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Prayer Chain

The Grace Church Prayer Chain was formed in 1982 with eighteen members. Its purpose is to offer prayerful support to those who are in need.

By means of the telephone members created a chain of prayers. When the chairperson receives a prayer request the first person on the list is notified who then in turn calls the second person and on until all on the chain have been called. Each chain member is asked to keep the prayer requests on their personal list for as long as the need for prayer remains.

As the years have passed the prayer chain has lengthened. It has become necessary to divide the list of members into five groups each headed by a leader who activates the list as calls are received.

The present prayer chain is led by Doris Rockefeller, chairperson, and five leaders and has 65 members. In 1999 - 155 requests for prayers were received.

Each person prayed for receives a note from the chairperson informing them of our concern. It is important to note that the Grace Church Prayer Team receive many requests from the ecumenical community. Notes of thanks are often received from those who have been prayed for.

Requests for prayers are received by chairperson Doris Rockefeller.

Doris Rockefeller, Chair person

Medical research, through double blind and controlled studies, have proved that something as intangible as prayer really does work. The medical profession now acknowledges that there is a spiritual approach to health and healing.

In the study on the effects of prayer on heart surgery patients it was found that those who had received prayers recovered much faster. Those who offered prayers did not know the patients or their physicians. The patients who hadn't received prayers did not recover as well.

Going to church also offers a social support that has a salutary effect on a person's well being. Religion is good for your health.

This information was reported in a Time Magazine article.

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