Fort Klock Historic Restoration

Fort Klock Young Pioneer Program

In early August each year, children between the ages of nine and thirteen will take part in Fort Klock's Young Pioneer Program. For three days these children have the opportunity to step back in time to become a Fort Klock Young Pioneer. They experience the frontier way of life of the Palatines who settled here. Guided by colonial attired Fort Klock members and friends, the costumed, young pioneers participate in; wood working, candle making, hearth side cooking, soap making, spinning and weaving, tin piercing, black smithing, orienteering, thrashing wheat, quilling, going to school, toys, games and observe an Indian trade scene. Most of the activities are hands-on to ensure better learning and much more fun! Enrollment is limited to 20 children.

Cindy Sinchak directs the program.

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