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December 2003

This will dovetail into the file “JOHN RADCLIFFE AND FAMILY”. It will mainly have information on my direct line from Johannes but will have birth, marriage, death and burial data, where available, for all of the children in each generation of my line (that is-Johannes, Rykert, Rykert and Sarah). The children of the aforementioned will be bolded and data given at the end of that series of children.

Towns mentioned in the following:
Watervliet was formed from the “West Manor” of Rensselaerwyck on 3/7/1788.
Bethlehem was formed from Watervliet on 3/12/1793.
New Scotland was formed from Bethlehem on 4/25/1832.

The children of Johannes are:

Johannes [1,8,19][Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Joannes (sic) was baptized on 6/31 (sic)/1717. A family bible owned by Mrs. John Dorn (File 108-C) indicated that he was born 6/18/1718.]

He was married 3 times. The 1st was to Geertruy Brad, baptized 5/3/1724, daughter of Andries Bradt and Wyntie Rosa, on 1/21/1744 with Bann(s) in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany. The 2nd, on 5/16/1752 after 3 Banns, was to Anna Meccans ( -1765) (both of Rensselaerswyck) in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany. The 3rd was to Cattreen (sic) (Catherine) van Huiser (11/19/1730). For the first two marriages he is listed as Johannes Jr.

Johannes, of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, made out his will on 3/6/1777 which he signed. The executrix was his wife Catherine and the executors were Thomas Hun and Rutger Bleecker. It was recorded 9/10/1795.

Anna [1,8,20][Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Anna was baptized 11/30/1718.] She was married, with Bann(s), on 12/9/1738, to William Seksby (sic) at the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany. He, listed as Billy Sixberry, was buried on 1/19/1740 in the Ancient Burial Ground, Albany. She, in Munsell-Annals, is listed with 2 different burial dates in the Ancient Burial Ground-4/1/1740 as “Anna, widow of Billy Sixberry’s child” and 4/24/1741 as “Anna Sixberry daughter of Johs Redlef (sic)”. This apparent disparity of burial dates is probably cleared up in Munsell-Collections. They had a son Nicholaus. He is shown with a burial date of 4/1/1740 in Munsell-Collections.

Joseph [1,8,21][Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Joseph was baptized 12/23/1720.] He probably was married 2 times. The 1st was to Margrieta Brad, baptized 4/3/1720, daughter of Andries Bratt (sic) and Wyntie Rosa, on 2/19/1743 with Bann(s) in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany. [Margarita Brad (Bratt) was a sister of Gertruy Brad (Bratt) the 1st wife of Joseph’s brother Johannes.] His probable 2nd marriage was to Geertruy (Geertruidtje) Vroman, baptized 2/8/1736, daughter of Abraham Vroman and Marytje Verplanck.

Rachel [1,8,22] ( -8/6/1759)[Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Rachel was baptized 12/9/1722.] Laimbeer feels that she is the Rachel who married Martin Buckley, son of Martin Buckley and Isabel Wilson, as his 3rd wife.

Marytie [1,8,23] [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Marytie was baptized 2/17/1725.]

Ryckert (Rykett)(Richard) [1,8,24]

Catalyna [1,8,25] [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Catalyna was baptized 11/1/1730.]

Ryckert (Rykert)(Richard) [1,8,24] Ryckert was baptized 6/30/1728 in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany. The witnesses were Joch and Marg Rettelief (sic). He married, with 3 Banns, Maria Oliver (Olfer), both of Nassau, on 1/5/1755 in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany.

On 1/15/1758 they witnessed the baptism of Antje, daughter of Gerrit Seger and Wyntje Olvert in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany.

They witnessed, on 9/20/1761, the baptism of Antje, daughter of Jacob Olfer and Annake (Annatje) Siksby. in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany.

[The following is probably him.] The 1767 list of men under the command of Lt. John M. Veeder and Ensign Gerrat Banker in Rensselaerwyck included Reykert (sic) Redlie (sic).

On 4/28/1771 they witnessed the baptism of Arent, born 4/1/1771, son of Frerik Olfer and Catharyntje v d Berg in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany.

[The following is probably him.] Rikert Radly was an enlisted man in the 3rd Regt. (Land Bounty Rights), Albany County Militia, commanded by Capt. John van der Heyden. Each “right” was 500 acres and each enlisted man was entitled to 1 right.

[I don’t know if this is the right Richard, but I can find no other.] There was a report prepared 10/25/1776 about those who chose not to march with the Albany County Militia. There was ‘”disaffection”’ in the Hellebergh District of Albany County. Richard Radley was at a meeting of ‘”disaffecteds”’ on the Monday [10/21/1776] before the 10/25/1776 report.

[The following refer to meetings of the Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies in New York, Albany County Session.]

Meeting in Albany 12/2/1779

John and Arent Ratcliff, sons of Rykert Ratcliff gave a petition before the board saying they were persuaded by one Smith and others to leave their father’s service and went with Smith to Unadilla [New York]. When they discovered the purpose of the trip, they came back begging for “…favor and protection.” Arent and John were to appear before the board, but for the moment to remain at home, unharmed, and to give proper security for good behavior.

Meeting in Albany 8/12/1780

The board had information that Arent and John refused militia duty for whom their father had put up surety bail. The surety bail was revoked.

Meeting of 8/16/1780 in Albany

Rykert [the father] was cited 8/12/1780 to appear before the board because his sons Arent and John had refused to do militia duty. Arent and John were to appear before the board 8/18/1780.

Meeting in Albany 8/18/1780

Rykert appeared before the board with Arent and John. It was resolved that John was to post a sufficient surety for his good behavior, doing his duty and to appear before any 3 of the Commissioners for Conspiracies when required during the war. John Radliff, of the West District of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, a laborer, posted surety of £200. Rykert [the father], of the same place, a farmer, had his bail also set at £200. Because Arent was under age, it was resolved that his father enter into a recognizance similar to that of his brother (Arent’s brother). Therefore Rykert posted recognizance bail of £200.
Meeting of 5/30/1781 in Albany
Information reached the board that one of the sons of Rykert went to join the enemy. It was ordered that Arent and John be delivered to the Albany Board.
Meeting of 6/1/1781 in Albany
Rykert, who had been ordered to bring his 2 sons to the Albany Board, appeared and informed the board that they hadn’t gone off to the enemy but requested that Lt. Moses Hudson be questioned. Lt. Hudson informed the board that both John and Arent were present at their home. Therefore Rykert was discharged.
On 1/7/1788 Stephen van Rensselaer, Proprietor of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, leased to Ryckert Redliff (sic), for 5 shillings and yearly rent, a farm in Albany County at the Vlamanskill on the SW corner of land of Adrian Bradst. It totaled 206 acres. The yearly rent was 28 skopples (skipples) [1 skipple= ¾ of a bushel] of good merchantable winter wheat, 4 fat fowls and 1 days service with a carriage and horses. This was to be paid Jan. 2 of every year. He made his mark. This was released on 12/14/1867 to John R. Radley. On 12/31/1790 he appeared before Jeremiah Lansingh along with witnesses Thomas Hun and Abraham Hun. On 12/14/1867 Stephan van Rensselaer and his wife Harriet, of Watervliet, sold [released] to John R. Radley and Eli Jones both of the Town of new Scotland, for $479.16 the perpetual rents of a lot sold [leased] 1/7/1788 to Ryckert Redliff (sic) by Stephen van Rensselaer totaling 206 acres. This was recorded 2/1/1868 at 3 pm.

In 1794 they lived in the Town of Bethlehem, Highway District (for the School Road) and in 1797 they lived in the Highway District whose Overseer of Roads was Abner Darling.

Richard Ratliff, of the Town of Watervliet, made out his will on 9/26/1792. He made his mark. The sole executrix was his wife Mary. In the will all of his lands in Albany County were to go to their son Richard. The will was recorded 3/7/1811.

Their children:

Johannes (John) [1,8,24,72] ] [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Johannes was baptized 5/16/1756.] [I believe the following 2 refer to John and his brother Richard or it could be their father Richard.] There was a meeting of the Highway Commissioners, on 12/10/1797, to lay out a new road beginning at the bridge across the Flamingskill (sic) at John and Richerd (sic) Radliff’s then westerly to the corner of William and Richerd (sic) Radliff then norwest (sic) to the division line of Radliff and Cryster est (sic). On 12/18/1797 the laying out a road beginning at a bridge across the Flanmanskill at John and Richard Radliff’s running westerly to the lands of Sylvester Crysler, Reed and Bullock until it intersects the Clip Road.

John Radley, of the Town of Bethlehem, made out his will on 1/21/1815. He made his mark. In it he mentions John the 2nd son of his brother Richard R. Radley. It was recorded on 4/15/1833. The executors of the will were Richard R. Radley, James McLasky and William Radley-his “cozen”.

Arent (Aaron) [1,8,24,73] [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Arent was baptized 4/23/1758.]

Celia [1,8,24,74] [Laimbeer indicates that she was baptized in St. Peters Episcopal Church, Albany on 10/13/1760. I tried to verify this date on the microfilm copy of the records of St. Peters Episcopal Church, Vol. 1 located in the Albany County Hall of Records but couldn’t because the page was too dark. Laimbeer also feels that her father’s will refers to her as “Lilia”. I believe he lists her as “Julia” based on my reading of the copy located in the Albany County Surrogate Court. However, there is a listing of a “Lalia” Radley and an Isaac van Etta witnessing a baptism on 9/7/1791 in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany.] She married Isaac van Etten prior to 9/7/1791 (her father’s will refers to him as Isaac van Allen).

Willem [1,8,24,75] [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Willem was baptized 6/5/1763 and was “5 weeks old”.]

Antje (Anna) [1,8,24,76] (9/3/1765-2/25/1836) She married John Oliver (6/5/1757-9/11/1838) a veteran of the Revolutionary War probably in the 3rd Regt., Albany County Militia. He applied for a pension but the application was denied. They are buried in the John Oliver Family Burying Ground, Bethlehem, N.Y. (off of New Scotland Rd).

Rykert (Richard) [1,8,24,77]

Jacobus [James] [1,8,24,78] [Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany indicate that Jacobus was baptized 8/18/1771.] He married Susanna Segar (1/31/1771- ), daughter of Pieter Zeger (sic) and Annatje Houk, about 1793.

Maria [Mary] [1,8,24,79] She married Conrad Lang (10/16/1766- ), son of Hannes Lang and Christina Bratt.

Rykert (Richard) [R.] [1,8,24,77] (8/22/1768-9/21/1845) He was baptized 10/9/1768 at the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany. The witnesses were Hannes and Cathar Ridly. He married Emily (Amelia) (Anne) McClotskie (McClutchky) (McClaskey) (4/24/1779- ), daughter of John McClaskey and Mary Nengels, on 12/26/1798 by Harmanus van Huysen. He was a farmer in Bethlehem.

In 1797 he [Richerd (sic) Readley, Jr.] lived in the Bethlehem Highway District whose Overseer of Roads was Abner Darling (the same as his father). In 1809 he was an Overseer of Highways/Pathmaster/Roadmaster in the Town of Bethlehem. [This may also be him.] In 1834 Richard Radley was an Overseer of Highways/Pathmaster/Roadmaster in the Town of Bethlehem in Road District #30.

Richard R. Radley, of the Town of Bethlehem, made out his will on 7/29/1843. In it he stated that he had no real property holdings only personal property. The executors were: John [Richard] Radley, James Radley [both were his sons] and a son-in-law Frederick Russoe (sic). He made his mark. A witness to the will noted that when the will was drawn up he (RRR) was between 75-80 years old and living at his daughter’s house (Mrs. Russoe (sic)). The will was recorded 12/20/1845. When the will was written, there was no mention of his wife in it. The assumption was that she had died before this time [possibly between12/6/1834 and 11/30/1836].

On 1/8/1846 at 10 am was a gathering of all of the people interested in his estate for an appraisal of his personal property (an inventory of his effects). On 9/1/1847 at 10 am, at the Albany County Surrogate’s office, was the final settlement of the accounts of John R. Radley executor of his father’s will.

Land transactions:

On 5/24/1805 Edward Lloyd and his wife Elinor, of Bethlehem, sold to Rykert R. Radliff, of Bethlehem, for $510, a lot in the Town of Bethlehem having 34 acres. Recorded 6/15/1805.

4/1/1826 John and Ann Thomas, Maria Lloyd, Harriet Lloyd and Samuel Lloyd, heirs of Edward Lloyd, sold to Richard R. Radley [R.R.R.], for $2,180.80, 4/5ths of a lot in Bethlehem containing 98.9 acres plus the use of a private road and 4/5ths of 3.5 acres also in Bethlehem. Recorded 4/5/1826. On 7/10/1826 Robert E. Williams, George Williams, Eleanor Williams, Richard Williams and Eleanor Lloyd sold to Richard R. Radley, for $547.20, 1/5th of 98.9 acres in Bethlehem plus 1/5th of 3.5 acres also in Bethlehem. Recorded 7/4/1826 at 5 pm.

On 3/7/1827 Thomas and Hannah Laraway sold to R.R.R., for $50.00, a lot in Bethlehem containing 2 acres. Recorded 3/7/1827.

4/28/1829 Jacob Laraway and wife Elsie sold to R.R.R., for $40.00, a lot in Bethlehem containing 2.65 acres, excepting 1 acre given to Samuel Laraway in the north part of the lot, subject to certain annual rents.

On 6/9/1832 Jane Chatterton sold to R.R.R., for $385.00, a lot in Bethlehem containing 10 acres. Recorded 6/9/1832 at 2:30 pm.

11/11/1834 R.R.R. and his wife Amelia sold, for $10.00, to John R. Radley, of New Scotland, a parcel of land in New Scotland containing 96.94 acres. Both R.R.R. and Amelia made their marks. Recorded 11/11/1834 at 3:15 pm.

On 12/5/1834 R.R.Radliff and his wife Amelia, of Bethlehem, sold to George W. Kelderhouse, of Bethlehem, for $2,714.88, a lot in the Town of Bethlehem beginning on the north bank of the Vlamanskill [ending on the kill also] containing 96.94 acres. There is a road that runs to the Albany and Delaware Turnpike Road. The sale is subject to the rents listed in the original lease from Stephen van Rensselaer. Both R.R.Radliff and Amelia made their marks. Recorded 2/4/1835 at 11:30 am.

11/30/1836 R.R.R. sold to Jacob Walley a lot in Bethlehem, for $2,525, a lot containing 46.8 acres also a lot having 2.65 acres (except for 1 acre conveyed to Samuel Laraway) and subject to certain rents. Also the purchase was subject to a mortgage to Jane Chatterton for $300 charged on a portion of the property. He made his mark. Recorded 11/30/1836 at 4:30 pm.

On 10/16/1841 R.R.R. sold to John Weideman, for $4,775.70, a lot in Bethlehem containing 68.22 acres. He made his mark. Recorded 10/16/1841 at 4:30 pm.


On 4/1/1823 R.R.R. and Amelia took a mortgage from John Thomas et al. Maria Lloyd et al, Samuel Lloyd et al and Elenor (sic) Lloyd et al. Discharged 4/15/1831. Recorded 4/5/1826.

4/12/1831 R.R.R. and Amelia took a mortgage from John A. Slingerland. Discharged 11/11/1834. Recorded 4/12/1831.

On 4/14/1831 R.R.R. took a mortgage from Eleanor Lloyd et al and mary Lloyd et al. Discharged 10/21/1834. Recorded 4/15/1831.

6/2/1832 R.R.R. took a mortgage from John A. Slingerland. Discharged 10/21/1834. Recorded 6/2/1834.

On 6/9/1832 R.R.R. took a mortgage from Jane Chatterton. Discharged 12/19/1838. Recorded 6/9/1832.

9/27/1834 R.R.R. and Amelia took a mortgage from John D.P.Douw. Discharged 12/26/1839. Recorded 10/21/1834.

Volckert P. Douw, executor, sued R.R.R. and Amelia to foreclose on a bond and mortgage executed by the Radleys-the bond by R.R.R. and the mortgage by both the Radleys to John D.P.Douw (now deceased). The total of the bond and mortgage was $2,100 and bear the date of 9/27/1834. These were for the following lots in Bethlehem: 98.9 acres plus the use of a road and 3.5 acres. Recorded 11/22/1836.

On 7/1/1839 R.R.R. took a mortgage from Patrick Gannon. Discharged 5/16/1868. Recorded 7/16/1839.

3/1/1841 R.R.R. took a mortgage from William M. Bender. Discharged 11/6/1841. Recorded 3/1/1841.

Their children:

Maria (Polly)[1,8,24,77,163] (11/8/1799-4/6/1837) She married Richard Houghtaling (10/14/1800-7/5/1828), son of Willem P. Houghtaling and Hannah Lampman van Wagner, on 10/27/1821 by Rev. Harmanus van Huysen.

Richard [1,8,24,77,164] (12/29/1801- ) Laimbeer opines that he was unmarried and probably a cripple because of what was mentioned in his father’s will. Reynolds says that he never married and died in Albany at an old age [what date?].

Martha [1,8,24,77,165] (7/11/1804-8/1/1865) She was married twice. Her 1st husband was Francis B. Crewell (Creble) ( 1/9/1802-4/19/1831), son of Baltus. They were married by Harmanus van Huysen on12/24/1823. She then married Levi Relyea (~1805-6/1/1873) on 11/9/1839 at the Unionville Reformed Church, Town of New Scotland, by Rev. Simon V. E. Westfall. The church fee was $1.50. All 3 are buried in Lot 416 (340 sq. feet), Jerusalem Cemetery with Martha buried between her 2 husbands.

John Richard [1,8,24,77,166] (5/4/1808-1/1/1889) He married Elizabeth Brate (4/30/1809-11/7/1893), daughter of Francis Brate and Catherine Sager, in January 1829 at the Unionville Reformed Church by Rev. Ira C. Boice. The church fee was $1.50. John R. died of paralysis. His funeral was on 1/4/1889. At some point he bought Lot 15 in the New Scotland Cemetery. His will was written 4/9/1884 and recorded 2/6/1889. He signed the will. Elizabeth’s will was written 8/9/1890 and recorded 2/7/1894. She made her mark. They both died in New Scotland and are buried in Lot 15, New Scotland Cemetery.

James [1,8,24,77,167] (6/20/1812-7/14/1869?] A letter from Carrie A. Ruso Johnson to Jacob and Sarah Simons, dated 7/18/1869, mentioned that he died Wednesday morning 3 am and was buried Thursday morning 10 am.

Antye (Anna) [1,8,24,77,168] Her father’s will indicated that she married Johnson Decker. Reynolds indicates that “Ann Radley married Evert Johnson, lived in Oneida County, and both died in old age leaving children”.

Aaron R. [1,8,24,77,169] (7/16/1817-7/13/1891) He married Jane Ann McCoy (7/16/1814-2/3/1906) the daughter of Jane Wands and John McCoy. Sometime he purchased Lot 4, Plat 4, Hillington Cemetery, Morris, N.Y. It measures 372 square feet. A Letter of Administration was issued 8/9/1891 to Jane A. Radley and Charles A. Browne. They both died in the Town of Pittsfield, N.Y. and are buried in his cemetery lot.

Deborah Eliza [1,8,24,77,170] (2/13/1820-2/5/1886) She was born in Bethlehem. She married Frederick F. Ruso (8/13/1813-11/24/1894), son of Francis Ruso and Barbara Arnold. He also was born in Bethlehem. He bought Lot 86, Section 33, Albany Rural Cemetery on 5/30/1871 for $140.00. The lot measures 20’ 6”x18’ (369 square feet). [Perpetual care was bought on 5/20/1948 for $200.00.] Deborah died at 364 Hamilton St., Albany of heart disease aged 65 years, 11 months and 23 days. She was interred 5/28/1886 in her husband’s lot in Albany Rural Cemetery. Her will on was made out on 4/8/1881 and recorded 3/12/1886. The executors were her husband and their daughter Caroline “Carrie” A. Johnson. On 4/3/1865 Deborah bought from William B. and Jennette G. Frisbee a lot on Hamilton St. (18’ 7½”x~140’) extending from Hamilton St. to Garden St. In her will this lot was to be given to her husband. After his death it was to be given to their daughter Carrie for as long as she is alive. After her death the lot was to be given to her children to “share and share alike”. In the case of Carrie’s death with no issue or descendants surviving her (Carrie Johnson), then the property would go to the children of her (Deborah E. Ruso) sister Sarah Simons in equal shares. Frederick died in Glenmont by a hemorrhage and shock, grave fractures after being hit by a railroad train aged 81 years, 3 months and 14 days. He was interred 11/27/1894 in his lot in Albany Rural Cemetery.

William [1,8,24,77,171] (1/21/1823-12/1/1902) He married Isabella McCoy (7/22/1811-7/25/1892) (the sister of Jane Ann McCoy). The New Scotland Church records give this birth date while the Hillington Cemetery records give her age at death as 76 years old (calculated birth year of 1816). They were married on 1/15/1840 in Bethlehem by William P. Davis, Presbyterian Minister. William, of the Town of Pittsfield, made out a will on 7/4/1892 which was recorded 1/9/1903 at 10:10 am. (Otsego County Deeds). He signed it. His will was recorded 1/8/1902 (Otsego County Wills). He and Isabella are buried in Lot 43, Plat 9, Hillington Cemetery, Morris , N.Y. The lot was purchased by their daughter (Mary Radley Jones).

Sarah (Sally) [1,8,24,77,172] (5/25/1824-1/27/1904) The Jerusalem Reformed Church records recorded that date and notated that she was baptized 7/24/1824 (daughter of Richard Redliff (sic) and Amiley McClutchky). In the Simon’s family bible are handwritten notations of births and deaths. Her birth date is written as May 25, 1827 with the 7 in a different handwriting than the rest of the date and indeed the rest of the listings of birth dates. She was born in Bethlehem. She married Jacob C. (3/15/1823-9/16/1889), son of Walter Simons and (H)anna(h) ?, both of Albany, in Albany on 9/26/1849 by S. Parks “Minister of the Gospel”. [At the time of his marriage, his last name was also spelled Symonds, Symons and Simmons.][In Lansingburgh to about 1860, Rev. S. Parks was at the Methodist Church.] Jacob was born in Schaghticoke. On a “List of those enrolled according to the Military Law of 1846 and returned to Peter P. Goeway, Collector of Taxes, by James Lansing, Capt.” for the Town of Lansingburgh [penciled in June 1848], there is Jacob Symonds-N. On 9/6/1866, they were invited to the wedding of Carrie Ruso to Isaiah B. Johnson at her parent’s house at 350 Hamilton St., Albany, on 9/13/1866 at 8 pm.

In the 1860 census, Town of Schaghticoke, he was listed as a wheelwright and gate tender. In the 1870 census, Town of Lansingburgh (8/18/1870), he was listed, as Jacob C. Simmons, as a wheelwright. In the 1870/71 Rensselaer County Business Directory, he was listed as a gate tender and wagonmaker living in Lansingburgh at Washington near Whipple Ave. [There was a bridge, the Union Bridge, built in 1804, across the Hudson River linking the Town of Waterford to Lansingburgh.] He is 1st listed in the 1880 Troy City Directory as a carpenter living at 861 Whipple Ave., Lansingburgh. In the 1885 Troy City Directory, he was still a carpenter but now living at 847 Whipple Ave. In 1886 the Village of Lansingburgh Trustees changed the names of the streets. Whipple Ave. became 5th Ave. This change was reflected in the 1886 city directory. He then lived on 5th Ave. at the corner of 24th St. In the “Financial Report of the Village of Lansingburgh“, Report of the President, 2/19/1882, J. Simmonds was paid $1.25 for labor on roads.

On 5/3/1872, he purchased Lot 237, Section H-3, Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, for $30. It measures 16’x16’ (256 square feet). On this same date, he paid $14 for the grading and sodding of the lot and the digging of a grave for his son. On 6/16/1873 he paid $14 for 4 granite corner posts and labor.

He died of consumption, “after a brief illness”, aged 66 years, at his residence on 5th Ave. at the corner of 24th St. The funeral was also at the family residence on Wednesday 9/18/1889 at 2 pm. He is buried in his lot in Oakwood Cemetery. Per the Troy City Directories, Sarah Simons continued to live in Lansingburgh until 1899 when her address is shown as 3244 6th Ave., Troy (with her daughter, son-in-law and his father). She died at 3244 6th Ave, Troy of ileo colitis acute. Her funeral was also at 3244 6th Ave. on 1/29/1904 at 2:30 pm. The funeral cost $132.75. She was buried with her husband in Oakwood Cemetery.

[Is the following him?] On the “Register of Electors 2nd District, Town of Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, 1894” is listed a J.C. Simmons at 301 5th Ave.

On 4/1/1853 Sarah Thompson sold to Jacob C. Simons and his wife Sarah a lot in the Town of Schaghticoke which on the west side is bounded by the land of Alexander Smith. The lot included ½ of a well. There was also annual rent that had to be paid. Sarah Simons made her mark. Recorded 10/17/1853 at 11:45 am. On 4/6/1854 Jacob C. Simons and his wife Sarah, of the Town of Schaghticoke, sold to Maria Button, also of Schaghticoke, for $650, the lot described before. There was also annual rent to be paid. Jacob signed and Sarah made her mark. Recorded 3/19/1855 at 1 pm.

Their children:

Nathan W. (5/19/1852-9/30/1941) He was born in Schaghticoke, N.Y. He was my mother’s “Uncle Nate”. He was named for his uncle Nathan and his middle name could have been Walter, the name of his grandfather. He never married.

He is first listed in the Troy City Directories in 1882. He was a machinist at 24 4th boarding at his parents home (861 Whipple, Lansingburgh). In 1886 he is listed as rooming at 24 4th still being a machinist. In 1887 he is boarding at 364 Congress St., Troy (with his brother Dexter). In 1892 he is living with his mother at 5th Ave. corner of 24th St., Lansingburgh. [In 1886 the Village of Lansingburgh Trustees changed the names of the streets. Whipple Ave. became 5th Ave. This change was reflected in the 1886 Troy city directory.] In 1897 he was a machinist at 648 Fulton St. and boarded at 418 River St [in Troy]. In 1898 he moved to Waterford, N.Y. He next shows up in the Troy City Directories in 1907 as an instrument maker at Front St. corner of Fulton. In 1909 he is again a machinist rooming at 470 River St. In 1915 he was a machinist at 419 Grand St. boarding at the McCarthy Hotel. In 1917 he lived at 470 River St. as a machinist. In 1919 he lived at 11 N. 1st St., being a machinist and in 1920 he is still a machinist at Front St. near Fulton St. while living at 468 River St. From 1932-1936 he is listed as living at 88 King St.

He died aged 89 years of a cerebral hemorrhage. His funeral was held on Friday 10/3/1941 at the Clark & Blake Memorial Chapel. He is buried with his parents in Oakwood Cemetery.

Martha A. (4/9/1854-8/29/1872) She was born in Schaghticoke. At the time of her death, she was living in Albany. She died of typhoid fever aged 18 years, 4 months and 20 days. Her funeral was on Sunday 9/1/1872 at 2 pm at the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Lancaster St., Albany. She is buried with her parents in Oakwood Cemetery.

Dexter G. (5/2/1859 or 10/3/1860-11/12/1915) (the 1859 birth date from the family bible and the 1860 birth date from William A. Toohey-Undertaker) He was born in Schaghticoke. He never married.

He is first listed in the Troy City Directories in 1880 as a laborer living with his parents. In 1887 he is listed as a machinist boarding at 364 Congress St. In 1888 he was again living with his parents. In 1901 he was a carpenter boarding at 694 2nd Ave., Lansingburgh. In 1906 he was a laborer boarding at the same address as 1901. He lived at that address until he died. When he died he was a cook.

He died of cancer, aged 55 years, at Leonard Hospital “after a short illness”. His funeral was held in the afternoon of 11/14/1915 at William A. Toohey & Sons Funeral Home. He is buried with his parents in Oakwood Cemetery.

Joseph H. (5/2/1862-11/1871) He is buried in his parents lot, Oakwood Cemetery.

Estella (12/25/1864-4/10/1953) She worked at Ide’s Shirt Factory, in Troy, before she was married. In only the 1897 edition of the Troy City Directory is the following listing: Stella Simons forewoman 742 Second Ave., Lansingburgh [I believe James K.P. Pine “Lion Brand”], boards 769 Second Ave., Lansingburgh. [I have a receipt of hers, for the month of February 1896, for $10.00, for the rental of a room (apartment/flat)? at 773 Fourth Ave., Lansingburgh.]

She was baptized as an adult in the Methodist Church of Lansingburgh on 3/7/1880 by Rev. Marvin Delos Jump. She married James Tanner Hartley, son of James Hartley and Ann Tanner, on 8/11/1897 in the same church by Rev, John A. Hamilton. The witnesses were; Richard A. Hecker and E. (Emma) Josephine Twitchell [a cousin of hers]. She was 32 years old and he was 36. They honeymooned at the Mountain House in the Catskills. After the honeymoon they lived with James’ father’s house at 3244 6th Ave., Troy, N.Y.

Estella was received into Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in 1903 on confession of faith. She left the church on 2/10/1951 to go to the 1st Methodist Church in Rensselaer, N.Y.

Shortly after the death of his father [James died 2/19/1902-James H. was the executor of James’ will.], the Oakwood Reservoir overflowed and their house on 6th Ave. was damaged (see Appendix 3). On 7/13/1929 he received a building permit to erect an open porch on their house.

While he was working, he bought stock in four railroads- the NYC&HR (the NYC), the Pennsylvania, the AT&SF and the Northern Pacific (see Appendix 4).

Later in his life, he was stooped forward (because of his job as a clerk?) so that when walking, he would clasp his hands behind him.

Miss Blanche Windsor was employed as a cleaning woman at their house. After her, but probably before the 10/1929 stock crash, the Hartley’s employed Elizabeth Stufflebean as a cleaning woman.

On 8/27/1932, after all of the grandchildren were sent to bed, at about 9:30 pm., he was climbing upstairs for bed when he fell backwards down about 20 stairs. He suffered a fracture of the skull over his left eye. [At one point the staircase curved to the left, with the resultant small portion of each step on the right hand side. He had used his right foot at this point and missed the step.] His funeral was on Wednesday 8/31/1932 at 2:30 pm, at his house, with the Rev. Dr. Eugene Wiseman, the retired pastor of the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Troy, N.Y. His funeral expenses totaled $440.00. He is buried in his father’s lot [Lot 145, Section K] in Oakwood Cemetery.

After the death of her husband, Estelle could have applied to live in the Masonic Old Age Home in Utica. [James T. was a Mason as well as a Shriner at the time of his death.] She chose not to. In the 1939 Troy City Directory, she is listed as moving to Hampton Manor (the home of her daughter and son-in-law). She put the house (3244 6th Ave.) on the market in 9/1941 with the Millard Realty Service. The for sale notice starting appearing in the newspaper by 9/18/1941. She died at her granddaughter’s house (Merilyn L. Heeder House) on Elliot Road, East Greenbush, of cerebral thrombosis, aged 88 years. Her funeral was at the Rockefeller Funeral Home, Rensselaer, N.Y. on 4/15/1953 at 3 pm. She is buried in her father-in-law’s lot in Oakwood Cemetery. A Letter of Administration, for her estate, was issued 6/1/1953, to Merilyn L. House.


Estelle Tanner (5/27/1898-12/8/1952) She was born in Troy. A receipt, dated 12/3/1906, certified that at age 8, she received a vaccination [for?]. She was baptized 6/9/1907 in the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church (see Appendix 5) by Rev. George E. Stockwell. On 2/6/1910 she was promoted from the Primary Dept. of Sunday School of the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Troy, N.Y. She was in Grade 8A at School 1, Troy for the school year 9/1912-6/1913. She and her brother Henry (Harry) spent 6 weeks during the summer of 1907 with her mother’s cousins in Slingerlands, Town of Bethlehem, N.Y. [Her mother’s paternal aunt was Nancy Simons who had married Asa Weston Twitchell, the portrait painter. They owned a house/farm in Hurstville, Town of Bethlehem, N.Y. Hurstville was located just outside of Albany on the New Scotland Road.]

She was received into Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in 1912 on profession of faith by Rev. George E. Mayer. She left the church on 4/22/1943 to go to the 1st Methodist Church in Rensselaer, N.Y.

Probably her best friend was Grace W. Brown. She lived (grew up?) on Ingalls Ave in Troy, NY. They graduated from Troy High School together. [There are pictures of them at the Simon’s Farm in Schodack, N.Y.] She married Charles E. Remington and they lived on a 100 acre farm in Melrose, Town of Schaghticoke, N.Y.

She is 1st listed in the 1919 Troy City Directory as a steno.

Estelle married William Frederick Heeder (3/4/1890-5/21/1951) [in the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Castleton, N.Y. records, his name at birth was listed as Frederick Carl William], 2nd son of Carl Friederich Wilhelm Heeder and Anna Margarethe Dorn, on 5/26/1923, at the Parsonage of the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church by the Rev. Dr. Eugene Wiseman. The witnesses were: Ethel Simons [a cousin of hers] and Edward Dorn. Right after they were married, they rented a house in Rensselaer. Then her mother invited them to live with them (Estelle and James T.) at their house in Troy. Early in their marriage, they used to go on Sundays to the Remington Farm.

He was received into Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in 1926 on confession of faith from Trinity Evangelical Lutheran in Castleton by Rev. Dr. Eugene Wiseman. He left the church on 4/22/1943 to go to the 1st Methodist Church in Rensselaer, N.Y.

[There is a story that while William was “courting” Estelle, during the winter months, he would ice skate the Hudson River from Castleton to Troy to see her.]

He served in World War I. A U.S. Veterans’ Bureau letter, dated 1/1/1925, informed him that he was receiving his Adjusted Service Certificate, pursuant to the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, in the amount of $771.00 based on his Adjusted Service Credit. Later he must have put in a claim for a veteran’s pension benefits. A form letter from the Veterans Administration Center, Watervliet Arsenal, dated 12/7/1948, indicated that a decision on his claim was delayed because of lack of pertinent service data.

William F. worked for the Boston & Albany Railroad for several years but got caught between railway cars and partly crushed. He received workman’s compensation and left the railroad. He then drove a truck making deliveries for Fort Orange Paper and other shippers. During the summers, his eldest daughter Merilyn went with him on the trips. He also took her sisters, but Merilyn went most often. He often went to Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre was common). Later he went to work for General Analine (in Rensselaer) and eventually had a disability retirement because of asthma (he worked in the packing room for Bayer aspirin). His social security number was 113-14-2253.

Estelle and her mother, in the mid 1930’s, painted a car (Ford?) gray under a pine tree at the Twitchell Farm on New Scotland Rd. During this pine needles fell and stuck to the paint.

During the depression she sold gold jewelry and also collected metals (e.g.) the lead foil on gum, cigarettes, etc to sell for scrap.

On 7/9/1937 they bought a house, 240 Hudson Ave., in Hampton Manor, Town of East Greenbush, N.Y. [see Appendix 6]. Estelle T. never wanted to move from Troy to Hampton Manor because they would be closer to Margaret Katherine Heeder Lout [youngest sister of her husband] who lived in Rensselaer.

Robert Cone was a ward of Estelle’s for the years 1940-1942. His mother was a housekeeper to Elsie Dayton and had to go into a sanitarium because of being diagnosed with TB.

In 1942 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. The operation cost $200. For this she sold a gray car (Ford?) to Charles Remington for $200. After the operation, she went to Ogunquit, Maine for a vacation. Dr. Gordon, in Rensselaer, preformed the operation.

Estelle worked for the Albany Exchange Savings Bank starting 6/1/1948 as a General Clerk with a salary of $1,900/year. She filed an application to participate in the Savings Bank Retirement System on 6/29/1949. Her daughter, Caryl E., was listed as her beneficiary.

William F. died of myocardial failure at age 61. His funeral was on 5/24/1951, at 2 pm, at the Rockefeller Funeral Home. The Rev. Arthur H. Landmesser officiated. The pallbearers were; Howard Lout, Warren Heeder, Carl J. Heeder, Calvin Heeder, Hollis Hallenbeck and Bruce Knapp. He is buried in Lot 237 (Jacob C. Simons), Section H-3, Oakwood Cemetery. Because of his army service, an allowance on the funeral and burial expenses was approved in the amount of $150.

Estelle died in Albany Hospital of carcinomatosis [brain/spine] age 54. Her funeral was on 12/11/1952 at 2 pm at the Rockefeller Funeral Home. The Rev. Arthur H. Landmesser officiated. The pallbearers were; Leslie Lind, Warren Heeder, Carl Heeder, Howard Lout, Paul Mitchell and Calvin Heeder. The cost of her funeral totaled $685.50. She is buried with her husband.

Children: Merilyn Lucille, Caryl Estelle, Lois Arlene and Donald Warren.

Henry “Harry” Radley (7/24/1901-10/12/1921) He was born in Troy and was also baptized 6/9/1907 at the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church by Rev. George E. Stockwell. A receipt dated 9/24/1906 certified that he received a vaccination [for?]. He was in 3rd Grade, 9/1910-6/1911, at School 3 and was promoted to Grade 4a for the year starting 9/1911. He was in 8th Grade, 9/1915-6/1916, at School 1. He was admitted to Troy High School 6/26/1916. He is 1st listed, as a student, in the 1920 Troy City Directory. He died of pneumonia aged 20 years. Rev. Dr. Eugene Wiseman officiated at his funeral. He is buried in his grandfather’s lot, Oakwood Cemetery. His funeral cost $527.25.

Stillborn (4/28/1905) The cause of death was unknown. There was a bill dated 4/28/1905 from the funeral director for $9.00. It is also buried in the Hartley lot, Oakwood Cemetery.

Appendix 1


Three Pictures of Estelle Simons
This little vignette will be about three pictures that have Estelle Simons in them. They were taken before she married James Tanner Hartley.

There are two photos of her with a group of women in a work setting. One is labeled “shirt collar factory coworkers” and the other has names written on the back “Lillie Flint, Josephine Fleming and Carrie Flint”. Some of the faces are the same in the two photos. Neither of the photos has a date given.

The third photo, taken July 24, 1895, shows eight women grouped around Estelle lying on a couple of carpets outside. The only one that I can easily identify, laying in front of the rest of the group, is Mrs. Adelaide Scott Smith. On the back of a photo of hers is inscribed “Your loving teacher and friend”. I have a photo of each of the following women. Out of these is probably the other seven in the group photo.

Ada Ellis (married ---- Kirkpatrick)
Bessie Ellis
Carrie Fisher (married ---- Goerald)
---- Fisher
Carrie Flint
Lillie Flint
I have a photo of Carrie, Grace and Lillie Flint taken in Boston July 31, 1898.
Vina Feas[u or n]y
Epsie Harvey
Margaret Harvey
Maggie Kennedy (married Charles Keher)
Mae Malone
Stella Nutting Moss
Nettie Mullen
Kate Ryan

Appendix 2

James T. Hartley and the Shirt Factories

The United Shirt and Collar Company was formed by the consolidation of the houses of James K.P. Pine “Lion Brand”, S.A. House’s Sons, Sanford & Robinson, Beiermeister & Spicer and Marshall & Briggs. It was incorporated on 5/7/1890 with a capital of $2,000,000. On 7/1/1890 it began business. It operated with 3 factories. One was in Lansingburgh at the southeast corner of 2nd Ave. (State St.) and 21st St. (Clinton). This had been the factory of James K.P. Pine “Lion Brand” and had a frontage of 250’ and a depth of 53’. [James T. took a picture of this factory.] In Troy there were 2 factories-the Anchor factory at 509, 511 and 512 River St. and the other at the corner of 5th Ave. and Broadway. The company was reorganized as the “Lion Shirt & Collar Co., Inc., in 1922. In 1927 the building in Lansingburgh was sold to M. Nirenburg Co., of N.Y.C., which manufactured “Lion of Troy” shirts here for many years.

In a draft copy, bearing the letterhead “United Shirt & Collar Co.”, drafted sometime after 9/18/[1907], of a letter probably sent to a cousin and her husband [Anne Middleton Calderbank and her husband Charles] in Denton, England, James T. Hartley makes the following reference “I am working at the collar & shirt business in Troy it being the center for that business in the United States being employed by a company for the last 17 years.” This means that probably he had been working at United Shirt since its formation. From the Troy City Directories comes the following. He first is listed in 1882 as a clerk at 651 River. From 1883 through 1890, he is listed as a clerk at 506 Fulton. In 1891 he is shown as a clerk at 5th Ave. corner of Broadway-one of United Shirt’s 3 factories. From 1892 through 1893 he was a clerk at 509 River-another of United Shirt factories. From 1894 through 1902, he was shown as a clerk at 740 2nd Ave., Lansingburgh. From 1903 through 1911, he was shown as a clerk at 742 2nd Ave., Lansingburgh. These two listings would have been the 3rd factory of United Shirt (Pine’s “Lion Brand”). From 1912 through 1927, he was just shown as a clerk, no location. His obituary, he died 8/27/1932, indicated that he had been employed as an accountant at the Lion Shirt and Collar factory for 25 years and that he had retired about 20 years before his death.

Appendix 3

The 1902 Overflow of Oakwood Reservoir, Troy, N.Y.

Around 3/1/1902 there was a combination of heavy rain and an ice jam forming at Castleton which backed up the Hudson River. This started the flooding of Troy. At the same time, Oakwood Reservoir, located in the 13th Ward near 6th Ave., had its gates opened to empty excess water. These actions caused flooding. The Troy Record reported about this on 3/2, 3/3 and 3/4/1902. In the issue of 3/3/1902 3250 6th Ave. was mentioned as one of the properties that suffered extensive flood damage near the Oakwood Reservoir. The issue of 3/4/1902 mentioned 40 property owners would be submitting damage claims to the city common council. Because 3244 6th Ave. is only 3 houses away from the aforementioned property, this may be the origin of the following itemized list done by James T. Hartley, undated, but headed “Property damaged by overflow of Oakwood Reservoir”.

The following is listed with cost estimates for repair/replacement and $ Cost
Dining Room floor (Georgian Pine) 16’x12’ for 38.40
Kitchen floor (Georgian Pine) 12’x13’ 31.20
Hall floor (Georgian Pine) 28.00
Plaster in Dining Room 12.00
Varnishing and Waxing floors and wainscoting }
Burlap in Dining Room } 35.00
Painting in Dining Room and Hall }
Repairing Area Brickwork 20.00
Foundation 38.00
Subtotal 202.60

Ice Box 22.50
Kitchen Cabinet 10.00
Chairs (8) 8.00
Table-Dining Room 5.00
Side Board-damaged 5.00
Couch 10.00
Rug 3.00
Books (school and story) 7.00
Table linen 10.00
Groceries 8.75
Labor 20.00 Subtotal 109.25

Appendix 4

Stock and Financial Transactions of James T. and Estelle S. Hartley

On 6/26/1899 James T. Hartley (JTH) was sent, by the American Loan and Trust Co., Boston, Mass., debenture bonds of the Northwestern Guaranty Loan Co. and a check for $59.00 as a dividend.
On 1/21/1906 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 203 N.Y. Central "rights", which after the commission realized $1,167.25.
On 1/23/1906 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 40 N.Y. Central "rights", which after the commission realized $60.95.
On 12/11/1909 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 41 shares of N.Y. Central (at 123 3/4 a share) and 2 Penn RR "rights" (each 8 3/8), which after the commissions realized $5,067.81 and $8.25 respectively.
On 12/17/1909 J.S. Bache and Co. sent a letter to JTH to remind him to deliver the shares sold on 12/11/1909.
On 6/10/1910 J.S. Bache and Co. bought for JTH 1 N.Y. Central share (at 116 a share), which including the commission cost $117.00.
On 4/5/1915 J.S. Bache and Co. sent a note indicating that they thought N.Y. Central "rights" won't sell any higher than they then were selling.
On 4/23/1915 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 214 N.Y. Central "rights", which after the commission realized $20.06.
On 1/24/1917 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 214 N.Y. Central "rights", which after the commission realized $22.47.
On 1/26/1917 J.S.Bache and Co. debited JTH's account for 214 N.Y. Central "rights".
On 1/29/1917 J.S. Bache and Co. bought for JTH's account 5 shares of Northern Pacific RR (108 5/8 a share), which including the commission cost $544.12.
On 2/13/1917 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 214 N.Y. Central "rights" which after the commission realized $22.47.
On 10/11/1927 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 6 shares of N.Y. Central stock (163 7/8), which after the commission realized $981.51.
On 10/17/1927 JTH borrowed $300.00 from the Manufacturers National Bank of Troy to be repaid in three months. Used as collateral were 10 shares of N.Y. Central stock (bought
On 10/18/1927 J.S. Bache and Co. bought for JTH's account 210 N.Y. Central "rights" for 21.00. These were sold on 10/31/1927 (I think).
On 8/21/1928 JTH borrowed $1,000, for three months, from the Manufacturers National Bank of Troy. Again used as collateral were 10 shares of N.Y. Central stock.
On 11/21/1928 the same transaction happened as of 8/21/1928.
On 1/8/1929 JTH turned over 193 shares of New York Central and Hudson River Railroad stock [(100 shares), (19 shares), (51 shares), and (23 shares)] to the Manufacturers National Bank for a like number of shares of the N.Y. Central Railroad in the name of JTH.
On 2/21/1929 JTH borrowed $700.00, for three months, from the Manufacturers National Bank of Troy. Again used as collateral were 10 shares of N.Y. Central stock (market value $1,915).
On 5/21/1929 JTH borrowed $400.00 in the same manner as the 2/21/1929 borrowing (now stock had a market value of $1,950).
On 6/17/1929 J.S. Bache and Co. sold from JTH's account 12 shares of N.Y. Central stock (199 1/4 a share), which after the commission realized $2,386.52.
On 9/30/1929 JTH borrowed $400.00, for three months, from the Manufacturers National Bank of Troy. Again used as collateral were 10 shares of N.Y. Central stock.
On 12/30/1929 JTH borrowed $200.00, for three months, from the Manufacturers National Bank of Troy. Once more used as collateral were 10 shares of N.Y. Central stock (market value $1,666.25).
[JTH borrowed $1,000 8/21/1928, renewed 11/21/1928, again 2/21/1929 for $700, again 5/21/1929 for $400, renewed 9/30/1929 and again 12/30/1929 for $200]
As of 7/15/1930 Estelle S. Hartley (ESH) owned a ½ share of the International Hydro-Electric System (Boston, Mass). [I think this one went bankrupt during the depression resulting in worthless stock.]

Name Owner When Number Price
of Purchased of per
RR Certificate Shares Share

NYCRR Co JTH 4/8/1902 19
NYCRR Co JTH 5/10/1902 10
NYCRR Co JTH 5/10/1902 100
NYCRR Co JTH 5/10/1902 10
NYCRR Co JTH 1/5/1906 23 100
NYCRR Co JTH 1/8/1910 51 100
NYCRR Co ESH 6/14/1910 1 116
Penn RR JTH 4/21/1908 18
Penn RR ESH 12/18/1909 4 100
Penn RR JTH 5/31/1911 3 100
Penn RR JTH 5/31/1913 3 100
AT&SF JTH 5/20/1911 5 112 5/8
AT&SF JTH 3/12/1913 5 102
Northern Pacific ESH 7/15/1913 1 105 7/8
Northern Pacific JTH 2/1/1917 5 108 5/8

[In the 1950’s all of the NYC and Penn RR stock was later sold at a price that was a shadow of what it was purchased for.]

Appendix 5

Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Troy, N.Y.

On 4/2/1888 the Vail Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (name given in 1867) was renamed the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church. The first building of the church (at that time named the North Troy Methodist Episcopal Church) was erected in 1858, dedicated 12/10/1858, on the west side of Vail Ave. between Douw St. and Turner’s Lane (Glen Ave.). Vail Ave. was renamed 6th Ave. A new brick church was built on the same site as the 1858 church with the cornerstone laid on 8/16/1888. The church was dedicated on Sunday 6/2/1889. The church cost $46,000. The parsonage adjoining the church was built ~1899 of brick. During the 2nd Wiseman term as pastor, the 5 lots at the rear of the church property facing 7th Ave. were purchased from Chester Bascom. In 1969 Grace Methodist merged with the Lansingburgh Methodist Church.

Name Date Served Comments
Eugene Wiseman 1900-1905
George E. Stockwell 1906-1907
George E. Mayer 1908-1914
James A. Perry 1915-1918
Eugene Wiseman 1919-1926 retired
Frank W. Bevan 1926-1930
Ernest R. Ryder 1930-1939 retired
Milton M. Lavery 1939-1948
Donald L. Lewis 1948-1955

Appendix 6

Land Transactions of William F. and Estelle T. Heeder

[All of this refers to 240 Hudson Ave., Hampton Manor, East Greenbush, N.Y.]

$150 was put as a binder/down payment on a house built on Lots 271-272 of Section 2 in Hampton Manor to Henry C. Windeknecht, agent of The Western Assurance Co., representing Edwin C. Douty.

The Rensselaer County Bank and Trust Co. approved William F. Heeder's application for a loan of $4,000 if his wife (Estelle T.) also signed the mortgage.

The closing on the house was on 7/9/1937. The house cost $5,100, paid to Edwin C Douty, with the remaining amount of the total cost-$5,308.95 being for closing costs. This was paid for by; (1) mortgage of $4,000, (2) $208.95 in cash from William F. Heeder and (3) a check from William F. Heeder of $1,100. The monthly mortgage payment was $38.36 commencing 9/1/1937 until 2/1/1957 to be paid to the Rensselaer County Bank and Trust Co. The following comprised the monthly payment; principal and interest-$26.80, taxes-$7.00, fire insurance-$1.25, bank's service charge-$1.64, and FHA insurance-$1.67. It cost $12.50 for a mortgage survey of Lots 271 and 272 of Section 2, Hampton Manor, by Leslie C. Sherman, Licensed Land Surveyor. It would have cost $5.00 to have the property staked.

On 1/10/1940 William F. and Estelle T. Heeder bought from the H.G. Veeder Real Estate Lots 308 and 309. There were covenants against the reselling of these lots to "colored persons".

On 7/14/1944 William F. and Estelle T. Heeder bought from Ralph W. Dickson and his wife Mildred O. part of Lot 310.

The school tax bill for the school year 1951-1952 showed the following assessment; Lots 308 and 309- $250, Lots 271, 272 and 310-$3,350. The total school tax for these five lots was $99.12.

On 6/26/1953 Merilyn L. House and Caryl E. Heeder, as Executrices of the last will and testament of Estelle T. Heeder, sold to Staats R. Fasoldt and his wife Margaret M., for $12,000, Lots 271, 272, 308, 309, and part of 310 in Hampton Manor, Town of East Greenbush. Recorded 6/29/1953 at 4:48 pm.


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