Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores
by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D.
Department of History
College of the City of New York
Published Philadelphia, 1937


The list contains the Appendix of Ulrich Simmendinger's pamphlet, Warhoffte und glaubwurdige Verzeichnuss jeniger Personen; welche sich anno 1709 aus Teutschland in Americam oder neue welt begeben. . . . (Reuttlingen, ca. 1717). A copy is in the rare book room of the New York Public Library. Another copy is in the possession of Dr. Gustav Anjou, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. Simmendinger, who was one of the immigrants himself, returned to German in 1717 and there published this brief account of the emigration and the names of those Palatine families still living in New York. The family names were given by Simmendinger under fourteen locations. These lists have been brought together into one alphabetized list, but the locations are preserved by including after the family head's name the letter of the alphabet, denoting the location according to the following key.

Quunsberg = (a)
Hunderston = (c)
Heessberg = (d)
Becksmansland (e)
Neu= Stuttgardt = (f)
Neu = Cassel = (g)

Neu=Quunsberg = (h)
Neu=Heidelberg = (i)
Neu = Heessberg = (j)
Neu = Ansberg = (k)
Dise Menschen wohnen auf dem Rarendantz = (l)
In Neu=Yorck = (m)
Hackensack = (n)

The first four villages comprised East Camp on the land purchased from Robert Livingston on the east side of the Hudson River. These villages have been identified as Queensbury, Annsbury, Hunterstown, and Haysbury respectively, as they are named in the New York Colonial MMS., LV, 100. Beckmansland, judged by the identification of certain individuals in the list, comprised the three villages on the west side (West Camp), given in the loc. cit. as Elizabeth town, George Town, and New Town, However, it is possible that the families identified may have moved to the east side of the river south of Livingston Manor, and the location of Beckmansland may be the Rhinebeck area. The objection to this surmise is that it leaves us without any notation of families living in West Camp. The villages marked (f) to (l) are apparently German names for the seven Schoharie Valley settlements, probably used only in the pamphlet to impress the people in the Fatherland for whom the lists were prepared. Tentatively, by the identification of a few family names known to reside in the several villages, they appear to be as follows:

Neu=Stuttgardt (f)---------Weiserdorf

Neu=Cassel (g)------------Gerlachsdorf

Neu=Quunsberg (h) -------Hartmansdorf

Neu=Heidelberg (i)-------Brunnendorf

Neu=Heesberg (j)---------Fuchsendorf

Neu=Ansberg (k)----------Schmidsdorf

Auf dem Rarendantz-------Kniskerndorf

It is interesting to note in passing that neither John Conrad Kneskern nor Hartman Windecker lived in the villages named after them, as has been assumed by students of these settlements. Neu=Yorck, of course is New York City. Hackensack is the present town of Hackensack, New Jersey. The entire Simmendinger pamphlet has been translated by Reverend Herman Vesper of Canajoharie, New York and published by Mr. L. D. MacWethy of St. Johnsville, New York in 1934.

Anspach, Balthasar, (c) w. & ch

Arnold, Jacob, (e) w. Elisabeth

Badtorffin, Anna, (k) widow & 2 ch

Bar, Johannes, (l) w. & 4 ch

Bartel, Heinrich, (c) w. Anna Catharine & 2 ch

Bassan, Nicolaus, (l) w. Anna Catharina & 1 ch

Bauch, Christian, (f) w. Anna Dorothea & 5 ch

Baumann, Adam, (h) w. Maria Margaretha & 5 ch

Becker, Conrad, (f)

Becker, Friederich, (n) sister Anna Elisabeth Becker

Becker, Jacob, (b) w. & ch

Becker, Johann Jacob, (g) w. Maria Elisabeth

Becker, Peter, (e) w. Elisabeth

Bell, Johann Friederich, (h) w. Anna Maria & 4 ch

Belinger, Heinrich, (k) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Bellinger, Johann Friederich, (j) w. Anna Elisabeth & 3 ch

Bellinger, Johannes, (h) w. Anna Maria Margaretha & 2 ch

Bellinger, Marx, (k) Anna & 5 ch

Bellinger, Nicolaus, (k) wodower & 1 ch

Bender, Georg, (i) w. Maria Dorothea & 2 ch

Benderin, Anna Maria, (m) widow & 5 ch

Berg, Abraham, (i) w. Anna Catharine & 3 ch

Bergner, Conrad, (c) w. Anna Elisabeth & 5 ch

Bernhard, Johann, (b) w. Anna Eulalia & 5 ch

Bernhard, Just, (m) w. Elisabeth & 1 ch

Bernhard, Ulrich, (c) w. Elisabeth

Betzer, Hermann, (b) w. Elsen Maria & 3 ch

Betzerin, Anna Maria, (b)

Biefrim, Peter, (n)

Biefrim, William, (n)

Biermann, Johann, (k) w. & 3 ch

Binder, Valentin, (e) w. Anna Maria Margreta & 1 ch

Blanck, Johanes, (e) w. Maria Margretha & 3 ch

Blass, Johannes, (a) w. & 4 ch

Bliss, Enoch, (c) w. & ch

Bodler, Adam (l)
Bodler, Christina, (l)-------Brothers and sister, all single
Bodler, Paulus (l)

Bohm, Heinrich, (e) w. & ch

Bohnenstiel, Nicolaus, (c) w. Margaretha & 2 ch

Borst, Jacob, (g) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Bosshoren, Johan Jacob, (j) w. Anna Catharine & 2 ch

Bost, Just Heinrich, (l) w. & 5 ch

Brack, Michael, (c) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Braun, Paulus, (l) w

Branthau, Joh. Wilhelm, (e) w. Margaretha Elisabeth & 3 ch

Breder, Antoni, (l) w.

Brenger, GEorge, (f) w. Anna Barbara & 4 ch

Brobert, Just, (c) w. & ch

Brugel, Johann George, (d) w & ch

Brugler, Heinrich, (a) w. Magdalena & 1 ch

Buch, Martin, (a) Nicolaus Hamen's widow & 2 ch

Buchdrucher, Marcus Konig, (m) w. & 2 ch

Buff, Georg, (l) w. & 2 ch

Burckhardt, Elisabetha, (e) widow & 2 ch

Burckhardt, Ulrich, (k) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Buss, Jacob, (m) w. Magdalena Loescher & 5 ch

Cabbutzer, Jacob, (b) w. & ch

Casselmann, Dietrich, (f) w. Anna & 2 ch

Casser, Conrad, (l)
Casser, George, (l) --------3 brothers
Casser, Johannes, (l)

Christmann, Hanss, (k) w. Ana Gertraud & 6 ch

Colmer, George, (d) w. & ch

Conrad, Johann Heinrich, (b) w. Gertraud & 2 ch

Conrad, Johannes, (k) w. Gertraud & 3 ch

Conreckert, (no Christian name given), (k) w. Sara Catharine & 4 ch

Cutermann, Friederich, (d) w. Maria Barbara & 3 ch

Cuntermann, Friederich, (d) w. Maria Barbara & 3 ch

Cuntz, Jacob, (c) w. Susanna & 1 ch

Cuntz, Johannes, (k) w. Maria Catharine & 4 ch

Cuntz, Matthaus, (a) w. Anna Margaretha & 5 ch

Dachstatter, Georg, (h) w. Anna Elisabeth & 4 ch

Dalles, Wilhelm, (d) w. & ch

Dantler,Ulrich, (k) w. Maria Margretha & 1 ch

Deickert, Peter, (j) w. Anna Elisabeth

Deickert, Werner, (h) w. Anna Catharine & 6 ch

Demuth, Georg, (d) w & ch

Demuth, Jacob, (e) w. Anna Elisabetha & 3 ch

Demuth, Jacob, (n) w. & 3 ch

Demuth, Peter, (n)

Deuss, Johannes, (n) w. & 2 ch

Dhons, Jacob, (d) w. & ch

Dhorn, Lazarus, (c) w. Anna Catharine & 4 ch

Diebel, Peter, (e) w. & 3 ch

Diebel, Peter, (n) w. Anna Catharine & 3 ch

Dieffenbach, Conrad, (k) w. Maria Barbara & 5 ch

Diefuh, Daniel, (e) w. Maria Barbara & 2 ch

Dielenbach, Martin, (g) w. Elisabeth & 2 ch

Diell, Wilhelm, (m) w. & 1 ch

Dieterich, Johann, (g) w. Maria Catharine & 2 ch

Dietrich, Christian, (d) w. Anna Maria & 1 ch.

Dietrich, Jacob's (a) widow & 4 ch

Dietrich, Johann Wilhelm, (e) w. Anna Margaretha & 3 ch

Dildein, Hermann, (n) Dildein, Franz & his sister

Dilldein, Georg, (n) w. & 1 ch

Dipel, Georg, (l) bachelor

Dob, Peter, (d) w. & 3 ch

Dorner, Jacob, (e) w. & 2 ch.

Eberhard, Johann, (e) w. & 2 ch

Ecker, Adam, (e) second w. & ch

Eiber, Johannes, (n) w. & 2 ch

Ehlich, Andreas, (e) w. Sophia & 3 ch

Ehmann, Thomas, (f) w. Anna Elisabeth & 1 ch

Emgen, Johann Ernest, (j) w. Anna Christana & 2 ch

Emrich, Johann Michael, (k) w. Elisabeth & 2 ch

Emrich, Johannes, (e) w. Anna Margretha & 2 ch

Endes, Bartholomaus, (i) w. Maria Christina & 3 ch

Engelsprecher, Michael, (a) w. Anna Catharine & 1 ch.

Erckelt, Bernhard, (n) w.

Erhardt, Simon, (j) w. Anna Margaretha & 5 ch

Eschordter's (a) widow, Maria Margaretha

Eschwein, jacob, (c) w. & ch

Ess, Jacob, (k) w. Anna Catharine

Eygner, Peter, (e) w. Anna Margaretha & 2 ch

Falck, Arnold, (e) w. Anna Elisabeth & 1 ch

Falckenburg, Valentin, (e) w. Elisabeth & 2 ch.

Fallinger, Heinrich, (k) w. & 3 ch

Falmert, Nicolaus, (n) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Feck, Joh., (f) w. Anna Maria Margaretha & 5 ch

Feck, Leonhard, (f) w. Catharine

Feck, Peter, (f) w. Anna Maria & 4 ch

Feller, Nicolaus, (h) w. Elisabeth & 6 ch

Felten, JohannValentin, (e) w. Apollonia & 3 ch

Finck, Andreas, (k) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Finck, Frantz, (n) w. Anna Elisabeth & 1 ch

Fincklin, Anna Margaretha, (a)

Finckin, Maria, (a)

Finckel, Philipp, (b) w. Anna Catharine & 3 ch

Fischer, Sebastian, (g) w. Susanna & 3 ch

Fliegler, Zacharias, (d) w. Anna Elisabeth & 2 ch

Focht, Simon, (l) w. & 2 ch

Folbertin, Catharina, (m) wodow & 3 ch

Foltz, Melchior, (j) w. Margaretha & 3 ch

Forster, Georg, (a) w. Maria Margaretha & 3 ch

Forster, Peter, (n)

Frantz, Johannes, (d) w. Magdalena & 2 ch

Frey, Heinrich, (h) w. Maria Margaretha & 1 ch

Freyin, Anna Barbara, (j) widow & 2 ch

Freymayer, Michael, (f) w. Anna Elisabeth & 6 ch

Friederich, Conrad, (n) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Friederich, Johann Adam, (e) w. Regina Maria

Fritz, Georg Wilhelm, (c) w. & ch

Frolich, Stephen, (e) w. Anna Elisabeth & 2 ch

Fuchs, Philipp, (j) w. Anna Eva & 4 ch

Fuhrmann, Jacob, (b) w. & ch

Funck, Peter, (c) w. & 4 ch

Gantz, Johannes, (c) w. & ch

Geller, Frantz, (d) w. Barbara & 3 ch

Georg, Wilhelm, (f) w. Anna Marie & 3 ch

Gerlach, Johann Christian, (g) w. Anna Maria Margaretha & 3 ch

Gerlach, Peter, (n) w & 1 ch

German, Jacob, (a) w. Maria Catharine & 1 ch

Gissener, Heinrich, (m) w. & 1 ch

Gitter, Bernhard, (l) w. Elisabeth

Gletch, Hans Georg, (n) w. & 2 ch

Glump, Philipp, (d) w. & ch

Goldmann, Conrad's (k) widow & 3 ch

Groberger, Peter, (n) w. Barbara & 2 ch

Hagendorn, Christoph, (a) w. Anna Barbara & 1 ch

Hagendorn, Peter, (a) w. Elisabeth Catharine & 4 ch

Hambuch, Thomas, (i)

Hanbuch, Wilhelm, (d) widower

Hamen, Caspar, (a) as yet single

Hamen, Conrad, (a) w. Rachel & 3 ch

Hamen, Peter, (a) w. Anna Maria Christina Sibylla & 3 ch

Hannamann, (d) (no Christian name given) w. & ch

Harter, Michael's (a) widow & 4 ch

Hartmann, Hanss Hermann, (e) w. Anna & 1 ch

Hartwig, Caspar, (l) w. & 3 ch

Hass, (Haas), Simon, (b) w. & ch

Hassin, Maria Sophia (e) widow & 5 ch

Haug, Michael, (a) w. Magdalena & 2 ch

Hauss, Christian, (j) w. Maria Catharine & 8 ch

Hauss, Christian, (j) w. Maria Catharine & 8 ch

Heding, Conrad's surviving widow, (n) & Meisingerin (no chr. name)

Heinrich, Lorentz, (d) w. Regina & 5 ch

Heintz, Urban, (n) son

Helm, Johann Michael, (m)

Helm, Peter, (m)

Helm, Simon, (m)

Helmer, Philipp, (g) w. Elisabeth & 5 ch.

Hermannes-Hanss Wilhelm Schneider's son-in-law with sons and daughter lived with Schneider

Hertel, Adam, (e) w. Gertraud & 3 ch

Hess, Joseph, (j) w. Catharine & 1 ch

Hess, Wilhelm, (n) w.

Heudohrn, Heinrich, (c) w. Elisabeth & 2 ch

Heupt, Philipp, (a) w. Gertrud & 3 ch

Heusser, Peter, (c) w. Anna Elisabeth & 5 ch

Heyd, Peter, (e) w. Maria Elisabeth & 1 ch

Himel, Jacob, (m) & sister Anna Barbara

Hinterschied, Michael, (l) w. Anna Catharine & 4 ch

Hirchmer, Georg, (i) w. Magdalena & 1 ch

Hoff, Andreas, (d) w. Catharine Margret & 2 ch

Hoff, Jacob, (f) w. Susanna & 4 ch

Hoff, Johann Adam, (d) w. Anna Catharina

Hoffin, Anna Margaretha, (d) widow & 1 ch

Hofmann, Conrad, (c) w. Anna Maria Margaretha & 5 ch

Hofmann, Gabriel, (f) w. Anna Catharine & 2 ch

Hofmann, Heinrich, (a) w. & 3 ch

Honner, Johannes, (a) w. & ch

Hornig, Johann Rudolph, (j) w.

Hornig, Nicolaus, (i) w. Anna Maria & 4 ch

Hossmann (Hoffmann), Hermann, (d) w. Anna Maria & 6 ch

Hubert, DAvid, (c) w. ch

Huitz or Hultz, Christoph, (i) w. Eva Catharine & 5 ch

Huss, Hanss Reinhard, (n) w. Anna Elisabeth & 1 ch

Jager, Wendel, (a) w. Christina Elisabetha & 2 ch

Juung, Dewalt, (j) w. Maria Catharine

Jun,g Eberhard, (d) w. & ch

Jungin, Elisabetha, (e)

Jung, Heinrich, (j) w. Anna Margaretha & 4 ch

Kasselmann, Christian, (e) w. Maria Judith & 2 ch

Kassner, Peter, (l) w. Magdelena & 3 ch

Kayser, Johannes, (j) w. Margaretha & 2 ch

Kayser, Martin, (l)

Kell, Georg Wilhelm, (e) w. Anna Gertraud & 2 ch

Keller, Conrad, (c) mother & her ch.

Kern, Hanss Jurg, (g) w. Veronica & 5 ch.

Kessler, Johannes, (h) w. Maria Margaretha & 3 ch

Keiffer, Wilhelm, (e) w. Catharine & 3 ch

Kiner, Benedict, (l) w. & 2 ch

Kinget, Anna, (n) & 3 ch

Kistlich, David, (c) & w Catharine

Klein, Adam (i) w. Catharine & 2 ch

Kelin, Johann Hermann, (k) w. Anna Magdalena & 3 ch

Klein, Hieronymus, (e) w. Maria Margareta & 2 ch

Klob, Peter, (k) w. Magdalena & 2 ch

Klock, Heinrich, (h) w. Maria Margaretha & 4 ch

Klug, Georg, (n) w. Susanna & 2 ch

Knesker, Johann Peter, (i) w. Elisabetha Barbara & 3 ch

Kobel, Jacob, (i) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Kochin. Anna Maria, (c) widow & 3 ch

Kolmann, Johannes, (a) w. Juliana & 3 ch.

Kollmer, Leonhard, (g) w. Elisabeth & 2 ch

Korner, Nicolaus, (e) w. Magdalena & 4 ch

Kramer, Antonius, (d) w. Gertraud & 1 ch

Kramer, Johann Wilhelm, (k) w. Anna Maria & 1 ch

Kramer, Johannes, (i) w. Anna Margaretha & 3 ch

Kramerin, Anna Maria, (m) widow & 7 ch

Krantz, Heinrich, (d) w. Anna Catharine & 4 ch

Krembs, Johannes, (h) w. Apolonia & 1 ch

Kreussler, Joh. Philipp, (e) Anna Catharine, & 3 ch

Kreussler, Pheter, (e) w. Anna Lucia & 3 ch

Kroin, Catharina, (n) widow & 3 ch

Kroth, Johannes, (b) w. Walburgis & 5 ch

Kuhn, Conrad, (k) w. Anna Margaretha & 2 ch

Kuhn, Jacob, (d) w. & ch

Kuhn, Valentin, (k) w. Anna Catharine & 3 ch

Kun, Samuel, (b) w. Elisabeth & 5 ch

Kurtzin, Maria Elisabetha, (n)

Lampmann, Peter, (b) w. Catharine & 2 ch

Lamert, Johannes, (e) w. & ch

Landgraff, George, (i) w. Elisabeth Catharine & 1 ch

Lang, Abraham, (d) w. Anna Maria & 4 ch

Langmann, Just, (n) w.

Last, Johann Georg, (f) w. Anna & 7 ch

Lauck, Abraham, (d) w. & ch

Lauer, Peter, (c) w. Anna Catharina & 2 ch

Launert, Johann Georg, (d) w. & ch

Laux, Johann Just, (j) w. Maria

Laux, Johannes, (l) w. Anna Elisabeth

Laux, Heinrich, (j) Anna Margretha & 2 ch

Laux, Michael, (d) w. Anna Elisabeth & 3 ch

Laux, Philipp, (e) w. & ch

Lauxin, Eva, (d) Mother-in-law of Johann Georg Launert, lived with that family

Lehr, Johann, (g) w. Sibylla Catharine & 5 ch

Leick, Hanss, (d) w. & ch

Lein, Conrad, (n) w. Margaretha & 6 ch

Lescher, Sebastia, (b) w. Elisabeth & 6 ch

Leyck, Johannes, (b) w. Anna Barbara & 3 ch

Leyer, Johannes, (f) w. Elisabeth & 2 ch

Lieckhart, Bernhard, (e) w. Justina & 1 ch

Lieffland, Johann David, (h) w. Anna Maria & 4 ch

Linck, Johannes, (b) w. & 3 ch

Linsin, Apolonia, (m) widow & 3 ch

Lorenz, Johannes, (l) w. Anna Margaretha & 6 ch.

Loscher, Jacob's (d) widow & 4 ch

Lucas, Frantz, (l) widower & 5 ch

Ludwig, Heinrich, (c) w. & ch

Lutin, Anna Catharina, (d) widow & 3 ch

Magdlaena [no family name given], (f) widow & 2 ch

Magdalena, Maria [no family name given], (f) widow & 4 ch

Mangen, Ferdinand, (b) w. Anna Clara & 2 ch

Manck, Jacob, (e) w. Anna Margaretha

Mann, Heinrich, (g) w. Elisabetha Margaretha & 2 ch

Mannlin, Elisabetha, (m) widow & 4 ch

Marterstock, Albrecht, (d) w. Elisabeth

Mathus, Andreas, (b)

Matthaus, Heinrich, (f) w. Catharine & 4 ch

Mattheus, Georg, (h) w. Catharine & 1 ch

Mattheus, Martin's widow, (h) is 110 yrs.

Mauer, Georg, (c) w. Apolinia & 1 ch

Maul, Christoph, (d) w. & ch

Maul, Friederich, (e) w. Anna Ursula & 4 ch

Mauer, George, (l)Mauer, Peter, (e) w. Catharine & 2 ch

Meisingerin (?)--[see under Heding, Conrad]

Mengefin, Anna Maria, (m) widow & 3 ch

Meraet (?), Frederick, (e) w. Anna Barbara & 6 ch

Merckel, Johann's (k) widow & 2 ch

Merten, Conrad, (e) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Mess, Heinrich, (l) w. Magdalena & 1 ch

Mertzger, Hanss, (n) is Just Langmann's step-son

Meusinger, Conrad, (n) w. Anna Margaretha & 5 ch

Meunsinger, Nicolaus, (n) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Meyen, Peter's (c) [widow & 3 ch.]

Meyer, Abel, (l) w. & 3 ch

Meyer, Christian, (e) w. Anna Gertruad & 2 ch

Meyer, Heinrich, (h) w. Kunigunda & 3 ch.

Michael, Johann Heinrich, (c) w. Rosina & 4 ch

Michlin, Anna Sibylla, (n) widow & 2 ch.

Milig, the late Johann Wilhelm;s 2 surviving sons (b)

Mohr, Johannes, (f) w. Elisabeth & 1 ch

Mohr, Heinrich, (e) w. Anna Margretha & 3 ch

Mohrin, Anna Kuningunda, (f) widow & 1 ch

Moohr, JohannCornelius, (n)
Moohr, Michael, (n)----brothers & sister
Moohrin, Margretha, (n)

Moret, Jacob's widow, (l) & 3 ch

Muhl, Johannes, (k)

Muhler, Georg, (i) w. Anna Maria & 1 ch

Muhler, Johann Christian, (b) w

Muhler, Johannes, (j) w. Maria & 4 ch

Muhler, Philipp, (e) w. Anna Margaretha & 2 ch

Muhler, Samuel, (c) w. Anna Margreta & 3 ch

Muller, Adam, (n) w. & 2 ch

Muller, Hilhelm, (l) w. Margaretha & 1 ch

Mullerin, Elisabetha, (l) widow & 4 ch

Mussig, Viet, (c) w. Maria Catharina & 3 ch

Mutsch, Johannes, (n) w. Elisabeth

Mutzier, Jacob (a) w & 3 ch

Neukircher, Joh. Heinrich, (e) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Noll,Christoph, (c) & Maria Elisabetha Nollin

Oberbach, Georg, (e) w. Justina Catharine & 5 ch.

Oberbach, Johann Peter, (e) w. Margaretha Christina & 3 ch

Oberbach, Peter, (e) w. Elisabeth & 3 ch

Ohrendorff, Heinrich, (k) w. Anna Margaretha & 3 ch

Petri, Just (k) w. Anna Catharine & 3 ch

Pfeffer, Michael, (m) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Pfeifferin, Catharina, (h) widow & 1 ch

Pflug, Peter, (l) w. & 5 ch

Philipp, Peter, (a) w. Magdalena & 5 ch

Polffer, Wendel, (c) w. & ch

Querinus, Johannes, (m) w. & 3 ch

Rauch, Friederich, (a) w. Maria Catharine & 3 ch

Rauh, Nicolaus (d) w. & ch

Rausch, Casper, (d) w. & ch

Redtschaffin, Anna Maria, (j) widow & 2 ch

Reger, Christian, (n) w. & 2 ch

Reibel, Johannes, (m) & his sister

Reichert, Joseph, (e) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Reiffenberger, Georg, (d) w. & ch

Reinbold, Mattheus, (i) w. & 1 ch

Reissdorff, Johannes, (d) w & ch

Reuter, Heinrich, (e) w. Anna Juliana & 2 ch

Richter, Andreas, (e) w. Elisabeth & 1 ch.

Ried, Leonhard, (m) 5 brothers & mother

Riegel, Gottfried, (l) w. Anna Elisabeth & 2 ch

Rieth, Leonhard, (f) w. Elisabeth Catharine & 2 ch

Riethin, Catharina, (f) widow & 4 ch

Risch, Jacob, (l) w. & 3 ch

Romer, Georg, (l) w. Elisabeth & 3 ch

Roschel, Augustinus, (e) w. Catharine & 2 ch

Roschel, Peter, (e) w. Anna Maria

Rosenbaum, Bernhard, (1) w. Catharine & 3 ch

Ross, Andreas, (l) w & 2 ch

Rossman, Johannes, (c) w. & ch

Ruhl, Nicolaus, (k) w. Anna Dorothea & 4 ch

Sayn, Peter, (e) w. & ch

Schaffer, Georg, (a) w. Anna Maria & 1 ch

Schaffer, Hanss Werner, (a) w. Maria Margaretha

Schaffer, Heinrich, (h) w. Rosina & 1 ch

Schaffer, Jacob, (a) Dorothea & 1 ch

Schaffer, Johann Heinrich, (e) w. Agnes & 1 ch

Schaffer, Johann Wilhelm, (j) w. Anna Catharine & 5 ch

Schaffer, Johannes, (k) w. Anna Maria

Schaffer, Joseph, (b) w.

Schaffer, Nicolaus, (f) w. Maria Catharine & 4 ch

Schaffer, Reinhard, (i) w. Maria & 2 ch

Schafferin, Doroteha, [sic] widow & 1 ch. (e)

Schafferin, Elisabetha, widow (a) & 3 ch

Schambidy, (n) [a Frenchman] w.

Schantz, David, (d) w. Anna Barbara & 3 ch

scharmann, Heinrich, (e) w. Anna Catharine & 2 ch

Schenckel, Jonas, (c) Silylla & 3 ch

Scherb, Jacob, (a) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Scherer, Dewalt, (d) w & ch

Schib, Hieronymus, (e) w. Anna Catharine, & 1 ch

Schiffer, Philipp, (b) w. Magdalena & 4 ch

Scholmer, Matthaus, (e) w. Anna Veronica & 2 ch

Schmid, Adam, (h) w. Anna Dorothea & 2 ch

Schmid, Bernhard, (a) w. Anna Margaretha & 2 ch

Schmid, Georg Adam, (c) w. & ch

Schmid, Heinrich, (n) w & 2 ch

Schmid, Ulrich's (c) widow & 4 ch

Schmidt, Hanss Georg, (k) w. Anna Elisabeth & 3 ch

Schmidt, Johann Peter, (c) w. Elizabeth & 3 ch

Schmidt, Ludwig, (l) w.

Schneider, Hanss Wilhelm, (e) w. Cecilia [together with Hermannes, his son-in-law with sons and daughters]

Schneider, Heinrich, (c) w. Anna & 2 ch

Schneider, Jacob, (k) w. Anna Barbara & 3 ch

Schneider, Johann Dietrich, (d) w. & ch

Schneiderin, Maria Catharina, (m)

Schnell, Jacob, (h) w. Elisabeth & 4 ch

Schonermann, Conrad, (c) w. & ch

Schram, Heinrich, (e) w. Anna Margaretha & 5 ch

Schramling, Heinrich, (i) w. Maria Elisabeth & 5 ch.

Schreiber, Albertus, (d) w. & ch.

Schuh, Johannes, (b) w. & 3 ch

Schuh, Wilhelm, (b) w. Gertrud & 3 ch

Schuhmacher, Daniel, (l) w. Anna Maria & 5 ch.

Schuhmacher, Thomas, (k) w. Anna Dorothea & 1 ch

Schumacher, Jacob, (a) Anna Barbara & 1 ch

Schuldtes, Johann Georg, (j) w. Anna Kuningunda & 2 ch

Schultes, Johannes, (i) w. Anna Barbara & 2 ch

schurtz, Andreas, (e) his mother and her 4 ch

Schutz, Conrad, (j) w. Anna Maria Margaretha

Schutz, Hanss Adam, (k) w. Anna Catharine & 1 ch

Schutzin, Catharina, (e)

Schwalb, Johannes, (l) w. Philippina Rosina & 3 ch

Schwed, Arnold, (l) & sister Anna

Schwitzler, Heinrich, (d) w. & ch

Sech, Heinrich, (k) w. Christina & 1 ch

Segendorf, Hermann, (d) w. & ch

Siebert, Johann Martin, (j) w. Anna Marie & 3 ch

Semerin, Elisabetha Catharina, (d)

SEmerin, Maria Christina, (d)

Sickerin, Apolonia, (n) widow & 1 ch

Simon, Wilhelm, (c) w. & ch

Spater, Johannes, (l) w. Dorothea & 5 ch

Speichermann, Johann Herman, (d) w. Anna Catharina & 3 ch

Spiess, Peter, (j) w. Anna Elisabeth

Spon, Heinrich, (h) w. Maria Catharine & 3 ch

Sponheimer, Georg, (e) Anna Maria & 3 ch

Sponheimer, Georg, (l) w. Magdalena & 3 ch

Stahrenbergerin, Christina, (g) widow & 4 ch

Stahring, Adam, (g) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Stall, Johannes, (e) w. Anna Ursula & 1 ch

Steiger, Nicolaus, (b) w. & ch

Steiger, Stephan, (b) w. & ch

Stoffelbein, Peter, (a) w. & 3 ch

Stein, Martin, (l) w. & 3 ch

Stell, Rudolph, (i) w. Maria Dorothea & 4 ch.

sTickermann, Sebastian, (c) w & ch

Stieber, Baltahsar, (b) w & 1 ch

Stig, Michael, (k) w & 4 th

Stnich, Christian, (k) w. Anna Margretha & 2 ch

Stor, Michael, (n) w. Elisabeth, & 3 ch

Streit, Christian, (n) w. & 8 ch

Stub, Martin, (k) w. Anna Catharine & 1 ch

Stuber, Jacob, (c) w. & ch

Stuberauch, Georg Henrigh, (i) w. Anna Catharine & 2 ch

Stumpff, Johann Georg, (j) w. Anna Margaretha & 3 ch

Stuz, Dieterich, (e) w. Magdalena, & 2 ch

Stuz, Peter, (l) w. & 1 ch

Thomas, Andreas, (d) w. Anna Eva & 3 ch

Thomas, Georg, (h) w. Anna & 2 ch

Thomas, Peter, (i) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Trum, Andreas, (c) w. Margaretha Magdalena & 5 ch

Trumbohr, Nicolaus, (e) w. Magdalena & 4 ch

Uhl, Carolus, (e) w. & 3 ch

Uhl, Heinrich, (a) w. Anna Maria von Totert & 2 ch

Vesi, Valentin; William Vesi; Anna Vesin, (n)

Viedler, Gottfrid, (i) w. Anna Elisabetha & 2 ch

Wagner, Peter, (g) w. Anna Maria & 2 ch

Wahner, Ludwig, (i) w. Anna Barbara & 3 ch

Wallborn, Hanss Adam, (k) w. Anna Elisabeth & 6 ch

Wallerrath, Gerhard, (h) w. Maria & 3 ch

Wallerrath, Heinrigh, (h) w. Christina & 2 ch

Wannemacher, Dietrich, (n) w.

Wannemacher, Peter, (n) w. & 1 ch.

Warno, Jacob, (i) w. Silylla & 1 ch

Weber, Jacob, (h) w. Elisabeth maria

Weber, Heinrich, (l) w. Christina & 3 ch

Weber, Nicolaus, (h) w. Barbara & 2 ch

Weber, Valentin, (l) w. Charlotte & 2 ch

Weidknechtin, Margaretha, (l) widow & 2 ch

Weilin, Anna Catharina, (m) widow & 1 ch

Weisser, Conrad, (f) w. Maria Margaretha & 8 ch

Weissin, Stephan's (l) widow & 2 ch

Weitin, Gertraud, (e) widow & 2 ch

Weller, Hieronymus, (e) w. Anna Juliana & 2 ch

Wenrig, Balthasar, (b) w. & ch

Werner, Christoph, (f) w. Magdalena & 3 ch

Werner, Michael, (c) w. Catharine

Widerwax, Heinrich, (a) w. Anna Sibylla & 5 ch

Wilschewist, Melchior, (k) w. Anna Maria Margretha & 4 ch

Wilhelm, Johann Nicolaus, (n) w. Anna Elisabeth & 1 ch

Windecker, Hartmann, (k) w. Barbara & 5 ch

Winiger, Ulrich, (d) w. Anna & 2 ch

Winter,Heinrich, (b) w. Anna Maria& 4 ch

Wiss, Johannes, (k) w. Anna Margaretha & 1 ch

Wissbohren, Georg, (b) [has left a daughter]

Wixheusser, Peter, (e) w. Anna Rosina & 5 ch.

Wolleber, Philipp, (e)

Wolleber, Valentin, (e) w. Susanna

Wolleberin, Catharina, (h) widow & 2 ch

Wust, Conrad, (b) w. Maria Abel & 5 ch

Zeh, Johannes, (f) w. Magdalena & 4 ach

Zerben, Jacob, (b) w. Maria Catharine

Zerven, Martin, (b) w. Maria Catherine & 4 ch

Ziebleore, Leonhard, (b) w. Anna Maria & 3 ch

Zimmermann, Jacob, (j) w. Anna Margareth & 1 ch

Zoller, Hanss Henrich, (k) w. & 3 ch

Zoller, Johannes, (k) w. Anna Catharina & 2 ch

Zufelten, Georg, (b) w. & ch

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