Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The American Spy:
or Freedom's Early Sacrifice.
A Revolutionary Tale of New England,
Founded upon Fact.
by J. R Simms.
Albany: J. Munselll 78 State Street 1857.

Donated by Willis Barshied, Jr.


The American Revolution brought out upon the stage of action many men of distinction and worth, who are, as yet, but little known to the general "reader; not a few of whom were gallant sons of New England. Of this number was the hero named in the following pages, whose real character is here by no means overdrawn. A desire to interest young readers in the early history of the country, and at the same time do justice, in some degree, to the ennobling virtues of a brave man, has prompted the writing of the following tale, a greater proportion of which will be found not doing violence to truth than it is usual to meet with in pictures to which imagination has lent its assistance.

Several customs of the timei have been introduced, such as still live in the memory of the aged, and which it may be well for the American people to note, as the habits of life are constantly subjected to innovation and change, by the comparative infancy of the country, and the eagerness of the great mass of community to try the last experiment, or adopt the latest fashion. The most fastidious moralist can not, as we trust, be either shocked or offended by the perusal of this story, should it fail to compensate for its reading. Many who write novels, labor to weave scenes which the greatest stretch of imagination could hardly suppose real. The reader will readily perceive however, that such has not been the aim of the author of this tale, but that he has rather sought, so far as possible in the space allotted, in the most familiar language, and probable figures,
" To weave the deathless evergreen
Around the name of HALE."
Fultonville, N.Y.,1846.

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