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The Maslins

Compiled by Larry House June 2001

Mary Ann Andrews married (as her first husband) Henry Maslin. She was born 11/15 or 16/ 1820 in Seven Oaks, Kent, England and he had also been born in England. They had three children; Elizabeth (born 3/4/1844), Isabella (born 1845 per headstone and 1848 per death certificate) and Thomas (born ?). Elizabeth married Charles P. Howes (House), Isabella married George G. Grimshaw, and Thomas became apparently a soldier of fortune [a Thomas Maslin enlisted in N.Y.C. for service in the Civil War and the 1890 Census Index of Veterans and Widows listed a Thomas Maslin as living in New York City (same ?)(this Thomas Maslin, it seems, didn't file for a Civil War Pension)]. My Grandfather had a Mexican Agate, set in a tie tack, that he was told by his mother (Elizabeth Maslin) was from her brother Thomas. She apparently had very little correspondence from him. As to when he died or where-?

Sometime before the 1850 Census, Henry Maslin either died or walked out on his wife and family. I believe he walked out on the family because Mary Ann is buried with her second husband in the Prospect Hill Cemetery in the Town of Canajoharie. After he (Henry Maslin) left, Mary Ann "farmed out" the children to ? In the 1850 Census of the Town of Canajoharie, there is listed a Mary Ann Maslin, age 24, only, no children. My Great Grandmother (Elizabeth) told my Grandfather (Charles H. House, Sr.) that she (and ?) used to visit a cemetery in Quaker Street (Town of Duanesburg). I'm aware of two in that area of which the Grove Cemetery on Schenectady County Route 395 (between Rts 20 and 7) is the one I believe she (they) visited. However what headstones she (they) visited is unknown (there are no Houses or Maslins buried there).

Also listed in the 1850 Census, of the Town of Canajoharie, is James Lettice, age 26. They (Mary Ann Maslin and James Lettice) were married on 6/26/1851 in the Reformed Dutch Church in Canajoharie. They are listed in the State Census of 1855, for the Town of Canajoharie, as James Lettis aged 32, Mary Ann Lettis aged 28 and children.


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