Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

London Documents

The names, Trades, etc. of the German Protestants to be settled in New York.

We are indebted to Pascoe Williams of Albany for the following additional names to the Locherthal Records. These were secured in the State Library at Albany. The list gives the names of the party who came to England with Rev. Kocherthal from the lower Palatinate in Germany in 1706. It will be noted that the German feminine ending of "in" is added wherever the name of a wife or daughter occurs. The list was dated June 28, 1708.

Names, trades, condition in life, M/F, age.

1. Lorens Schwisser, married male, 26 years, trade Husbandman.
Anna Catharina Schwisserin, wife, 26 years
Johanna Schwisserin, Female child 8 months

2. Henry Rennau, Stockingmaker, Married Male, 24 years. Johanna Rennauin, wife, 26 years
Susanna Liboscha, sister unmarried, age 15.
Maria Johana Liboscha, sister unmarried age 10.
Lorenz Rennau, Male child, age 2
Heinrich Rennau, Male child 5 months.

3. Andreas Volck, Husbandman, Married Male, age 30.
Ana Catharina Volckin, wife age 26
Maria Barbara Volckin, female child age 5
Georg Hieronymus Volck, Male child age 4
Anna Gertrauda Volckin, Female child age 1

4. Michael Weigand, Husbandman, married male age 52
Ana Catharina Weigandin, wife age 54
Ana Maria Weigandin, female child age 13
Tobias Weigand, male child age 7
Georg Weigand,male child age 5

5. Jacob Weber, Husbandman, married male age 30
Anna Elisabetha Weberin, wife age 25
Eva Maria Weberin, female child age 5
Eva Elisabetha Weberin, female child age 1

6. Jacob Pletel, Husbandman, married male age 40
Ana Elisabetha Pletelin, wife age 29
Margaretha Pletelin, female child age 8
Catharine Pletelin, female child age 3

7. Johannes Fischer, Smith, married male age 27
Maria Barbara Fischerin, wife age 26
Andreas Fischer, male child age one half month.

8. Melchoir Gulch , Carpenter & Joiner, Married, age 39
Ana Catharine Gulchin, wife age 43
Magdalena Gulchin, female child age 12
Heinrich Gulchin, male child age 10

9. Isaac Turck, Husbandman, unmarried, male age 23

10. Josua Kocherthal, minister, married age 39
Sibylla Charlotta Kocherthal, wife age 39
Benigna Sibylla Kocherthal, female child age 10
Christian Joshua Kocherthal, male child age 7
Susanna Sibylla Kocherthal, female child age 3

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