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The Peoble Family-12/2003

[This is probably the correct spelling but Christ’s Church records list the following variants Poble, Peeble and Peble while the 1850 census listing shows Peble.]

The start of this family, as far as this study goes, is Charles Peoble and his wife Elizabeth ----. They had at least 2 daughters:

Louisa (1800-5/20/1842) She married George House. They are listed in the Troy City Directories: George House was a carpenter who in 1833 lived at the corner of 3rd and Division and in 1834 lived at 31 State; Louisa House was a seamstress who in 1837 lived at 113 River and in 1839 Mrs. Louisa House lived at 153 3rd. Sometime after the birth of their son Charles P., or perhaps after the birth of a daughter the following year {see “Enigma of Charles P[eoble] House [Howes]”}, I believe George left Louisa. Sometime after the 1839 Troy City Directory listing, Louisa went to live in Duanesburgh, N.Y. where she died and is buried in the Duanesburgh Village Cemetery. The inscription on her headstone is “In memory of our dear Mother Louisa, dau of the late Charles and Elizabeth Peoble d at Duanesburgh May 20, 1842, age 42”. The reason she went to live in Duanesburgh can be explained by the fact that a sister (Hannah M.) lived there.

Their children were:
(possibly) Charlotte (~1832- )
(possibly) Lucy Ann (~1833- )
Charles P. (7/10/1836-5/31/1894) He was born in Troy. He married Elizabeth Maslin (3/4/1844-5/17/1933). For more on them see “Charles P. House and Elizabeth Maslin”.
(possibly) Sarah (~1837- )

Hannah Machdelena (sic) (1/2/1802-5/29/1866) She was born in Connecticut per the 1850 census. The 1855 N.Y.S. census indicated that she was born in Albany. She, the daughter of Charles Peble and Dority (Dorothy) Wand, was baptized at the Helderberg Reformed Church, Guilderland Center, N.Y. on 2/21/1802. The sponsors were Fredrick Writes and Magdelena Hanna Turner. The 1855 census indicated that she had lived in Duanesburg for 26 years. Sometime in 1835, or after, but before 1843, she became a communicant of Christ’s Church (Episcopal) in Duanesburgh. In the church records, there is no listing of a baptism or confirmation for Hannah. In the 1850 census, Town of Duanesburgh, she was enumerated (as Hannah Peble) boarding with Truman Case, an innkeeper. In the 1855 census, Town of Duanesburg, 2nd Dist., she was enumerated (as Hannah Pebbe), aged 44 years, boarding with Freeman Case, an Innkeeper. She died of cancer and was buried 6/1/1866 in the Duanesburgh Village Cemetery next to Louisa. The inscription on her headstone is “Beneath this stone sleepth Hannah M., b Jan 2, 1802, d May 29, 1866. In the hope of a glorious Resurection to eternal life She was a steadfast member of Christ’s Church and died as she had lived An ornament to her profession…Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord: Yea, saith the spirit, for they rest from their Labours; and their works do follow them.”

[Is the following a sister of Charles?]
Suffia Peble sponsored the baptism of Suffia, born 2/7/1807, daughter of Andrew Turner and Catharina Turner on 5/25/1807.

[There are listings for Peobles in the City of Albany in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses which I don’t think are related.]
1850 census 4th Ward, City of Albany (8/20/1850)
Name Age Born
Frederick Peoble 26 Va.
Elizabeth “ (wife) 26 N.Y.
Charles “ 5 N.Y.
Mary “ 2 N.Y.
Sarah “ 55 N.Y.
Sarah “ 24 N.Y.
1860 census 3rd Ward, City of Albany (6/21/1860)
Sarah Peoble 64 N.Y.
1870 census, 8th Ward, City of Albany (7/2/1970)
William Peobles 15 N.Y.
Henry “ 13 N.Y.
Albert “ 11 N.Y.
Calet (?) “ (male) 8 N.Y.
Benjamin “ 2 N.Y.


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