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PLEASE do not ask for research from theThree Rivers webmaster. Check the Search Engine, this is the way to access the information. This site is too large to know where anything is located at this point and even if you ask for help, here is where I would look. I do not have material which I have not put on line. When I finish a project, I purchase the next book to put on line. Here is a link to Roots Web for Herkimer/Montgomery Counties which gives research tips. Please note the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives. The Department of History for Montgomery County has a very large collection and will do research requests.

The Search Engine, and the Site Map are helpful tools for research.

This site is constantly updated with new materials, keep checking back. You might find the material you seek very soon!

NOTICE: All inquiries for Fort Klock should be addressed to: Fort Klock Historic Restoration; P.O. Box 42; St. Johnsville, NY 13452 Phone: (518) 568-7779.

HISTORICAL ACCURACY cannot be guaranteed, articles presented as written. Please cross check with other resources to verify information.

You will find typos on the site and I apologize for this. One can't proof read their own work. Some of the older books have many errors on each page, and sometimes I don't know if it is a word which is not being used any longer or if it is a typesetting error. Many words have changed in spelling, defense for instance was spelled defence, labor was spelled labour, etc.

Be fair and do not run our site within the frames of your site or copy from our site to your site. Use what you like for personal use, but do not use the material for distribution or profit.

Thank you and I hope your enjoy the site.

Joyce Berry, webmaster.

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