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A Busy Year at Fort Klock

Julie Scattergood, site interpreter at the Fort Klock Historic Restoration has reported during the year 2000, several thousand people visited the site. The tourists came from 35 states. The largest numbers were from Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California as well as New York state. Those who traveled the farthest were from Alaska and Hawaii. In addition, visitors came from other countries: England, France, Germany, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands. Canadian visitors came from the Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. The largest number of visitors from other countries were from German and Canada. Most of the visitors came in groups or family groups.

Fort Klock is a National Historic Landmark and is an historic treasure. It has become a major tourist attraction in Montgomery County and the Mohawk Valley area. Fort Klock is one of the very few remaining colonial era fortified homes remaining in the United States.

Close to 200,000 people have logged on to the Fort Klock website since it was set up. Some months there were 20,000 requests for information. This is bringing many follow up visits to Fort Klock. The main web site space has been donated by Mr. and Mrs. David Conboy, owners of Global 2000.

Hundreds of school children learn about the colonial era, early pioneers, plus Fort Klock and the Mohawk Valley when they visit on field trips each spring.

The Young Pioneer Organization of Fort Klock is made up of children who learn about early 18th century lifestyles during a special orientation held in early August. This group has a growing membership and has had a busy year. In addition to their special events, such as the Haunted Fort, they participate and help with all of the events held at the Fort during the month it is open. These young people will help to maintain a link with the past so that local history will not be lost.

Several events are planned at for Fort Klock in 2001. On opening day, Memorial Day, May 28, there is to be an encampment of the Tryon County Militia plus artisans will demonstrate colonial crafts.

Anita A. Smith

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