Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Mohawk Dutch and the Palatines

by Milo Nellis, 1951
Their background and their influence in the
development of
The United States of America

This book is presented as so many others are on the Fort Klock site, without making any judgment call on the correctness of the information. There is careful research contained within the book and perhaps the reader might derive some insight into their family research from the information contained herein. Of special interest is the Conclusion where Mr. Nellis explains and defends George Klock. The chapter regarding the Walloons might explain the South American Klocks! ajb

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: The Background

Chapter III: Eurpoean Crisis of the Early Sixteenth Century.

Chapter IV: Dutch Customs at Albany & The Mohawk Valley

Chaper V: The Walloons

Chapter VI: The Palatines

Chapter VII: Sir William Johnson

Chapter VIII: A Pen Sketch of Judge Jacob G. Klock

Chapter IX: Conclusion

Looking East along the Mohawk River from Col. Klock's land.

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