second child 152 David, speaking to his grand daughter 609 Flora Clock insisted that he was b in Oak Hill, N.Y. Since Margaratha's home was in dutchess Co., N. Y. the marriage of Geroge H. and Margaretha no doubt took place there, and the first two children were b there before the family removed to Madison Co., N.Y., although their births are recorded with the others in the Dutch Ref. Ch. Of St. Johnsville, NY. The records of births and baptisms of Stone Arabia, NY and the Lutheran Ch of Minden, known as the Geisenburg Ch. The birth dates of the thirteen ch born to George H. and Margaretha, are confirmed in records of a German (or Dutch) Bible given by Margaret Forster Clock, wife of 388 Andrew ,to 381 A Jay Fanning when he was writing a story about Monroeville, Ohio. These records later came through 381 G. Mrs. L. O. Simmons of Monroeville to H L C W who had instigated a search for them. Photostat copies of them are now in her possession. Originals have been returned to Mrs. L. O. Simmons.

The family migrated by oxcart to Monroeville. Ohio in 1817, according "to an account in "Pioneer Women of Ridgefield Township, Huron Co., Ohio", published under the auspices of the Woman's Dept of the Cleveland Centennial Commission 1896 a copy of which is in the library of the W R H S in Cleveland. Also in the same publication, the following- "George H. Clock's health was poor and on the wife's shoulders fell the responsibility of providing for the numerous members of the family. She taught her children to work and her house was a beehive or industry. At 68, she danced with her "18 year old grand daughter, 379 Berthula. The dance 'Heel amd. Toe"'.


51 I. Daniel **

52. II. David**

53. III. Timothy**

54. IV. Elijah b 2-3-1796 m Harriet Jackson, sister of Towar (below).

55. V. Archibald **

56. VI Samuel **

57. VII: Sarah b 11-12-1803 m Towar Jackson, brother of Harriet (above).

58. VIII. Permelia b 10-17-1805 m Willard King of Bellevue, O.

59. IX. Sophronia, b 1-27-1807 m Walter Williams and lived in Colorado.

60. X. Susan 3-29-1810 m Horace Phelps

61. XI. Andrew b. 7-19-1812 d early and bur in Huron, O.


60 Eva Klock (4)

Born August 3, 1780 (Christian Klock Bible record).

Died May 13, 1861, Married 100 Christian Klock August 23, 1797.

See 100 Christian Klock for record of children.

Eva inherited the west half of the grandfather's (Col. Jacob Klock) farm on Rte 5.

61 Anna Klock (4)

Born May 30, 1773, Died ?

Married Sept 2, 1792, Fort Plain church to Rev. John Henry Dysselin of Bergdorf, Berne Canton, Switzerland. He was born Dec 18, 1752. He died March 6, 1813, age 60-2-18. Buried in Klocks' Churchyard Cemetery. Fort Plain Ref. Chur. Record.

Ch: (Dysselin) by 1st marriage, 2 sons 5 daughters.

1. Catherine born July 2, 1793, died Nov 20, 1868, married March 9, 1819 as second wife of Robert Nellis. Buried in Nellis Cemetery adjacent to Klock's Churchyard cemetery.

2. Jacob born March 13, 1795, married Tubbs of st. Johnsville.

3. Elisabeth born August 5, 1797 married (?) Christopher Klock.

4. John born May 27, 1799

5. Anna (Nancy) born June 15, 1801 married Sylvanus Snell

6. Eva born Oct 23, 1803

7. Mary born April 16, 1805 Married second time to Henry Beekman born April 5, 1763, died 1827. One child by Henry Beekman. Alida married Joseph Riggs.

Anna Klock (4) inherited the west half of her grandfather's (Col. Jacob Klock) farm on Rte 5 which included the house that Col Klock lived in. Now, known as the Nagele farm. This was also the Moses Quimby home 1855-1975.


162. XII. Julia Ann b 8-28-1816 bur in Riverside Cemetery, Monroeville.

M. Wm. Scouten


162 A. Fred d 4-26-1883


162 A a. Carrie lived in Chicago, Ill

162 B. Charles d 12-4-1890 (Huron Co., O. record Vol 1, pg 100).


162 B a. Elmer m Margaret Farr d in Monroeville, O.

162 B b. Emma m -----Kinny d in Toledo

162 B c. Maggie Lives in Calif.

162 B d. Nettie m ----Spencer, had a family and lived and d in Toledo, O.

162 B e. Henry m has 3 daus, lives in Tiffin, O.

162 C. Julia

163 XIII. James, went to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

62 Adam J. (4)

b. 5-22-1751 d 10-12-1823 m Catharine Stauring (b 9-20 or 24-1753) d 1-10-1841 Bur Snell's Bush Ref. Ch Cemetery. (S O K's record). H L C W and mr. Williams saw the tomstones August 1951.


164. I. Adam, Jr. **

165. II Magdalena **

65. Jacob Adam (4)

County Gazeteer and Directory, Town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., N. U. 1684-1890 calls Jacob Adam a antive of Herkimer, having removed to Town of Orleans in 1846 and located near Orleans Four Courners.

According to property deeds held by 412 Jorden, grandson of Jacob Adam, 109 acres was purchased by jacob Adam in Orleans 2-23-1839, for $800 from John and Louisa LaFarge. This was later owned by 652 Gladys and 653 Leone, and later sold to 851 Melvin.


166. I. Levi **

167 II. Katie **

168. III Samuel

169. IV. Adam **

170. V. George **

171. VI Harvey *

172. VII Martha m Frederick Snell

173. VIII. Elizabeth m Nelson Fults

174. IX. Elijah *

175. X. Nancy m John Fults

*Harvey and Elijah are supposed to have gone to Virginia

66. Jacob I. (4)

b 12-4-1767 d 5-4-1813 (S O K) m Anna Devendorf (b 2-8-1769 d 4-22-1851) (S O K).


176. I. Catharine

177. II. Jacob J., Jr. **

178 III. Jonas **

179. IV. Daniel*

180. V. Augustus *

181. VI. Dorothy m Benjamin Nellis, gt gt grandson of Wm. and Magdalena Klock Nellis

182. VII Gertrude

183. VIII. Nancy m 113 George G., Jr.

184. IX. Margaret

185. X. Mary (Maria, also called Polly)

186. XI. Benjamin**


69. John J. Jr. (4)

b. 12-8-1773 in the Johannes house. d 12-20-1852 Bur "The Cedars" near Narrows, Black Lake, Morristown Township, NY.

As a boy witnessed the horrors that confronted those who lived in the path of the ruthless mob of Tories and Indians. He saw service in the war of 1812, and was stationed at Sackets Harbor, and later at Ogdensburg, NY. He was known as Major after the war, although no proof has been established that he ever held the rank of Major. Tradition in the family is that while stationed at Sackets Harbor, his son Abraham, then but a boy in his early teens, rode a horse from Johannes' house to Sacket's Harbor for the use of his father. If this be true, then no doubt he was a non-commissioned officer of some sort. In the year 1836 or '37 he removed to St. Lawrence Co., NY where he purchased a large tract of timber land on the west shore of Black Lake, which became know as Klock's Bush in later years. With his wife Nancy, came Abraham, Daniel and Christian, sons of John by his second wife, Elizabeth Nellis, also Isaac, Jacob, Luther and Margaret, children by his third wife, nancy Putnam. All these children were married at that time and those by the second wife had offspring who were born in the Mohawk Valley.

John Klock, Jr.'s tombsone bears the inscription, John Klock without the middle initial, as do records in the "Sand Hill" church books extant in the Utica NY Library, as well as those of St. John's Reformed Church where his name and that of one of his wives appear. Nancy Putnam, the third wife is buried at the "Cedars", Black Lake also. (Gladys Klock Brabinski's record).

m 1. Elizabeth Lampman (d 11-30-1798)


187. I. Catherine

188. II Elizabeth

m 2. Elizabeth Nellis (d 2-10-1809)


189. III. Abraham bur on farm of 24 Henrich Johannes (now The Valley View Inn property).

190. IV. Daniel **

191. V. Christian

m 3. Nancy Putnam (b 3-21-1784 d 3-21-1861) Dau of Cap't Isaac Putnam, brother of Gen. Israel Putnam.


192. VI. Dorothy

193. VII. Isaac **

194. VII. Jacob

195. IX. Margaret m. Joe Weaver or Weber

196. X. Lucinda

197. XI. Luther **

198. XII. Peter bur old cemetery Valley View Inn property (former farm of 24 Henrich Johannes (3).)

70. Henry I.*(4)

b 10-17-1775 d 3-20-1854 in Town of Vernon, Madison Co., N.Y.

m Margaret Rouse (b 9-16-1785 d 2-28-1835) 11-30-1800.


199. I. Andrew b 2-8-1802 m Elizabeth Van Alen 2-17-1824

200. II. Henry H. b 10-3-1804 d 10-17-1879 in Oneida, NY a bachelor.

201. III Simeon**

202. IV. Margaret b 10-6-1808 d 11-11-1832 m John Couch (d May 1844)


202 A. Harriet d 9-22-1851 at 22 yr. 6 mos. 22 das.

* This record from the Simeon Klock Bible owned by Martha Clock of Oneida, NY and now in possession of Mansfield Joseph French, Syracuse, NY. The Bible was published in Concord, NY in 1839.

74. Adam J. (4)

b 4-27-1785 d 6-1-1860 (called Adam I. from 1829 on).

His will beginning "I, Adam I. Klock", but signed Adam J. is dated 8-12-1856. Proved 7-16-1860 mentions wife Catharine, brother Joseph I. and "the late Jacob J. and his children.

m 1. Sally Lodwick(b 10-11-1788 d 7-20-1816)

m 2. Catharine Fox, dau of Daniel Fox, (b 10-27-1790 d 3-12-1857 st St. Johnsville, NY (O.P.C.)

ch: (from will)

203. I. Ambrose, co-executor of will, wife Margaret E.

203. II. Amos **

205. III. Elizabeth m ----Bellis


205 A. John A; 205 B. James; 205 C. Elizabeth; 205 D. Ambrose

206. IV James **

207. V. Catharine m Reuben Failing


207 A. Jacob Henry b 1-2-1841 (Failing Article E & N 6-17-'39)

208. VI. Margaret m Benjamin Edwards

81. Jacob J. (4)

b. 1779 d 1851 m Mary Loadwick (b 7-3-1783 d 11-4-1855)

209. I. Nancy m Jonas Nellis:

210. II. Elizabeth m David Fox:

211. III. Mary m 178 Jonas Klock

212. IV. Catharine m. Daniel Fox

214. VI. Charles

215. VII. Juliana m Isaac Loadwick

216. VIII. Magdalena m Moses Smith

217. IX. Margaret m Edward Nellis

218. X. Lavina m Stephen Nellis

219. XI. Christiana m John H. Nellis

84. Geroge J. (4)

b 12-13-1789 d 10-5-1854 m Polly Densler


220. I. Simeon** (5)

85. Peter (4)

b 7-5-1778 d 8-24-1873 (E & N 9-18-'35) m Anna (Nancy) Stahring (b 3-2-1779 d 5-5-1843) (E & N 9-18-'35).


221. I. Margaret b 1800 d 1866 m Daniel Petrie (b 1804 d 1885) (W B C)

222. II. Heinrich * b 2-27-1802 Sprs: Henrico and Margaret Glock (Uncle and Aunto)

223. III. Elizabeth * b 2-27-1802 Sprs: Elizabeth Adolpho Kessler and Dorothy Eisenmann, d 1847 after her m to Benjamin Petrie

224. IV. Peter P. **

225. V. Catharine b 11-2-bp 12-7-1806 Sprs: Petro Eisenmann and Catharine, his wife. m 3-29-1826 or 12-29-1824 (E & N 9-18-'35) Leonard Hodgkins (b 1804)


225A. Charles; 225 B. Mary; 225 C. Thomas; 225 D. Abel; 225 E. Edwin b 5-7-1836 m Anna Dale (b 5-24-1852)

ch: 225 E a Zella Estella b 10-25-1874

225 E b Leonard Dale b 10-2-1876

225 E c Myrtle b 7-14-1880 m Leonard Tuthill (b 9-9-1800 d 10-15-1919) 6-20-1906 Lived in Baxter Spring, Mo.


225 E c (I) Mildred Lenore b 4-21-1908 m Garold Kane 6-27-1934

225 E c (II) Leonard Dael b 1-24-1911

225 E d Rion b 3-27-1884

225 F. Loren; 225 G. Corvilla; 225 H. Ward; 225 I. Sara Ella

226. VI. Isaac b 11-21-1808 d 11-8-1830 bp 1-29-1809 Sprs: Adamo Stahring and wife Elizabeth

227. VII. Silas **

228. VIII. Aaron b 3-17-1813 d 5-24-1830

229. IX. Nancy b 1815 Sprs: Joann Evan and wife Anna (W B C )

230. X. Elias**

231. XI. Mary b 1820 m ----Snell and lived near Medina, NY. (According to a will of 94 Nancy). S O K records Mary m a Jacob Sharp (b 11-19-1818 d 12-15-1888) (W B C ).

* Twins

86. Johann Jost (Joseph) (4)

b. 10-19-bp 10-20-1782 Sprs: Johan Jost Petry and Anna Waggoner (G F). m Anna ----


232. I. Abraham b 11-2-1817 bp 2-15-1818 in Lenox, Madison Co., NY Spr: Maria Klock of Lenox (G F).

88 Johannes (4)

b. 8-18-bp 8-29-1784 Sprs: Johannes Petrie and Margaretha Kessler (G F) m 2-25-1806 Margaretha Helmer, dau of George Helmer of Warren. (Ref Prot. Dut Ch of Herkimer).


233. I. Anna (Nancy) b 11-5-bp 12-20-1807 Sprs: Peter Klock and wife Anna m. ---- Smith of Little Falls.

234. II. Sanford b 1-16-bp 2-28-1810 Sprs: Magdalena Klock and Joe Josepha Petry (not m) Little Falls, NY

235. III. Robert**

236. IV. Catharine or Caroline b 5-13-1815 Sprs: Jacob Helmer and Elizabeth Klock (his wife). m ----Brittan, res Racine, Wisc.

237. V. Johannes b 4-13-1818

238. VI Luncinda b 10-22-1820 Sprs: Peter Eisemann and wife Catharine m ----Dygert, res Little Falls, NY

239. VII. Henry b 5-19-1823

240. VIII. Mary A. b 4-7-1826 Sprs: Benjamin Petry and wife Elizabeth.

241. IX. Margareth b 9-19-1828 Sprs: Parents

92. Robert (4)

b. 10-7-bp 10-30-1791 Sprs: Dorothy Joh Petrie and John Wemple (G F ). m 1. 8-30-1814 catharine Stahring, dau of Johannis Nicholai Stahring of German Flats. m 2. 5-30-1822 at Hull, Quebec, Eliza Bell of County Monahan, Ireland.


242. I. Maria Margaretha b 1-2-bp 5-12-1815 Sprs: Petro Eisenmann and Magdalena Stahring (G F).

243. II. Irs of Little Falls (E & N 9-30-'36)

244. III. Robert Henry b 1-7-1826

245. IV. Nancy b 5-13-1826

246. V. James b 12-2-1828

98. Magdalena (4)

b. 1769 d 11-17-1858 m an unidentified Klock


247. I. David **

248> II. Caty d 12-26-1821 or 22 in Vermont, leaving two ch (E & N 5-6-'36).



100 Christian (4)

Born March 29, 1776, died April 7, 1853, son of Jacob G. Klock and Anna Nellis, Married Eva Klock born August 3, 1780, died May 13, 1861, Married Aug 23, 1797. Eva was the daughter of Jacob Klock, Jr. and granddaughter of Col. Jacob Klock. She inherited the west half of Col. Jacob's farm on Route 5.

See St. John's Reformed Church record Vol 1 and Col. Klock's will.

Children of Christian and eva Klock

1. Elizabeth born July 1, 1798, died March 12, 1889. Married Jonas Snell. Lived on father's farm, Route 5

2. Anna born March 14, 1804, died July 31, 1894. Married Dec 4, 1825. John H. Zimmerman born Nov 3, 1799, died June 20, 1877.

3. Permelia born Nov 7, 1815, died Dec 12, 1833, unmarried. Christian Klock built the white brick house located on the above mentioned property.


101. John Beekman Klock (4)

b 9-8-1787 d 10-12-1860 m 12-3-1809 271 Margaret Klock (b 12-1-1792 d 3-1-1872). Removed fromt he Mohawk Valley to Ellery, NY in 1815 and to Sheffield, Ill in 1857. (Records of Mr. Nellis, S O K and Mr. Clayburne S. Sampson, Historian of Chatauqua Co., NY whose information (lists of successions of children) came from 514 Earl Herbert Klock).

John Beekman Klock bought Range ll, Township 3, Ellery Township Lot 36, December 1829. He was Commissioner of Highways in Ellery 1842 and 1843, and Commissioner of Common Schools.

H L C W and Mr. Williams were in Jamestown, NY May 5 and 6 1952, and interviewed Mr. Sampson, who drove with us over the County. The locations of 247 David Klock's and John Beekmen's homes were on high ground from which Lake Chatququa could be seen, and a few miles apart. John Beekman's house still stands though changed.

Ellery, Chatauqua Co. 1850 census gives John Beekman's improved and unimporoved land valued at $4,000, stock valued at $766, farm implements valued at $200, and then follows in this census, enumeration of his possessions and agricultural production at the time of census.

Mr. Clayburne B. Sampson, Historian for Chatauqua Co., NY, demonstrated to H L C W and Mr. Williams his clever method of diciphering obscure names and dates on old or mutilated tombstones. It is simply and quickly done. He places a piece of white paper (a roll of shelf paper) over the face of the stone and holds it there while he rubs it with a piece of shoemaker's wax ball. This develops the pattern beneath the paper and clearly discloses the names and dates which cannot be determined with the eye alone. He calls the process "rubbing".


249. I. Lucinda b 5-20-1810 m 12-20-1810 12-20-1833----d atFrewsburg, NY. 4-7-1881

250. II. Ann Eliza b 10-13-1811 in Herkimer Co., d in Sheffield Ill 4-18-1887 Un m

251. III. Dorothy b 3-11-1813 m 2-8-1838 ----d in Sheffield, Ill. 7-15-1883

252. IV. A son, unnamed, b 11-1-1814 d 1-8-1815

253. V. Aaron **

254. VI. Lovina b 6-27-1817 m 10-25-1840---

255. VII. Oliver **

256. VIII. Alexander b 7-10-1821

257. IX. a son b 1-16-1823 d 1-28-1823

258. X. Gleason Fillmore **

259. XI. Mary Margaret b 2-4-1826 d 1888

260. XII. John Chandler **

261. XIII. Christiana Marie b 3-31-1830 d 5-24-1914 m Benj. F. Wicks of Ellery at Frewsburg, NY. (Record Jamestown Journal)


261 A. Carrie b 2-9-1857 m William James McKim of Independence M., 11-23-1873 in Tacoma, Wash.


261 A a Bernice b 3-21-1879 in Beloit, Ia. m in Tacoma, Wash. 10-22-1901 Lewis E. Yonnie.

Note: Direct lineage of Mrs. Yonnie is in a Bible in possession of Henry Klock, 2832 N. 13th St. Kansas City, Kans. written by Margaret and John Bellinger Klock.

262. XIV. Caroline b 1-8-1832 d in Ill. 1906

263. XV. Emmaline b 3-10-1834 m 9-10-1856 John F. Pickard

(d 8-20-1898 age 66 yrs. 10n mos., 3 das.)


262 A. Estella b 8-14-1857 m Adam V. Pickard (cousin) d Ellery 3-5-1890 age 32 yrs.

263 B. Eugene F. b 4-29-1859 d 7-7-1890 m Emma G. Wheeler


263 B. a Goldie d 4-9-1889 age 5 yrs.

263 C. Mary Mae m Gilbert H. barber of Westfield, NY

102 Benjamin (4)

b. 4-9-1792 m 1822 Thankful House


264. I----no name

265. II. ----no name

266. III. Adam b 5-15-1823

104. Cornelius * (4)

b 9-11-1785 (Dut Ref Ch G F record) m Elizabeth Fox, dau of John Fox 3-6-1814. Funeral of Elizabeth 3-23-1856 (Dut Ref Ch St. J)

*Cornelius named for his maternal grandfather Cornelius Beekman.


267. I. Catherien

268. II. Dewitt

269. III Mason

270. IV Morris**

107. Joseph G. (4)

b. 4-3-1769 d 6-11-1846 Bur in Old Klock cemetery as were the four wives. Joseph G. was a trustee of St. Johnsville Ch in 1804, Treas. in 1807 and Senior Elder when the Ch was incorporated 7-6-1816. He was a Capt in the war of 1812. (Council of Appointments, Military Records from 1784 10 1821 Montgomery Co., NY )

m 1. Dorothy Zimmerman (b 10-15-1773 d 9-11-1805) 2-28-1792


271. I. Margaret b 12-1-1792 d 3-1-1872 m 101 John Beekman

ch under his name:

272. II. Daniel **

273. III. Catharine, called Caty b 2-14-1797 m 247 David ch under his name.

274. IV. Eva b 6-6-1799 d 8-12-1802

275. V. Elizabeth b 2-28-1804 d 4-19-1831

m 2. Elizabeth Moyer (b 4-2-1771 d 7-14-1809) no ch.

m 3. Christine Borst (d 5-18-1777 d 5-14-1817)


276. VI. Nancy b 1-15-1810 d 8-7-1828

277. VII. Maria b 7-12-1812 , Edwin Snell 4-7-1841


277 A. Christine m Warren Richards


277 A a Lillie m 1. John F. Klock * (St. Johnsville wood dealer)

m 2. 434 Sheldon E. Klock

278. VII. James Clinton b 3-19-1814 d 7-17-1822*

279. IX. William b. 1-16-1816 d 5-4-1816

280. X. Christine Borst b 5-7-1817 m Isaac Finehaut


280 A. Staats; 280 B. Joseph; 280 C. Catharine; 280 D. Nelson; 280 E. Celia

This family lived in Detroit, Michigan

m 4. Elizabeth Devendorf, widow of J. C. Fox and know as "Prise of the Mohawk" because of her beauty. b 9-3-1772 d 10-1-1826.


281. XI. John b 1819

282. XII. Elizabeth m Nicholas Klock and died on her wedding day. Nicholas then m Lucinda Foster, niece of the celebrated Nat Foster, hunter and trapper.

* John F. Klock, son of John J. and Mary (Elias) Klock and grand son of 72 John Joseph.

Nyherkim This site is the usgenweb site for Herkimer and Montgomery counties. You will find the Joseph Klock letters, cemeteries, history of the Mohawk Valley and many interesting items.

111. John Bellinger (4)*

b. 8-10-1776 d 2-5-1862 m. Eve Timmerman (b June 1784 or 1789 d 6-9-1853) 4-6-1802 Both bur in the Bert Klock farm family burial plot.

John Bellinger bought some land of the original tract in 1814 at $65. and acre and it has been in possession of the family ever since. John Bellinger was appointed att'y for the heirs of 107 Joseph G. (4) to sell a piece of land to which they had a claim somewhere in the Klock and Remsen Patent. 530 Mr. Bert Klcok of St. Johnsville has the letter written at Elery, NY dated 5-27-1847, also the document signed by John Bellinger Klock, Margaret Klock, David Klock and Catharine Klock. Bohn Bellinger built what is now the north side of the Bert Klock farm house in 1815. H L C W and Mr. Williams called upon Mr. and Mrs. Bert Klcok in August 1951 and were shown through the big farm house and had a most interesting visit with them.


283. I. Solomon **

284. II. Polly b 1806 d 11-30-1832 bur in the Bert Klock farm family burial plot.

285. III. Simon **

286. IV. David b 5-20-1810 m Betsy Snell. Names of ch received too late to be numbered so placed them under David's number.


286 A a Minnie m Irving Devendorf:


286 A a (1) Olga b 3-3-1894 Un m

286 A a (II) Harlan b 7-19-1901 m 673 B Dorcas Dillenbeck


286 A a (II) I Harlow b 4-27-1927 m Ethel

286 A b Bessie m Charles Hayes No ch

296 IV B. Elizabeth called Libbie m Wm. Davy 9-19-1856


286 B a Clyde m Ada Failing No ch

286 B b Frank m Lura ----


286 B b (I) Esther Elizabeth b 10-7-1924

m Andrew Little


286 B b (I) Heather

286 B b (I) II Margaret Lura

b 3-24-1928 m Cagwin 3 ch

286 B b (I) III Frank David

b 9-22-1929 un m

286 B b (I) IV Marian Louise

b 12-28-1930

286 C. Hemperly un m deceased

287. V. Margaret (Peggy) b 1812 un m bur West St. Johnsville cemetery.

288. VI Nancy b 2-13-1814 m Charles Walrath of Oneida, NY


288 A. Charles; 288 B. Maggie m Steven Waterman 2 ch:

288 C. Wesley lives in St. Paul; 288 D. Amasy

289. VII. Reuben **

290. VIII. Hiram **

291. IX. Eve Ann b 9-12-1821 or 24 d 10-25-1903 m Henry D. Ellwood (b 4-13-1822 d 1-11-1902) of Florentine, Montgomery Co., NY


291 A. Harriet b 11-14-1847 d 12-7-1890 un m

291 B. Emery b 8-19-1850 d 1923 m Kate Lincolnfelter

(b 8-6-1846 d 5-5-1906) (from Chatsey cemetery, Oppenheim, record).


291 B a Walter m no ch

292. X. Catharine b 6-24-1823 d 8-10-1838

293 XI. Lucy m Henry Bellinger


293 Emory m Laura Timmerman


293 A a Raymond m 1 ch d

293 A b Clark m


293 A b (I) Donal

293 A c Eva un m

*From the record of 530 Bert Klock, grandson of 111 John Bellinger Klock, the records of Mr. Prindle, the records of Mr. Milo Nellis, E & N 10-21-'36 and the records of 289 III C Marjorie Zoller Smith.

113. George G., Jr. (4)

b. 1-12-1775 d 10-24-1836 m 183 Nancy Klock (b 9-19-1777 d feb 1836).

ch: 294. I. Martin **

295. II. David d young

296. III. Henry no record

120. George (4)

b 9-20-1789 in Canajaharie Castle, NY m Nancy ? family in Wampsville, NY 1850.


297. I. Goerge, Jr. b 1823

298. II. Lovina b 1826

123. Peter (4)

b. 1796 d 8-22-1862 m Anna b 1796 d 6-3-1872. Both bur in Clockville (Cemetery record).


299. I. John Jacob b 1820

300. II. Marie b 1824

301. III. Henry b 1826

302. IV. Caroling b 1832

303. V. Michael b 1834

304. VI. Margaret b 1836 d 8-10-1873 m Peter Ordenforf (b 1838 d 8-10-1873)

305. VII. Catharine b 1838 m ----Smith

306. VIII. Harvey

307. IX. Christopher

308. X. Elizabeth

126. Adam Clock (4)

b. 1802 d 12-6-1877 m Malinda (b 1810 d 3-23-1857) dau of Bartholemew Forbes. (dates from Clockville Cemetery).

The Conrad farm was deeded to Adam by Conrad, Jr. in 1823.


309. I. Elizabeth b 1831 d 1879 m ----Hale


309. A. Jessie m ----Smith


309 A a Carl

310. II. Mary Jane b 1832 d 6-25-1917 m Abraham Tuttle


309 A a Carl

310. II. Mary Jane b 1832 d 6-25-1917 m Abraham Tuttle


310 A. Harry living in 1950

311. III. Catharine b 1837 d 9-11-1906 m Stephen Moot


311 A. Kathleen

312. IV. Caroline Abalona d in infancy

313. V. Charles Duane **

128. Henry (4)

b 1806 m Elizabeth Sayles (b 1808)


314. I. Stephen C. b 1831 d 3-31-1891 served in the Civil War in the Oneida Cavalry m Mary Jane McKinney 10-12-1857 (Mohawk Valley register pub in Canajaharie, NY)

315. II. Harriet b 1853

316. III. Ocasr **

317. IV. Augenette b 1839

318. V. Henry b 1841

319. VI. Armanda b 1844

320. VII. Emogene b 1846

321. VIII. Romaine b 1849 d 1933

129. Conrad (4)

b. 1809 d 3-3-1864 m Elizabeth b 1802 d 9-2-1854


322. I. Lorenzo b 1830

323. II. Cynthia b 1832

324. III. George b 1838

326. V. Abraham b 1842

This family lived in Wampsville, NY

131. John I. or J. (4)

b. 1780 or 85

ch: (only ones found)

327. I. Moses **

328. II. John J. Jr. **

132. Joseph, Jr. (4)

b. 1785 m a Nancy Klock dau of a Joseph and Maria (not identified) d at the home of his son Conrad 7-2-1873 Bur in Riverside Cemetery, Brewerton, NY


329. I. Conrad

330. II. Jonas **

331. III. Julia **

332. IV. Jane m Reuben Petty (b St. Lawrence Co., NY 1817

d in Brewerton, NY 9-20-1885


332 A. George (6) m Orpha Pierce (b 1-22-1864 d about 1940).

332 B. Nettie (6) b 1861 d 1-29-1880

332 C. Eva b about 1870 m Gardner Peterson

333. V. Abram **

334. VI. John C.**

335. VII. Laddie d about 1890

336. VIII. Eliza

337. IX Andrew Jackson **

338. X. Susan

339. XI. Henry

340. XII. Adam

341. XIII. Mary

342. XIV. Robert

135. John C. (4)

m Mary Ann lived in Pelarmo, NY


343. I. Melinda

344. II. Nancy

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