125th Anniversary Booklet

Sunday School

During the past twenty-five years, the Sunday School at Grace Church has been led by a small group of devoted Christian women. These women acted as superintendents of the Church School: leading staff, overseeing programs, and ultimately leading children in the way of the Lord. Norma Clohecy was the superintendent in 1975. Following her came Martha Dockey, Kathy Oppenheimer, Beth Close, and at present, Linda Hart.

Over the years, the Sunday School has been led in a rather traditional manner. Each week, students would come to church for approximately an hour of offerings, prayers, songs and lessons. The children were encouraged and challenged to learn the books of the Bible and the Ten Commandments and were rewarded for doing so. At Christmas and on Children's Day, the children would present programs for the congregation to enjoy. Often, at other special times, in the church year, the children share songs during the worship hour. Many different men, women, and teens have served in the Sunday School in different capacities. Some were called to teach, some others served as treasurer, secretary, pianist, librarian, or helper. All worked faithfully to further God's word in the hearts of children.

Many different materials have been used over the years to teach God's word. David C. Cook and Standard curriculum were used for many years. In recent years, the children were lucky enough to enjoy learning centers designed exclusively for them by Dottie Feltman. In 1997, a set of Betty Luken's felt Bible stories were purchased with funds from the Gladys McLaughlin Memorial Fund. Thanks to generous book donations from Norma Clohecy and dozens of other church members, the library has grown so, that Mr. George Brown Sr. was asked to build a new book case. Mr. Brown lovingly donated his talents for the building of a new book case, cabinet. One of the newest additions to that library was a book given in memory of our good friend, Harvey Rackmyer, a man who shared his love so generously with the children.

The Sunday School continues to grow. Attendance fluctuates between twenty-five and fifty students, and the program has increased. Lynn Stever, in recent years, has worked as assistant to the superintendent, as the duties have continued to increase, and the confirmation class has evolved into a two year program designed by Cheryl Brown and Beth Clohecy. Each year, the children continue to further God's work through their mission work. This has included donations to many local, outreach groups as well as special offerings for the immediate needs of local people. Hopefully and surely, we will continue to grow and prosper directing our children along in the way of the Lord.

Linda Hart

In September of 2000, Cheryl Brown became Sunday School Superintendent

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