Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

History of Montgomery County

Revised and Edited
by Washington Frothingham 1892
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Preface, Personal Sketch, Female Names, Montgomery County Antiquities


Chapter 1, Origin of Tryon County, Name Changed to Montgomery, Extent and Boundaries, Counties Fored from Montgomery, Districts and Towns Organized, Descript;ion of the County, Physical Features and Water Courses, Geological Formation

Chapter 2, European Discoveries and Explorations, The French in Canada, Puritans, Dutch, Advance of Civilization toward Mohawk Valley, Champlain Invades Territory of the Moahwk, First Battle, Dutch Troubles with Indians, Grant for the Province of NY, Conquest and Overthrow of the Dutch in New Netherlands.

Chapter 3, Indian Occupation, Iroquois (5 and 6 Nations) Location and Names, The League, Social and Domestic Habits, Mohawk, Jesuits, Missionaries, English, Downfall of the Confederacy.

Chapter 4, French & Indian Wars, Corlear Saves the French, Causes, Peace, War, Peace.

Chapter 5, French & English Rivalry, Sir William Johnson, Treaties, French Encroachments, War in 1754, French Outrages, Albany Convention, Battle at Lake Geoprge, Death of King Hendrick.

Chapter 6, French & English War, 1756, French Success, Iroquois Deivided, Johnson's effort to unite Iroquois, Webb's disgrace, Mohawk Valley Invaded, Palatine Village Destroyed, Abercrombie's Neglect, Campaigns of 1757, English success, Johnson's Achievements, End of French Power in America.

Chapter 7, Settling the Mohawk Valley, Van Corlear, Schenectady, Palatines at Schoharie-Canajoharie-Palatine, Their customs, The Militia, French and Indian Grants, Charters of New York and Pennsylvani Compared, Royal Province, Patents.

Chapter 8, Sir William Johnson Baronet.

Chapter 9, Situation in Tryon County, British Oppression, First Congress, Guy Johnson and the Liberty Pole, Attack on Jacob Sammons, The Loyalists, Guy Johnson goes to Canada, Sir John's arrest and parole and flight to Canada, Committees of Safety.

Chapter 10, Beginning of the Revolution, The British and the Indians, The Militia, St. Leger, Oriskany, Fort Schuyler, Sullivan/Clinton Campaign, Sir John Johnson.

Chapter 11, Depredations in the Mohawk Valley, Sir John Johnson, Battle of Stone Arabia, Van Rensselaer, Col. Willett sent to protect the valley, invavion by Brant and Butler, Battle at Johnstown. Death of Walter Butler, end of hostilities in the Mohawk Valley.

Chapter 12, Conditions after the war, Mohawk Indians Forfeit lands, return of the Tories and their treatment, Settlement of the region by New Englanders, Tryon County becomes Montgomery County, First County Officers.

Chapter 13, Situation in the Mohawk Valley before the War of 1812, Events before the war, British Aggressions, Return of Peace.

Chapter 14, County Organizations, Tryon and Montgomery Counties Briefy Reviewed--The County Seat Moved to Fonda--Dissatisfaction in the Northern Towns--Fulton County Created--Montgomery County Civil list.

Chapter 15, Montgomery County During The Rebellion.

Chapter 16, Internal Improvements, Early Navigation of the Mohawk, The Inland Lock and Navigation Company, The Erie Canal, Railroad Building, The Montgomery County Agricultural Society.

Chapter 17, The Legal Profession in Montgomery County.

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