125th Anniversary Booklet


May 15, 1949 - Grace Church Record

It was voted to call the Reverend Andrew McAllister. Reverend McAllister began his pastorate in June. During his first year at Grace Church, the 2-F Club was organized. The name signifies Friendship & Fellowship, however, in the beginning it also meant second Friday, the night when meetings were held.

Reverend Andrew Mc Allister began his pastorate at Grace Church in June of 1949. In October of 1949 he organized the 2-F (Friendship and Fellowship) Club. The first meeting of the club was a Halloween party attended by the young couples of the church. Revere Dockey was elected the first club president.

The 2-F club meets the fourth Monday of each month, except June, July and August, at 6:30 p.m. in the church meeting hall. A bountiful covered dish dinner is enjoyed, followed by a business meeting, a personality game that pits the men against the women in guessing the answer, and then an entertainment program.

2-F club is 51 years strong and the members are an enthusiastic part of something great. Today the 2-F Club members come from various churches and area villages. This ecumenical club is very active and faithful. The club has raised funds to support many Grace church projects over the years.

Reverend Mc Allister's message on the occasion of 2-F Club's 25th anniversary celebration was very appropriate . He said, "Beyond loyalty is love and when we have Christ in common we have everything. This is why 2-F Club is as alive today as it was in 1949. "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and everyone members one of another. Romans 12:-5. In the year of 2000 2-F Club members will keep alive the gift of love and will pass the spirit forward.

April 22, 1975

Reverend Andrew McAllister's message at the Club's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration was "Beyond loyalty is love and when we have Christ in common we have everything. This is why the 2-F Club is as alive today as it was in 1949."


The friendship and fellowship of 2-F Club members continues to be sincere, active, and worthwhile.


(Gleaned from the 1973 through June 1986 Secretary's minutes)

Santa Claus is one of our members.

Our famous club auctioneers, Jimmy Christman, Frank Christiance and Harvey Rackmyer have helped raise a lot of laughter and money for the Club.

Club members have traveled all over the world through slide shows and movies.

The Grace Church Centennial Celebration was held on Sunday, September 28, 1975.

Sixty members, former members and guests attended the 2-F Club 25th Anniversary Celebration on April 22, 1975. (The second half of the club's 25th year.).

The 1973-1974 personality guessing contest ended in a tie - men 6, ladies 6.

The women guessed the personality Dolly Parton. Boy, are our men slipping!

February 1981 Secretary's minutes - The men haven't guessed the personality since March 1980.

We all enjoy the bounteous buffet every month.

Anita A. Smith

June 1986

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