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The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

Palatine Heads of Families
Governor Hunter's Ration Lists
June, 1710 to September, 1714
Compiled from the records in London and Presented to the descendants of the Palatines by

Historians in general and descendants of the Palatines in particular have long felt a desire for a more complete list of those Palatine emigrants who settled in New York and along the Hudson under the patronage of Queen Anne of 1710. Documentary History of New York, Vol. III gives a census of those in New York, also those in West Camp but no mention is made of those in East Camp although it is known that there were unlisted settlement on the east side.

During the summer of 1931 Mr. Boyd Ehle through his London agents caused a search of the records there with the result that the ledger accounts of Governor Hunter were consulted and all the names of heads of families drawing rations were copied. Mr. Ehle has arranged them in alphabetical order and indicated their place of residence by the symbols to be found following the name in case where residence is known as follows:

E---East Camp. Soldiers in Canadian Exposition of 1711.

W---West Camp.

N. New York City.

These locations are from the census reports in Doc. Hist., Vol 3. Those not designated are presumed to have been residents of east Camp. No census of this camp has been discovered, but by eliminating those of known location the balance must belong to East Camp.

This kindly service on the part of Mr. Ehle is duly acknowledged by the Enterprise and News on behalf of the descendants of the Palatinate. Surely no kindlier service can be imagined and not only those living today but those who will follow will find reason to be grateful for the thoughtfulness of Mr. Ehle in preserving the precious knowledge for the descendants.

London Letter

The letter accompanying the Ration Lists fromt he London compilers will be of interest and is here given:

Colonial Office Class 5

Vols. 1230-1231.

(Badly classified--1731 is first int he point of order).

These two folio volumes, clearly written and bound in undressed calf are the statement of Gov. Hunter's account against the Government for the subsistence to the Palatines 1710-1713 each having the certificates and the seal of New York in red wax, as noted in Dr. Andrew's Guide." The first is the Journal or account book, No. 1231, the other (1230) is the ledger, each name being posted up in alphabetical order. Both these show the number drawn for by the heads of families or the recipient thus:--2 adults 2 young (i.e. under 10 years): 3 adults 1 young; 1 adults, as the case may be.

Vol. 1231

This journal, as it is called is divided under the following headings:

p. 1. "New York 30 June 1719.

"The Palatines hereafter named for themselves and their families Subsistence, Debtors to the Queen's most Sacred Majesty . . . . . for 4 days subsistance distributed. . . from 27 June to this day at the rate of 6d for persons above 10 years of age and 4d per diem for children under 10 years. . .

(Then follows names and sums of money to cash).

p. 4 New York 1st July 1710. Similar heading for 4 days 28 june to this day.

p. 10 New York 4th July 1710. Similar heading 4 days 1st July to this day.

p. 14 New York 4th August 1710. Sililar heading 25 days 10th July to this day.

p. 29 New York 4 October 1710. Sililar heading. 61 days 5th August to this day.

p. 45. Mannor of Livingston 31 December 1710. The Platines hereafter named for themselves and their families subsistance debtors to the Queens most Sacred Majesty for Subsistance distributed to the said Palatines from the time of their several arrivals at this place and ye other side Hudson River (the first being ye 6 October) to this day make 89 days.

p. 55 Mannor of Lobingston 25 March 1711. . . . for 84 days from 1 January 1711.

p. 66 Mannor of Livingston 24 June 1711. . . .91 days from 26 March.

p. 78 Mannor of Livingston 29 September 1711. . . .97 days from 25 June abating 14 days during which time they had little or no provision.

p. 91. Mannor of Livingston 24 December 1711. . . . .86 days from 30 September.

p. 103. New York 24 December 1711. . . .from 5th October 1710 at New York to 5 October last . . . .N. B. Those families charged with small sums were sent up to the Settlement last fall, others with large sums were subsisted at New York in the spring following and not sent up till April and May. And the remainder being Widows and Orphans have been sussisted to this time.

p. 117. Mannor of Livinsgton 25 March 1712. . . . for 92 days from 25 October 1711 to this time.

p. 129 New York 25 March 1712. . . 172 days from 6 October 1711 to this day.

p. 130 Mannor of Livinsgton 24 June 1712. . . . .91 days from 26 March.

p. 143 Mannor of Lisvingston 13 September 1712. . . .81 days from 25 June.

A few names added under heading "New York."

P. 155 (no place given) 23 September 1713 for unequal time subsistance from 13 September 1712 to this day.

p. 156 The book is then apparently made up 27 August 1714 and certified and sealed 2 September 1714.

Palatine Heads of Families
Location (N), New York city.
(E) East Camps, Columbia Co., N. Y.
(W), West Camps, Ulster Co., N. Y.

847 names

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