Many thanks to Nancy Cioch, who carefully transcribed the diary with a magnifying glass, then generously allowed this to be shared with all who are interested. There are many wonderful details of a life now gone with many names of those who exist in faded photographs. This is a real treasure! Thanks Nancy! Another debt of thanks goes to Nancy for carefully rechecking the diary after the html copy was made, before letting the public view it.

Maggie Timmerman, Nancy's mother supplied the antique postcards of the area for use in the diary. Neither Nancy or Maggie have a photo of Willard Kilts.

How It All Came About and Family Background


January 1892
February 1892
March 1892
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June 1892
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October 1892
November 1892
December 1892


January 1893
February 1893
March 1893
April 1893
May 1893
June-Aug 1893

1896 January-April 1896
1899 Late 1898 - January 1899


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