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dated Carleton Island 12 April 1781

It touches me very sore to hear from Niagara how my younger Brother Joseph Brant was used the 6th of April, by being almost murdered by Col. Johnsons people,[*] what adds to my Grief and Vexation is, that being scarce returned safe from the rebel Country, he must be thus treated by these of the Kings people who always stay quietly at home & in the Fort, while my Brother Continually exposes his Life in going against the Enemy taking prisrs as far as in his power.

For which reason I beg you will speedily let His Excellency General Haldimand hear of it, who alone can heal this Breach of peace & friendship, by his order & reprimand As Commander in Chief.

This usage of my Brother makes me dread the Consequences, as some of the six Nations were Spectators of it, and well remember what Genl. Schuyler told them that they would be ill used and despised by the Kings people for their Services, of which they have now a proof, for which reason I entreat His Excellency General Haldimand to use his Authority and settle this Matter, as it is hard for me to have an only Bror. whom I dearly love to see him thus treated, but what I am most concerned about is that it may affect the Kings Indn. Interest.

The whole Matter is, that the Officers at Niagara are so haughty & proud, not knowing or considering that the Kings Interest is so nearly connected with that of the Indians. Wherefore I beg you will acquaint His Excellency with this, and let me know His Sentiment thereupon

signed Mary Brant

(Haldimand Papers, Add MSS 21774, p. 180)

[* Note: Joseph Brant exhibited unusual behavior and was involved in a drunken brawl on April 6, 1781. Molly Brant's letter to Claus caused him to consult Haldimand who in turn ordered Guy Johnson at Fort Niagara to repair the situation. Indications are that Guy Johnson actually had supported Joseph Brant when the event occurred and that the incident may have been blown out of proportion. Meanwhile, Joseph Brant left Fort Niagara on April 8 for Detroit. (Kelsay, p. 307) ]


I acknowledge to have received the sum of Forty four pounds N. York Currency charged in Messrs. Taylor & Forsyths accounts agt. government from & by Order of Colo. Guy Johnson, partly by Cash from himself & the remainder by Forsyth's Bill on Carleton Island, the beginnings of Winter 1780. being for Wampum & other articles which I advanced to Lt. Colo. Butler formerly and which he then acknowledged.

Montreal 11th October 1782

Present her Mark
Mary wari Brant

Simon Clark

I certify that the above is a true Copy of the Origl. recd in my Hand, ready to be produced, but at present kept by me agreeable to an Order of the Department respecting Original Vouchers.

J Johnson

(Haldimand Papers, Transcript H1449, Add MSS 21774, p. 111)

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