Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Tom Planck's Collection
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Early Arrivals

Ancestors in Battle of Oriskany

Direct Line Ancestor War Veterans

Prefatory Questions & Answers
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Mary Ann Fritcher Planck, Louisa Waner, Catherine Windecker, John J. Klock Jr.

Conrad Fritcher Sr., George Countryman, George Horning, John Jacob Dievendorf Sr.

Herkimer, Horning, Hendrick & Johannes Klock

Dygert, Failing, Fox, Getman

Kraus, Nellis, Schaffer, Wagner

Fort Wagner, Van Eps, Wessels, Windecker, Huyck

S. Sgt Donald C. Stevens WWII Military Experiences Jan 43-Oct 45
Part One, Part Two, Map of Prison Camps, Part Three

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