Saturday, October 1, 1892

Today was very clear and windy. All of us did the chores. Then John got the bay team and the platform ready and went to the Falls. I gave him a check for $5. He took his dressed pig along & 55# of chickens & 10 dozen eggs. He got $18.92 for all. I sent 3 1/2 bushel of apples along & he could not sell them & left them for me at Silliman's. He got 2 hundred pounds of feed for me & paid $1.50 for it & returned the balance of 50 cents. He got $5 also of Welch on my account & I guess used it.

Kaine and I picked apples & churned in the forenoon. In the afternoon, we took Black Fan & the buggy & went up to Mang's & got our yearling bull. I came home by way of Salisbury Center & got the colt's hide that was tanned there & paid 50 cents for it. I paid Fred Stahl $3.50 for a small rifle & some cartridges & 47 cents for some fish. I saw S. Mang & he is going to settle his note next Monday.

Mother came home early this morning, Auntie P. is feeling quite easy. John had one day lost time.

Sunday, October 2, 1892

The weather was cloudy & windy & cool. All did chores in the morning. I shot 1 dove & helped take care of the horses & oiled the sidebar. I cleaned Black Fan & then got ready. Cora & I went down to her house, then to Minnie's. We had dinner then came home.

J. W. Thompson brought Carrie home from Yules. Mrs. Blowers milked in my place.

Monday, October 3, 1892

It was cloudy & rained some. We all did chores then I got ready & went to the Falls. The boys got the bay team ready & went down in the orchard & got all of the good apples & the cider apples. I took 8 bushel of apples & got $3.02 in cash for them & $1.25, not paid. I also had 32 1/2# of butter for Edic & 9# for Buskirk & 3 1/2# to J. Fitzgerald & got 74 cents for it & 6 dozen eggs $1.32. 1 got 65 cents for 1 bushel of crabapples which the Co-Op store gave to me. I took 3 plain cheese & let VanAlstyne have two: 44# & 43# = 77#, no pay and the Co-Op took 38#, not paid. I got the pay for the Watt hay, $18.75 in full & F. Ford paid me $13.95 cash in full & J. Jackson paid $5 on his account leaving $5.13 due.

I took 5 bags of grist & had it ground & paid 38 cents for the grinding. I paid Z. Brockett the interest on $900 to Oct 4th, which was $54. I paid Timmerman $1.25 for 1 bushel of pears, in full of account. I drew a check of $44.27 of Feeter for cheese which was for 95 cents too much. I received $1.32 of Fitzgerald for 6 dozen eggs. I paid $1.80 for 2 dozen glasses, 3# of putty & I gallon of paint. I paid J. Fahy the road tax $3.02, in full of the balance on Herman's & Mother's. I paid 15 cents for camphorgum and paid Gage $2.55 for some feed. I paid the PO box rent of 25 cents & the horse bill & my sandwiches cost 25 cents.

The boys churned the butter, got some sowed corn out, and drew manure.

Tuesday, October 4, 1892

Today was cloudy, cold & rainy. All did chores. Then I did some writing while the boys got the bay team, apples, potatoes, & cider barrels ready. They went down in Kaine's orchard & picked two bags of apples. I had 133 gallons of cider made & paid $2 for making it. I delivered 10 bushels of potatoes to the Drug store, O'Rourke & Hurlehy & got $7.50 cash. I received $5 from J. Carney by mail on his account with $1.55 yet due as interest.

Cora got ready & went to the Falls in the afternoon with Nellie & the buggy. Mother rode with her to Auntie Pickert's & back again. Cora took 10 3/4# of butter to Sullivan & he paid me $2.25 for it. I let him have 43 gallons of cider at 11 cents not paid for. Tefft had 46 gallons at 11 cents not paid for. I let Cora have $8 in the morning & she paid $4 for a present for her, Carrie & I to Ed Goodell & Maude Broat, leaving $5.33 for her use. I also paid 75 cents for another present for them & I paid Leahy 60 cents to shoe Nellie.

Wednesday, October 5, 1892

Today was cloudy, snowed & rained some. We all did chores. I did some writing & weighed the jars. I looked the cheese over, cleaned Bay Fan, & got the wagon ready. Then I looked the spreader over. It did not work on account of the worm gear being worn.

In the afternoon, the boys drew some manure. Blowers & Kaine killed our little pig & his. After dinner, Cora, Carrie, & I got ready & went to Maude Broat's & Ed Goodell's wedding. There were a good many there. They received some nice presents. We had a pleasant time.

After the wedding, Cora & I went to Little Falls. I saw Judge about the advertisement for the accounts. I put the horse in the barn & we saw Ed & Maude off on their Journey to Niagara Falls. We came right home. They were nearly through milking. Cora changed dresses & I changed. I got old Lill & the buggy ready & she went to Aunt Maryetta's to sit up with her. Lula Yule came here with her horse & rig & Carrie rode with her. She stayed all night.

Thursday, October 6, 1892

The weather was cloudy & misty with a high wind. We all did chores. I wrote for a new burs wheel on the spreader. I also wrote 2 postal cards ordering boxes. I then got ready & went to Norway with Black Fan & the buggy & took tomatoes, crabapples, Pound Sweets, & grapes. I saw them all & they are well. I walked over Bunnell's farm with Henry. Then I came home, saw the colts on the way down & they are looking fair. Reese could not come this week to do work for me. I got home when they were about half through milking.

In the afternoon, Blowers went to Little Falls with his wife & took Nell, Jess & the platform. He took his pig, (weighed 120#, ours weighed 36#) & got 7 cents per pound. He also took 2 dozen eggs & got 22 cents per dozen for them. I sent $5 with him & he got some corn meal from Gage & paid $3.60 for it. He returned all money belonging to me & paid for setting the box in the wheel of the platform.

Carrie & Lulu Yule took Bay Fan & the sidebar & went up to Carpenters'. Then in the afternoon, they went over to Salisbury Corners & got home after dark. J. W. Thompson called here & got here before they did. Kaine bought 1 and 3/4# of butter, 36 cents and 1/2# of tobacco, 14 cents = 50 cents chgd.

Friday, October 7, 1892

The weather was warm and pleasant till night when it rained. Blowers went over to the factory & got 10# of whey butter & 1 quart of rennet extract and paid $1. All did chores in the morning but Blowers. Kaine & I took the pig feed out of the box & mixed 3 hundred corn meal with it & put it back & cleaned up around. John & I fixed the reaches in the Petrie wagon. Kaine piled wood all day while John & I drew wood in, in the forenoon.

In the afternoon, I cleaned Lulu Yules horse, and got Nell ready on the buggy. Then Mother & I went down to church to see the inscription that was cut on the stone & found it all right. 38 letters & figures at 30 cents each = $11.40. Then Mother & I came back to Aunt Maryetta's. I stopped in & saw her. She has failed very much in a week. Mother expects to stay till Sunday. Lulu Yules' brother came here at noon & they both went home soon after I got home to milking.

Saturday, October 8, 1892

Today was cloudy and rainy. All did chores. We got the bay team & hay rigging ready & took the McCormick machine back & got another & paid him $2 to make the change. I took dinner with the agent & at night brought 11 bushel of tomatoes to the Falls for him. I left them at the Co-Op to have them sell & they will leave the money there for him.

Sunday, October 9, 1892

The weather was cool and cloudy. All did chores. I got the rig ready for Carrie to go to church, Nellie & the end spring. She stopped at Uncle Joel's & got mother. I got Black Fan & the sidebar ready for Cora & she went home & took Nancy with her to see Hannah. Hannah was not there at all. They got home after dark. I was home all alone part of the day.

Monday, October 10, 1892

Today was pleasant but cool. All did chores. Then I helped unload the machine & get the springs under the milk wagon & box the cheese & weigh the butter for McGuire. I got the pay $3.30. 1 took 1 1/2 bushel of apples to Sullivan for 75 cents & he paid me in full $5.48. 1 took 129# of plain cheese to VanAlstyne & he paid me for it & 87# of last week at 10 cents = $21.60. 1 paid him $1.14 for coffee & tea & I got 9 3/4 cents for plain cheese, 38# from Co-Op & 12 cents for 48# sage = $9.46 in all paid. I saw S. E. Ransom & he paid me for the 4 lambs, $20. My horse bill was 15 cents. I paid cash to Wiseman, in full, 50 cents. 1 paid Gage $10 for 2 barrels of flour & the Grange 1 bbl cost $15.00 & got 2 barrels there. I let Kaine, Blowers, & John each have one of the barrels. I paid the Met Drugstore $1.85 for 1 quart castor oil & 1 pint alcohol. I bought 5# of nails at the Grange for 18 cents, and some sewing silk for Carrie, 14 cents. I received $5.47 cash of Sullivan in full. I paid cash to the Co-Op store for 5 cans- 75 cents, 1# of coffee- 28 cents, horse bill 15 cents, repairs to the tea pot were 10 cents. Lamb repaired the tea pot.

The boys drew in some corn & husked some. Blowers cleaned the pig pens & made the cheese. Mrs. Blowers took Carrie down to Aunt Maryetta's. She stayed all night & set up with Auntie.

Tuesday, October 11, 1892

The weather was pleasant all day. All did chores in the morning. Then we loaded the tedder, greased the wagon & I took it to Ilion to be fixed with the bay team. I stopped in Herkimer & recorded the Judgment against Bela Pickert given May 31st for $106.89. I saw the Surrogate's Clerk & then to Ilion. I got there 12:20 & had to wait till 1 o'clock before I could unload, then I put the team in & fed them. It was 3:30 P.M. when it was fixed. I paid the expense of 75 cents & 25 cents horse bill, and 5 cents for grapes. I came home by way of Little Falls, stopped at the Express office, then to Flemmings' where I paid 25 cents for a basket of grapes. At the express office, the spreader irons had not come. I got home about 8 o'clock. I paid the Loan Office Commissioners the interest on $328.00 at 5 cents = $16.40. The boys drew in all the corn, and one load of pumpkins & husked corn & c.. Carrie came home tonight. D. Reese & George Arnold shingled part of Kaine's house, and worked about 3/4 day each.

Wednesday, October 12, 1892

Today was very pleasant. All did chores. Then we unloaded the tedder. The boys took the wagon in the orchard and picked apples. I changed or reversed the wheel on the tedder. John & I tried one load & it didn't work well. Then John picked apples. I drove the tedder in the barn. Then I hitched old Lill on the buggy for Carrie. I fixed the spreader nose.

George came right after breakfast for Mother. Aunt Maryetta is not expected to live & was dead when Mother got there.

We finished picking apples in the lower orchard. Blowers helped me at the spreader, then cleaned the hog pen & washed the sidebar. Mike Kaine came here & husked corn yesterday & today. Kaine got 1 1/2# of butter for 31 cents. I gave each of the men 1 bushel of apples.

Thursday, October 13, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. We all did chores. Then John and I tried one load on the spreader and found it worked all right. Then Kaine & I went down to the lower orchard & picked 2 pails of wild grapes. John drew up the apples. We put a few bushel down cellar & got some more ready for market, 11 bushel of Pound Sweets & 5 1/2 bu. of pie apples. I got $3.87 for them. I took Sullivan 25# of butter & he paid me $5.25 for it. I got a pair of gloves for Cora & paid McCauley $1.75 for them. I got 3250 shingles & paid Casler $14.63 for them, paid 30 cents for a putty knife, 78 cents for one axe, & $1 for another. I paid 50 cents for Kaine for a jacket, 35 cents vermifuge, 10 cents salts, 60 cents repairs on Blowers boots, & 2# vaseline for 40 cents, & $5 for a bbl. of flour, 1 axe helve 28 cents, 8# of shingle nails for 28 cents, repairs on the wagon cost $1.25, & beef 85 cents, & horse bill & sandwich 20 cents. I had one tire set & washers on nuts.

John drew manure all day. Kaine picked apples. Cora went down to Auntie Pickert's & helped all day. She drove Nell & Fan & then Mamur drove our rig to the Falls.

Friday, October 14, 1892

The weather was very pleasant today. We all did chores. Then I got ready & went to the Falls with the bay team & the cider apples. I took 1 cask & had 4 bags on. I lost one leather halter on the road. I got there & found after dinner that the cider could not be made so I got 50 22 c. cartridges for Blowers for 15 cents. I got the balance of the Cypress shingles 5 bu. & 1 bu. pine shingles 85 cents. I got 300# of shipps of Gage & paid $2.85. I got 2 new casks of Stinson & paid $2. 1 paid the expense on the casting, 30 cents & horse bill & sandwich 20 cents.

Kaine fixed fence & husked corn. John drew manure till after noon, then he went to the Falls after some Friends of Pickert's. Blowers did not make cheese & churned & chored around all day. I got home to milking. Mike Kaine has been husking corn for some few days.

Saturday, October 15, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores. John got his team or the blacks ready on the lumber wagon, hitched the platform behind & took it to Pickert's & helped them some, then went to the Falls after the cider & did not get it till 6:30 & got home late. I started after him & met him on Dillon Hill.

Kaine & I got all the horses cleaned & clipped the legs on the bay team. Then I got ready & went to Aunt Maryetta's funeral. Ettie & Mother & the children went in Ettie's rig. I went with Bay Fan & the end spring. Cora & Carrie went with Jess & the sidebar. After the service, we all took dinner at Pickert's, then Cora & I came right home. Mother & Carrie came at dark. Her funeral was large.

Kaine husked corn some, cleaned barrels & made a pig rack.

Blowers finished the cheese & in the afternoon went to Wiseman's with his wife. Nancy milked in his place.

Sunday, October 16, 1892

Today was cloudy & misty. All did chores in the morning but Blowers. He had Hannah Kaine milk for him. John & I unloaded cider. After breakfast, we all put the cider down in the cellar & rolled it up on the shelves. I got 2 rigs ready. Cora & Carrie, & Mother & Ettie & her children went to church. I stayed home all alone. J. Wiseman came here & I got 42 cents of him for 5 1/4# of pork.

Monday, October 17, 1892

The weather was pleasant. All did chores. I got 2 jars of butter ready, one for Curran's 19# at 23 cents, paid $4.37 & 10# net to Buskirk not paid at 23 cents $2.30. Nancy & Mrs. Blowers went with me & they took eggs & chickens. I let J. Elmer have $2, loaned. I paid Lamb 50 cents for 1 long stove elbow. I paid J. Keller my 1/2 subscription to the church, $1.25 & Mother's 1/2 was $6. 1 took 5 cheese: 43# of sage to VanAlstyne & 36# & 41 # of plain, no pay; to Youker 40#, & 42#. 1 paid J. H. Johnson for cutting the inscription, 42 letters of Herman's, $12.60 in full. I paid Metcalf in full for 100 cheese boxes, $10. 1 bought 1 bbl. of Best Oil at the Grange store & paid at the rate of 7 cents per gallon, $4.05. 1 paid Gage 95 cents for 1 bbl. of salt. Kaine sent $1 & I got tea & sugar with it. I paid Gage $2.15 for feed & John took it home. I received $44.80 pay of Feeter in full for Aug. 9 shipment of cheese.. I paid Youker 25 cents for a basket of grapes. The boys drew manure.

Tuesday, October 18, 1892

The weather was pleasant today. All did chores. I took my gun & went across over to Hoover's. Then he & I went in his back woods. There are a lot of trees blown over in his woods. I bought 14 trees of him; 6 maples, 2 birch, 3 elm, 1 each basswood, beech & hemlock - at $20 & paid him $10. We hunted squirrels. I shot 5 & gave them to him. The men finished drawing manure & put the spreader away & then husked corn. I came home about 3:00.

Adam Dayger & Daniel Dayger & his wife & sister, Mrs. Tenyberry were here all afternoon. The last three are from Norwich, Canada.

Blowers did not make cheese today so he put on the priming coat on Kaine's house.

Wednesday, October 19, 1892

The weather was rainy and stormy in the morning and pleasant and windy in the afternoon. All did chores. I did some writing. The boys husked corn for awhile. I churned. John took the black team & brought the plows up. About 11 o'clock, we took both teams & plowed the rest of day. Blowers made 3 cheese, cleaned the hog pen, & emptied the bbl. of oil in the can. We are feeding two cows with pumpkins & middlings. Mike's boy husked some corn today & has husked in all about 75 bushel.

Thursday, October 20, 1892

The weather was pleasant & cool. All did chores. John drew the iron ex wagon to the old horse barn & Kaine sorted it full of corn his boy had husked. John & I plowed until noon, then Kaine & Blowers unloaded corn.

John & I went to the Falls with the bay team & milk wagon. We took 1 sage cheese & 12 1/2 # of plain. I got 68 cents for 6# at Curran's & 68 cents of Lamb for 6 1/2#. 1 could not get the wringer fixed so I bought a new one from Lamb & paid $2 for it. I sold 45# of sage cheese to the Co-Op, no pay. I got the pay of VanAlstyne, in full $12.86, for 77# of plain & 43# of sage. I paid 26 cents for one pair of mittens & 40 cents for 2 pairs, 30 cents for a log book & 84 cents for beef, & 35 cents for the horse bill & a curry comb. (Cash of Teft on account $2.40 & cash to him for shoeing the bay team $2.40.) I paid Gage $3.45 for 300# of meal. I gave $3.35 cash to Cora for Carrie to pay Ladue. She & Kit went to Herkimer to stay until Sunday.

I got overalls for Blowers & returned the change. J. Cashmer day 44 cents, 3 gallons oil 30 cents, & 3/4 # butter 18 cents. Blowers was painting on Kaine's house most all day. In the afternoon, Kaine plowed with the black team. Cora drove Nell. Mother rode with her to Uncle Joel's. I forgot her & had to go back after her at night.

Friday, October 21, 1892

The weather was pleasant. All did chores. I let Carrie have $3. John and I went to plowing. Cooper sent a man and team after a log. I stopped plowing and he, Kaine and I went in the woods & got one that will scale about 20 & 24 feet long. He started for the village about 10 o'clock. J. Mang & his boy brought our young cattle home, 6 yearlings at $2.50 & one two year old at $3. Kaine sorted the corn & put it in the crib. We got 75 bushel out of the old horse barn. Then he went to husking corn & did so all day. Blowers made cheese & that is about all. Mrs. Blowers worked 1 day.

Saturday, October 22, 1892

Today was pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then Kaine & Blowers drew some block wood in the shed. John finished plowing his land. I wrote some letters. Then, John & I took the truck wagon & got all the brush out of the lower orchard & plum trees.

In the afternoon, I went with the boys, Kaine & John & we took up some old pavement & drew stone to make new. Blowers cleaned the pig pens & in the afternoon looked after the pump. Frank E. Bellinger brought our sawing machine home, all but the carriage which is being made at Casler's. He paid $1 toward that & gave me $4.50 use for 9 days work. J. Madigan was here & offered to buy pigs.

Sunday, October 23, 1892

The weather was squally and bad all day. All did chores. Then we got the press up from the old house then got the horses & buggies ready. John & his wife & child went to Little Falls to church with Black Fan & the buggy. Mother & I took Jess & the buggy & went to church. Then I went after my wife & Mother rode up to Uncle Will's. I stopped for her at night. I got some Cap & strained honey of Loucks' & 1 bushel of onions. Ed Goodell & his wife returned last night. Mrs. Blowers milked in my place.

Monday, October 24, 1892

The weather was cloudy and heavy. All did chores in the morning. John & Kaine cleaned the horses & went down to Keller's to help them. I did some writing & then went to the Falls. I drove Nellie & the end spring. Mother went with me & took 19# of butter to Edic at 25 cents no pay. I also helped Blowers get off, oiled the buggy, fed the pigs, and fed the horses. I took 3 cheese to Youker- 45# sage = $5.40 & 82# of plain last week at 10 cents = $8.20 = $13.60. He paid in full. Hannah sent 50 cents & I paid the difference on 100# of meal, 65 cents, to settle for 1 day's work. I got one pair of saw handles at Taylor's 50 cents, and paid 75 cents to Lintner for paint brushes. I paid the Co-Op 24 cents for one # of tobacco for Kaine & received $5.40 cash for 45# of sage cheese. I paid W. Loucks $2.75 for 5# of strained honey and comb honey & 1 bushel onions. I paid 35 cents cash for the horse bill, 1 team & two single horses. I paid Herlehy 94 cents for 12 1/2 white lead, & Grange 14 cents for rope. Mrs. Blowers & Nancy helped milk. I purchased a 2 year old colt at the auction of Gene Nelson. The colt was sired by Forest Prince, all sound for $49 & I paid W. H. Abbott for her. I got 300# of meal of Gage & 320# of middlings not paid for = $6.45. Mother drove home alone.

Tuesday, October 25, 1892

The weather was cloudy but fair. All did chores. Then Kaine went down to Keller's to help thresh & John & I got ready & drew the old stone out of the pavement down in the gulf & drew up several loads & nearly finished paving. J. Hoover came here & I paid him the balance on the timber or $10. Cora gave me $5 today so I could pay John. Blowers made cheese & tinkered around.

Mamie & Ada Weatherwax came here with Uncle Joel's horse & Mrs. Windecker & Mrs. Martin, her daughter also came to visit. Mamie stayed all night. Kaine helped W. Keller thresh all day.

Wednesday, October 26, 1892

Today was cloudy & it misted some. All did chores. Then John, Charlie & I finished paving. Then we got both teams ready & the boys drew small stones down in the gulf. I got ready, emptied the feed in the cow barn & the hog pen. Then Mamie Weatherwax, Carrie, & I went to the Falls with the black team. They are going to Newville to visit Agnes Houpt until Sunday.

I took 21 1/4# of butter to Buskirk & got pay at 25 cents = $5.30 & $2.30 for the last jar in full. I got $5 of Edic leaving his balance $6.90. 1 paid Gage in full for the feed I got Monday = $6.65 & $3.45 for 300# of meal & 35 cents for salt = in all $10.45. I paid McGuire 10 cents for repairs on my wife's shoe & 60 cents freight on some oil meal. I let Silliman have 1 sage cheese, 45# at 12 cents = $5.40 & I got 3 flowerpots for 60 cents & 1 basket of grapes 25 cents. I had the black team shod at Tefft's, $1.80 charged against the cider, leaving 56 cents our due yet. I sold W. H. Shout 1 plain cheese 45# at 10 cents, paid $4.50. I let Carrie have $2.

Kaine helped W. Keller thresh. John & Charley covered the paving with dirt & dug carrots. I contracted 2 cows to Fitzgerald at 5 cents per pound dressed weight to be delivered in about 10 days. J. Cashmer bought 100# meal for $1.15.

Thursday, October 27, 1892

Today was cloudy and rainy. All did chores. Then we unloaded the oil meal, corn meal, salt, and mixed up the feed for the cows and pigs. Kaine went after Hannah to help in the house but she would not come. Then he & John went to plowing after drawing out the stalks. I churned, cleaned the chimney, got Congdon's account ready, & went to the Corner's. I took 44# of cheese to McFeeley, no pay = $4.40. 1 stopped & saw Mrs. Burrell's bull. She asked $40 for it. I saw Congdon, got $1.25 worth of beef & settled with him & found $34 our due. I paid Stahl 50 cents for some postage stamps, and sold some bottles to Murphy, the Hotel Keeper. Then I went to Ives Hollow, got some scale boards, our due. I saw Wm. Pheres & paid him $1.75 for a log sleigh.

Last night I made a bargain with John for 4 months at $14 per month. He is to have the house rent for $20 per year & the garden & furnish his own wood & have McEvoy & Pat's team draw it.

Friday, October 28, 1892

The weather was pleasant. The women are cleaning house. Hannah Kaine and Mrs. Blowers are helping. Blowers went to painting on Kaine's house. John & Mike Kaine finished the old ground plowing then plowed in the meadow beyond the liveforever patch. I helped to strike the furrows, then salted the sheep & drove the cows in the day pasture. In the afternoon, the boys plowed, I dug ditch to put a bridge over the winter road. Then I went down to see Kaine's house. It needs a new window and paper.

Monday, October 31, 1892

The weather was cloudy but pleasant. All did chores in the morning. Then I did some writing, and got the butter ready. The boys got the bay team & the rig ready & put up 25 bags of old oats & I took them to the mill. I had on 1600# & paid for the grinding, $1.60. 1 took 88# of sage cheese to W. H. Shaut & got $10.50 for them & paid him 35 cents for 1 axe helve. I let J. P. Harvey have one cheese - 45# & got $5.40 for it. I let Silliman have 44# & got credit & let VanAlstyne have 34# of plain cheese & 44# of sage, no pay. I sent 40# of plain cheese to Cortland to Aunt Amanda. I took Currans 20 1/2# of butter & 5 1/2# of cheese & got $5.67 for all. I took the Co-Op store 9 1/4# at 25 cents & got $2.31 & paid 10 cents for 12 squash seed. I let McGuire have 19 3/4# of butter no pay = $4.94. 1 saw Edic & he would not come out to shingle & did not pay anything. I let Carrie have $3 before she went away & left $5 for her at Youker's. She got it. I left $10 for Cora in an envelope at Gage's. I paid 20 cents for some sheet tin & 30 cents for corn meal at VanAlstyne's & 75 cents for one window for Kaine's house. I paid Youker 15 cents for Petit John's food & 25 cents for one # of tobacco for John.Kaine went to the Falls in the afternoon with his wife & got back to milking. He lost 1/4 day.

I saw W. F. Glover & he thought he might settle about Nov. 14. Feeter did not settle for the cheese. John worked at the corn. I paid my horse bill & bought a sandwich, (1 team & 1 horse). I sent a check for $13.50 to Amsterdam to settle for the oil meal.

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