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The Book of Names
Especially Relating to The Early Palatines and the First Settlers in the
Mohawk Valley
Compiled and Arranged by Lou D. MacWethy
Published by The Enterprise and News
St. Johnsville, NY., 1933

Roster of Oriskany Heroes

The list of names following comprise the combined lists of 1884 and 1921. There are duplicate names which may indicate two individuals and again it may be that tow of the same name were engaged. Heretofore the 1884 list and the 1921 list have been published separately. In the following list they have been combined and classified for the sake of clarity.

The list also includes a number of names procured by Nelson Greene and others and which appeared in Greene's splendid work in four volumes entitled "The Mohawk Valley, Gateway to the West," published by the Clark Publishing company, 1925. Other names have been added by individuals who have furnished satisfactory proof, many from the pension papers of the participants. To date this is the most comprehensive list assembled. That it is incomplete is accepted and acknowledged. That other names will be yielded through further research, is to be expected. This most important battle will always remain somewhat obscure because of the fact that so many were killed or disabled, that no accurate record was obtained. Inasmuch as the direction of the battle was under the Committee of Safety, and this was soon afterwards absorbed by the new state government and active written returns were either lost or were never committed to writing, the roster which follows has been built up name by name, and under most difficult circumstances. The desire for a complete roster of participants at Oriskany still remains as a task for future historians.

Key to References

1 Killed.
2. Died in Action
3. Prisoner of war
4. Missing
5. (nothing written here)
6. Wounded

Brigadier General
Hercheimer, Nicolaus 1

Bellinger Peter
Cox, Ebenezer 1
Klock, Jacob
Visscher, Frederick 6

Lieutenant Colonels
Bellinger, Frederick 3
Campbell, Samuel
Flock, John
Veeder, Volkert
Wagner, Peter
Walrauth, Heinrich

Brigade Majors
Frey, John 3-6

Bleven, John 1
DeGraff, Isaac
Eisenlord, John 1
Klapsattel, Enos 1
Newkirdk, John
Sieber, Wilhelm1
Shoemaker, Han Yost
Van Slyck, Hermanus 1
Van Vechten, Anthony

Second Major
Clyde, Samuel

Petry, Dr. Wilhelm 6
Younglove, Dr. Moses 3

Bauman, Jacob 1
Bell, George H. 6
Brodbeck, Johann (Bigbread) 6
Copeman, Adam
Copeman, Adam
Davis, John James 1
DeGraff, Immanuel
Deifendorf, Heinrich 1
Deichert, Wilhelm
Demuth, Johann
Deygart, John 1
Diefendorf, Jacob
Dillenbach, Andreas 1
Eckler, Henry
Fox, Christof W. 6
Fox, Christoph 1
Frank, Frederick
Gardinier, Jacob 6
Getman, Frederick
Hans, Christian
Helmer, Frederick 1
Hercheimer, George
Hoover, John
Ittig, Michael
Keyser, John
Klock, Jacob G.
Pettingale, Samuel 1
Rector, Nicholaus 6
Seeber, Jacob 1
Seiber, Jacob
Small, Jacob 1
Snook, William
Tuthill, Stephen
Van Evers, Rymier
Visscher, John
Wemple, Johannes
Yates, Robert

Bailey, Joseph
Bailey, Joseph
Campbell, Robert1
Dunlap, John
Fox, Frederick
Gardinier, Sanuel 6
Grant, Petrus 1
Gray, Samuel
Grinnell, James 1
Groot, Peter 6
Hans, Yost
Heath, Nathaniel 1
Helmer, George 6
Helmer, George 6
Hiller, Jacob 1
Loucks, Peter
McMaster, Daniel
Petrie, Wilhelm
Petrie, Dietrich M. 1
Petrie, Hans Yost 1
Putman, Victor
Putman, Richard
Quackenbush, Abram D.
Swart, Jeremiah
Scholl, Johann Yost
Timmermadrr, Heinrich 6 (?)
Van Alstyne, martin
Van Horne, Thomas
Voltz, Jacob
Wagner, Peter, Jr.

Brandt, Christian 1
Comb, Uriel 1
Diefendorf, John Jacob
Garlock, Charles 1
Petrie, Nicholas 1
Piper, Andrew
Ritter, John 1
Steinway, Arnold 1

Finch, Christian 1
Iser, Frederick 1
Keyser, Michael
Mereness, William 1
Tuthill, Stephen 1

Alter, Jacob
Aradt, Abram
Baluwadt, Major 3 (Supposed mardered)
Baumann, Jacob
Baun, John
Becker, Hendrich
Bell, GEorge Henry
Bell, Joseph 1
Bell, Nicholas
Bellinger, Adam
Bellinger, Wilhelm P.
Bellinger, Peter F.
Bellinger, John P.
Bellinger, John
Bellinger, Adam
Bellinger, Johann
Bellinger, Wilhelm P.
Bettinger, Martin
Berge, Peter
Biddleman, Adam
Billington, James 1
Billington, Samuel 1
Boyer, Johann
Bowman, Frederick
Brooks, Naome
Brooks, Naome
Bush, George
Casselman, John
Cawgo, jacob 1
Christian, Frederick
Clemons, Jacob
Clemens, Jacob
Clock, John I.
Collier, Jacob
Cone, Samuel
Cone, Samuel
Cook, John 6
Countryman, John
Covenhoven, Peter 6
Covenhoven, Isaac
Covenhoven, Abraham
Covenhoven, Cornelius
Covenhoven, Jacob
Cos, William
Cunningham, Andrew 1
Crouse, George
Crim, Jacob
Dachstadter, Johnn
Davis, Daniel
Davis, Banjamin1
Davis, Martinus1
Deichert, George
Deichert, Johann1
Deichert, Peter S.
Dickson, James
Diefendorf, Johann
Diefendorf, Johan
DeFraf, Eamanuel
Dorn, Peter
Dunckel, Garret
Dunckel, Nicholaus
Dunckel, Peter
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, William
Dunlap----(3 brothers)
Dygert, Peter
Edic, Jacob, Sr.
Ehle, William
Elwood, Isaac1
Empie, Jacob 1
Everson, Adam
Ever, Frederick (Oyer)
Eyer, Friedrich
Eyster, Johann
Fehling, Jacob 1
Fehling,Heinrich 1
Fehling, Heinrich N.
Finster, John
Flsint, Adam
Flint, Alexander
Flint, Cornelius
Flint, John
Flint, Robert
Flock, John
Foltz, Conrad, 6
Foltz, Peter 1
Folts, Peter
Fonda, Adam
Fox, Philip
Fox, Karl
Fox, Friedrich
Fox, Peter
Fox, Wilhelm
Franks, Andrew 6
Frank Adam
Frank John 1
Froelich,k Valentin
Gago (Hhawgo), George 1
Gardinier, Samuel
Garlock, Eleas 6
Garter, John
Garter, John, Jr.
Goertner, Peter
Goertner, Georg
Gray, Silas
Gray, Nicholaus 1
Gray, Silas
Gremps, John (15 years)
Gross, Lorenz
Hahn, Conrad 1
Hall, William
Hall, William
Halter, Johann A.
Hand, Marcus
Hand, Marcus
Hann, Conrad 1
Hanson, Henry
Harter, John A.
Hawn, Conrad
Helmer, Johann Adam
Henner, Peter 1
Herkimer, George
Herkimer, Joseph
Herkimer, Hendrick
Herkimer, Philip
Hess, Augustine
Hess, Frederick
Hess, Augustine, Jr.
Hess, George
Hess, Johannes 6
Hiller 1
Hoove,r Jacob
Horning, Adam
Horning, George
Horning, John
Horning Lanert
House, Conrad 1
House, John
Hoyer, George Frederick
Hufnagel, christian 1
Hunt, Abel 1
Hunt, Timothy
Hunt, Peter 1
Huyck, John
Jackson, Joseph 1
Jones, Judas
Jones, Judah
Keesler, Adam
Keesler, Jacob
Keller, Andreas
Keller, Jacob
Keller, Solomon 1
Keller, John 6
Keller, Henry
Keller, Jacob A.
Keller, Jacob
Kessler, Adam
Kessler, Jacob
Kessler, Johann
Keyser, John
Keyser, Henry
Keyser, Bernard
Kilts, Conrad
Kilts, Conrad
Kilts, Peter
Klapsattel, Jacob (Clapsattel)
Klock, Jacob I.
Klock, Adam 1
Klock, John J.
Kopernall, Richard (Coppernoll)
Kraus, Georg
Kraus, Robert (Crouse)1
Lampman, Henry 1
Lapper, Jacob 1
Leonardson, John
Lentz, Jacob
Levy, Michael 1
Lighthall, Nicholas
Lighthall, Francis 3
Lighthall, George
Lindner (Linter) George
Lohnus, Heinrich
Longshore, Solomon
Lonas, John
Loucks, William 6
Markell, William
Markell, Jacob
Martin, Philip 6
Mauer, Conrad
Mathias, Hendrick 1
McMaster, Hugh 6
Merkel, Jacob 1
Newkirk, Garret
Merkel, Wilhelm 1 (Markell)
Merckly, William 1
Meyer, Jacob
Meyer, Jost
Miller, Jelles
Mowers, Conrad
Mowers (brothers)
Mowers (brothers)
Moyer, Jacob 1
Moyer, Ludwick
Muller, Heinrich
Muller, Jelles
Mulller, Johann P.
Murray, David
Nellis, christian
Nellis, Joseph
Nellis, Johann P.
Nellis, Philip 6
Nestel, Peter
Neuman, Joseph
Nelson, Paul
Paris, Esaak 1 (Isaac)
Paris, Peter 1
Peeler, Jacob
Petrie, Johann 1
Philips, James 1
Philips, Cornelius 1
Pickert, Bartholomew
Pickard, Adolph 6
Pickard, John 6
Pickard, Nicholaus
Price, Adam 6
Putman, Ludowick
Putman, Martinus 1
Radnor, Jacob 6
Ratenhower, Godfrey 1
Rasbell, Frederick 6
Rasbach, Friedrich
Rasbach, Marx
Rasbell, Frederick
Raspnor, Georg
Ravsnor, George 1
Reibson, Mathias 1
Ritter, Jacob
Ritter, Henry
Ritter 1
Ritter, Jacob 1
Rose, Willard
Rose, Willard
Roth, Johann
Ruff, Johannes
Saltsman, John 6
Sammons, Thomas
Sammons, Jacob
Sammons, Samson
Saunders, Henry
Scholts, George
Schaefer, Wilhelm 6
Scherer, Christian 1
Scherer, Pedagongus
Scholl, Heinrich
Schultz, Georg
Schultz, Johann
Schnell, Shristian
Schnell, Johann
Schnell, Friedrich 1
Schnell, George 1
Schnell, Jacob 1
Schnell, Johan 1
Schnell, Peter
Schnell, Sophromus 1
Schumacher, Thomas
Schuyler, Philip 1
Schuyler, William
Seeber, Henry 6
Seitz, Heinrich
Seitz, Peter
Serviss, Christian
Serviss, George
Shaull, George
Shults, Johan
Sieber, Adolph
Sieber, Adolph, Jr.
Siebert, Rudolph
Silberbach, Johann G.
Sitts, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, George
Snell, Suffrenus
Sparks, Pearl 6
Sponable, John 3
Spore, John
Stevens, Frederick 1
Steele, Dietrich
Stevens, Amasa
Staring, Heinrich
Stevens, Frederick
Stowitz, Philip G. 1
Suits, John I.
Sulbach, Garret 6
Terwilliger, James
Thumb, Adam
Thornton, James
Thompson, Henry
Timerman, conrad
Timerman, William
Van Alstyne, Philip
Van Alstyne, Martin G.
Van Antwerp, John 1
Van Deusen, George
Van Driesen, Peter
Van Epps, Jan
Van Epps, Charles
Van Evera, Reemer
Van Horn, Henry
Van Horn, Henry
Van Horn, Cornelius
Van Horn, Cornelius
Van Horn, Abram
Van Slyke,
Van Slyck, Jacobux
Van Slyke, Nicholas 1
Van Vechten, Derrick
Vatterly, Henry 1
Veeder, Johannes
Veeder, Volkert
Veeder, Abram
Veeder, Hendrick
Vedder, Henry
Visger, John
Vrooman, Hendrick
Wagner, George 6
Wagner, Jacob
Wagner, Johann
Wagner, Johann
Walrath, Garret 3
Walrath, Jacob
Walrath, Nicholas 6
Walter, George 6
Weaver, George J.
Weaver, George M.
Weber, Jacob
Weber, Peter J.
Westerman, Peter 1
Wildrich, Michael
Windecker, Frederick
Windecker, Nicholas
Wohleben, Nicholas
Wohloofer, Adam (Wohleben)
Worloofer (Wohleben), Johann 1
Wohloofer (Wohleben), Richard
Worloofer (Wohleben), Peter
Wrenkle, Lorenz
Wright, Jacob 6
Yates, Robert
Yerdon, Nicholaus 6
Yerdon, John
Yonker (Youker), Jacob 3
Young, Peter
Young, Richard
Young, Godfrey 6
Zimmerman, Heinrich, Pen. Papers.
Zimmerman, jacob
Zimmerman, Conrad
Zoller, Jacob 1
Zoller, Andrew 3


Spencer, Thomas (Indian) 1
Atyataronghta, Lt. Col. Louis, Indian officer
Tewahangaraghkan, Capt. Han, Indian officer

Names of Soldiers, whose Names are not on the Oriskany Roster

Han Adam Helmer, Killed at the Battle of Oriskany
John G. Helmer
Also a brother of John G. Helmer (name unknown) killed at Oriskany.
Captain Peter Bowman (Husband of Catharine Helmer) killed at Oriskany.
Smith, Nicholas, Sr., killed at Oriskany

Additional Names in Greene's Gateway to West

Ayer, Frederick 1
Basehorn, Jacob Lt
Bell, Jacob 1
Bellinger, Frederick Private
Bellinger, John, Lt 1
Bellinger, John Frederick 1
Casler, John
Casler, Jacob
Casler, Adam
Covenhoven, John
Davy, Thomas, Capt 1
Demuth, Hans Marks
De Graf, Nicholas
Dunckel, Francis
Fonda, Adam, Lt. Col.
Fonda, Jelles
Folts, Jacob, Lt.
Fox, Christopher P., Capt.
Fox, Charles
Frank, John, Sgt.
Graves, Capt. 1
Gross, Lorenz, Capt.
Hartman, Adam
Harter, Henry, Capt.
Hess, David
Helmer, Philip
Hill, Nicholas
House, Henry 1
House, John Joseph, Lt.
House, Christian, Capt.
Klock, John
Lepper, Wyant (Pen. Papers)
Marlett, John
McMaster, David, Lt.
Miller, Adam
Nellis, John D.
Newkirk, John
Petrie, John Marks
Petry, Richard, Lt. 1
Petry, Joseph 6
Pettingale, John 1
Putnam, Victor C., Lt.
Putnam, Victor
Renckel, Lawrence 1
Schumacher, Rudolph
Schell, Christian
Schnell, Jacob F. 1
Schnell, John Jr. (Probably refers to 2nd Johan in Oriskany roster) 1
Schnell, Jacob 1
Seeber, Suffrunes 1
Seeber, James 1
Seeber, Lut. John
Sommer, Peter
Spencer, Henry (Oneida Indian Interpreter) 1
Steel, Rudolph
Van Epps, Everett 6
Van Evers, John
Walrath, Henry, Lt. 3
Walrath, Henry 3
Wohlelver, Abram
Woolheber, Dederick 1

Names Furnished by Mrs. C. W. Crim

Huyck, Henry
Herkimer, George, (14 years old, aide to Gen. Herkimer)
Pruyne, Peter
Walrath, William

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