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Women's Fellowship

The women of Grace Church have always been very supportive and have put their heart and hands to many projects over the years. They have worked very hard to raise the funds for improvements and changes that were needed to maintain and update the church and meet the needs of church members.

The first women's group was formed when they met at the home of Reverend Peake and used his wife's sewing machine to make a large tent. This tent was placed on the corner of Main Street and Kingsbury Avenue where the ladies held ice cream socials to raise funds to build the church in 1875.

From this beginning the Ladies Aid Society was born. In 1911 the Philathea Classes joined them, a senior one for the ladies and a sunshine group for high school girls.This was started by Pastor Mc Crone's wife.

In 1953 when the Congregational and Christian Churches joined they became known as the Society For Christian Church Women (SCCW). This was a union of the Ladies Aid and Philathea and was recommended by the conference. In 1954 this group became known as the Women's Fellowship (UCC) and so it remains today in 2000.

The Women's Fellowship is open to all women in the church. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, except the months of January, July, and August. At present there are nineteen active members. Following each meeting's devotional period the business at hand is discussed and then refreshments are enjoyed.

The Women's Fellowship is very involved in the life of the church. They pledge monthly to the budget and to the Outreach Program. Twice each year gifts of love are sent to two missionaries who grew up in the congregation of Grace Church. These are Susan Allen Clements and her husband Reverend Judson Clements and Reverend Kenneth Updyke and his wife Arlene.

The women cook and serve public church dinners which are bountiful and are a favorite with valley residents. They also put on receptions and serve dinner at the monthly meetings of the St. Johnsville Business Girls, which are held in the church hall.

Dinners for the Business Girls and church supper prices were $3.50 in 1976. Today due to increased prices of supplies the price is $6.50, a bargain because all food is served family style. These ladies are always cooking up ways to help Grace Church. The Women's Fellowship maintained the church parsonage over the years untill it was sold in 1997.

In the years that Gertrude Pontius was treasurer for the Women's Fellowship she reported a total of $7,000 had been raised through rummage sales, and the sale of quilts, dish cloths, pillow sachets and other items.

For the past 24 years, Agnes Moore was our faithful and capable treasurer. The women were sorry when she resigned in 1999 due to illness.

Presidents of the Women's Fellowship (WF)

Caroline Hayes - 1974

Georgianna Monk - 1975

Doris Rockefeller - 1976

Ruby Rockefeller Hutchinson - 1977

Norma Clohecy - 1978

Doris Rockefeller - 1979-1980

Leora Potter 1981 -

This busy group of women have presented unique tile plaques to: James Christman- For his 18 years of service as the Vice Chair of the Official Church Board, January 1993

Pastor Robert C.Dievendorf - February 1993

Richard Hart for his work at the church - January 1997

Leora Potter for her years of leadership to the Women's Fellowship-January 1998.

Agnes "Nan" Moore for close to 30 years as church clerk October 1999.

Leora Potter, President

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