Thursday, June 1, 1893

Today was pleasant and warm but was dark. All did chores in the morning. After breakfast, I took the shoes off old Lill & finished the chores, then I turned her & the colt in the sheep pasture. Then all of us went at the fence. We set all the posts & put the boards in part of it. In the afternoon, Cora & Seymour went to the Falls with Nell & the buggy. Seymour stays there for a couple days to be doctored. I let Seymour have $3.00 & Cora got 15# of nails & paid 45 cents at the Grange Store. S. Deifendorf went away in the morning to the Falls & came back at night. Mr. Wiseman brought a fish here & we paid him in full 62 cents .

Wednesday, June 14, 1893

The weather was pleasant & warm. All did chores. Then we picked stone with the black team. Tim & I put carrot seeds & squash seed in. Then we cultivated with the bay team. Jen Alexander marries Dr. Douglass today & Cora Middlebrook marries Frank P. Meyers. Carrie attended both weddings & Cora & I the Middlebrook's only. Wilcox's boy is to be buried today. Mother & Cora went to the funeral.

Thursday, June 15, 1893

Today was pleasant but warm. All did chores in the morning. Then Carrie took Uncle Ben down to Uncle Joel's with Jess. The boys took the black team & the truck & picked stone. John Williams came here with his horse & buggy. He & I got tools & went over in Hoover's woods & pealed two Hemlock trees & cut two logs & got back in good season. I paid him in full $1.50. Burt Matteson was taken sick & went home. Carrie & Cora helped milk.

Friday, June 16, 1893

There was an east wind and it was threatening but pleasant. All did chores. Then John & I got both teams ready, took dinner & c. & put them on the road scraper all day with S. Stahl's team. W. Goodell tended the scraper. Mrs. Goodell came here to visit with Aunt Amanda & paid me in full for 41 bu. of barley $3.75. Tim sprouted the potatoes. We got through on the road early.

Thursday, August 17, 1893

The weather was rainy. All did chores. Then Tim & John got a load of sowed corn out & dug 1 bu potatoes & put hen manure on the squash & c. I was in the house visiting with Cousins Abe & Ada. Then after dinner, the boys cleaned the privy vault, ground the scythes & mowed some grain. I got $12.35 of Zoller for 260# of pork at 4 3/4 cents & paid $1.35 for 1 gallon of rennet extract & 25 cents for sulphur & saltpetre, hair cut 20 cents, & horse bill 15 cents. I got the pay of Begley for 68# of mutton at 9 cents $6.12.

Wednesday, August 23, 1893

The weather was pleasant till 5 o'clock then it rained hard. All did chores in the morning. Then John & Tim got corn out for the cows. Tim bought a watch & chain & seal of M. Wineburgh for $33.00. 1 am to settle it for him. John and Tim both took a team & went down to Keller's & helped him finish harvesting & when done his two men came up with his team & we got 2 loads of grain in.

I ground the scythe for the reaper, and turned the grain out on the hill. Then I got Jess on the buggy & went to Wiseman's after the new clothes washer, came back to the orchard, threw the grain in a winrow, and picked apples & c. After dinner, I got the team ready, went down with the reaper, let the cows in the after feed, & reaped the balance of the oats in the lower field & then took the machine up near the barn. Homerighouse was here & said his father would look at the cattle on Friday next. Burt raked the grain with the old horse. In the afternoon, Feeter ordered our bull delivered tomorrow at 1 3/4 cents.

Friday, August 25, 1893

The weather was very warm till about 5 o'clock when it rained. All did chores in the morning. Then I wrote some letters. Tim & John got some sowed corn out. I dug potatoes for the house and got some green corn for our use. Then I helped cut a load for tomorrow. Then we all went to turning the grain & 3 of Keller's men were here. In the afternoon, we drew in 8 loads before it rained. Frank Homerighouse came here, bought 1 pig, & paid $5.00 cash for it. He didn't want to buy any cattle now.

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