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2. Honorich, Jr. (2)

In a letter to H L C W 2-20-1950, Mr. Prindle says: "Honorich, Jr. undoubtedly came into the world as Johan Herrich, in early records referred to as Hans Hendrick. Honorich is a compound name composed of Hon for Johan and Rich for Henrich. There is here a conglomeration of Dutch and Palatine names - Hans and Hendrich are Dutch and Hon or Han and Henrich or Heinrich are German".

Honorich, Jr. was mentioned in his father's will made in 1742 as Honorick.

No b or bp records have been found for either Honorich, Jr. or Col. Jacob.

Honorich, Jr. was a Pvt. in Col. Jacob Klock's Reg't, the 2nd Tryon Co. New York State Militia.

This compiler first found Honorich, Jr. in the pamphlet "Old Palatine Church" where it was mentioned that he had a son Hendrick whose marriage to Anna Yung (Young) 1-7-1762 is recorded in the Dutch Reformed Church of Stone Arabia, Palatine District. In these same records were found dates of the births of the children of this Hendrick and Anna Young Clock. Among these children appears the name of Johann George (George H.), father of Samuel Clock who was grandfather of the compiler of this genealogy. This confirms the descent of this line from the first Hendrick Clock, in whose will the "C', spelling was used.

Honorich, Jr. m Jacomyntie, whom he calls Jacobarqy in his will.

(Ulster records Vol, 1, pg 232 gives the two names as the same Dutch name).

The will of Henry (Honorich, Jr.) designated in the record of wills as BA9691, dated May 14-1769, was made in Canajoharie, NY. Where he evidently remained when other of his family removed to the region of St. Johnsville. A copy of this will had been sent to H L C W by Miss Edna L. Jacobsen of the Library of the State of New York, in Albany, but it was recognized as that of Honorich, Jr. only when Mr. Prindle sent the names of Honorich, Jr.'s children which he had found and which proved to be the ones mentioned in the will.

The will, as written up, shows the name to be Henry Clock

his and the signature X To be Henry Clock


Honorich, Jr. called his property "the estate of my land at Stonraby" (Stone Arabia). In the will, Jacomyntie was designated to receive "good maintenance and five pounds in money from his estate and a home with Johannes", executor of the will. The daughters "if and when they marry" were to receive twenty-five, twenty-five, and thirty pounds in money respectively, and "if in case the money which lay in Albany, be lost by the enemies, he (Johannes) is free from it". In additions each daughter was to receive "1 iron pot, 1 bason, 1 dish, doz. Blates, and 1 cow". Each son was bequeathed fifty acres of land, and all other property was to be divided between the sons Johannes and Hendrick, equal share.


11. I.Magdalin b 1728 - Lt. Johannes Bellinger (b 1725), killed at Oriskany 8-6-1777. Magdalin was bequeathed twenty pounds in her father's will-quote-"which said money lay in Albany, if in case not taken or lost by the enemies".


11 A. Margaratha b 1-3-1751

11 B. Elizabeth b 1-25-1760 (these two were recorded as Marlin and Amarylis).

11 C. Magdalena. b 3-17-1762

11 D. Henrich b 1-30-1764 m Margaret, dau of Christian Nellis.


11 D a. John H. b 11-27-1791 in St. Johnsville, N.Y.

11 E.George b 9-b-1766

12. II. Johannas**

13. III Hendrick**

14. IV. Annea Margaretha m ---- Crouse

15. V. Chatar * m ---- Osterhout

16. VI. Elizabeth m ---- Nellis

* Chatar is Gertrude, according to Mr. Prindle's research. The Palatines named a child Gertrart, and pronounced it Chartrout. The diminutive Charty, which was anglicized to Charity. (The marriages are from records of S 0 K).

3- Jacob, (late the Col.) (2)

Col. Jacob was an officer in the French and Indian War, and was taken prisoner. He commanded the 2nd Reg't Tryon Co., New York State Militia in the war of the Revolution. His Lt. Col. was Peter Wagner. (New York in the Revolution"). The home of Col. Jacob and his father Hendrick, about 3/4 mile east of St. Johnsville, N. Y. was the Fort Klock of the Revolution. The Johannes house, built in 1750, two miles east of St. Johnsville is called Ft. Klock but it is not the Ft. Klock of the Revolution. Mr. Nellis, in a letter to H L C W 2-12-1945 says that this Johannes house was concealed on the bank of the river - a half mile or more from the traveled trail, on a side trail and visible only to river travelers. It was built for a trader's protection and river boats protection. Most of the glorification of this "fort" is pure bunk ads made out of the history and stories that applied to Col. Jacob's house. A card from Mr. Nellis 11-7-1948 says "Descendants of Jacob G. Klock, who was a nephew of Col. Jacob, stole the Col.'s record and added it to Jacob G. Klock on the Oriskany monument. This has deceived many of Jacob G.'s descendants into believing that they were descended from the Colonel". Also Mr. Nellis' letter of 1-10-1950 says that the story of the events which transpired around Col. Jacob's house is incorrect in several particulars-that the site of the battle of Klock's Field has been moved, and island changed to a peninsula, and a fiction has been built up which he has labored to correct. All this fiction is written into the story of 204 Amos (5) taken from a newspaper article published at the time of Amos' death. Mr. Nellis says "pure fiction". Col. Jacob's house was about a mile westward and directly on the through trail up and down the valley. The house on the site of Col. Jacob's home was built in 1835 - a brick house with walls three bricks thick. Mr. Nellis says the house has been remodeled twice within his memory. It is the fourth house from Mr. Nellis' private drive as you turn toward the village of St. Johnsville, and now has a garage and gas station almost in front of it, and the marker provided about 1927 is mostly hidden by a used car lot.

The Minute Book of the Committee of Safety of Tryon Co., N.Y., has many references to Col. Jacob Klock, as "Klock went with Herkimer to meet Brandt . . .

"Drums Along the Mohawk" by Edmonds has many references to Col. Jacob, as has- "Little Red Foot", "Cardigan", "Maid at Arms", and "America", all novels by Robert W. Chambers, based on fact. "Red Heritage" by Marritt Parmelee Allen is another novel in which Col. Jacob is mentioned. All are stories of the Mohawk Valley.

Enlisted Klock men under Col. Jacob were Adam; George G., Hendrick, Hendrick, Jr., Henry Sr., Jacob H., John Joseph and Jost.

Col. Jacob signed the Mohawk Valley Declaration of Independence (final document), July 4th, 1776.

No b or bp record of Col. Jacob has been found.

The record that he m Elizabeth Bellinger can be questioned, (Mr. Nellis), but the second wife was evidently Catharine Nellis, daughter of Christian Nellis, Sr., first settler, and widow of Leonard Helmer.

The birthdate for Col. Jacob Klock has been given as Oct. 8, 1708. (Dave Klock)

The marker in Klock Cemetery for the Col. says 1701-1798. ajberry


I. Jacob, Jr. **

II. Adam **

III. Margaret m Stephen March (pvt. In Col. Jacob Klock's Reg't. The 2nd Tryon Co., N.Y. State Militia).


19 A Peter (4) Rebuilt Ft. Plain Sandhill ch., burned by Brandt in 1780. m Elizabeth Devendorf (Ft. Plain Dut. Ref. Ch. Record, Rev. John J. Wach, officiating), (OPC).

19 B John

19 C. Henry

Col. Jacob d 5-9-1798 and was buried in the old Klock cemetery, near his father.

5. Johannes (2)

b 10-50-1711 bp 11-7-1711 Spr Johannes Haymer (Kocherthal Record), m Anna Margaretha Fox (b 1-3-1715 d 1-14-1800), thought to have been dau of Johan., Peter Fox and wife Anna Margaretha. Johannes d prior to 1800. Both bur. in Old Klock cemetery.

Johannes built the old stone house two miles east of St. Johnsville in 1750. "Ancient Trails Along the Mohawk" from New York Genealogical and Biographical Records Bol. 72, pg 109 says of the Johannes house: "In architecture it reflects the ancient type still found in the Rhine valley, and in fact it was built by workmen who learned their trade from their parents who were among the Palatine emigrants who came here in the great migration of 1710". It was called "Fort Klock" but was not the Fort Klock of the Revolution, that having been the stockaded house of Col. Jacob, Johannes' brother.

[There were three Klock homes which were fortified during the Revolutionary War. 1) Col. Jacob Klock's home, 2) George Klock's home and 3) Johannes Klock's home. Remember that Mrs. Williams was not from this area and also remember that just because something is written somewhere in a book it doesn't necessarily make it so. For instance, Jeptha Simms misplaces the Battle of Klock's Field because he copied from an older inaccurate record. We do know there are some stories about shooting, deaths, and injury in the area of the present Fort Klock when the troops were en route to the the Battle of Klock's Field. The site of the Battle of Klock's Field was to the west of Johannes Klock's home about one mile and across the road from Col. Jacob Klock's home. So if Mrs. Williams is using the battle as a criteria, none of the Fort Klocks qualify as "the Fort Klock of the Revolution".

Two of the three Klock homes are still standing. Only Col. Jacob Klock's home has been torn down. ajberry, webmaster.]

20. I. Doratio (Dorothy) b Dec 1738 m Adam Nellis

21. II Johann Jost (John J.) **

22. III. Anna Elizabeth m George Zimmerman (F K P)


22 A Gertrude m Wm. Smith

22 B Catharine

22 C Margaret

22 D Lana

22 E Elizabeth

22 F Anne

22 G Mary

22 H Anna Elizabeth (called Annip)

22 I John ch: 22 I a Daniel

23. IV. Jacob Joh (Jacob I.)**

24. V. Henrich Johannes **

25. VI. Barbara b March, 1751, bp 3-10-1751, Sprs: Johan Adam, Glock and Barbara Wiesen. d 2-25-1807 m Johannes Petrie


25 A Johan Dietrich b 5-29-1774 m -Elizabeth Eiseman (b 8-23- 1780)

9 ch

25 B Anna Elizabeth b 7-13-1776, Sprs: George and Anna, Elizabeth Zimmerman

25 C Mary m Sanford Eysaman

25 D Dorothy m Melchoir Small 3 ch

25 E Johannes b 5-29-1774 m Maria, dau of Lt. Adam and Maria Elizabeth (Petrie) Bellinger 10-5-1795 12 ch

25 F Christian b 5-14-bp 5-26-1782, Sprs: Henrich J. and Maria Glock (GF record), m 4-6-1806 Anna (Nancy) dau of Peter Foltz (b 5-31-1783 d 4-16-1863). Christian d 8-3-1857. Christian and Anna had 8 ch.

25 G Maria Elizabeth b 9-22-bp 9-24-1786, Sprs: Jacob and Maria Petrie. m 11-11-1804 Johannes, son of Johannes Eisenmann of Herkimer

2 ch

26. VII. Magdalena b10 24-1752, -Conrad Glock and wife. M Lehonhardt Krauss 5-12-1788 (Lutheran Trinity Ch S A)

27. VIII. Catharine * m 3-31-1761 Dietrich Petrie, uncle of the Johannes who m Catharine's sister Barbara and spoken of as "the still un m son of the Hon. Johan Jost Petrie" in the m record. (He was of middle age when married).


27 A Catharina b 12-21-1761 bp 6-16-1762, Sprs: Catharina, dau of Jacob Foltz and Johannes, son of Johannes Klock (SA record).

27 B Johan Jost b 2-14-bp 2-26-1763, Spr: Johan Jost Petrie, un m son of Marcus Petrie (SA record) d in Herkimer 8-14-1822 m 7-17-1787 Eva, dau of Lt. Adam and Mary Elizabeth (Petrie) Bellinger 10 ch.

27 C Johannes b 2-17-bp 5-27-1765, Sprs Johannes Glock and Catherine Foltz (not m)(S A I: 55; G G I 18) d 12-31-1833 m 12-26-1786 Gertraut (Charity) Demuth who d 3-15-1855 age 86 years 2 mos (G F: I 204 dau of George Demuth. 10 ch.

* Mr. Paul W. Prindle of New York, N.Y. is descended from Catharine.

6. Johanguergh (Geroge) (known as Old George) (2)

b 1714 (Bible Record) m Marcia Catharine Walrad.*

D 1790 bu Old Klock cemetery.

* Mr. Nellis in an article in the Ent & News 1-18-1951 says that "Marcia Catherine was not the mother of Jacob G. and George G." George built a grist mill west of what is now the town of St. Johnsville in 1801. Then it was Oppenheim, about two and one half miles west of the present village. Mr. Silbert (Bert) Klock in a letter to Mrs. Hillegas of the Herkimer County Historical Society Library (quoted under the first Hendrick), said that George Klock built the house in St. Johnsville, now owned by Miss Marcia Hillabrandt, in 1760. He cut his initials in the southeast corner of the cellar wall - G.K. 1760.

Comment on Sir William Johnson - George Klock controversy: Those of you who have read Mohawk Valley pre-Revolutionary War history of frontier conditions may have received the impression that Sir William Johnson was one of the great friends of the pioneers. Mr. Milo Nellis wrote an article, which was published by the Little Falls, N.Y. "The Evening Times" in its issue of July 19-1949 which disputes this idea. The article portrays Johnson as typically English in his attitude toward the settlers and the Indians, always seeking his own interests rather than those of the settlers. He was intent upon acquiring land for himself. He said, "I make it a rule to be concerned where I can because I look upon this to be the principal advantage arising from the office I sustain". It would appear that therein lay the difficulty which started the long contest between him and George Klock. In 1754 George Klock secured the Klock and Nellis patent and made application for an additional grant for an estimated 40,000 acres. Johnson attempted to claim that the Indians had given it to him. The battle over this tract continued over most of Johnson's remaining years. In 1761 George Klock purchased from Philip Livingston a tract of 3,000 acres. Johnson accused Klock of fraud, and started suit against him, but could not prove that there had been fraud. The acts, for which fraud was charged, were those commonly practiced by Johnson himself. These charges against George Klock are, of course, on record and naturally reflect upon his character. The fact that they were never proved is overlooked.

The English, to whom Johnson was appealing were those whom he represented and who, he naturally thought, would support him.

On June 12, 1753 King Hendrick, Mohawk Chieftain appeared before the Colonial Council at Fort George (New York City) and requested that George Klock have a license to purchase the lands they, the Indiana, had promised him. While Johnson was furnishing rum to the Indians and paying them a fifty dollar bounty for white men's scalps the pioneers were working hard to develop the land and were fighting the Indians to protect their homes and themselves. The feud ended when the English were defeated in the War of the Revolution. Sir William had died and the Johnson regime was driven out of the county. ch:

28. I. Jacob G. **

29. II . George G.**

30. III. Catharine m Hendrick Walrath (E & N 10-30-'35: 8-25-37).

31. IV. Margaret b 1745 d 3-5-1825 m 2-25-1766 Johannes Lawyer Bellinger

32. V. Elizabeth b 1750, Sprs: Henrich and Elizabeth Catharine Walraad (S A pg 9 m1. 2-7-1769 Col. Ebenezer Cox (Lutheran Ch. S A record)


32 A Ebenezer Jr. m Nancy Keller 8-15-1802 (Dut Ref Ch S A )

Ch: 32 A a Robert b 6-2-1810 d at 3 yrs.

32 A b Elisha (probably Eliza, see pg 53, under No. 294) b 9-31-(?) 1812

32 A c Maria b 3-23-1815

32 S Jeremiah b 12-4-1817 of Minden, N.Y. m Lucinda Ingersol of Oppenheim 6/7/1841 (Ft. P. Dut Ref Ch record).

32 A e Dewitt Clinton b 9 - - 1825 m Emily Crouse 8-1-1855 (Dut Ref Ch St. Johnsville record).

M 2. Hunter Quackenbush (E & N 8-25-'37), son of David and Ann (Scott) Quackenbush. One child of this union was forbear of Marx Cristman of Herkimer, N.Y.

33. VI. Anna m 23 Jacob Joh ch under his name.

34. VII. Magdalena E & N 8-25-'37: "was the wife of Adam A. Walrath in 1786."

35 VIII. Peter (E & N 3-18-'36).

7 Conrad (2).

  b probably about 1722, as the will of Hendrick dated July 12-1742 mentions son Conrad as one of three children still minors.

In 1755 Conrad is found as one of the petitioners to the Hon. James deLancy for an application for a land patent, of land lying between the two Canada creeks and 25 miles back of the river (meaning, of course, the Mohawk). (From the genealogy of the Klock family in the Library of the State of New York in Albany.)

From Joseph G. Klock's letter No. 16 pub in a series by the E 7 N of St. Johnsville, N.Y.: "Conrad was living on Lot No. 18 of the Harrison Patent when Isaac Vrooman surveyed Lot No. 19 for Sir Wm Johnson in October 1764".

Conrad was a pvt. in Col. Jacob Klock's Reg't, the 2nd Tryon Co., N.Y. Militia.

Conrad settled at Sullivan, N.Y. in 1791 or 1792, coming from Canajoharie Castle. His wife apparently had died before he located in Sullivan. From Simms Frontiersman Vol . II. pg 503, the following! "Conrad and sons Jacob, Adam & Joseph, first settlers of Fairfield were surprised and carried into captivity int he Invasion of Fairfield, March 1778. They enlised in the British service to embrace an opportunity to return home and coming down with an invading army improved a favorable oportunity to rejoin their friends". Conrad and sons prisoners came back to Lot No. 18 owned by Conrad's brother George.

From Media- Co., N.Y. History by John W. Smith, we have the following: Lenox Towen Pg 137: "in the year 1792 Conrad Klock, and hie sons Joseph, John & Conrad, settled on Lenox territory as the first pioneers, locating on the Cowasselon Creek, on the site of Clockvilie, which took its name from them, and descendants of thin family have been prominent in this vicinity many years".

Records of Families who settled in Madison Co., on lands of Indian purchase of 1802, prepared by W. H. Tuttle of Clockville, Historian of Madison Co., and compiled by the Montgomery Co. Department of History & Archives, at Fonda, N.Y. Dec. 15th 1935, gives: "The first permanent settlement in the purchase of 1802, was made by Conrad Klock, with his sons John, Joseph, and Conrad, Jr. They came from Canajoharie Castle".

* Conrad was a man, of powerful physique who when his ammunition ran out, wielded a huge club over the craniums of several of the enemy. (S 0 K) .

Albany record gives Conrad's wife as Anna Elizabeth Dygert b about 1730- W. Tuttle, Madison Co., N.Y. Historian said there were probably besides the sons three daughters, Peggy, Lany and Caty. These were located later in Conrad's will and are placed as A B and C under Conrad's number. In his will, Conrad left among other bequests $10.00 equally divided between his children, Adam, John, Joseph Jacob--and his daughters Peggy, Laney and Caty". The bulk of his estate went to Conrad, Jr. John and Joseph went to Brewerton, N.Y. in 1815, and used the "K" spelling of their names. Conrad, Jr. and Adam remained in Clockville, and Adam used the "C" spelling. In 1946 H L C W and Mr. Williams interviewed Mr. Tuttle in Clockville, and took a picture of the Conrad farm house. The original house was made into a barn and torn down in 1909.

126 Adam built the present house. In 1948 the farm was still owned by a Conrad descendant, 538 Fred Adam Clock. It was then sold to a Mr. Hutchinson, a gentleman farmer from New Jersey, who in turn sold to his tenant farmer, Lomond Berry, whose wife is 541 B. Mary Lois Watkins, a Conrad descendant.


36. I. John

37. II. Joseph

38. III. Conrad, Jr.

39. IV. Adam (was deeded the farm by Conrad, Jr. in 1823)

40. V. Jacob m Hannah Forbes and lived in Fairfield, N.Y.

VI. 7 A. Peggy

VII. 7 B. Laney

VIII. 7 C. Caty

Conrad died in 1816 and was buried in Clockville Cemetery, without a stone*

 8 Adam (2)

Lieut. of Exempts. m Maria (b 1738 d 12-18-1793)

ch:41. 1. Anna m Jimmy Reily, son of Rob't Reilly.

Adam was killed at Oriskany, August 6th, 1777.

 9. Honjost (John Joseph) (2)

 Minor in 1742. m Catharine Krauss (Crouse) 2-11-1766. 6 A Dut Ref Ch record. Soldier in the Revolution. Went to Madison Co., N.Y. and owned property in Sullivan, three miles from Clock-ville.

ch: (S 0 K record)

42.I. Anna b 1-2-1767 Sprs: Johannes Bellinger and Anna Krauss. Dut Ref Ch record

43. II. Joseph b 8-19-1768 Sprs: Johann Jost Fox and Maria Elizabeth Krauss (S A Dut Ref Ch record) m Nancy b 1796

44.III. Frederick **

45. IV.Catherine **

46. V. Mary b 1776 m Geo. Bauder, brother of Loadwick Bauder.

47. VI. Delia b 1-17-1782

48. VII. Gertrude b 10-17-1783

49. VII. Eve

50. IX. Charity

51. X. Jacob Jost

52. XI. Henrich b 3-22-1789 Sprs: Hendrick and Catharine Hees. (SA record)12.

 12. Johannes * (3)

 b 9-1-1730 d 1-15-1815. Will dated 5-19-1809 probated 2-15-1817

(D A R record of wills 37815). m Margaret Schumacher (b 4-29-1738 d 9-3-1818) dau of Thomas Schumacher of Little Falls, 3-11-1760. (Trinity Lutheran ch S A Palatine Dis't records).

Johannes' farm was situated at a point near where the boundary line of Montgomery Co. joins that of Herkimer Co. at E. Canada Creek. (S 0 K). History of Southern N.Y. and Hudson River Valley, compiled by Cuyler Reynolds and pub. 1914 gives, "October 19-1780 the battle of Stone Arabia took place in the morning and the battle of Klock's Field in the afternoon. The force that took the field on both sides at Klock's Field was the largest which arrayed itself for battle on any one Revolutionary War field in the Mohawk Valley. After Stone Arabia battle 25 or 30 Americans were buried in open trench near Ft. Paris, a mile north of Stone Arabia. John (Johannes) Klock drew the bodies of Col. Brown's men thither on a sled tho' no snow on the ground". Simms, in "Frontiersmen of N.Y." says "I learned from Geo. M. Bauder, Esq., son of Michael, a ranger in the Revolution, where this burial took place". Michael's mother Magdalena (Lana) was dau of John (Johannes) and she watched the burial, After the war, Johannes moved to Oppenheim, Fulton Co., east side of Canada Creek, two miles up from the Mohawk Valley turnpike.

Johannes was a member of the 2nd Reg't Tryon Co., N.Y. Militia.

In his father's will, Johannes was given - quote - "50 acres of land lying at Stonraby, 50 acres of woodland, situated and lying at Stonraby, 5 pounds in money, and I make and ordain him as my sole executor of this, my last will and testament".


53. 1. Johannes Thomas b 1761 bp 1-24-1761 Sprs: Johan Thomas Schumacher and Hans Hendrick's ledige tochter (unm dau). (Dut Ref Ch S A). Not mentioned in father's will.

54. 11., Magdalena (Lana) b 1-20-1762 Sprs: Magdalena & Johannes Bellinger (S A). d 4-22-1838 (S 0 K has b 8-21-1762).

m Michael M. Bauder(b 1-14-1762 d 12-28-1822). Both bur back of Trinity Lutheran Ch Stone Arabia. Magdalena watched the burial of American soldiers by her father Johannes, after battle of Stone Arabia. Michael was brother of Barbara who m 56 George I. List of ch from Albany Library.


54 A. George M. b 4-24-1785 d 12-8-1881 m Elizabeth Suits(b 1786 d 1874).

54 B. Michael M. Jr. b 10-28-1789 d 4-23-1860 m Eva Schults(b 1804 d 1893).

54 c. Elizabeth

54 D. Margaret,

54 E. Mary

55. IlI. Johannes b 12-15-bp 12-25-1764 Sprs-. Johannes & ElizabethKlock (S A). Not mentioned in father's will

56. IV. George I.**

*This name spelled Klock although his father 2. Honorich, Jr. (2). Used the Clock spelling.

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