125th Anniversary Booklet

Report on the Anniversary Celebration

In 2000, we celebrated the 125th Anniversary of our church. The anniversary committee had its first meeting on August 9, 1999. Committee members were: Co-chairs - Virginia Gage and Doris Rockefeller, Pastor Bob Dievendorf, James and Lucille Christman, Norma and Beth Clohecy, Anita Smith and Leslie Rockefeller.

The Committee approved the purchase of memorabilia and keepsakes, and planned the following events:

February 13, 2000 -- the kick-off event was a covered dish dinner after church with The Merry Minstrels as entertainment
July 7, 2000 -- we enjoyed an M&M Melodious Musicale with Roberta Raybold and Barbara Mackey
August 9, 2000 -- we had an ice cream social with The Merry Minstrels as entertainment
September 17, 2000 -- we had fun dressing up in period clothing of our church's history
October 8, 2000 -- we had a catered dinner by Steven Heiser at the Benefit Club, followed by a 4pm Anniversary Service at the church. The Reverend Charles Higgins was our guest speaker. State Senator Hugh Farley, State Assemblyman Paul Tonko and St. Johnsville Mayor Wilfred Kraft were our guests, and presented our church with appropriate proclamations. Peg (Sealy) Humphrey -- daughter of the late Pastor Sealy -- spoke of her memories of Grace Church.

In late October the Anniversary Booklets were distributed. We thank everyone who contributed in any way to the collection of information and compulation of this booklet. Special thanks goes to Anita Smith and Joyce Berry for the endless hours it took to compile all the information and pictures into the keepsake which will be treasured by all. The booklet remains a work in progress, for it has become a historical document of our church. Presently, the book is located in the pastor's office and may be borrowed for closer inspection and reflection.

Since there was a balance of funds following the completion of the committee's work, it was decided by the Official Board, that those funds -- $769.89 -- should be given to the Outreach Committee, along with any additional sales of anniversary merchandise. [We still have mugs and pens left. See Virginia Gage to purchase any of them.]

Respectfully submitted, Co-chairs
Doris Rockefeller & Virginia Gage

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