Thursday, September 1, 1892


The weather was rainy & bad. We all did chores in the morning. The threshing machine moved up to Uncle Joel's last night. We straightened the stones in front of the house. I took the bay team & went to the Falls with the platform wagon after Cousin Mamie Weatherwax & Eddie. I took 32# of sage cheese to the Co-Op Store & got $3.52 for it. I took 8 1/2# of butter to Currans & 9 3/4# to McGuire & got $2 of Curran & $2.30 of McGuire. I got $17.04 of Adams for John's load of O'Hara hay. I drew $15 on J. Carney's postal order. I paid the Co-Op Store $1.13 for goods & paid the Grange store $2.80 for 2 dozen salmon, 1 can of lobster 20 cents, 1 dozen dried beef $1.08, & 5 dozen lemons $1.75, 2# of coffee 60 cents, 1 can of cherries 10 cents. I paid J. Zoller $1.65 for 15# of loin & 15# of shoulder was $1.20, & 11 3/4# of ham cost $1.59. I paid D. Snell 15 cents for the weigh bill in full. The horse bill was 15 cents. The $17.04 for the O'Hara hay, I used in settling some estate accounts.

In the forenoon, Mike leveled the mow & trimmed around the fence. John mowed weeds by hand. After dinner, John helped Goodells thresh. Kaine took his wife & son to the Falls with Nellie & the sidebar. Charlie Blowers hurried the cheese out & went berrying with black Fan & the end spring. He & his wife got only about 10 quarts. J. W. Thompson came here to learn about the camping party. Kaine got 4 1/2# of the shoulder meat at 8 cents, charged.

Friday, September 2, 1892

Today was very nice. We all did chores. We then tended to the pigs, and washed the platform wagon. Then John & Mike went down to Goodell's to help thresh & helped all day. Hannah Kaine helped today & they mended bags. Isacc Horr came & got our truck wagon with the rigging on for Goodell's use drawing grain. I took the pigs from their mother, leveled the hay mow & got one hogshead out & filled it with water for the threshing. Eddie went down to Uncle Will's & he & Harry Weatherwax came here to dinner. They then went back again.

I cleaned up the bay team and got the rig ready for Carrie to go to the Falls after the girls to go camping but they did not come. Carrie took Feeter 9 1/4# of butter and 5 1/2# of butter to Buskirk. They did not pay her. Beaumont paid her $1 for the vinegar. She got the 2# of coffee at the Grange which I paid for yesterday. She left 1 set of coil springs at the barn for Dr. Rowe to use. She got the check from Francisco for the O'Hara hay in full, $17.32. Welch paid her $3.75 on his account for the O'Hara hay.

Charles & I got the hay out of the old barn & put it with the other O'Hara hay in the old horse barn. We also leveled the front stones at Kaine's house. Agnes Houpt came & J. W. T. came here & stayed in the evening with W. Goodell. Agnes obliged the use of her cakes & c.

Nancy worked 1 milking. Mrs. Kaine worked 1 day.

Saturday, September 3, 1892

Today was very pleasant. All did chores. John & Kaine went down to Goodell's to thresh. I cleaned the horses & let the cows in the after feed. Goodell's have had 4 days' work in all. They got back & mowed our peas. I got the water down to the barn ready for the engine & picked up some wood. The machine came right after dinner. We set up & threshed grass seed & 78 bushels of oats in all. 11 bushels were the O'Hara grain. Goodell returned our wagon but would not help today. Keller sent 2 men. We drew the straw up to the cow barn.

After dinner, Carrie took old Lill & the platform wagon & took Agnes to Little Falls. Then she and Cora called at Maud Broat's & Maud came home with them. They stopped at Uncle Joel's on the way home. Eddie came back today.

Charlie Blowers washed the sidebar. Nancy helped milk. Mrs. Blowers worked 1 day.

Sunday, September 4, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. All did chores. I mowed 1 load away which had been dumped in the bay. I cleaned black Fanny, salted the cows & horses. Eddie & I caught a dove in the cupola of the cow barn. Cora went home to her Father's & took Maud home. Mother rode down to Aunt Maryetta's with them. Ettie came in the afternoon & got about 4# of butter (gift) & 2 gallons of vinegar (gift) & she paid 87 cents for a batch of butter which she got before this. Mother gave me 55 cents which J. Pickert paid her for 11 dozen of lemons. Mamie came home about 8 o'clock with Cora. Ettie took our Nell & her rig & went down to Aunt Maryetta's. Mother came home with her. J. Hoover was here hunting squirrels & shot 8 red ones in the lower orchard. J. W. T. came to spend the evening & went for a drive with Carrie. The threshers came after Cora and I were to bed & we got up & changed to give them a place to sleep.

Monday, September 5, 1892

The weather was cloudy & it rained in the afternoon. Nancy & Mrs. Blowers milked in the morning. John & I got both teams harnessed. We got a load of straw off in the old barn. Then we got a load off in the cow barn. I mowed it away. John set the fork & Kaine drove. Then we had breakfast. After breakfast, Kaine went to McEvoy's to get another man to help thresh. He came & 2 from Goodell's & 2 from Keller's. John & I drew straw until the wind blew so hard we had to quit. We finished in the lower barn. Then we cleaned up & we put 1 load of straw in the horse barn & 5 in the old barn. We threshed 82 bushel of barley & 192 bushel of oats. We got all the grain up, and left one load on the wagon & drew the engine up with both teams. Eddie & Harry drove Nellie some on the horse fork. We put some straw in the cow barn.

Charlie Blowers and the two women did the night milking. The rest of us kept at the straw until dark.

Tuesday, September 6, 1892

Today was rainy till about 11 o'clock. Goodell's 2 men came to help thresh, & Keller's 2 men, & McEvoy's 1 man. We got the horses ready, and got the water. Snell drew the cleaner up & set it up. We got the grain emptied & it rained so we could not thresh on account of the rain till 11 o'clock. We got cleaned up at the lower barn. We got about 55 bushel of grain out of the O'Hara grain & threshed 302 bushel in all today. Blowers hung the door & Nancy helped milk. The wind blew very hard but we put some straw in the cow barn. We left some full bags out & covered the canvas over them.

Wednesday, September 7, 1892

The weather was lowery. Goodell's sent 2 men, & Keller sent 2 men, and McEvoy 1 man. They worked 1 day as we finished at 10:30. They all stayed until after dinner. Then John took the black team & moved the engine to H. Hartman's.

Kaine & I drew a load of straw in the barn. Then I got 8 bags of grist in the wagon & loaded 2 sage cheese & 2 plain cheese. Kaine and I went to Little Falls. Mother rode down with us to Uncle Joel's. I let Kaine have $5, paid 69 cents for the grist, paid J. O'Hara $5 on the grain account, which leaves $18. 1 got $6.49 for the sage cheese & $7.24 on the plain from Youker. I paid for grapes 8 cents & 30 cents for 1 bushel of tomatoes from Youker.

I had all the shoes set on the bay team & paid Teft $1.20 in full. I paid 50 cents for a pair of glasses for self. We got home about 8 o'clock. I sold J. G. Jackson 1 load of straw at $7 per ton.

When we finished threshing, we had 772 bushels of grain total, with 82 bushels of barley, and 690 bushels of oats, & 200 pounds of grass seed. Snell's bill of $25 was paid in full. He finished about 11 A.M.

Thursday, September 8, 1892

Today was very pleasant. We all did chores. Kaine then went home. I helped John get started with the load of straw. We tied up the reaches. He took the black team & took the load down to J. G. Jackson. The total was $17.90 at $7 @ ton, (no pay). I sent $10 with John & he paid Gage for some feed he got. He paid Gage $8.83 in all. John paid 15 cents to Snell for the weighing, & paid 25 cents for some fly paper & powder. He came home & dug potatoes & c.

I got Cora's horse ready for her to go to her Father's. I drove the sheep in another pasture, and found 1 dead one in the field. I fixed the spreader, oiled it up & in the afternoon, I took the bay team & the spreader & went over to Fred's & he had his manure all out so I stayed & helped him dig potatoes. I came home to milking. Charles, John & I milked. Kaine bought some meal for $1.25. Kaine took the meal down on a wheelbarrow at night.

Friday, September 9, 1892

The weather was very pleasant. We all did chores. Then John drew manure with the black team all day. I cleaned up in the hog pen, stirred the oats & fixed places to empty some grain in the hog pen. Then Kaine & I dug potatoes.

After dinner, we put up 6 bags of grain for grist & picked up potatoes. Carrie took Bay Fanny & went to Pickert's & stayed & Mother came home. I took Jess & went to the Corners. I saw Congdon & he agreed to pay me the money all due on the 17th or the 18th. I got our pistol from Stahl & got 81 cents in meat from Congdon. Kaine finished getting 9 bushel of market potatoes. The three men milked alone.

Saturday, September 10, 1892

Today was pleasant but cloudy. We all did chores. Then Kaine & I walked down to the orchard & saw which apples to pick. Then we turned the grain.

I got ready for the Falls. Kaine got the black team ready & put 9 bushel of potatoes in the platform wagon. I put the team in the Blacksmith shop. I went up to May's office & the Duly case had been postponed 2 weeks. I sold the potatoes at 45 cents & got $4.05 for them. John Cashmer & his family went to the Falls with Jess & then to Utica. I let him have $10. 1 paid $8.50 for some yellow paint & oil. I let Carrie have $3. She went to the Falls with Bay Fannie & the sidebar. Kaine got 5 1/4# pork 42 cents, & 3# of butter 70 cents. I paid 43 cents for peaches, plums, & celery. I paid 15 cents for 3 globes & $1.20 to have horses shod. I came home early & helped pick potatoes & get some peas. Kaine picked 4 bushel of market apples & 11 bushel of cider apples. Blowers did not do much. He went home in the afternoon & was there a long time. John came home about 8 o'clock. John lost 1 day's work.

Sunday, September 11, 1892

Today was pleasant. All did chores in the morning but John. Nancy milked in his place. Kaine went home right after breakfast. I took care of the horses, and turned the grain. Nancy got 1# 5 oz. of butter - 31 cents. Wiseman got 12 1/2# pork, $1 charged. I paid Mrs. Blowers $2.95 for her labor & the berries. I wrote several letters. In the evening, Carrie & Cora took Mother down to Uncle Joel's & she stayed. They got back about dark. Then J. W. T. & Ben Faville came & we all stayed up till 1:20.

The cows broke in the east end of the meadow & got in the corn. Charles saw them & came up & reported & I helped get them out. Nancy milked in John's place tonight.

Monday, September 12, 1892

The weather was cloudy all day. We all did chores. Then Kaine, John, & I dug 9 bushel of potatoes. I got ready for the village with the jar of butter for Currans, 20# net. The boys got the bay team ready, unloaded the grain, drew a load of wood in the woodhouse, and then brought some apples to the house. I took 9 bushel of potatoes, 4 bushel of apples, & 15 cheese to the village. VanAlstyne bought 42# of cheese at 91 cents = $3.97. Youker bought 86# at 9 cents = $8.17. The Co-Op Store bought 33# of sage cheese at 11 cents = $3.63 & Feeter bought 4, 56# of plain cheese. I received pay for all except Feeter's & he paid me for a shipment of some time since at $34.56. 1 got 45 cents for all of the potatoes = $4.05 & the butter - $4.60 from Mrs. Currans & sold $1.25 worth of apples & got the pay. I paid 90 cents for tomatoes for Ettie & 15 cents for us, 45 cents for baking powder from Youker, 18 cents for peppers & 24 cents for peppers from VanAlstyne's, 25 cents dinner & 15 cents horse bill, 75 cents S & S Horse bit, 4 cents yeast cakes, & 25 cents 1 pk onions from the Co-Op. Cora went to the Falls with the buggy & old Lill and brought Mother home with her. Carrie went down at night to stay with Aunty. Kaine took her.

The boys buried the dead sheep, fixed fence & got corn out for the cows. They also stirred the grain, & dug potatoes. Dubois fixed my pistol for free. I paid 22 cents for a pound box of powder from Smith.

I saw Eugene Petrie at the canal bridge and spoke to him about the note. He said he had been sick but was now working on full time. He said he had $45.00 in the old bank and would pay if I could have them wait on it till Oct. 1st. He said that he would get his full pay then and that he would pay the note sure. He also said that he would leave me some game chickens at the Hotel barn and besides he would pay me for all my trouble.

Tuesday, September 13, 1892

There were indications of rain in the afternoon. In the morning, Cora & I got ready for the State Fair. I got the horse ready & we went down to Uncle Joel's & got Carrie there to drive down with us with Black Fan & the sidebar. We broke the spring on the way down. I had Benedict fix it & put the horse in Welch's barn. Carrie got home about 2 o'clock.

We were 2 minutes too late for the West Shore train so we got the 8:13 special on the New York Central. We got in Syracuse at 10:5 & took the West Shore train to the Fairground. It rained in the afternoon at the State Fair & stopped the races. We took the 6:02 train for Baldwinsville & went up & stayed all night with Uncle James Bellinger & family. He has a very nice & pleasant place. Cora and I had a very nice day.

The boys pitched straw over, fixed the potato bin, and dug some potatoes. Nancy milked in my place.

Wednesday, September 14, 1892

The weather was quite pleasant today. We slept rather late, then after breakfast, we viewed Uncle James' tobacco sheds & farm & orchard & find a large crop of apples & a good crop of corn & about 5 tons of tobacco & a very nice horse barn & plenty of grapes. We took the 11:45 train to the Fairground & saw the chariot running & trotting & hurdle races & c. We came home on the 8 PM train. John & Mike were down to meet us with the platform wagon & the black team. My expenses on the round trip were $8. 1 let Kaine have $1.

Crofoot got 6# of butter, $1.36 & paid $1.96 for tomatoes & butter. Blowers lost 1 day yesterday & today working at his potatoes = 33 cents. The boys dug potatoes today. Mrs. Blowers milked in my place. I settled with both for milking in my place.

Thursday, September 15, 1892

It was pleasant all day. All did chores. Kaine & I got the two Fannies ready & Blowers & his wife & Kaine & I went to the Newport Fair. I paid the horse bill & got my own dinner. The Fair was slim but an ordinary crowd was there. My expense was $1.70. We got started back from Newport about 7 o'clock. It was rather chilly & I took cold. I let Kaine have $2 & he lost 1 day & I let Blowers have $1 twice = $2 & 1 day lost time - 66 cents.

Mother made the cheese. John was to work mowing weeds, and fixing fence. Sydney Ransom came here & got 6 lambs & paid $30 for them. Mrs. Blowers scolded Charles very hard.

Friday, September 16, 1892

Today was pleasant, cool, and cloudy. All did chores in the morning. I did some writing. The boys got out some sowed corn with the black team. Kaine dug potatoes a little while, then went in the barn & laid down & went to sleep & did not come to dinner nor to supper nor help milk but went home about the regular time. John & I went in the orchard & picked about 12 bushel of apples. After dinner, we put up some grain for grist & picked out 12 bushel of potatoes & I took both to the Falls with the black team. I got $5.40 for the potatoes & left the grist at mill. I went down to Diemel's & brought up 2120# of coal & paid $5.30 for it. I paid 40 cents for vanilla at Youker' & bought 1 butter bowl of Young for 50 cents. Kaine lost 3/4 day 66 cents. The girls in the house helped with the milking and other chores.

Saturday, September 17, 1892

Today was pleasant & cool. We all did chores. The boys got the bay team & the truck wagon ready & got the cider barrels, the keg & the apples loaded. Then they put 1850# of hay on top while I rinsed the barrels & C. & got all ready to go. I took the hay to Jackson at $15 per ton. Then I drove to the mill and unloaded the apples, then went up to Welch's put the team in & fed them grain. I got some sausage & meat of J. Zoller & pork loin & paid 25 cents & $11.49.

Monday, September 19, 1892

The weather was pleasant. We all did chores. I got ready for the Falls with the bay team. I took 15 cheese to the village. The Co-operative Store took 64# of sage, no pay. Youker bought 87# of plain & VanAlstyne 42# of plain, no pay. I paid the Grange Store 28 cents for a corn knife. I sent 10 cheese to Mrs. C. M. Feeter at 10 cents, no pay, weighing 448#. 1 paid Burrell 70 cents for 2 thermometers. I paid Deimel $5.03 for 2250# of coal & paid J. E. O'Haro $18, the balance on the grain. Kaine sent 75 cents for 1 pair of suspenders & a pair of overalls. They cost just that much. I got them & paid 25 cents to have his boy's shoes fixed. He got 1# 7 oz. of butter at night, 33 cents. I paid Dr. Douglas for some cough medicine for Nancy, 50 cents, & $1.25 in all to settle for her labor & milking. I paid 18 cents for some cabbages at the Co-op & paid Leahy 60 cents, to repair the wagon. I also took down 10 bushel of potatoes to Harrigan & got $4.50 for them.

In the evening, I went to Fairfield & got Congdon's order cashed by Warne, $50 to apply on Congdon's account for the cows.

The boys dug potatoes in the forenoon. Blowers was hunting squirrel in the afternoon. Mike & John dug potatoes all afternoon.

Wednesday, September 21, 1892

The weather was pleasant. All did chores. The boys got some corn out & went to digging potatoes & finished the large piece, leaving a piece of head land. I got the bay team & the milk wagon ready & 8 dozen eggs & took Cora home to stay. Then I went to the Falls, sold the eggs to VanAlstyne at 20 cents & got the pay of $1.60 & the pay for 42# of cheese at 10 cents = $4.20. I got $8.60 of Youker for 86# of cheese in full. I got 2250# of coal of Diemel & paid him $5.63 for it. I paid 10 cents for a spring to lock & 50 cents for postage stamps, and 35 cents for grapes.

In the evening, I paid Stahl 74 cents for some fish & let Nancy have 19 cents worth to balance the accounts with her for milking. I got home early & I helped unload the potatoes & pick another load. Blowers made cheese & went hunting about 1 day.

Thursday, September 22, 1892

Today was rainy. We all did chores, then the boys got some sowed corn out with the bays. Then they put a load of hay on out of the shed. I heat the box & axle on the platform wagon & got the box off. Then I got ready & went to the Falls with the hay & the bay team & the truck wagon. I had on 1860# of hay & took it to Frank Ford.

I shot 3 squirrels in the morning & took 2 to Aunt Maryetta. She is very sick today.

It began to rain when I was about halfway to the Falls & the hay got pretty wet. Ford was out of town & I paid 25 cents to a man to help put it in. My weigh bill was 15 cents. I paid the difference on Ettie's note, $6.09 & paid Mother's Grange insurance assessment to J. Smith in Herkimer by money order, $5.33 & paid Benedict $1.75 in full for repairs to the spring & to set the box in the wheel & the front piece of harness, 25 cents. I paid Newell & Little $4.95 for 1500 shingles, and the Grange 50 cents for cloves, nails, & raisins. I had Leahy set the tires on the truck wagon & paid him $3.25. My horse bill was 15 cents, & 1 bbl salt from Gage was 95 cents. I received of Feeter $29.98 for the shipment of cheese on Aug 29th & it should be $32.77 for 240# at 7 3/4 cents = $18.60 & 162# at 8 3/4 cents = $14.17. Also I received $2.17 cash in full for butter & the balance in full of Edic for butter & cheese, $18.22. 1 did not see Ford at all.

The boys dug some potatoes, cut some sowed corn & got bbls. of potatoes in the cellar & picked up the little ones.

Friday, September 23, 1892

Today was cloudy & bad. All did chores in the morning. Then I shot 1 dove & went in the orchard & shot 2 squirrels. The boys cleaned the pig pen, and got out some sowed corn. Then we got about 150 bushel of oats in the wagon house & put them in the granary. We spread some small potatoes in the wagon house.

After dinner, the boys took the bay team & the milk wagon & went down to the burying ground to set the foot stone. I took black Fan & the buggy & took Mother down to Aunt Maryetta's. Then I went to the burying ground & helped set the foot stone & straighten up generally.

I then went after Cora down to the brick house. We started for home. Aunt Delight was sick for a few days but is better today. We stopped in to see her. We took some crabapples to her & to Pickert's. When we got home, Carrie was milking. I helped finish the milking.

Blowers made cheese & then went out & shot 4 squirrels. I learned today that Ed & Maud were to be married soon. I sold the little rifle to Blowers tonight for $4.50 with the privilege of using it 2 days each week.

Saturday, September 24, 1892

It was very cloudy all day but it did not rain. We had a very severe thunderstorm last night & a hard shower. We all did chores, then the boys hitched Jess to the buggy. I got ready & took 3 dozen eggs to the village. I let Mrs. Buskirk have them & got 60 cents, pay. We tried the D. Dooley case & find him swearing that he paid the money. He also had two witnesses who swore he saw him pay the money. Consequently, we withdrew this action & paid the $2.60 cost & I paid J. W. Fitzgerald for his trouble in the case, $1. 1 paid Youker 35 cents, for a basket of grapes & Wm Feeter $2.60 for two baskets of peaches & 10 cents for the horse bill. I got the jars of Buskirk & Edic to fill with butter. I got the stove pipe of Lamb. Dr. Rowe paid me $1 for a pair of springs on his cart which were mine.

The boys put the potatoes in the cellar from the barn & spread some others in the barn to dry, cleaned some grass seed, cut corn & picked 3 bushel of potatoes. Blowers made cheese & returned Madigan's tools home, and then hunted for some time.

Sunday, September 25, 1892

Today was cloudy but pleasant. We all did chores. Then the boys got out some sowed corn. I cleaned the barn, did some writing, and salted the sheep & calves. Carrie came home about 10:30 from Aunt Maryetta's. She is better, she rested well last night. Carrie went to see Mrs. Edwards about making a dress for her. Mr. & Mrs. Ritter came here to spend the day. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bellinger & child were here to spend the afternoon & evening.

In the afternoon, Kaine took Black Fannie & the end spring buggy & went to the Falls. Mrs. Blowers milked in his place & as we were viewing the farm & buildings, I got Nancy to milk in my place. This makes us square on the fish & everything.

Monday, September 26, 1892

It rained hard last night & is blustery today. We all did chores. I did some writing. The boys got the horses in & drew out some sowed corn with the bay team. John churned the butter. Kaine & I got 4 pigs boxed for VanValkenburg, 2 out of the litter of 6 and 2 out of the litter of nine. VanValkenburg got them off of the wagon & paid $3 each for the oldest & $2 each for the youngest or $10 in all cash. I took 12 cheese, also & we cut one & kept all but 22# which I took to Youker. I took 2 to VanAlstyne, 91# no pay. I got 11 cents for the 64# of sage cheese at the Co Op = $7.36. 1 paid him $1.20 for a sack of flour & 16 cents for sapolio. I paid Leahy 35 cents for repairs on the chains & I paid Zoller 40 for 1 3/4# of sage & 40 cents for my dinner & horse bill. I saw J. Carney & asked him to settle next week, & also J. Jackson.

We weaned the pigs & the sows fit so they had to be separated. The boys cleaned the woodshed, and threshed peas. I paid 13 cents for a steel rat trap at the fair store.

Tuesday, September 27, 1892

Today was cold and rather cloudy but dry. All did chores. Then Mother and I went to the Falls with Jess and the sidebar. We saw Mr. Loomis regarding the settling of Herman Kilts' Estate. I asked the Judge to publish a notice to creditors. Uncle Willard Keller was with us & we all concluded that it was necessary to sell it. We all had dinner at Rockton & I paid $1.05.

I paid VanAlstyne 32 cents for coffee, 10 cents to treat Keller & Brockett & 10 cents for the horse bill. I gave $10 cash to Mother & $12 cash to Carrie at home. I received $9.10 of VanAlstyne for cheese & $2.20 of Youker for cheese.

I saw Harvey & he said that if we could get someone else to cut the inscription on the Monument, to do so, as he was willing. We made arrangements with Mr. Johnson to cut it for 30 cents per letter.

The boys were cutting corn all day but had to lay it down as it was so windy.

Wednesday, September 28, 1892

Today was windy, cold, & cloudy. We all did chores in the morning. I got ready & took Carrie to the Falls with Black Fan & the sidebar to get the early train to the Herkimer Fair. She got the train. She let me have $6 to send to Miss VanAlstyne, Raynestown & I did so by registered letter & paid 12 cents expense. I deposited Maggie's check & got credit for $75. 1 got a check of Feeter for shipment of 456# of cheese at 9 1/2 cents & he paid 95 cents too much. I paid 66 cents for some beef & came home by way of Fayette Foxes. I saw him about his account & he said he would come up the first rainy day. I got home at noon.

In the afternoon, I took 4 lambs to Dolgeville to Ransom but got no pay. I saw J. H. Mang about Steve's note & he said he would see Steve. I paid Adam Bellinger $45, the interest on his note of $750. The note was made Sept. 27th 1889. 1 got home in good season. The boys cut corn.

Mother took old Lill & the buggy & went down to Pickert's & stayed all night. Aunty P. was better this morning.

Mrs. Bellinger said that she scarcely thought her Father loaned Herman any money.

Thursday, September 29, 1892

Today was a pleasant day. We all did chores. The boys got the bay team in & drew out some sowed corn with them. I took the team & drew manure from the yard to the little meadow with them. The boys set & tied up the field corn which they had cut, and pulled beans. After dinner, they finished the beans & potatoes - got about 3 bushel. Then they went in the lower orchard & picked apples. Blowers made the cheese, got green stuff ready for tomorrow & piled a little wood & went to Ritter's to get a dog, that's all. The dog hid & he could not get him.

Mother did not come back & I concluded Aunt Maryetta Pickert is worse.

Friday, September 30, 1892

The weather today was very pleasant. All did chores. Then we got ready & drove Nell & the sidebar down to Pickert's to learn how they were as Mother did not come home. The Doctor was there bandaging her limbs. I waited a little while & saw her. She is very sick & vomiting very black stuff. The tumor is cancerous for the past ten days & has eaten in her stomach. The Doctor concluded that if she fails as she had for the last 24 hours, that she could not live long. Mother stays & keeps the horse there to use for them.

I came home about 10:30. John was drawing manure with the bay team & Kaine was picking apples. I went & helped him till noon. This afternoon, we took the black team & drew wood in the shed. Blowers & his wife wiped some of the cheese tables & then Blowers helped me a little to pile wood. John got out 15 loads, then he & Kaine went down to John's house.

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