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This is a message from Bernard Young in VT

I would like to try and correct some points of information regarding Hendrick Jung's family listed under 2-3 in the family group on your website.

Johannes Heinrich Jung, born 24 January, 1716 son of Heinrich Jung and Anna Margaretha (probably Timmerman) married Catharina Lampman on his birthday, 24 January, 1744. They lived at Hoosick, NY and had ten children -- those you list, plus one other, Isaac Jung, born 14 March, 1767 (St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY). Sponsors were Johannes Reichert and Maria Catharina (Jung) Reichert, Henry's sister. The point(s) I would hope to correct are that Henry's children's birthdates given in your website should read BAPTISM dates. There are no actual birthdates recorded for these children except for Isaac's on 14 March, 1767.

I've been researching this family for over 30 years in a vain attempt to discover more information about the family. Transcribers have continually promulgated these dates as birthdates over the years which further complicates others' research. My direct ancestor, Jacob Jung, is listed as having been baptised on 17 February, 1760 at Trinity Lutheran Church, NYC. Sponsor was Catherina Lampman, the maternal grandparent, wife of Peter Lampman. Reverend Ogilvie performed the service, done at Schenectady according to the NYGB Society, Vol. 67. His birthdate, however, is listed as 18 May, 1748 on his tombstone at Noyan, Quebec where he moved in 1794 from Center Brunswick, NY.

The point is, that circuit riders didn't get into Hoosick often during the F&I War and baptisms were delayed for years. Didn't mean to bend your ear about this, but as in everything else, "the devil is in the details."
Bernard Young in VT.

Please note: as stated, the articles are presented as written. ajberry

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