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NEW YORK MUSTER ROLLS of New York Provincial Troops.
Published by the New York Historical Society. 1897


1755 Muster Rolls

Capt Edmond Mathew's Company
Capt Philip Jn. Schuyler's Company
Capt Street Hall Esqr Company
Capt. Willm McGinnes' Company
Capt. McGinnes' Company
Capt. Isaac Corsa's Company
Capt. John Slap's Company
Capt. Peter Van DenBergh's Company
Capt. Samuel Dimock's Company
Capt. Phill. Schuyler's Company encamped at the Fla Aug. 3d, 1755.
Capt. Isaac Corsa's Company, Aug 5 1755
Capt. Street Hall's company until July 1, 1755
Capt. Peter Vanderburgh's Company from July 11 to July 31 Inclusef 1755
Capt. Willm. McGinnis's company from 1st Aug 1755 to the 31st D° 1755
Capt. Phill. Schuyler from 1st Aug to 31th.
Capt. Phill. Schuyer from 1st Sept to 30th.
Capt. Robert McGinnis October 31 1755.
Capt. Michael Thodey's company from 1st to 31st October 1755.
Capt. Phill. Schuyler's from 1st Octor. to 31st.
Capt. Edmond Mathew's Company Octr. ye 1st 1755
Capt. Isaac Corsa's from 1st Novr to 2nd Dec 1755
Capt. Phill. Schuyler's from 1st Novr. to 2nd Dec.
Capt. Edmond Mathew's Nov 2 1755.
Capt. Street Hall's from 1 Nov to 2 Dec.
Capt. Samuel Dimock's Men Nov 8-30, 1755
Capt. John Slap's Octr. 31 to Decr. 2d 1755
Capt. Robert McGinnis's Company March Ye 31st 1756.

Capt. Pieter Van Den Burgh Deceased Company, Aug 1 to 31, 1756.
Muster Roll of Men, County of Albany, for Captain Van Veghten's Company, May 1, 1760.
Muster Roll Albany County, for Captain Stephen Schuyler's company May 3d 1760.
Muster Roll Albany County, for Captain Peter Bain, 1760
Muster Roll Albany County, for Captain Christopher Yates, 1760
Muster Roll Albany County, for Capt. John Van Veghten's Company May 1761

Muster Roll Albany County, for Capt. Christopher Yates' Company May 1761.
Muster Roll, Albany, Ulster, Dutchess for Capt. Richard Rea, April 1761.
Muster Roll, Albany for several companys of the NY Regiment Albany 2d July, 1761.

Muster Roll of the Men Rais'd and Pass'd Muster in the City and County of Albany for Cornelius Van DenBergh's company, Albany May 17th 1762.

Muster Roll, City and County of Albany for John Vischer's company May 1762.

Muster Roll, City and County of Albany for Capt. John De Garemo's Company
Muster Roll, Schenectady, County of Albany, Capt. Van Dyck's Company, May 27, 1762.

The muster rolls from more distant counties such as Queens, Suffolk, Richmond, Dutchess, Ulster, Kings, Orange, Westchester, etc., are not going to be typed. ajberry

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