Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Mohawk Valley and the American Revolution
Published by the State of New York
Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor
Parks and Recreation
Alexander Aldrich, Commissioner
Historic Trust, Louis C. Jones, Chairman
Albany, NY 1972


Travelers through the Mohawk Valley are following a route replete with the names, persons and events that are a part of our American heritage. In those splendid surroundings, which mix past and present, we can uncover the varied experiences that help make up the dramatic record of our State and Nation and derive benefit from understanding something of the hardships and glories of New Yorkers of an earlier day.

I am sure you will find this publication a useful guide to turning back the pages of history to the stirring events in the Mohawk Valley so closely tied to the story of our nation.

Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor

This booklet is the second in a series of New York States guides connecting historic developments with the actual places where history happened. It introduces Mohawk Valley landmarks identified with the struggle for independence during the American Revolution. In the Valley are modes homes, gracious mansions, churches and villages, fields and streams, forts and battlefields where men and women lived, worked, prayed, fought and died. Many sites have disappeared since the Revolutionary Era. Some of the surviving places are related on these pages to the persons and events that are stirring parts of our past. You can obtain additional information about them from local historical organizations or from the New York State Historic Trust.

Visit these places when you can to acquire fresh insight into our heritage and its meaning for all of us.

Louis C. Jones, Chairman

The Valley

Settling the Valley

Various Prints

Sir William Johnson

Grider Sketch of Indian Castle Church

The Outbreak of The Revolution

The Campaign of 1777

Border Raids

Peace In The Valley


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