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From the Johnson Papers, Pg. 993 Vol. X

Dec. 1763

About eighteen or nineteen years ago Mr. Edward Collins Surveyor [David Schuyler], & Peter Waggoner told the Dept. at ye House that they [had] been up to survey the land at Conajoharee for Mr. (Philip) Livingston -- that they had proceeded up the river [in a Canoe] during the night [for that purpose, & that they came down the said River to the House of David Schyler] which was moonlight [that said Collins had his Compass on Schuyler in a Canoe in which said Collins had his compass fixed, and the Canoe, & on coming down the River he look the several Cour(ses) thereof, & of the shore.] to a Creek called Onondaga on the Western Shore, that whilst Davd Schyler, & Peter Waggoner were asleep the said Collins fixed his Compass at the Mouth of said Creek, & took a Course up into the woods, that before day next morning said Collins waked Davd Schyler, & Peter Waggoner, who were surprised to see the Compass fixed, that thereupon said Collins bid them make haste, & embark in their Canoe for fear the Ind(ns) should discover them as they would knock them on the head - that, on embarking in a hurry a Bag with Waggoners name on [it] & an axe were left behind which Waggoner was desirous to go fetch, but Collins prevented it saying, that those who had got the Land could easily afford to pay for them - That they then proceeded [to the house down the River near to the where David Schyler now lives], said Collins having his Compass fixed in the Canoe all the way, and took the several Courses of the shore, that he desired said Schyler & Waggoner to make haste, & paddle briskly without [making a noise] touching ye. Canoe least the Indians Should hear them and that on coming to the place aforementioned they landed & [proceeded] said Collins & Waggoner proceeded to the house of said Waggoner where the Dep(t) then was, & when they informed him

[ ]
[ - - . . ]1
[ ] in particular [
[ ] has heard the said Waggoner [
[ ] the said affair in the same manner adding [
been discovered the Indians would certainly have killed [ ]
& that he expected to have been very well payed for attend [ing] said Collins, but never received more than two Rix Dollars [at which he was greatly distr] [essed] That during the last war the Indians of Conajoharee occasioned a great alarm in that Neighbourhood, threatning to murder the Inhabitants, and the Dep(t). was informed that the Cause thereof was their having been cheated of their lands by the beforementioned Survey--and further the Dep(t). sayeth not-
(1) Lines burned off.

A.D (1)
[-1763] (2)

1 it is unprecedented to make 2d. purchasing [from] ] Ind(s). for Lands Pattented formerly, as also to run line [ ] & that unknown to the Indians, & they after doing [ ]

2 Klock never paid y(e). consideration money mentioned [ ] Deeds, not withstanding w(h). Tillebagh (3) then Justice [ ]

3 with Klock) was an Evidence to them - Here I think Tilleba[gh] was wrong In signing w(t) he must know to be false -

4th. The Deeds had no certificates or other Proof on y(e). R [ ] Deeds Signed by Several, who have no right to sign them,

5th. Such as Shawanese, Oneidaes, Lower Mohawks & Children. w(h). I can prove, as can also y(e) Sachims & Klock must own it -

6th. Ury Klock (4) was y(e) Person who helped to Settle the Rent w(h). the Tenants pay to the Ind(s) these many Years - this can be proved by the Tenants -

7th. Not one Principal Sachim of Conajohare Signed y(e). first Deed, as can be proved by y(e). Ind(s). and Eve Pickard.(5)

8th. The Deed on w(h). the Pattent is founded does not Comprehend half the Land now claimed, as Said Deed will appear, neither are the bounds by S(d). Deed, either clear or ascertained

1 The heading in Johnson Calendar, p. 197, reads: "Sir William Johnson's category of charges and statements bearing on the dealings of George Klock with the Indians, with a list of persons to be subpoenaed."

2 Date on the manuscript destroyed; placed in Johnson Calendar, at the close of 1763.

3 Lieutenant Wilhelmus Tillebagh (Dillenbach).

4 George (Ury) Klock.

6 Mrs. Eghye (Eve) Pickerd, a mulatto of Canajoharie.

9th. if M(r) Livingston(1) &c knew their Title to be good, why would they not give Klock & Fonda(2) a Warrantee, y(e). Deeds will Shew that they have only given a quit Claim - or why not divided as yet in 88 years. -

10th. Jacob G. Klock is Son to George Klock, & not qualified to interpret - Jacob Forbes another of their Interpreters declared to me he did not understand enough of y(e) language to interpret between KIocks Party, & the Ind(s). on y(e). 9th. of December as his Affidavit will appear, & y(t). y(e) Ind(s) all but one were unwilling to Sign S(d). Declaration

Justice Klock(3) says S(d). Ind(s). except one (Colins alias negroe, [Klock] a Creature of KIocks) also were unwilling to sign S(d). Declaration

11th. The Declaration of y(e). 9th. Decb(r). on w(h). much Stress is layed was Signed by 2 Men, their Wives, 2 of their small Children & two Lads under Age, and those are called in S(d). Declaration the Majority of the Indians of y(e). Conajohare Tribe - these [ one in S(d). Declaration Said to [ ] [ y(e). General Meeting of y(t). Castle y(e). 10th. of last [ ] [ to say as will appear by the Minutes of 3d. [ ] by order of the Gov(r) & Council in mine & the presence [ ]of his Majestys Justices of the Peace.

12th. M(r). Duncan (4) one of the Party acknowledged in y(e). presence [ ] the Justices y(e). 10th. of March (5) that Klock was a great Rog[uej that he plainly saw there had been a great deal of dirty work made use of [to carry their point] in the Affair, & was sorry he was concerned in it - his Letter of y(e)1st May
1 Philip Livingston.
2 Jelles Fonda.
3 Jacob Klock.
4 John Duncan of the firm of Duncan and Phyn.
5 Meeting of the Indians on March 10, 1 763 summoned by Johnson at the direction of Council of New York, Jan. 19, 1763.

may also shew a good deal, but do not choose to make use of it if I can avoid it, nor of M(r). Rutherfords(1) dated 21st. Feb(r). 1763-

Quere, Why that Pattent has never been divided, respecting David Schylers Claim of 1500 Acres according to M(r). P. Livingstons letter to D. & P. Schyler y(e). l0th. April 1 761.

Hanjoost KIock Brother of Ury KIock after being Sworn acknowledged w(t). he had Swore to M(r). Hend(k) Fry & Severall others - Also to his Brother Jacob KIock who has Swore the Same -

June 1st. Jacob an Oneidae told me four or five days ago that he was made Drunk by U KIock & Signed it, and that on being asked lately to Sign some other paper, he told him he would if paid for it, on my asking him why he would sign for Lands he had no right to. He answered y(t). was y(e). reason of his Willingness, Since KIock & Fonda were Fools or Knaves enough to ask him when they knew it. -

Hance, alias Takarihogo the cheif Man who Signed the late Deed for KIock, declares he was Drunk, & that before & after he was always ag(st). parting w(th). S(d). Land. and is willing to declare y(e). Same, as it is also Aughsaghrogo who signed it drunk
(1) Walter Rutherford.

kind Compliments to Capt. Guy Johnson & all your good Family.
I add no more, but remain S(r) your Humble Supplicant,

A. L. S(.2)
Fort George Dec(r) 28th 1763

In my letter of the 7th (3) of the month among other papers I inclosed to you a Copy of the Kings Proclamation of the 7th of October last. Among Other Things in that Proclamation it is directed that every person who may incline to trade with the said Indians do take out a licence for carrying on such trade from the Governor & commander in Chief of our Colonies where such person shall reside and also give Security &c: I shall be glad to know your Sentiments on this Subject & how it is most properly to be put in execution. In the mean time as I am fully perswaded from the Informations which I have received that a principal reason of the Indians sueing for peace at this time is from their Want of Ammunition & the Stop which has been put to trade among them whereby they begin to feel that they cannot subsist without us nor defend themselves against our resentment. I am

1 In 1738, John Lindesay and others procured a Patent of 8000 Acres in what is now Cherry Valley, and soon after Mr. L. met in New York the Rev. Samuel Dunlop and prevailed on him to visit the Tract, offering him several hundred Acres upon Condition of his using his Influence with his Friends to settle upon the Land. The Proposition was accepted and Mr. Dunlop visited Londonderry in New Hampshire, where several of his Acquaintance resided, and induced Numbers to emigrate to the new Tract.... Campbell's History of Tryon County.-Note by Hough, ed.
2 In Henry E. Huntington Library.
3 Ante p. 949.

of Opinion you cannot be too Cautious in preventing their being supplied with ammunition or indeed with any necessaries untill Such time that Peace be made with them upon the most certain & secure foundation after which they may be assured that they will be accommodated with every thing they want & be treated in the most friendly manner. After what has passed they must not be allowed to trifle with us, as they have too often don, but give the most solid security of their faith & sincerity.

The treacherous & cruel behaveur of the Indians of late has so irritated all ranks of people in the Colonies that if they do not prevent it [they will] by a sincere repentance they will soon feel the weight of a very severe resentment. I am at this time Solicited to Send out a number of Volunteers to chastise the Indians on the Susquehana who have lately made inroads on Pensylvania near our frontiers but I would not consent to it while the Indians are treating with you & without consulting you as to the number of men sufficient for that purpose & the probability of success as likewise what may be the most proper method to be taken [for that purpose]

I shall long to hear the success of your treaty & your opinion of the matters on which I desire your advise for which I shall at all times have the greatest regard

I am with the most sincere esteem & friendship
Your most obedient & humble servant


[ ] t Grower
[Hendk. Merkel]1
[John Eisenlord] -
[Frederick Saler] -
JOOST KLOCK - Says y(e). Ind(s). were made drunk -
[Peter Fuger of Stoneraby] -
To be supoenaed ag(st). Klock; who say Klock was y(e). Man made a Barg(n). for them with y(e). Ind(s). & s(d). it was the Ind(s). Lands - & kept Rent Rool thereof

Tell w(t). Livingston(2) & wife Sayed concerning y(e). Ind(s).

Claim to y(e) Lands

Ab(t). Ind(s). being forced to sign concerning y(e). Survey by night

Sayed he could get Klock hanged if he would devulge w(t). he knew

1 Names italicized and bracketed are crossed out in the original manuscript.
2 Philip Livingston.

Donated by Margaret Johnson.

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