Thursday, March 2, 1893

The weather was blustery & bad all day. All did chores in the morning. We shoveled snow, unloaded ice & packed it in the icehouse. Then we put the rack on the sleighs & c. In the afternoon, J. Granar & I went to the Falls with both teams & got 23 cakes of ice. I returned Leahy's wrench, got bolts, and got Granar's things that were forgotten at the Grange store. I had a tooth drawn & paid 50 cents. I paid S. & Skinner 75 cents for a new scoop shovel. I paid Hart & Decker 40 cents for a piece of music for Carrie. J. Elmer began work today. The roads were very heavy.

Friday, March 3, 1893

Today was quite pleasant with indications of a storm. All did chores, then J. Granar went down to uncle Joel's & got his force pump & Uncle Will's scraper. We finished chores, shoveled snow, started the water, packed 2 loads of ice & put sawdust on it. There was a meadow mole in the water pipe & I got him out in pieces.

In the afternoon, Granar & I took both teams & brought up the grist & 1275 pounds of shipps & 300# of corn meal. I paid $2.02 for the grist.

Saturday, March 4, 1893

The weather was blustery but not very bad. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, J. Elmer got Bay Fan & the cutter ready & he & I started to see J. Garlock's cows. We returned Uncle Joel's force pump. Uncle Will rode along with us. Garlock had 32 cows for sale. I picked out 3 cows & offered him $80.00 & our 2 year old bull for them. He would not take it. We came back. John & I went up to Father Bellinger's & got a heifer. I helped to start her, then John drove her home. I went down street after Keller. I saw the sofa that Cora told me about. Uncle Will and I had lunch at Bellinger's & we got home at chore time.

J. Granar finished chores, split wood & c. Cora, Carrie, & the children (Lillie and Hermie) went to Uncle Will's, & stopped at Goodell's. Their sick horse died today. Cora, Carrie, & I went to the church sociable last night & got home about 2:30 this morning.

Monday, March 6, 1893

Today was blustery. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, I got ready & went to the Falls with the bay team & bobs & took 5 calves & sold them to E. A. Brown for $17.50. 1 drew $125.00 from the bank. I paid Wm. Petrie 1 year's interest on the note $12.00. 1 paid Brockett $26.00 for training the colt & shoeing in full. I paid J. VanSlyke $20.32, school tax. I paid the Grange $1.68 for nails, shovel, & pails. I hired a young man by the name of Lane to work on the farm at $22.00 per month, 1 week on trial. I paid 15 cents for my horse bill. I received $5.72 of McGuire for butter & $3.38 of Buskirk in full for butter. I paid Leahy 75 cents for labor & to set one shoe. John Elmer quit. I paid him 50 cents in full & loaned him $1. 1 let him take my team to get his things on the Delong farm. I brought ($13.88) shipps & 300 pounds of corn meal home.

Tuesday, March 7, 1893

The weather was blustery. John Grainer and I did the chores. Then when the chores were done, I took Mother & Herman Crofoot to Middleville to take the train to Newport. I drove the black team and the long sleigh. I let Mother have $2.00. She's staying up at Ettie's for a few days.

A. VanSlyke came here in the morning & took our 2 year old bull at $20.00 if his bull serves us all right, if not to be $25.00. After I came home, I took old Lill & the cutter & went to the Falls. I took Sullivan 12 1/4# of butter at 24 cents, paid $2.94. 1 took 23 1/2# of sausage to George Keller, no pay. J. W. Windecker came here to have his note changed but Mother & I were not here so he went back. I got a man by the name of Lane who came up to work for us.

Wednesday, March 8, 1893

The weather was very pleasant today. All did chores in the morning. After breakfast, we finished taking care of the stock. Then John drew 2 loads of horse manure down to the pile in the lot. Tim Lane & I cleaned up the floor & mixed grain in the horse barn. After dinner, John went to the Falls with a small jag of hay to Z. C. Brockett for $8.60 & took our old tin in the vat to Lamb's to be made new. He had Jess's collar fixed and paid 5 cents. Snell's weigh bill in all was 15 cents. Tim Lane is to work 8 months at $22.00. John brought up 1137# of grain from Gage. The balance paid for.

Thursday, March 9, 1893

It was rainy and bad today. All did chores, scraped snow from the sawing machine, and cleaned up the pig pen & c. Henry Brockett plowed the road as far as here. J. W. T. called here again a moment. We caught a rat last night & put him in the new trap for bait. Another calf came tonight. The women & Lill took Jess & the cutter & went to Uncle Will's.

Friday, March 10, 1893

The weather was very pleasant and mild. All did chores in the morning. Then I filed the saw for the machine. Then we put the bolts in, fixed the machine & sawed wood the balance of the day & cut a lot of it. We all did chores at night & had 2 nice calves from Little Ives & from Davin. The wind came up & it acts as if it might storm.

Saturday, March 11, 1893

The weather was pleasant most all day. All did chores. Then we went to sawing wood. The saw worked well & we cut a lot of it or about 12 cords. Carrie went to the Falls with Jess & the cutter. I let her have $2.00. J. Williams came here & bought 2 calves & paid $4.

Sunday, March 12, 1893

Today was rainy but mild. It rained in the night. All did chores. Then I fixed the lever on the machine and c. Cora and I got ready with Lillie & we went down to Father Bellinger's. I got back just as milking was over. J. Granar walked over to see his wife. J. W. T. came to spend the evening. The roads are very soft, with a great deal of water along the road. I took 11# of cheese, 3 dozen eggs & got $2 for it.

Monday, March 13, 1893

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, I helped put up grain, 25 bags & finished chores, cleaned the stable & all. Then Cora took Nell & the cutter & I took the bags & the grain & c. I returned the $15.00 I borrowed.

Wednesday, March 15, 1893

The weather was very stormy. All did chores. Then after breakfast, we all got the cows out to water & got the stable cleaned & c. Then I got 2 sage cheese, and 1 small tub of butter, 32# net & sold it to Casler at 25 cents = $8.00 paid. I took both cheese to the Co Operative store. They paid me for one 41# at 14 cents = $5.74. 1 paid them 25 cents for a butter tub, 67 cents for crackers & clams, and 35 cents for 1 bu. of salt. I bought 1 cow of J. N. Uhle & paid him $35.00 for her. I paid 15 cents for my horse bill. I got 2 gallons of rennet for $2.00, 52 1/2 bandage at 7 cents & 1 1/4 india. I exchanged in all to Burrell $5.88, 1 drew $96.50 from the bank. I took the wheelbarrow to Tefft's to be fixed & had to leave it till some other day. James Backus began work today, making cheese & general work at $21.00 per month. They all cleaned the colt stable, and then sorted potatoes. I got the tin part of the vat. Lamb was not there so I could not settle. W. Keller was down today to buy a team. I exchanged overalls for John & paid the 25 cents difference.

Thursday, March 16, 1893

Today was clear, cool, and windy. All did chores in the morning but James Backus. He was getting things ready to make cheese. I helped him carry the milk down. We had about 750# of milk. The other boys finished the chores. Then after dinner, they took the Carey cow down to Father Bellinger's to be sold, then to the village, got the mail, got the heifer of Cotter, and the cow of Uhle & came back home before we got through milking. I carried 17 bags of shipps & 10 bags of oat meal up on the barn floor. J. W. T. came here in the evening & took Cora & Carrie down to Uncle Will's to practice the dialogue for church. Mike Kaine came here in the morning & got the boring machine & 5 augers.

Sunday, March 19, 1893

Today was very pleasant and clear. All did chores in the morning. Then Tim & Jim went to the Falls with Nellie & Jumper. I got the bay team & the box sleigh ready & Cora & I started for Norway after Mother. We met Henry bringing her down but we all went up to spend the day at Ettie's. Carrie went to church with Black Fan. Then J. Granar went after his wife to Davis's. All drove right over the crust. J. W. T. came here to spend the evening. In the evening, Tim & Jim walked down to Burrell's. We found Ettie and her children well. We had a nice visit.

Saturday, March 25, 1893

The weather was pleasant and windy. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, I filed the machine saw. The other boys finished chores. Then we all went to sawing wood & sawed till milking time. At noon, we put up the whey troughs. The machine worked well today. We saved 5 baskets of sawdust. We caught 4 rats in the trap last night.

Wednesday, March 29, 1893

The weather was clear and pleasant. All got out early but Granar & did up chores & c. J. N. Greene of Fairfield came here & sold at auction the interest of Herman Kilts in the personal property. Willard Keller was here. Peter Bellinger, Floyd & Harry Goodell & W. Randall were here to bid. Most all things sold were subject to Mother's life lease but some things were sold as Herman's individual Estate.

The boys shoveled snow off the fences all day, got out some sap buckets & c.

I paid J. Greene, the auctioneer $3 in full. At night, Kaine came here & we killed 7 calves & 1 yearling & I paid him $1.00 for same.

Thursday, March 30, 1893

Today was colder and very blustery. All did chores in the morning. Then I got the seven calves ready and the yearling carcass. I took them, 9 dozen salted eggs, 1 sage cheese & the heifer's hide & went to the Falls with the bay team & the new bobs. I sold the yearling to J. G. Begley (158# for $8.60 cash paid). I sold the cheese 42# at 14 cents = $5.88 to Casler Bros. and also the 23# hide at 3 cents = 69 cents paid in all $6.57. Then I paid him $1.35 for a sack of flour & 13 cents for 1# of tobacco for John Abrial paid for his butter in full $5.00 & Mrs. Currans settled her account in full $1.40. 1 paid 40 cents for 12# of buckwheat flour at the Grange store & I paid Taylor for repairing the couch & sofa, $16 in full of account. I paid Gage $7.56 for 400# of meal, 200# of midds & 60# of oil meal. I sent the 7 calves to C. S. Durling, N. Y. City weighing 420# & 1 box of hearts, livers, & tongues. Seymour Kilts came here this morning.

Friday, March 31, 1893

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then after breakfast, John went home, not feeling well. We got the chores done. Then Tim & James drew a load of sap buckets in the woods. Then I got Bay Fan & the old cutter ready & Carrie went to the Falls. Then I drove Nellie up to see Tommy Clark to get him to help us in the sap bush. Then we drove to W. Keller's & got the notice of the sale. In the afternoon, Tim & Jim distributed buckets in the woods. I tapped about 30 trees. Charlie Blowers was here a little while. Seymour rode with me to Clark's & c.

J. Granar helped milk in the morning then went home, took a sweat & c. not feeling well, and was at home all day.

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