Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Story of Old Fort Plain and the Middle Mohawk Valley
by Nelson Greene
O'Connor Brothers Publishers, Fort Plain, NY 1915

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Excerpts will be used from this book.


(FIRST SERIES 1616-1783)

CHAPTER I. The Mohawks and Iroquois-A Dutch Journey Through the Canajoharie District in 1634-Local Indian Villages and Trails.

CHAPTER II. 1616-1772-Indians-Mohawk Valley Discovery-Settlement-Sir William Johnson.

CHAPTER III. 1774-Johnson Hall-Sir William, Sir John, Joseph and Molly Brant.

CHAPTER IV. Minden from 1720-1738-Sir George Clarke, Governor of the Province of New York, Establishes a Forest Home at Fort Plain-1750, the Reformed Church and First Store Established-1755, a Minden Tragedy of the French War.

CHAPTER V. 1772-Tryon County and the Canajoharie and Palatine Districts.

CHAPTER VI. Population of Tryon in 1757 and 1776 Ft. Johnson-The Highways.

CHAPTER VII. 1772-Tryon County People-Farming, Religious and Social Life-Sports and Pastimes of the Days Before the Revolution.

CHAPTER VIII. 1774 to 1777-Growth of the American Liberty Movement-Tryon County Committee of Safety and Militia.

CHAPTER IX. 1776-The Building of Fort Plain- Other Forts Near Here.

CHAPTER X. 1776-Adjacent Settlers and Buildings -Some Thrilling Incidents.

CHAPTER XI. 1777-Oriskany-Willett's Trip-Arnold's March-Enemy Flees.

CHAPTER XII. 1777-A Contemporary Account of the Battle at Oriskany-Lossing on Willett's Journey to Schuyler for Aid- The Oriskany Roster.

CHAPTER XIII. 1777-Personal Experiences at Oriskany-Indian and Tory Barbarities.

CHAPTER XIV. 1778-Indian Council at Johnstown March 9-Manheim, Caroga, Springfield, Andrustown, German Flats Raids-Cherry Valley Massacre.

CHAPTER XV. 1779-Gen. Clinton at Canajoharie- Road Built to Otsego Lake-Guard on Otsquago Creek-Sullivan and Clinton Defeat Johnson and Brant.

CHAPTER XVI. 1780-May 21, Johnson's Johnstown Raid-August 2, Brant's Minden Raid.

CHAPTER XVII. 1780, August 2-Incidents and Tragedies and Details of Brant's Minden Raid.

CHAPTER XVIII. 1780-Johnson's Schoharie and Mohawk Invasion-Oct. 19, Battles of Stone Arabia and St. Johnsville-Van Rensselaer's Inefficiency-Enemy Escapes-Fort Plain Named Fort Rensselaer-Fort Plain Blockhouse Built -Fort Willett Begun.

CHAPTER XIX. 1781-June, Col. Willett, Appointed Commander of Mohawk Valley Posts, Makes Fort Plain His Headquarters -Dreadful Tryon County Conditions -July 9, Currytown Raid-July 10, American Victory at Sharon-Fort Schuyler Abandoned.

CHAPTER XX. 1781-Oct. 24, Ross and Butler's Tory and Indian Raid in Montgomery and Fulton Counties-Oct. 25, American Victory at Johnstown-Willett's Pursuit, Killing of Walter Butler and Defeat of the Enemy at West Canada Creek-Rejoicing in the Mohawk Valley-Johnstown, the County Seat, at the Time of the Hall Battle, 1781.

CHAPTER XXI. 1782-Last of the War in the Valley- Rebuilding and Repopulation-Tory and Indian Raid at Fort Herkimer- Tories-Gen. Washington at Schenectady.

CHAPTER XXII. 1783-February 9, Col. Willett's Attempt to Capture Fort Oswego-Privations of the American Troops on the Return Trip.

CHAPTER XXIII. 1783-April 17, Messenger From Gen. Washington Reaches Fort Plain Giving News of End of Hostilities- April 18, Captain Thompson's Journey to Oswego With a Flag of Truce.

CHAPTER XXIV. 1783-July, Washington's Tour of Mohawk Valley and Visit to Otsego Lake-His Letters Concerning Trip -Stops at Palatine, Fort Plain, Cherry Valley and Canajoharie-Col. Clyde-Final Records of Fort Plain or Fort Rensselaer-Last Revolutionary Indian Murder in Canajoharie District.

CHAPTER XXV. 1775-1783-Review of Mohawk Valley Events-Tryon County Militia Records-Territory Covered in These Sketches.

(SECOND SERIES 1784 to 1838)

CHAPTER I. 1784-1838-Mohawk Valley After theRevolution - Constructive Period - Montgomery County and its Divisions-Towns and Their Changes.

CHAPTER II. 1784-1838-People and Life in the Mohawk Valley-Dress-The Revolutionary Houses-The Mohawk Dutch-English Becomes the Popular Tongue-Rev. Taylor's Journey in 1802-Valley Sports-Doubleday's Invention of Baseball-Last of the Mohawks in the Valley-The Iroquois Population in 1890 and the Mohawks in Canada.

This is the end the portion which is put on the internet. The remaining book can be read in one of the local libraries. Fort Klock generally addresses the earlier history of the valley, particularly the area around Fort Klock.

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