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The area between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan is the area of the Michilimackinac. Fort Michilimackinac was located at the very northern tip of the lower peninsula. Fort Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) was a military fort which was located on Mackinac Island located between the two peninsulas. The area is mentioned in many documents from the early years of our country and was well known to the early settlers.

The following document has been donated by
Rob Kanaskie
Traverse City Mich.
(postal history collector)

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Michilimackinac Sept. 17th 1834

Rev. Absalom Peters
Sec. A. Home Miss. Soc.

"Dear Sir, I have just been appraised by a letter from Dr. Greene(?) that the Board of Foreign Missions are not able, at this time, to supply the vacancy created by the Rev. Ferry's resignation of the pastoral charge of the mission church on this island. Our hopes are cast to the Home Mission, and I only embrace the feelings of all who love Zion at this place when I state the deep interest that is felt, that you should be able promptly to us for it is the call which has been made upon you by missions in our behalf. The church here is in a state which requires the care of & labour of a faithful zealous preacher, who will be willing, Sabbath day & weekday, to labour for us, & with us. And I think there is a prospect of much usefulness to such a man. Besides our ordinary congregation, of the mission school, there is a garrison, having its full complement of officers (most of whom are married men) which merits an interesting field for ministerial culture.

The tenets to be concentrated, are chiefly such as arise from the catholic tenets & practices. Some differences in a mixed congregation are to be reconciled, and a preacher would be more apt to see fruit from his labour, who was skilled in the duties of family ministry and professed the tact of conducting directly the efforts of bible classes & then of modern means of social religious instruction.

A man of family might occupy the rooms at the mission or the vacated rooms by Mr. Ferry. As to support, I am free to say that the obligations of the Home Miss. Society could be readily met, by subscriptions here."

"Please answer this & believe me as ever,

Most faithfully in Christ


Henry R Schoolcraft

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