Book 1

Some of the names begin with a lower case letter. The person who did the copy from the original text in the 1930's typed the names in this manner. The present day typists followed the same format.



von=from (Canajoharie, Palatine, Canadaya Lake [Canada Lake], Caqunewagha or Caugnawagha is the present day Fonda. Danube or Canajoharie Castle is Indian Castle Church. )

Anne Sears, typing volunteer.

Page 3.

Parentes Christoph Fox, von Palatine Catharina Fox, gebohrne Hess 13th Julii Infans. Johann friederich gebohren den 18tn May 1788 Testes friederich Getman Anna Eva Getman
Parentes Garret Van Schleyk, im Canajoharrie Castle Anna Von Schleyk, gebohrne Mebie 10tn Augusti Infans. Elisabeth Testes David P. Schuyler Elisabeth Mebie
Parentes Peter Mersch, im Canajoh: Castle Dorothea Mersch, geb. Mebie 10tn Augusti Infans Stephan Testes Abraham Mebie Rachel fetterli
Parentes Heinrich Hees, im Palatine Catharina Hees, geb: Bellinger 10tn Augusti Infans. Johann Jost Testes. Johannes Krieg Elizabeth Debusin
Parentes Alexander Mieseles, im Palatine Dorothea Mieseles, geb. Walther 17tn Aug: Infans. Johannes Testes. Adam Walther Anna Fox
Parentes Johannes Konnikum, im Canaj. Castle Margaretha Konnikum 17tn Augusti Infans. Johannes Testes Johannes Wendeker Catharina Wendeker

Translations. BAPTISMAL REGISTER 1788
Parents Christoph Fox, of Palatine Catharina Fox, born (i. e. maiden name) Hess July 13 Infant Johann Friederick, born Mary 18, 1788 Witnesses Freiderich Getman Anna Eva Getman

Page 4
1788 Parentes Johannes Helmen, von Palatine Magdalena Helmen, geb: Ehle 30n Augusti Infans. Johannes Testes. Johannes Ehle Elisabeth Ehle
Parentes Niclaus Koch Magdalena Koch 31tn Augusti Infans Anna Testes. Salomon Youker Anna Joran
Parentes Johannes Zimmerman 14tn Septembris Infans Elisabeth Testes
Parentes Heinrich Zimmerman, von Schnellenbusch Margaretha Zimmerman, geb. Bellinger 16tn Septembris Infans Magdalena Testes Peter Bellinger Magdalena fehling
Parentes Georg Staring, von Schnellenbusch Anna Staring 20tn Septembris Infans Dorothea Testes Johannes Staring Dorothea Zimmerman
Note. Observe that this record shows the DATE OF BAPTISM in the first column, and that very few dates of birth appear.

Page 5.
Parentes Peter Killsz, von Schnellenbusch Margaretha Killsz 21tn Septembris Infans. Conrad Testes
Parentes Jacob Keller Maria Keller 21tn Septembris Infans Wilhelm Testes
Parentes Datt Kennedy Nancy Kennedy 25tn Septembris Infans. Robert Johnston, gebohren im May 1787 Testes John Johnston Maria Hauss
Parentes Johannes fehling, von Palatine Elisabetha fehling, geb: Schmid 5tn Octobris Infans. Johann Dieterich Testes. Johannes Lauer Maria Schmid
Parentes Isac Von Camp Jannike Van Camp 12tn Octobris Infans. Sara Testes. Moses Von Camp Elisabeth Von Camp
Parentes Georg Rapon, von Palatine Elisabeth Rapon, geb: fehling 25tn Octobris Infans. Anna Testes. Peter Ocher Magdalena fehling
Parentes Philipp Herder, auf German flacht * Catharina Herder, geb: Philips 2tn Novembris Infans. Anna Testes Wilhelm Philips Anna Margaretha Herder
Parentes Johannes Palsli Catharina Palsli 3tn Novembris Infans. Jacob Testes Jacob Hubel Maria Hubel
Translation. * GERMAN FLATTS

Page 6.
Parentes Heinrich Gerber, von Palatine Maria Gerber, geb: Deinman 5tn Novembris Infans. Peter Testes. Peter fox Elisabeth Eigenbrod
Parentes Elias Heid Sara Heid 9tn Novembris Infans. Daniel Testes Justinus
Parentes Niclaus Hauss, im Canajoh. Castle Catharina Hauss, geb: Spon 9tn Novembris Infantes Conrad )Zwillinge Nicolaus ) Testes Wilhelm fox Margaretha fox Georg Hahn Catharina Hauss
Parentes Joseph Pikard Magdalena Pikard, geb: fort 16tn Novembris Infans. Andreas Testes. Christian Plotau Catharina fort
Parentes Isaac Ellwood, im Canajoh. Castle Magdalena Ellwood, geb: Schneider 16tn Novembris Infans. Isaac Testes. Jacob Von Ahle Magdalena Sanders
Parentes Jacob C. Klock, von Palatine Anna Klock 23tn Novembris Infans. Elisabeth Testes
Parentes Georg Tyffendorf, von Canajoharrie Catharina Tyffendorf, geb. fox 23tn Novembris Infans. Margaretha Testes Johannes Wendeker Catharina Wendeker

Page 7.
Parentes Philipp fehling, von Palatine Margaretha fehling, geb: Zimmerman 7tn Decembris Infans. Catharina Testes. Wilhelm Zimmerman Catharina Zimmerman
Parentes Georg Hauss, im Canaj. Castle Maria Hauss, geb: Mebie 14tn Decembris Infans. Conrad Testes Bartholomeus Mebie Margaretha freymaurer
Parentes Johannes Hauss Magdalena Hauss, geb: Staring 14tn Decembris Infans. Maria Testes Martin Von Schleyk Maria Von Schleyk
Parentes Nehemiah Hubel Lucredy Hubel 21tn Decembris Infantes John Shubel, gebohren im aprill 1785 Thim, gebohren in august 1786 Testes John Gottlieb Braun Maria Crennel Johannes fehling Anna Glok
Parentes Jacob Keller, von Canajoharrie Magdalena Keller, geb: Nellis 29tn Decembris Infans. Jacob Testes. Johannes Nellis Anna Nellis

Page 8.
Parentes Heinrich Empade, von geisberg Magdalena Empade 4tn Januarii Infans. Jacob Testes Johannes Susanna
Parentes William Nicols, von Schneidersbusch Catharina Nicols, geb: Reay 10tn Januarii Infans. John, gebohren den 12tn May 1788 Testes Simon Nicolls Anna Nicolls
Parentes Jacob gower Hauss, von Schneidersbusch Catharina Hauss, geb: Wendeker 11tn Januarii Infans. Conrad Testes Conrad Pikard Catharina Petri
Parentes Heinrich Scheffer, von Schnellenbusch Anna Scheffer, geb: Schnell 11tn Januarii Infans Magdalena Testes Conrad Zimmerman Magdalena
Parentes Christian Plotau, von Schnellenbusch Catharina Plotau 11tn Januarii Infans. Catharina Testes Gottlieb Braun Catharina Schnell
Parentes Thomas Muscher von Gaissberg Guelia Muscher 11tn Januarii Infans Dines Testes Johannes Bakos Magdalena Bakos
Parentes David Chesti, von Schnellenbusch non Maria Dachi nupti* 11tn Januarii Infans. John Johannes Meyer Catharina Meyer
Parentes John frevel Anna frevel 17tn Januar. Infans Thomas gebohren den 13 May 1788 Testes Thomas Young Maria Lise Young

Page 9.
Parentes David Meyer von Canajoh: Castle Anna Meyer, geb: Teygert 18tn Januarii Infans Elisabetha Testes friderich Herder Maria Lise Herder
Parentes Johann Jost Louks, von Canaj: Castle Margaretha Louks, geb: Mebie 1tn februarii Infans. Peter Testes Peter Louks Margaretha Louks
Parentes Peter Hauss, von Gaissberg Anna Hauss, geb: Doreschad 7tn februarii Infans. Maria Testes Adam Scheffer Susanna Scheffer
Parentes Johann Georg Yuker, von Palatine Elisabeth Yuker, geb: Schall 8tn februarii Infans Johannes Testes Niclaus Scheffer Anna Scheffer
Parentes Gottfried Hoe, von Palatine Apollonia Howe, geb: Baxter 8tn februarii Infans. Jacob Testes Jacob Zimmerman Margaretha Baxter
Parentes Michel frank, von Klesberg Catharina frank 8tn februarii Infans. Johan Georg Testes Georg Ocher Elisabeth Ocher
Parentes Johanes flander, von Tillenburg Margaretha flander, geb: Fox 12tn februarii Infans. Jacob Testes Jacob flander Elisabeth fox
Parentes Andreas Palsli, von Palatine Lea Palsli, geb: Pikard 15tn februarii Infans. Maria Testes Jacob Palsli Maria Pikard
Note. Entry No. 7 Johanes Flander. The line over the "n" indicates an "n" omitted. It is the intention in this copy to supply all omissions of this description, but in this particular case it was overlooked by the copyist; therefore the name appears as it was written in the original.

Page 10.
Parentes Peter Weber von German flacht Maria Weber 15tn februarii Infans Elisabeth Testes. Jacob Ibig Elisabeth Weber
Parentes Peter Hellegas, von Palatine Catharina Hellegas geb: Schall 22tn februarii Infans. Jacob Testes Jacob Bellinger Anna fehling
Parentes Dines flander von Palatine Magdalena flander, geb: fox 22tn februarii Infans. Peter Testes Johannas fox Anna fox
Parentes Heinrich flander, von Palatine Magdalena flander, geb: Klok 11tn februarii Infans Elisabeth Testes Georg Wild Dorothea Wild
Parentes John Young, von Canajoharrie Margaretha Young 22tn februarii Infans. Anna Testes Jacob Cordimann Anna Cordimann
Parentes Sebastian Ofenhauser, von Palatine Catharina Ofenhauser 22tn februarii Infans. Anna Catharina Testes Johannes Hess Anna Hess
Parentes Joseph Kesseler, von Palatine Margaretha Kesseler, geb: Braun 23tn februarii Infans Johann friderich Testes friderich Bellinger Catharina Bellinger
Parentes Dieterich Young, von Schneidersbusch Christina Young, geb: Scharmann 25tn februarii Infans. Margaretha gebohren den 25t Jan: 1789 Testes Mr. Paul Hochstrasser Mrs. Margaretha Paris

Page 11.
Parentes Matheus Schall, von Gaiseberg Maria Schall 1tn Martii Infans. Johannes Testes. Johannes Schall Margaretha Schall
Parentes Johann Jost Klock, von Schneidersbusch Maria Klock, geb: Gerlach 1tn Martii Infans. Johannes Testes Johannes Klock Anna Klock
Parentes Jacob J. N. Weber, von German flacht Margaretha Weber 3tn Martii Infans. Abraham Testes John Doleny Gertrud Boom
Parentes Johannes finster, von Neu Deutschland Maria friderika finster 3tn Martii Infans. Georg Testes friderich Ayrer Elisabeth Hofstetter
Parentes Jacob Lenz, von Neu Deutschland Catharina Lenz 3tn Martii Infans. Jacob Testes. Jacob Burcky Anna Burcky
Parentes Michel Wuterich, von New Deutschland Elisabeth Wuterich 3tn Martii Infans. Elisabeth Testes Jacob Lenz Elisabeth Hofstetter
Parentes Jacob Bell, von Germanflacht Elisabeth Bell 9tn Martii Infans. Margaretha Testes Johannes Me ckoms Anna Margaretha Hellmer
Parentes Adam Staring, auf dem lang Chandel Catharina Staring 9tn Martii Infans. Elisabeth Testes friderich Gemmer Catharina Staring
Parentes Johannes Seufer von Schneidersbush Anna Maria Seufer 10tn Martii Infans. Gertrud Testes Georg Louks Gertrud Louks

Page 12.
Parentes RobertG Dreh von Tillenburg Elisabeth Greh, geb: Deyggert 11tn Martii Infans Catharina Testes Jacob frisch Catharina Deyggert
Parentes Heinrich Bellinger von Palatine Anna Eva Bellinger, geb: Counterman 15tn Martii Infans Catharina Testes Michel Bader Catharina Zimmerman
Parentes Levi Odell von Oswago Elisabeth Odell 15tn Martii Infans Margaretha Testes Georg Young Margaretha Wallrath
Parentes Johannes Fink, von Stonearabie Dorothea fink, geb: fox 15tn Martii Infans. Maria gebohren den 15tn febr. 1789 Testes Peter fox Margaretha Hellegas
Parentes Wilhelm feder, von Schneidersbusch Elisabeth feder, geb: Bellinger 20tn Martii Infans. Georg Heinrich Testes Georg Heinrich Bell Catharina Bell
Parentes Johannes Petri, von Schneidersbusch Dorothea Petri 20tn Martii Infans Johann Jost, gebohren den 15tn febr: 1789 Testes Johann Jost Petri Eva Petri
Parentes Johannes Tyffendorf, von Schellenbusch Margaretha Tyffendorf 20tn Martii Infans. Dorothea Testes Georg Tyffendorf Catharina Tyffendorf
Parentes Wilhelm Zimmerman, von Palatine Catharina Zimmerman geb: fehling 22tn Martii Infans Johann Dieterich Testes Dieterich fehling Elisabeth Zimmerman

Pam Watson, typing volunteer.

Pg. 13
Parentes, Jacob fehling, von Palatine, Anna fehling, geb: fox 22nt Martii, Infans, Peter Testes, Johannes fehling, Elisabeth fehling
Parentes, Jost Klock, von Palatine, Catherina Klock, geb: Krause 22nt Martii, Infans, Heinrich Testes, Heinrick Hees, Catharine Hees
Parentes, friderich Bellinger, von Lang Candel, Magdalena Bellinger, geb: Wollever 25tn Martii, Infans, Catharina Testes, Peter Bellinger, Catharina Scha----*
Parentes, Christoph Schumacher, von Lang Candel, Elisabeth Schumacher 26tn Martii, Infans, Maria Testes, Jacob Schumacher, Maria E. frank
Parentes, friderich Hess, von Lang Candel, Anna Maria Hess, geb: Vollmer 26tn Martii, Infans, Magdalena Testes, Christoph fox, Elisabeth fox
Parentes, Johannes Kesseler , von Lang Candel, Catherina Kesseler 26tn Martii, Infans, Catharina Testes, Conrad Kesseler, Catharina Kesseler
Parentes, Conrad Lauer, von Palatine, Anna Lauer, geb: fehling 1tn Aprill, Infans, Johann Niclaus Testes, John Niclaus Pfost, Elisabeth Pfost
Note, entry No.3. The name of the witness Catharina Scha---? Has been corrected and is illegible: the name may be Schaver.

Pg. 14
Parentes , Jacob Yuker, von Palatine, Magdalena Yuker, geb: Dusler 5tn Aprill, Infans, Maria Testes, Andreas Scheffer, Maria Wallrath
Parentes, Peter P. Schuyler, von Canajoharrie Castle, Catharina Schuyler, geb: Freymaurer 10tn Aprill, Infans, Abraham, gebohren dan 29tn Martii Testes, Abraham Mebie, Margaretha Freymaurer
Parentes, David Mebie, von Canajoharrie Castle, Gertrud Mebie, geb: Freymaurer 10tn Apirll, Infans, Catharina Testes, Joseph Mebie, Catharina Mebie
Note: Some of the pages of the record are too long to transcribe on a single page of the copy. The remainder of such pages have a letter before the page number of the copy, which indicates that the part transcribed on this page is to complete an original page.
Notes for page 19. Omitted there on account of lack of room. Entry No. 1 Infant, Samuel born the 7th December 1782. The last figure of the date is blotted; it may be "1783". Entry No. 4. Witnesses. Johannes Countermann; Maria, wife Entry No 7. Infant, Elisabeth, born Oct. 11, 1789.
Notes for page 20. Omitted there on account of lack of room. Entry No. 1. This entire entry in the original record, is written upside down, by turning the book over. Obviously it is the record of baptism of an illegitimate child. There are a number of other entries following in this record, which were also written upside down by Dominie Dysslin. While the other entries are not as complete in detail as this one, there seems to be every reason to believe, that this was the method adopted by Dominie Dysslin, for recording the baptisms of illegitimate children. On the account of the difficulty in removing carbon sheets from the typewriter, it was not possible to transcribe the "upside down" entries as they appear in the original record.
The translation of entry No. 1 follows: November 19th , was baptised in Yukersbusch, a child called Elisabeth, born November 13, 1789. The mother of the child is Catharina McKieu of Weststeyn, and has declared as father of the child, Ludwig Book living at Weststein. Baptism witnesses were Frederic Ostrot and Elisabeth Ostrot.
Notes for page 25. Entry No. 5. **This entry is written upside down. Entry No. 6. Infants, Maria and Anna. Twins.

Pg. 15
Parentes, Niclaus forbus, von Canajoh. Castle, Sara forbus 13tn Aprill, Infans, Alida Testes, Johannes Meyer, Alida Meyer
Parentes, Wilhelm Bottiger, von Neu Deutechland, Margaretha Bottiger 26tn Aprill, Infans, Johannes Testes, Johannes Bender, Elisabeth Bender
Parentes, Niclaus P. Schuyler, von Canajoh. Castle, Elisabeth Schuyler, geb: Herchimer 28tn Aprill, Infans, Heinrich Testes, Severiras Deyggert, Magdalena Herchimer Testes, Johannes C. Nellis, Della Bellinger 17tn May, Infans, Catharina
Parentes, Georg Lambert, von Cherri velly, Magdalena, geb: Bellinger
Parentes, Johannes Yuker, von Palatine, Anna Yuker 17tn May, Infans, Johnannes Testes, Johannes Scheffer, Elisabeth Schall
Parentes, Jacob Wallrath, von Gaiseberg, Maria Wallrath 17tn May, Infans, Margaretha Testes, Niclaus Dachstetter, Margretha Dachstetter
Parentes, Adam Bersch, von Palatine, Annna Bersch, geb: Eigenbrod 23tn May, Infans, Jacob, geb: dan 5tn May 1789 Testes, Johannes Hess, Maria Eigenbrod
Parentes, Georg Wild, von Palatine, Dorothea Wild, geb: Nelles 24tn May, Infans, franz Daniel Testes, Heinrich Smith, Maria Smith

Pg. 16
Parentes, Jacob Zimmerman, von Palatine, Magdalena Zimmerman, geb: fehling 5tn Julii, Infans, Anna Testes, Johannes fehling, Elisabeth fehling
Parentes, Laurent Rayen, von Gaisberg, Anna Dieter Rayen 5tn Julii, Infans, Cornelis Testes, Johannes Wollever, Catharina Wollever
Parentes, Johannes Meyer, von Schnellenbusch, Catharina Meyer 5tn Julii, Infans, Heinrich Testes, Johannes Meyer , Alida Mebie
Parentes, Peter Bellinger, von Palatine, Elisabeth Bellinger 12tn Julii, Infans, Anna Testes, friderich Bellinger, Catharina Bellinger
Parentes, friderich Wallrath, von Canaj: castle, Catharina Wallrath 19tn Julii, Infans, Elisabeth Testes, Conrad Killsz, Elisabeth Killsz 19tn Julii, baptizatus, Wuster Deken, von Canajoharrie Castle Testes, Heinrich Wollever, ------- Wollever
Parentes, Heinrich Zimmermann, von canajoharrie castle, Elisabeth Zimmerman 2tn Augusti , Infans, Alida Testes, Adam Zimmermann, Dorothea Bischoff
Parentes, Johannes Bakos, von Palatine, Magdalena Bakos 23tn Augustii, Infans, Wilhelm Testes, Johannes Klock, Catharina Klock
Parentes, gnellis C. Bekman, von Palatine, Catharina Bekman, geb: Wallrath 23tn Augusti, Infans, Catharina Testes, Heinrich Bekman, Margaretha Beckman

Pg. 17
Parentes, Georg H(s). Klock, von Palatine, Margaretha Klok, geb: Ofenhauser 26tn Augusti , Infans, Daniel Testes, Daniel Hess, Maria Hess
Parentes, Bartholomeus farbusch, von Canajoharrie Castle, catharina farbusch, geb: forer 6tn Septembris, Infans, Adam Testes, Adam forer, Margretha forer
Parentes, Peter Killsz, von Schnellenbusch, Margretha Killsz, geg: Louks 6tn Septembris, Infans, Anna Margretha Testes, Jost Louks, Catharina Schnell
Parentes, Georg Stahli, vom fald, Dorothea Stahli, geb: Schumacher 13tn 7bris, Infans, Delia Testes, Marx Kesseler , Delia Kesseler
Parentes, Jacob Rima, von Neu Deutschland, Dorothea Rima 13tn 7bris, Infans, Catharina Testes, Georg Rima, Sara Lenzin
Parentes, Johannes Weber, vom fald, Magdalena Weber, geb: Keller 13tn 7bris, Infans, Jacob Testes, Jacob Weber, Elisabeth Meyer
Parentes, Johannes Conr.(s) Klock, von Canajoharrie Castle, Apollonia Klock, geb: Keller 20tn 7bris, Infans, Georg Testes, Warner farbusch, Catharina Klock
Parentes, Ludwig Steinman, von Canajoh: Castle, Catharina Steinman 20tn 7bris, Infans, friderich Testes, friderich bonstetter, Maria Bonstetter
Note. Entries No.1 and No.7. The small (s) probably indicates the possessive and indicates the name of the father of the individual .See also note on page 21.

Pg. 18
Parentes, Ludwig Richard, von Schneidersbusch, Maria Rickard 20tn 7bris, Infans, Anna Testes, Johannes Seufer, Maria Seufer
Parentes, Jacob Krass, von Palatine, Catharina Krass, geb: Hellmer 20tn 7bris, Infans, Georg Testes, Georg Hellmer, Catharina Hess
Parentes, Cornelius Lamberson, von Schneidersbusch, Pally Lamberson 20tn 7bris, Infans, William, gebohren den 4tn Aug 1789 Testes, Jacob G. Klock, Margaretha Klock
Parentes, Georg Herchimer, von Canajoharrie Castle, Maria Herchimer, geb: Louke 29tn 7bris, Infans, Anna Testes, Heinrich Herchimer, Catharina Zimmerman
Parentes, Georg Von Schleyk, von Canaj: Castle, Margretha Von Schleyk, geb: Pikard 11tn 8bris, Infans, Gerret Testes, Gerret Von Schleyk, Anna Von Schleyk
Parentes, ---------, fort von Yukersbusch 13tn 8bris, Infans, Johannes Testes,
Parentes, Georg Adam Smith, von Canaj: Castle, Anna Smith 18tn 8bris, Infans, Rodolph Testes, Joseph Smith, Elisabeth Clerk
Parentes, John Niclaus Christman, Maria Christman 18tn 8bris, Infans, Andreas Testes, Andreas feind, catharina feind
Parentes, Elind Nikerson, Palatine, Margretha Nikerson 18tn 8bris, Infans, Nathanael born 19tn 8brie 1784. Testes, John Rice, Catharina Rice
Note. 7bris - September 8bris- October.

Pg. 19
Parentes, Samuel Jennings, Palatine, Mary Jennings 18tn 8bris, Infans, Samuel born the 7th xbris 1782.
Parentes, Elind Nikerson, Palatine, Margretha Nikerson 18tn 8bris, Infans, John, born 22tn April 1787. Testes, Conrad Klock, Margretha Baxter
Parentes, Elind Nikerson, Palatine, Margretha Nikerson 18tn 8bris, Infans, Elias, born the 8tn April 1789 Testes, Warner farbus, Mary Haus
Parentes, Johannes Dachstetter, Cannajoh: District, Catharina Dachstetter 25tn 8bris, Infans, Elisabeth Testes, Johannes Countermann, Maria, uxer
Parentes, John Enckisch, von Palatine, Anna Enckisch, geb: Klock 28tn 8bris, Infans, Lea Testes, John, Jac: Tyffendorf, Catharina Klock
Parentes, Conrad Killsz, von Canajoh: Castle, Elisabeth Killsz, geb: Cerf 29tn 8bris, Infans, Conrad Testes, Niclaus Killsz, Eva Killsz
Parentes, John Dinis, von Neu Deutschland, Elisabeth Dinis 31tn 8bris, Infans, Elisabeth, nata d 11tn 8bris 1789 Testes, Christoph Strubel, Marie Lise Strubel
Parentes, Christian Warmuth, Canajoh: Castle, Maria Warmuth, geb: Rker 15tn Novembris, Infans, Christian Testes, Wilhelm Fox, Margretha Fox
Parentes, Conrad Zimmerman, von Schnellenbusch, Magdalena Zimmerman, geb: Schnell 15tn Novembris, Infans, Maria Testes, John Jost Schnell, Maria Schnell
Note. For translation etc. see page 14

Pg. 20
1789, dan 19tn Novembris warb in Yukersbusch ein Kind getauft nahmens Elisabeth gebohren dn 13 Novbris 1789. Die Muter das kindes ist Catharina Mekieu von Weststeyn. Und hat als Vater des Kindes anga ge ben dan Ludwig Back wohnhaft su weststein. Taufmeugen waren frederic Ostrot, Elisabeth Ostrot.
Parentes, Andreas firer, von canajoh: Castle, Anna firer, geb: Aesius 26tn Novembris, Infans, John Testes, John fehling, Anna Smith
Parentes, Niclaus Von Schleyk, Canajoh: Castle, Elisabeth Von Schleyk, geb: Leder 26tn Novembris, Infans, Eva Testes, Niclaus Haus, Eva Knieskern
Parentes, Ulric Bader, Yukersbusch, Elisabeth Bader 29tn Novembris, Infans, Ulric, born 15tn Novembrie 1789 Testes, Jacob Bellinger, Sophia Klok
Parentes, Jacob farbus, von Canajoharrie Castle, Eva farbus, geb: Haus 20tn Decembris, Infans, Conrad, born 12tn xbris Testes, Conrad Klock, Catharina farbus
Parentes, Johannes Phil (s) Hellmer, von Palatine, Anna Hellmer, geb: Dusler 23tn Decembris, Infans, Anna Testes, Jacob J. Klock, Anna Klock
Parentes, Alexander Mieseles, von Palatine, Dorothea Mieseles, geb: Walder 25tn Decembris, Infans, Catharina Testes, Johannes Klock, Catharina Klock
Parentes, Adam Bellinger, von Palatine, Magdalena Bellinger 26tn xbris Infans, Elisabeth Testes, Peter Bellinger, Elisabeth Zimmerman
Parentes, Johannes Schnell, von Schnellenbusch, Elisabeth Schnell 26tn Decembris, Infans, Johann Jost Testes, frideric Meyer, Catharina Meyer
Note. For translations, see page 14.

Pg. 21
Parentes, Johannes (Dieter.) fehling, von Patatine, Elisabeth fehling, geb: Schmid 27tn Decembris, Infans, Matheus Testes, Heinrich Zimmerman, Anna Schmid
Parentes, Heinrich Nellis, von Palatine, Catharina Nellis 27tn Decembris, Infans, Catharina Testes, John Nellis, Maria Hellmer
Parentes, Jacob (Johannis) Klock, von Palatine, Anna Klock, geb: Klock 27tn Decembris, Infans, Georg Testes, Jacob Klock, Magdalena Klock
Parentes, Jean Pierre Pouire, von schneidersbusch, Catharina Pouire 1tn Januarii , Infans, Juliane Testes, Antoine Kaufman, Juliane Kaufman
Parentes, Robert Beyer, von Schneidersbusch, Maria Catharina Beyer 1tn Januarii, Infans, Catharina Testes, Johannes Beyer, Margretha Beyer
Parentes, Israel Runnels, von Palatine, Dorothea Runnels, geb: Nellee 2tn Januarii, Infans, Dorothea Testes, John frederic Hess, Catharina Hess
Parentes, friderich Ostrot, von Yukersbusch, Elisabeth Ostrot, geb: Klock 3tn Januarii, Infans, Eva Testes, Conrad Hellegas, Eva Hellegas
Parentes, Peter Khle, von canaj: Caste, Gadlein Khle 10tn Januarii, Infans, Dorothea Testes, Dally Mebie, Anthonia Rhle
Notes. Entries No.1 and No.3. The names in parenthesis are as they arrear in the original; they are the names of the fathers of the individuals.

Pg. 22
Parentes, Adam Wallrath, von Palatine, magdalena Wallrath, geb: Klock 14tn Januarii, Infans, David Testes, Christoph Fox, Catharina Fox
Parentes, Johnannes Preizs, von Palatine, Maria Preizs 14tn Januarii, Infans, David Testes, Jacob G. Klock, Maria Klock
Parentes, Conrad Hellegas, von Palatine, Anna Eva hellegas, geb: Wallrath 14tn Januarii, Infans, Maria Testes, Adam Wallrath, Maria Wallrath
Parentes, Niclaus Scheffer, von Palatine, Anna Scheffer, geb: Schall 17tn Januarii, Infans, Johannes Testes, Peter scheffer, Magdalena Schnell
Parentes, Christian Haus, von Yukersbusch, Christina Haus 17tn Januarii, Infans, Catharina Testes, Heinrich Tillenbach, Catharina Tillenbach
Parentes, Jacob Young, von Canandaya Lake, Eva Young, geb: Knieskern 24tn Januarii, Infans, George. Gebohren d. 18tn December 1789. Testes, Georg Young, Eva Knieskern
Parentes, John Kreninger, von Canaj: Castle, Delia Kreninger 24tn Januarii, Infans, Susanna Testes, John Burger, Susanna Burger
Parentes, John Huber, von Schneidersbush, Gertrud Huber 24tn Januarii, Infans, Anna Testes, Adam Staring, Elisabeth Staring

Laura Perkins, typing volunteer.

Pg. 23
Parentes, John Meyer, von Canaj: Castle, Alida Meyer, 24tn Januarii, Infans, Alida, Testes, Urias Reist, Alida Herchimer
Parentes, James Hibey, von Canajoh: District, Anna Ribey geb: Klock, 25tn Januarii, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Jacob Meyer, Catharina Meyer
Parentes, Henry Cranz, von fald, Gertred Cranz, 31tn Januarii, Infans, Marcus, born d 10tn Jan, Testes, Marcus Kesseler, Delia Kesseler
Parentes, John Weber, von der flacht, Maria Weber, 31tn Januarii, Infans, Anna Margretha, Testes, Georg Weber, Margretha Weber
Parentes, James Clarke, von der flacht, Margretha Clarke, 31tn Januarii, Infans, Sara, Testes, John Mayer, Maria Mayer
Parentes, Joseph Mayer, von der flacht, Apollonia Mayer, 1tn Februarii, Infans, Peter, Testes, Peter Bellinger, Elizabeth Bellinger
Parentes, Georg Wallrath, von Canajoh: Castle, Anna Wallrath geb: Leip, ltn Mars, Infans, Heinrich, Testes, Heinrich Dysslin, Ann Margretha Leip
Parentes, Peter Knieskern, von Canajoh: Castle, Lea Knieskern geb : Wendeker, 6tn Mars, Infans, Anna Margretha, Testes, Joh: Georg Hahn, Eva Wendeker
Parentes, Georg Hellmer, von field District, Margaretha Hellmer, 6tn Mars, Infans, Anna, Testes, Joseph Mayer, Catharina Mayer

Pg. 24
Parentes, Christian Hofstetter, von Neu Deutschland, Maria Catharina Hofstetter, 7tn Mars, Infans, Theobald, Testes, Jacob Eyrer, Margretha Eyrer
Parentes, Peter Dachstetter, von Germanflacht, Elisabeth Dachstetter, 7tn Mars, Infans, Elisabeth, Testes, Johannes Dachstetter, Catharina Dachstetter
Parentes, Leonhard Krause, von Palatine, Magdalena Krause geb: Klock, d 11tn Mars, Infans, Leonhard, Testes, Johannes Clas, Gertrud Krause
Parentes, Peter Young, von fort Plain, Elisabeth Young geb: Sever, 14tn Mars, Infans, Jacob, natus den 9tn hujus, Testes, Jacob Young, Maria Young
Parentes, John Thompson, von Palatine, Gertrud Thompson geb: Philipson, 14tn Mars, Infans, Maria, Testes, Heinrich Philips, Minna Philips
Parentes, Wilhelm Heyer von Springfield, Margaretha Heyer, 17tn Mars, Infans, Margaretha, Testes, Franz Paris, Margaretha Deygert
Parentes, Heinrich Zimmerman, von Palatine Town, Margaretha Zimmerman geb: Bellinger, 17tn Mars, Infans, Gertrud, Testes, Jacob Zimmerman, Anna Zimmerman
Parentes, John Wynsi, von Canajoharrie Castle, Rachel Wynsi, 2tn April, Infans, Georg, born the 28tn february 1790, Testes, Georg Haus, Maria Haus
Translation, entry No. 4. Infant, Jacob, born the 9th of the same (March 9, 1790).

Pg. 25
Parentes, Philip fehling, von Palatine, Margretha fehling geb: Zimmerman, 4tn April, Infans, Elisabeth, Testes, Jacob Wallrath, Elisabeth Wallrath
Parentes, David A. Schuyler, Canajoh: Castle, Margretha Schuyler geb: Wollever, 5tn April, Infans, Niclaus, Testes, John Wollever, Catharina Wollever
Parentes, Adam Staring, von field District, Christina Staring geb: Herter, 11tn April, Infans, Maria Elisabeth, Testes, Ludwig Bersch, Margretha Bersch
Parentes, Johannes Kern, von Palatine, Anna Kern, 12tn April, Infans, Wilhelm Jacob, Testes, Wilhelm fink, Eva fink
Mater, Anna Eva Creaney, Canajoh: Castle, 12tn April, **Infans, Georg, Testes, Peter Deygert, Sara Deygert
Parentes, Daniel Hess, von Palatine, Maria Hess geb: Fox, 15tn April, Infans, Maria, et Anna Eva Zwillinge, Adam Bersch, Anna Bersch, Daniel Weber, Catharina Klock
Parentes, Jacob Cristinger, von Canajoharrie, Gertrud Christinger, 18tn April, Infans, John William, Testes, Albert Mebie, Maria Mebie
Parentes, John Hauss, von Canajoharrie, Magdalena Hauss, 18tn April, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Adam Haus, Magdelina Haus
Parentes, Adam Zimmerman, von Canajoharrie, Margretha Zimmerman geb: Matheus, 18tn April, Infans, Elisabeth, Testes, Conrad Matheus, Elisabeth Zimmerman
(For notes etc. see p. 14)

Pg. 26
Mater, Elisabeth Berdrich, von Tillenburg, Pater, John Smith, 23tn April, **Infans, Anna Maria, Testes, Gottlieb Bottiger, Anna Maria Bottiger
Parentes, Christoph Nates, von Gaiseberg, Susanna Naten, 25tn April, Infans, Martinus, Testes, Andreas Smith, Magdalena Smith
Parentes, Georg Oberaker, von Gaiseberg, Johanna Oberaker, 25tn April, Infans, Daniel, Testes, Daniel fort, Anna Nier
Parentes, Conrad Thumm, von Palatine, Anna Thumm, geb: Haus, 1tn May, Infans, Adam, Testes, Adam Thumm, Christina Thumm
Parentes, Peter Moesch, Canajoh: Castle, Dorothea Moesch, geb: Mebie, 2tn, May, Infans, Philipp, Testes, Philipp Scheffer, Maria Mebie
Parentes, Philipp L. Hellmer, von Palatine, Margretha Hellmer, geb: Bellinger, 9tn May, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Jacob J. Klock, Delia Bellinger 9tn May
Parentes, Abraham Herchimer, von Canajoharrie, Dorothea Herchimer, geb: Deygert, 9tn May, Infans, Peter, Testes, Peter Deygert, Sara Deygert
Parentes, Wilhelm fox, von Canajoharrie, Margretha fox, geb: Warmuth, 9tn May, Infans, Johannes, Testes, Peter Knieskern, Lea Knieskern
Notes. Entry No. 1 is written upside down: see notes on p. 14. Mater-Mother: Pater-father A space left for an entry, dated May 9th, but no name ever written in.

Pg. 27
Parentes, John Weytens, Canajoh: Castle, Alida Weytens, 16tn May, Infans, Margaretha, Testes, Niclaus Herchimer, Margretha Herchimer
Parentes, Georg Pickard, Gaiseberg, Maria Pikard, 16tn May, Infans, Magdalena, Testes, John Counterman, Maria Pikard
Parentes, Hunter Quakenboss, Mohacq District, Elisabeth Quackenboss geb: Klock, 23tn May, Infans, Adam, born the 24tn March 1790, Testes, Adam Wallrath, Magdalena Wallrath
Mater, Maria Haus, von Yukersbush, 23tn May, **Infans, William Johnson, Testes, John fehling, Maria Wallrath
Parentes, Wilhelm Klebsattel, auf dem field, Maria Lise Klebsattel, 29tn May, Infans, Elisabeth, born the 15tn April 1790, Testes, Heinrich frank, Elizabeth Meyer
Parentes, Johann Jost Hess, auf dem field, Elizabeth Hess, 30tn May, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Daniel Petri, Catharina Itig,
Parentes, Johannes Weber, auf dem field, Barbara Weber, 30tn May, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Jacob Weber, Catharina Keller
Parentes, Johannes Auer, von Neu Deutschland, Anna Auer, 30tn May, Infans, Valentin, Testes, Valentin Muller, Anna Maria Muller
Notes. Entry no. 4 written upside down.

Pg. 28
Parentes, Captain John Meyer, auf dem field, Maria Meyer, 30tn May, Infans, Heinrich, Testes, Heinrich frank, Eva frank
Parentes, Garret Von Sleyk, Canajoharrie Castle, Anna Von Sleyk, geb : Mebie, 6tn Junii, Infans, Johann Jost, Testes, David freymaurer, Gladlyn Mebie
Parentes, Heinrich Hess, von Palatine, Catharina Hess, geb: Bellinger, 6tn Junii, Infans, Anna, Testes, John friederich Bellinger, Catharina Bellinger
Parentes, William Wall, von Yukersbusch, Elisabeth Wall, geb: Keller, 13tn Junii, Infans, Johannes, born the 5tn Juny, Testes, Johannes Scheffer, Catharina Joran
Parentes, William Thomson, von Canajoharrie, Rosina Thomson, geb: Wild, 13tn Junii, Infans, Daniel, Testes, Georg Wild, Dorothea Wild
Parentes, Carl Alexander Werner, fort plain, Christina Werner, geb: Crembs, 9tn Junii, Infans, Peter Alexander, Testes, Peter Young, Marie Lise Young
Parentes, ______ Putni, Gaiseberg, Maria Putni, 13tn Junii, Infans, Georg, alt 2 Jahrs., Testes, Georg Preiss, Catharina Preiss
Parentes, Carl Bischof, Palatine District, Maria Bischof, geb: Zimmerman, 13tn Junii, Infans, Maria, Testes, John Zimmerman, Maria Zimmerman
Translation entry No. 7, Infant, George, two years old.

Pg. 29
Parentes, friderich Ritter, von Schneidersbusch, Elizabeth Ritter, 15tn Juny, Infans, Johannes, Testes, Matheus Ritter, Catharina Seufer
Parentes, Heinrich Ansted, von Schneidersbusch, Elizabeth Ansted, 15tn Juny, Infans, Jacob, Testes, Jacob Louks, Catharina Louks
Parentes, Jacob Von Sleyk, von Schneidersbusch, Gertrud Von Sleyk, 15tn Juny, Infans, Catharina, Testes, John Dieterich Petri, Catharina Wendeker
Parentes, Johannes Yuker, von Yukersbusch, Anna Yuker, geb: Ringel, 20tn Juny, Infans, Georg, Testes, Georg Yuker, Elizabeth Yuker
Parentes, Jacob Meyer, von Gorristown, Anna Eva Meyer, 27tn Junii, Infans, Johannes, born the 10tn May 1790, Testes, Michael Bader, Margretha fehling
Parentes, Heinrich Herchimer, von Canajoharrie, Catharina Herchimer, geb: Zimmerman, 27tn Junii, Infans, Anna, Testes, Heinrich Zimmerman, Anna Herchimer
Parentes, Edward Waker, Lake Otsego, Gertrud Waker, 27 tn Junii, Infans, Anna Eva, Testes, Adam Eker, Margretha Eker
Parentes, Peter Wals, von Canajoharrie, Anna Wals, 4tn Julii, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Heinrich Dewi, Catharina Walz

Pg. 30
Parentes, Heinrich H. Fehling, von Palatine, Anna Margretha Fehling, 4tn Julii, Infans, Heinrich, born the 29th Juny 1790, Testes Heinrich Bellinger, Margretha Bellinger
Parentes, John fort, von Gaiseberg, Elisabeth fort, 11tn Julii, Infans, Rachel, born the 5th 9bre 1789, Testes, die Eltern Kinds
Parentes, Jacob Weber, von Enterstown, Gertrud Weber, 18tn Julii, Infans, Peter, Testes, Peter Heyer, Catharina Kass
Parentes, Johannes Dachstetter, German flats, Catharina Dachstetter, 18tn Julii, Infans, Johannes, Testes, Johannes Dachstetter, Anna Bauman
Parentes, Thomas Muscher, Gaiseberg, Gnelia Muscher, 25tn Julii, Infans, Jacob, Testes, Rudolf Tyffendorf, Catharina Tyffendorf
Parentes, Wilhelm Klein, Caqunewagho* District, Maria Klein, 30tn Julii, Infans, Anna, Testes, Jacob Mender, Catharina Mender
Parentes, Peter Wollever, Canajoharrie Castle, Catharina Wollever, 1tn Aug., Infans, Heinrich, Testes, Heinrich Zimmerman, Anna Schnell
Parentes, Daniel Hedok, Palatine Town, Magdalena Hedock, Infans, Daniel ) Zwillinge, Maria ), Testes, Solomon Yuker, Catharina Klock, Conrad Klock, Elisabeth Joran
Translation, entry No. 2. Rachel, born the 5th November 1789. Witnesses, the parents of the child.
Entry No. 6. an improper spelling of Caughnawaga

Pg. 31
Parentes, Peter Eigenbrod, von Palatine, Maria Eigenbrod, 8tn Augusti, Infans, Carl Peter, Testes, Charles Nukerk, Eva M'Dougle
Parentes, friderich Schonolz, Gaiseberg, Elisabeth Schonholz, 8tn Augusti, Infans, Margaretha, Testes, friderich Countermann, Gertrud Counterman
Parentes, Georg Schiff, von fallberg, Christina Schiff, 15tn Augusti, Infans, Alida, Testes, Johannes Meyer, Alida Meyer
Parentes, Thomas Armstrong, Palatine town, Anna Armstrong, 15tn Augusti, Infans, John, Testes, Johannes Meyer, Catharina Meyer
Parentes, Martin Von Sleyk, Canajoharrie, Anna Von Sleyk, 15tn Augusti, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Ebert Vosherk, Catharina Vosberk
Parentes, Matheus Cunning, im fort Plain, Catharina Cunning, geb: Sutz, 17tn Augusti, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Catharina Paris
Parentes, Johannes Hahn, von Palatine, Catharina Hahn, geb: Reuszin, 21tn Augusti, Infans, Johann Georg, born the 14th aug. 90, Testes, Georg Reuter, Anna Reuter
Parentes, Adolph Wallrath, von Palatine, Anna Wallrath geb: Zimmerman, 22tn Augusti, Infans, Margaretha, Testes, John Adam Nelles, Elisabeth Nelles
Parentes, Jacob G. Klock, von Palatine, Maria Klock, 22tn Augusti, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Georg fehling, Catharine fehling

Pg. 32
Parentes, Adam Bauman, von German flats, Barbara Bauman, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Heinrich, born the 22th Julii xx 90, Testes, Heinrich Herter, Anna Bauman
Parentes, Christian Bellinger, von German flats, Barbara Bellinger, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Margretha, Testes, Johan Jost folz, Margretha folz
Parentes, Conrad folz, von German flates, Catharina folz, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Johannes, Testes, Philipp Lenz, Catharina folz
Parentes, Dewald Dieterich, von field District, Margretha Dieterich, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Johannes, Testes, Johannes Connikum, Maria Connikum
Parentes, Michael Mayer, von German flats, Catharina Mayer, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Catharina, Testes, Lorenz Herter, Elisabeth Mayer
Parentes, Joseph Diken, von German flats, Margretha Diken, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Georg, Testes, Georg Cronhart, Elisabeth Muller
Parentes, Georg Tyffendorf, von Scheidersbusch, Catharina Tyffendorf, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Elisabeth, Testes, Johannes Tyffendorf, Margretha Tyffendorf
Parentes, Johannes Riemenschneider, von Schneidersbusch, Eva Riemenschneider, 5tn 7bris, Infans, Adam, Testes, Heinrich*----------, Susanna----------, (*Note. The last names of these witnesses blotted)
Parentes, Christian Baker, von Canajoharrie Castle, Betsy Baker, 8tn 7bris, Infans, Thomas, Testes, John Connikum, Elisabeth Connikum

Packet #4, typed by Brad Wickes, typing volunteer.

Pg. 33

Parentes Jacob Klock, von Palentine Anna Eva Klock; 12tn7bris Infans. Maria; Testes Conrad Klock Maria Von Sleyk:
Parentes Leohnard Eggler von Canajoharrie Catharina Eggler; 12tn7bris Infans. Jacob; Testes Jacob Young Eva Young:
Parentes Adam Klock von Palatine Catharina Klock; 12tn7bris Infans. Johannes; Testes Johannes Staring Margaretha Bakos:
Parentes Heinrich Gardner, Canajoharrie Catharina Gardner; 12tn7bris Infans. Johannes; Testes Adam Haber Delia Counterman:
Parentes Niclaus Koch, Palatine Margretha Koch; 19tn7bris Infans. Johannes; Testes Peter Fort Margaretha Baxter:
Parentes Jacob Jac(bs) Klock, Palatine Anna Klock; 25tn7bris Infans. Catharina; Testes Johannes Klock Catharina Klock:
Parentes John Konnikum Margretha Konnikum; 26tn7bris Infans. Rachel; Testes Joh: Niclaus Killsz Eva Killsz:
Parentes Jacob Scheffer, Canajoharrie Angelica Scheffer; 26tn7bris Infans. Jacob; Testes Heinrich Krankheit Anna Krankheit:
Note. Between this and the following page, a leaf has been torn out from the record. It is evident from the fragment remaining, that there was writing upon it. Therefore some twelve or fourteen baptisms, administered in the month of October have disappeared.

Pg. 34
Parentes Jacob Mayer, von fort Schuyler Anna Mayer; 31tn 8bris Infans. Maria Catharina; Testes Heinrich Mayer Maria Hellmer:
Parentes Heinrich Bam, von Canajoharrie Anna Bam; 1tn 9bris Infans. Johannes; Testes Johannes Smith Elizabeth Sander:
Parentes Johann Jost Hellmer, von Palatine Susana Hellmer; 2tn 9bris Infans. Frederic William Steuben; Testes Charles Hukerk Elizabeth Flint:
Parentes Johannes Lauer, von Palatine Magdalena Lauer; 4tn9bris Infans. Anna; Testes Conrad Lauer Anna Lauer:
Parentes Dines flander von Palatine Magdalena flander; 4tnbris Infans Cristoph, born the 13th7bris 1790; Testes Ernst flander Catharina Klock:
Parentes friderich Berger, von Palatine Christina Berger; 5tn9bris Infans. Johannes; Testes Johannes Helmer Anna Hellmer:
Parentes Johannes Schnell, von Schenellenbusch Anna Schnell; 7th9bris Infans. Magdalena; Testes Conrad Zimmerman Magdalena Zimmerman:
Parentes Adam Eigenbrod, von Canajoharrie Ragel Eigenbrod; 14th9bris Infans. Maria; Testes Maria Dewi:

Pg. 35
Parentes David Mayer, von Canajoharrie Castle Anna Mayer, geb: Deyggert; 21tn9bris Infans. Anna; Testes Peter Deyggert Anna Herchimer:
Parentes Joh: Jost Bys, Canajoharrie Castle Barbara Bys; 21tn9bris Infans Catharina: Testes Arnd Braun Catharina Braun:
Parentes Niclaus Haus, von Canajoharrie Catharina Haus, geb: Spon; 21tn9bris Infantes Johannes et Catharina, gemelli; Testes Johannes Knieskern Elisabeth Ehle, Caspar Ehle Catharina Schenerman:
Parentes Peter Bellinger von Schneidersbusch Elisabeth Bellinger, geb: Zimmerman; 23tn9bris Infans Magdalena; Testes Adam Bellinger Magdalena Bellinger:
Parentes Philipp Fox, von Palatine Catharina Fox; 28tn9bris Infans Johann Jost; Testes Joh: Jost Fox Elisabeth Fox:
Parentes Andreas Palsli, von Palatine Lea Palsli; 12tnXbris Infans Anna; Testes Jacob fehling Anna Fehling:
Parentes Christian Winter von Gaiseberg Sophie Winter; 19tnXbris Infantes Thinkful, born in 8bris 1788, Jannike, born the 7th 9bris 1790; Testes Johannes Counterman Elisabeth Counterman, Jannike Winter:
Parentes Humphry Reist, von Gaiseberg Johanna Reist; 19tnXbris Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob Reist Elisabeth Reist:
Translation, entry 3. 21 Nov.infants. Johannes and Catherine, twins

Pg. 36
Parentes Heinrich Lonks, von Royal Grant Eva louk, geb: Schnell; 24th7bris Infans Johann Jost; Testes Jost Lonke Margretha Lonke
Parentes Rudolf Bersch, von Palatine Margretha Borsch; 25tnXbris Infans Adam, born 21tn Novembris 1790; Testes Georg Bersch Maria Reuter
Parentes James Woodert, von Schuylers Lake Catharina Woodert, geb: Haus; 26tnXbris Infans Angelique; Testes Conrad Haus Angelique Haus
Parentes Heinrich Schmid, von Tillenburg Elisabeth Schmid; 31tnXbris Infans Maria: Testes Peter Schram Maria Hart:

Parentes Johannes Ris, von Palatine Catharina Ris; 1tn Januarii Infans Johann Jost; Testes Rudolf Koch Anna Koch
Parentes Adam Bellinger, von Canajoh: Castle Elisabeth Bellinger; 2th Januarii Infans Johann Jost; Testes Joh: Jost folz Margretha folz:
Parentes John Ony, field District Mary Ony, baptizata codem die: Testes erant Jost Schumacher Bally Schumaker; 7th Januarii Infants Junys, old 8 years John, old 5 years, Robert, old 3 years; Testes Heirich Mayer Anna Eva Mayer, John Mayer Mary Mayer, Andreas Mayer Catharina Mayer
Translation, entry No. 7. Parents John Ony at Field District, Mary Ony; (she) was baptized the same day (jan. 7, 1791): witnesses (for her) were Jost Schumacher and Bally Schumacher

Pg. 37
Parentes Johannes frank, filed District Eva frank; 7th Januarii Infans Johannes; Testes John frank Eva Mayer
Notes for page 48 omitted there on account of lack of room.
Entry No. 6 Margretha Ka* The last name blotted; it may be "Kan" or "Karr"
Entry No. 9. ------------ Mayer, Jacob Mayer’s widow.
Note for page 53.
Entry No. 6, translation. Witnesses, the parents themselves.

Pg. 38
Parentes Georg Rima, von Neu Deutschland Sara Rima; 9tn Januarii Infans Johannes; Testes Christian Rima Margretha Rima
Parentes Adam Grimm, field District Elisabeth Grimm; 9th Januarii Infans. Anna, born 6th Xbris 1790; Testes John Huber Gertrud Huber
Parentes Johannes Getman, field District Anne Lise Getman; 9th Januarii Infans. Anna Elisabeth; Testes Peter Getman Anna Getman:
Parentes Johannes Zimmerman, Royal grant Sara Zimmerman; 10th Januarii Infans. Getrud; Testes John Herchimer Gertrud Zimmerman
Parentes Jacob Multer, von Neu Deutschland Maria Multer; 8th Januarii Infans. Elisabeth; Testes Hieronymus Bender Marie Lise Bender
Parentes Johannes fox, von Paletine Maria fox, geb: Clas; 15th Januar: Infans. Peter; Testes Jacob Clas Catharina fox
Parentes Adam Philips, von Palatine Elisabeth Philips; 20th Januarii Infans. Niclaus; Testes Adam Nelles Anna Dumm
Parentes James farbus, von Palatine Margretha farbus; 23th Januarii Infans. James; Testes Jacob Klock Elisabeth nelles

Pg. 39
Parentes Daniel Hart, von Royal Grant Catharina Hart, geb: Garlach; 28th Januarii Infant. Daniel; Testes John Adam Garlach Magdalena Garlach
Parentes Johannes Pikard von Palatine Anna Margretha Pikard; 6th februarii Infans. Peter; Testes Peter *------- Margretha, uxor
Parentes Heirich Gerber von Palatine Maria Gerber; 19th februarii Infans. Marcus; Testes Christopher W. fox Margretha fox
Parentes Jacob Keller von Canajoharrie Magdalena Keller, geb: Nelles; 27th februarii Infans. Elisabeth; Testes Andreas Keller Elisabeth Keller
arentes J. Niclaus Braun, von Palatine Catharina Braun, geb: Drummer; 9th March Infans. Maria; Testes Peter Schnell Maria Schnell
Parentes Melchior folz, junr. German flats Catharina folz; 6th March Infans. Catharina, born the 15th Januarii 91.; Testes Jacob Smith Catharina folz
Parentes Peter Bellinger – Yukersbusch Elisabeth Bellinger; 20th March Infans. Eva; Testes J. fr. Bellinger Eva Bellinger
Parentes Johannes frey, von Tillenburg Adam frey; 23th March Infantes Heirich et Jacob, gemelli; Testes Heirich Haring Anna Haring, Jacob frey Catharina Haring
Note, entry No. 2. *The last name of witness, blotted and illegible.

Pg. 40
Parentes Johannes Krankheit, von Canajoharrie Catharina Krankheit; 27th March Infans. Anna; Testes Johannes Scheffer Anna Scheffer:
Parentes Jost Louks, von Royal Grant Margretha Louks; 27th March Infans. Gertrud, born the 8th d; Testes Heinrich Louks Gertrud Louks:
Parentes Johannes Hellmer, von Palatine Magdalena Hellmer; 27th March Infans. Christina; Testes Heinrich Nelles Christina Nelles:
Parentes Heinrich Kulman, von Palatine Christina Kulman; 30th March Infans. Johann Heinrich; Testes Dieterich Suz Delia fox:
Parentes Georg M. Schmid, von Tillenburg Anna Schmid; 3th April Infans. Maria; Testes Georg Schmid Janike Schmid:
Parentes Heinrich Mayer, von Canajoharrie C. Anna Mayer; 10th April Infans. Abraham; Testes Jacob Wallrath Elisabeth Wallrath:
Parentes Heirich Scheffer, Royal Grant Anna Scheffer; 10th April Infans. Jacob; Testes Johannes Scheffer Margretha Scheffer:
Parentes Johannes hart, Palatine T. Sara Hart; 10th April Infans. Maria; Testes John Markel Elisabeth Markel:

Pg. 41
Parentes Gover Radli, von Palatine Susanna Radli, geb: Clas; 13th Infans Anna Catharina; Testes Jacob Claz Debora Krause:
Parentes Niclaus Bart, Canajoh: Castle Veronica Bart, geb: Mayer; 22th April Infans. Christian; Testes Catharina Bart:
Parentes John Evenson, Gaiseberg Jannike Evenson; 22th April Infans. Isae; Testes John Keller Elisabeth Keller:
Parentes (Not written in the space for them); 25th April Infantes Samuel, Thomas, Margretha; Testes John Konnikum Margretha Konnikum, Christian Baker Betsi Baker, David Bootman Catharina Bootman:
Parentes Humphrey Deffenburg, Canj: Castle (see note page 72) Maria Deffenburg; 25th April Infans. Johannes; Testes Peter Knieskern Lea Knieskern:
Parentes John Ogny, field District Mary Ogny; 28th April Infans. Margretha; Testes Georg Hellmer Margretha Hellmer:
Parentes Thomas Bell, field District Submiss Bell; 30th April Infans. Augustus, born in Mars 1785; Testes Niclaus Weber Barbara Weber:
Parentes Wilhelm Petri, German flats Margr: Salome Petri; 30th April Infans. Margretha, born the 15th March; Testes Heinrich Herter Catharina Herter:

Pg 42
Parentes Salomon Yuker, Palatine Elisabeth Yuker; 3th May Infans. Rudolf; Testes Adolph Haus Anna Eva Scheffer:
Parentes Jacob Yuker, Palatine Magdalena Yuker; 3th May Infans. Anna; Testes Jacob Dusler Anna Dusler:
Parentes Georg Staring, Schnellenbusch Anna Staring; 8th May Infans. Anna; Testes Adam Zimmerman Maria Von Schleyk:
Parentes Conrad Staring, Royal Grant Margretha Staring; 8th May Infans. Benjamin; Testes Maritn Von Schleyk Maria Von Schleyk:
Parentes Adam Bersch, Palatine Anna Bersch; 8th May Infans. Eva; Testes John Hess Anna Hess:
Parentes Johannes flander, von Tillenburg Margretha flander; 15th May Infans Elisabeth; Testes George flander Delia fox:
Parentes Kneles Bekman Palatine Catharina Bekman; 15th May Infans. Dorothea; Testes Hellmes Schall Dorothea Wallrath:
Parentes Jacob Schnell, Schnellenbush Elsisabeth Schnell; 22th May Infans. Catharina; Testes Peter Wollever Catharina Wollever:

Pg. 43
Parentes Andreas Nelles, Canajoharrie Castle Elisabeth Nelles; 22th May Infans. Heinrich; Testes Peter Deygert Sara Deygert:
Parentes Niclaus Schuyler, Canajoharrie Castle Elisabeth Schuyler; 22th May Infans. Johann Jost; Testes John Herchimer Anna Herchimer:
Parentes Peter Hellegas, Palatine Catharina Hellegas; 28th May Infans Elisabeth; Testes Johannes Wallrath Elisabeth Wallrath:
Parentes Evan Vossberg, Canajoharrie Castle Catharina Vossberg; 28th May Infans. Elisabeth; Testes Johannes Eker Elisabeth Eker:
Parentes Christian Boss, Canajoharrie Elisabeth Boss; 12th Juny Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob Young Eva Young:
Parentes ___ Tillenburg; 15th Juny Infans Jeremias; Testes Georg Reuter ____ Reuter:
Parentes Andreas Michler, von Palatine Anna Michler;15th Juny Infans Jacob; Testes Johannes Hellmer Anna Hellmer:
Parentes Cesar Cox, von Germanflats Catharina Cox; 19th Juny Infans Maria, born the 20th May; Testes Jacob Weber Maria Weber:
Parentes Georg Stahli, von Germanflats Dorothea Stahli; 19th Juny Infans Johannes; Testes John Stahli Catharina Stahli:

Pg. 44
Parentes Heinrich Hart, von Schellenbusch Anna Eva Hart; 26th Juny Infans Maria; Testes Peter Schnell Anna Schnell:
Parentes Rudolf Koch, Palatine town Anna Koch; 3th July Infans Margaretha; Testes Heirich Salzmann Maria Salsman:
Parentes Frederich Klock, Palatine Magdalena Klock; 3th July Infans Anna; Testes Jacob G. Klock Maria Klock:
Parentes Ebenezer Cook, Palatine Elisabeth Cook; 3th July Infans Elisabeth; Testes Salomon Yuker Elisabeth Yuker:
Parentes Friderich Bam, Palatine Elisabeth Bam; 13th July Infans Margretha; Testes John Nelles Maria Hellmer:
Parentes Wilhelm Kusner, Schmeiderbusch Christina Kusner; 17th July Infans Isaac; Testes Christian Pikard Anna Wendeker:
Parentes Andreas Scheffer, Palatine Anna Scheffer; 17th July Infans Johann Friderich; Testes J. Friderich Bellinger Catharina Bellinger:
Parentes Joseph Pikard, Palatine town Magdalena Pikard; 17th July Infans Benjamin; Testes Benjamin Ellwood Elisabeth Ellwood:
Parentes Georg Nihr Gaisberg Elisabeth Nihr; 24th July Infans Catharina; Testes Georg Preiss Catharina Preiss:

Pg. 45
Parentes John Wilks, Gaiseberg Anna Wilks; 31th July Infans Schim; Testes Nicolas Barth Veronica Barth:
Parentes Johannes Lehman, Palatine Catharina Lehmann; 7th August Infans Heinrich; Testes John Eisenach Margretha Crembs:
Parentes Johann Georg Yuker, Palatine Elisabeth Yuker; 7th August Infans Elisabeth; Testes Peter Scheffer Catharina Joran:
Mater Catharina Klock, Jacob’s Jun. Tochter; 14th August Infans Jacob, born the 2th Aug; Testes Jacob Klock, Junr. Anna Klock:
Parentes Hermannus Hagedorn, Gaiseberg Margretha Hagedorn; 14th August Infans Heirich; Testes Heirich Walsch Margretha Finster:
Parentes James ; 14th August Infantes Margretha et Maria, gemelli:
Parentes Michel Kern, Canajoharrie Margretha Kern; 21th August Infans Michel; Testes Robert Gerder Eva ____
Parentes Adam Eker, Canajoharrie Margretha Eker; 21th August Infans Johannes; Testes Johannes Eker Elisabeth Eker:
Note, entry No. 4. Mother, Catharina Klock, daughter of Jacob Klock Junr.

Pg. 46
Parentes Peter Ehle, Canajoharrie Gadlyn Ehle; 21th August Infans David; Testes Peter Deygert Catharina Herchimer:
Parentes frid: Ludwig Scheel, Royal Grant Elisabeth Scheel; 21st August Infans Johann Gottfried; Testes Johann Jost Schnell Susanna Staring:
Parentes Heirich Bam, Canajoharrie Anna Bam; 28th August Infans Catharina; Testes Phillip Bam Catharina Bam:
Parentes Abraham Mebie, Canajoharrie Angelique Mebie; 28th August Infans Cornelius; Testes Cornelius Von Alstyne Catharina Van Alstyne:
Parentes Lebeus Schell, Canajoharrie Maria Schall; 28th August Infans Isaack et Jacob, gemelli; Testes franz Schemel Elizabeth Schemel:
Parentes franz Daschs, Canajoharrie Catharina Dachs; 28th August Infans Maria; Testes Johannes Scheffer Maria Scheffer:
Parentes Johannes Kring, Palatine Elisabeth Kring; 18th 7bris Infans Abraham; Testes Abraham Hess Maria Kring:
Parentes ??eles Krankheit Anna Krankheit; 18th 7bris Infans Anna; Testes Heirich Krankheit Anna Krankheit:

Pg. 47
Parentes Salomon Dieffendorf, of Canajoharrie Christina Dieffendorf; 22th Septbris Infnas Anna; Testis Anna Dieffendorf:
Parentes Peter Schmid, von Tillenburg Jannika Schmid; 24th September Infnas Peter; Testes Abraham Schmid Elisabeth Muller:
Parentes Johannes Muller, von Canajoharrie Elisabeth Muller; 25th September Infans Magdalena; Testes Conrad Muller Christina Muller:
Parentes Christoph Bellinger, field District Anna Bellinger; 2th 8bris Infans Elisabeth, born the 25th Aug: 1791; Testes Peter Bellinger Elisabeth Bellinger:
Parentes Jacob Lenz, field District Maria Catharina Lenz; 2th 8bris Infans Elisabeth, born the 1th Aug: 1791; Testes Michel Wuterich Elisabeth Wuterich:
Parentes Philipp Herter, filed District Catharina Herter; 2th 8bris Infans Cathariona, born the 16tn 7bris 1791; Testes Michel Mayer Catharina Mayer:
Parentes Marx Cranz, field District Catharina Cranz; 2th 8bris Infans Marx, Born the 4th Aug: 1791; Testes Wilhelm Heller Eva Deyggert:
Parentes Johannes Dinis, field District Elisabeth Dinis; 2th 8bris Infnas Eva, posthums, born the 11th 7bris 1791; Testes Heinrich Mayer Eva Sallie:
Parentes Jacob Rima, field District Dorothea Rima; 2th 8bris Infans Elisabeth, born the 18th July 1791; Testes friderich Rima Elisabeth Mayer:

Pg. 48
Parentes John francis, field Disteict Gertrud francis; 2th 8bris Infans Anna, born the 21th Aug: 1791; Testes Marx Raspach Margretha Mauch:
Parentes Georg Weber, field Distric Margre tha Weber; 2th 8bris Infans Apollon, born the 11th Juny 1791; Testes friderich Rigel Catherina Weber:
Parentes Severinus Deyggert, Canajoharrie Magdalena Deyggert; 2th 8bris Infans Werner; Testes Niclaus Herchimer Margretha Herchimer:
Parentes Ludwig Hikard, Schneidersbusch Maria Rikard; 9th 8bris Infans Conrad, born the 30th Aug 1791; Testes Conrad Rikard:
Parentes Johannes Mayer, Schellenbusch Catharina Mayer; 9th 8bris Infans Elisabeth, born the 23 7bris 1791; Testes Jacob Markel Elisabeth Markel:
Parentes Heirich Huber, Schneiderbusch Elisabeth huber; 9th 8bris Infans Johann Dieterich, born the 20th July 1791; Testes Jacob Keller Margretha Ka*:
Parentes Wilhelm Kilsz, Canajoharrie Eva Killsz; 9th 8bris Infans Niclaus; Testes Niclaus Wendeker Bally Wendeker:
Parentes Harpart Pragel, Schneidersbusch Anna Pragel; 9th 8bris Infans Johannes, born the 15th 7bris 1791; Testes Albert Maldom Anna Eva Klock:
Parentes ___ Mayer, Jacob’s sel. Wittwe.; 9th 8bris Infans Isaac; Testes Isaac Ellwood Magdalena Ellwood:
For notes see page 37.

Pg. 49
Parentes Heinrich Nelles, Palatine Catharina Nelles; 16th 8bris Infans Margretha; Testes Johannes Nelles Margretha Klock:
Parentes Georg Lambert, Palatine Magdalena Lambert; 16th 8bris Infans Magdalena, born the 19th 7bris 1791; Testis Magdalena Bellinger:
Parentes Ephraim Keyl, Canajoharrie Cornelia Keyl; 23th 8bris Infans Rachel; Testes John Wils i Rahel Wilsi:
Parentes Neth Hornbeck, Canajoharrie Anna Hornbek; 23th 8bris Infans Jacob; Testes Neth fort Alice fort:
Parentes Andreas fort, Palatine town Margretha fort; 23th 8bris Infans. Andreas; Testes Thomas Muscher Knelia Muscher:
Parentes Arend feinhaupt, Canajoharrie Catharina feinhaupt; 23th 8bris Infans Arendt; Testes Carl Albertin Margretha Albertin:
Parentes Heinrich Petri, Royal Grant Magdalena Petri; 23th 8bris Infans Magdalena; Testes Adam Gerlach Dorothea Zimmerman:
Parentes Johannes Wollever, Royal Grant Catharina Wollever; 23th 8bris Infans. Daniel, mort in April 1792; Testes David Schuyler Margretha Schuyler:
Parentes Jacob farbus, Canajoharrie C. Eva farbus; 23th 8bris Infans Dorothea; Testes Suvel Abee Dorothea Abee:
Translation, entry No. 8. Daniel, died in April 1792

Pg. 50
Parentes Georg Wild, Palatine Dorothea Wild; 30th Octobr: Infans Anna; Testes Johannes Nelles Anna Nelles:
Parentes Jacob F. Bellinger, Palatine Sophia Bellinger; 30th Octobr: Infans Catharina; Testes Georg Klock Catharina Klock:
Parentes Jacob Zimmerman, Palatine Magdalena Zimmerman; 30th October: Infans Catharina; Testes Johannes Zimmerman Elisabeth Zimmerman:
Parentes Gottlieb Braun, Palatine Town Anna Braun; 30th Octobr: Infans Sophia; Testes Jacob J. Klock:
Parentes Peter G. Schnell, Schnellenbusch Maria Schnell; 1th Novembris Infans Anna Eva; Testes George Schnell Anna Eva Kilsz:
Parentes Heinrich Herchimer, Canajoharrie C. Catharina Herchimer; 6th Novembris Infans. Gertrud; Testes John Adam Zimmerman Gertrud Herchimer:
Parentes Jacob J. Fehling, Palatine Anna fehling; 6th Novembr: Infans. Elisabeth; Testes Georg Cox Anna fehling:
Parentes John J. fehling Maria fehling; 6th Nobember: Infans. Eva; Testes Conrad Hellegas Anna Eva Hellegas:
Parentes Adam D. Zimmerman, Canajoharrie Margretha Zimmerman; 13th Novembris Infans. Anna; Testes Jacob Matheus Anna Matheus:

Pg. 51
Parentes Joh: Adam Smith, Canajoharie C. Anna Smith; 20th Novembr. Infans Eva; Testes Heinrich Rechtmeyer Maria Richmeyer:
Parentes Johannes Haus, Palatine Town Magdalena Haus; 20th Novembr. Infans Anna; Testes Conrad Dumm Anna Dumm:
Parentes **James Johnson, Palatine town **Maria Braun; 20th 9vembris Infans. Elisabeth; Testes Niclaus Braun Elisabeth Braun:
Parentes Wilhelm Zimmerman, Palatine Catharina Zimmerman; 20th Novembris Infans. Peter; Testes Peter Warmuth & his wife:
Parentes Heinrich Bellinger, Palatine Margretha Bellinger; 27th Novembr: Infans. Johannes; Testes Johannes Ehle Delia Ehle:
Parentes Johannes Dusler, Canajoharrie Catharina Dusler; 4th Decembr: Infans. Catharina; Testes Andreas Dusler Catharina Dusler:
Parentes Johannes Krause, Palatine Catharina Kraus; 4th Decembr: Infans. Robert; Testes Simon Nicols Anna Nicols:
Parentes Niclaus Scheffer, Schnellenbusch Anna Scheffer; 25th Xbris Infans. Wilhelm; Testes Wilhelm Schall Anna Eva Scheffer:
Parentes Conrad Pikard, Schneidersbusch Catharina Pikard; 25th Xbris Infans. Maria; Testes Johann Dietrich Petri Maria Pikard:
Note, entry No. 3. Names of parents only written upside down; the rest of the entry written in usual way.

Pg. 52
Parentes Heinrich Rikard, Schneidersbusch Catharina Rikard; 25th Xbris Infans. Conrad; Testes Conrad Rikard Elisabeth Rikard:
Parentes Rachel ; 26th Xbris Infans Emanuel; Testes Anna Zimmermann:

Parentes Franz Rascher, Caqunewagha District Martha Rascher, geb: Kleyn; 11th Januarii Infans. Maria, born the 23th Xbr: 1791:
Parentes Jacob Bauman, German Flats Anna Bauman; 15th Januarii Infans. Catharina, born the 29th Xbr: 1791; Testes Jacob Petri Catharina Bauman:
Parentes Lorenz Herter, German flats Catharina Herter; 15th Januarii Infans Lorenz, born the 1th Januarii; Testes Jacob Weber Maria Weber:
Parentes Georg H. Klock, Palatine Margretha Kloack; 16th Januarii Infans. David; Testes Jacob Jb’s Klock Catharina H. Klock:
Parentes Johann Nicl. Schnell, Tillenburg Elisabeth Schnell; 21th Januarii Infans. Johannes, born the 12th Jan:; Testes John Schnell Catharina Frey:
Parentes Jacob Joran, Palatine Catharina Joran; 22th Januarii Infans. Elisabeth; Testes Johannes Haus Elisabeth Joran:

Packet #5, typed by Cynthia Mack, typing volunteer.

Parentes Patrick Kennedy, Palatine Nancy Kennedy 22 Jan: Infans Richard Testes Dianes Helleburg Charlotte Helleburg
Parentes Essyas Nikerson. Canajoh. Betzi Nikerson 29 Jan: Infans Georg Natheus
Parentes John Dougls, Tilleburg Betsi Dougls 29 Januaril Infans James Testes Georg feyl Elisab: feyl
Parentes Johannes Schnell in Palatine Magdalena Schnell 4 Februaril Infans Magdalena Testes Jacob Yuker Magdalena Yuker
Parentes Jacob Young, in Canajoharrie Eva Young 5 Februaril Infans Johannes Testes Johannes Knieskern Eva Young
Parentes Johann Rudolf Schmid, Canajoharrie Catharina Schmid 5 Februaril Infans Daniel Testes Ipsimet
Parentes (note, for trans. See p. 37)
Parentes Jocob Kfring, in Palatine Maria Kring 6 Februaril Infans Johannes Testes Johannes Kring Elizabeth Kring
Parentes John Rye, of Caqunewagha Elizsabeth Rye 9 Februaril Infantes Salomon, 6 years old Jacob, 4 years old John, 18 months old John Mengis Catharina Mengis Testes John Mengis Catharine Kleyn Michael Kiener Margretha Rascher
Parentes Jacob Markel, Royal Grant Anna Elisabeth Markel, geb: Schnel 12 Februaril Infans Henry, born 7 Febr: Testes Henry markel Anna Margretha Markel
Parentes David Mabee - Canajoharrie Castle Gertrud Mabee 12 Februaril Infans Margretha Testes Joh. Jost Louks Margretha Louck
Parentes David Bootman, Canajoharrie C. Catharine Bootman 12 Februaril Infans Magdalena Testes Joh. Georg Kern Magdalena Walther
Parentes Johannes Dechstader, Herkemer County Catharina Dechstader 19 Februaril Infans Peter, born 26 Jany. 1792 Testes Peter Bellinger Elisabeth Bellinger
Parentes Johannes Getman, Herkemer County Anna Lise Getman 19 Februarial Infans John friderich, born 2 Febr 1792 Testes Melchior Vols Anna Margretha Getman
Parentes Wilhelm Deygert, Herkemer County Anna Deygert 19 Februaril Infans Johannes, born 24 Jany 1792 Testes Johannes Boom Margretha Boom .
Parentes Peter Deygert, Herkemer County Elisabeth Deygert 19 Februaril Infans Catharina Testes Casper Deygert Catharina Konnikum
Parentes Heinrich Brickhouse, Herkemer County Catharina Brickhouse 19 Februaril Infans Barbara, born 19 Xbr: 1791 Testes Peter Deygert Barbara Deygert
Parentes John Portus, Herkemer County Portus 20 Februaril Infantes Thomas et William, gemelli Testes Ipsimet
Parentes Translation, entry No. 9, Witnesses, the parents themselves
Parentes Heinrich Frank, Herkemer County Gertrud Frank 20 Februaril Infans Andreas Testes Andreas Mayer Margretha Klebzattel
Parentes Dianes Krankheit, Gaisberg Maria Krankheit 26 Februaril Infans Abraham Testes Johannes Walter Anna Walter
Parentes Albert Mabee, Canajoharrie Castle Marie Mabee 26 Februaril Infans Margretha Testes John Van Driesen Margretha Van Driesen
Parentes John Kreninger, Canajoharrie Castle Gnelia Kreninger 26 Februaril Infans Cathrina Testes John Young Catharina Young
Parentes Peter Mersch, Canajoharrie Castle Doretha Mersch 26 Februaril Infans Elisabeth Testes Georg Schmid Elisabeth Eker
Parentes Adam Wallrath, Palatine Magdalena Wallrath 26 Februaril Infans Daniel Testes Adolph Wallrath Maria Wallrath
Parentes Edouard Negro Slave of John Bellinger in Palatine Margretha 26 Februaril Infans Catharina Testes Georg Cox Sally Macky
Parentes Jacob C. Klock, Palatine Anna Eva Klock 1 Martil Infans Johannes Testes Richard Von Ahle Dorothea Wallrath
Parentes Joh: Jost Bellinger, Palatine Elisabeth Bellinger 4 March Infans Georg Testes Friderich Bellinger Catharina Bellinger
Parentes Jacob Staring, Schenidersbusch Elisabeth Staring 4 March Infans Elisabeth Testes Georg Louks Elisabeth Staring
Parentes Wuster Deken, Canajoharrie Castle Catharina Deken 4 March Infans Margretha Testes Johannes Wellever Catharina Wallever
Parentes Heinrich Flander, Palatine Magdalena Flander 4 March Infans Jacob Testes George Flander Anna Klock
Parentes Jacob Flander, Palatine Catharina Flander 4 March Infans Maria Testes Philip Flander Maria Reuter
Parentes Cornelius Lambes - Palatine District Mary Lambes 10 March Infans John, born 21 gbris 1792 Testes Georg C. Klock Catharina Klock
Parentes Jacob Krankheit, Canajoharrie District Elisabeth Krankheit 11 March Infans Anna Testes James Delom Alidan Delom
Parentes Heinrich Deygert, Canajoharrie Castle Margretha Deygert 11 March Infans Elisabeth, born 8 Mars 1972 Testes Peter Deygert Elisabeth Schuyler
Parentes Heinrich I. Zimmerman, Palatine Elisabeth Zimmerman 14 March Infans Susanna Testes Jacob C. Zimmerman Susanna Zimmerman
Parentes John Enkisch, von Palatine Anna Enkisch 17 March Infans Elisabeth Testes John Kigenbrod Maria Klock
Parentes Robert Creh. Palatine District Elisabeth Creh 18 March Infans Adam Testes Adam Creb Annay Spayer
Parentes Benjamin Ellwood, Palatine Elisabeth Ellwood 18 March Infans Anna Testes Richard Bon Able Catharine Sillenbach
Parentes John Kelly, Canajoharrie Castle Gea Kelly 8 April Infans Angel Testes Conrad Haus Engel Haus
Parentes Niclaus Haus, Canajoharrie Castle Catharine Haus 8 April Infans Jacob Testes Jacob Farbuz Maria Killez
Parentes Joseph Kesseler, Palatine Margretha Kesseler 9 April Infans Jacob Testes Jacob Zimmerman Magdalena Zimmerman

Packet #6, Judy Dolanski, typing volunteer

Parentes John J. Nelles, Palatine, Catharina Nelles, geb. Weber; 12tn April Infans Peter; Testes Peter C. Fox, Nancy Nelles.
Parentes Conrad L. Zimmerman, Palatine Town, Margretha Zimmerman; 13tn April Infans Gertrud; Testes Adam Zimmerman, Gertrud Zimmerman.

Page 58
Parentes Jacob Christman, Palatine Town, Catharina Christman; 12tn April Infans Margretha; Testes Peter Killsz, Margretha Killsz.
Parentes **William Johnson, Maria Haus; 12tn April Infans **John G.; Testes Peter Killsz, Margretha Killsz.
Parentes Jacob G. Klock, Palatine, Maria Klock; 12tn April Infans Benjamin; Testes Benjamin Ellwood, Elisabeth Ellwood.
Parentes Peter Van Driesen, Palatine, Anna Van Driesen; 20tn April Infans John; Testes John Van Driesen, Margretha Van Driesen.
Parentes Michel Keller, Palatine, Sara Keller; 22th April Infans Elisabeth; Testes Ulric Bader, Elisabeth Bader.
Parentes Wilhelm Wahl, Palatine, Elisabeth Wahl; 29th April Infans Maria; Testes Michel Keller, Sarah Keller.
Parentes Johann Heinrich Vogel, von Tillenburg, Maria Vogel; 6th May Infans Daniel; Testes Daniel Weber, Debora Krause.
Parentes Ludwig Steinman, Canajoharrie, Catharina Steinman (1999 note-Steinman crossed out); 10tn May Infans Rachel; Testes John Wynsi, Rachel Wynsi.
Parentes Georg Eigenbrod, Palatine, Catharina Eigenbrod; 10tn May Infans Peter; Testes Peter Eigenbrod, Elisabeth Smith.
Note, entry No. 2. The names of parents and child, only, are written upside down, in this entry.

Page 59
Parentes Friderich Knoch, Canajoharrie, Anna Knoch; 13tn May Infans Friderich; Testes Barn. Hudson, Elisabeth Hudson.
Parentes Peter Nelles, Palatine, Catharina Nelles; 13tn May Infans Johannes; Testes John Nelles, Delia Deygert.
Parentes Andreas Palsli, Palatine, Lea Palsli; 20th May Infans Margretha; Testes Heinrich Pikard, Anna Eva Ris.
Parentes Johannes Kern, Palatine, Anna Kern; 22th May Infans Peter; Testes Peter Hellegas, Catharina Hellegas.
Parentes Thomas Muscher, of Canajoharrie, Gnelia Muscher; 27th May Infans Elisabeth; Testes George Yuker, Elisabeth Yuker.
Parentes Gerret Von Sleyk, of Canajoharrie; 28th May Infans Eva; Testes-------.
Parentes Christian Plotau of Palatine, Catharina Plotau; 3Juny Infans Magdalena; Testes Joseph Pikard, Magdalena Pikard.
Parentes Conrad Lauer of Palatine, Anna Lauer; 5th Juny Infans Eva; Testes Jacob Fehling, Anna Fehling.

Page 60
Parentes Conrad Thumm of Palatine, Anna Thumm; 17th June Infans Jacob; Testes Johannes Hellmer, Magdalena Hellmer.
Parentes Georg G. Klock of Palatine, Catharina Klock; 17th June Infans Eva; Testes Fridrich Bellinger, Catharina Bellinger.
Parentes John Wynsi of Canajoharrie, Rachel Wynsi; 24th June Infans Margretha; Testes Arend Alberti, Margretha Alberti.
Parentes Conrad C. Zimmerman, Schnellenbusch, Margretha Zimmerman; 24th June Infans Catharina; Testes Friderich Raspach, Catharina Raspach.
Parentes Heinrich Gorsten, Schneidersbusch, Susanna Gorsten; 26tn June Infans Adam, born the 4th May; Testes Heinrich Bayer, Margretha Bayer.
Parentes Peter P. Schuyler of Canajoharrie, Catharina Schuyler; 8th July Infans Johann Jost, born the 3d July; Testes Joh. Jost Deygert, Gnelia Deygert.
Parentes Heinrich Krankheit of Canajoharrie; 8th July Infans Maria, born the 24th June; Testes Heinrich Richtmeyer, Maria Richtmeyer.
Parentes Friderich Ritter, Schneidersbusch, Elisabeth Ritter; 12th July Infans Catharina, born the 6th July; Testes Baldus Strauch, Catharina Strauch.

Page 61
Parentes Georg Bakos, Schneidersbusch, Susanna Bakos; 12th July Infans Georg, born the 8th July; Testes Georg Edel, Susanna Frank.
Parentes Gover Van Sleyk, Schneidersbusch, Gertrud Van Sleyk; 12th July Infans Friderich, born the 1 July; Testes Friderich Wendeker, Maria Dolder.
Parentes Peter Bellinger, Palatine, Ellisabeth Bellinger; 15th July Infans Margretha, born the 13th July; Testes Andreas Scheffer, Anna Scheffer.
Parentes Peter Schram, Tillenburg, Anna Schram; 15th July Infans Peter, born the 8th July; Testes Leohhard Krause, Magdalena Krause.
Parentes Conrad Killsz, Canajoharrie C., Elisabeth Killsz; 15th July Infans Niclaus, born the 11th July; Testes Niclaus Killsz, Anna Eva Killsz.
Parentes Carl Kern, Canajoharrie C. Margretha Kern; 15th July Infans Catharina; Testes Valentin Wagner, Magdalena Wagner.
Parentes Henry Wallrath, German Flatts, Anna Wallrath; 22th July Infans Johann Jacob, born the 22th June; Testes Peter Bauman, Margretha Gerlach.
Parentes Knelis Hendrekson, Herkemer County, Mary Hendrekson; 22th July Infans Wilhelm, born the 26th June; Testes Gerret Dinman, Catharina Dinman.

Page 62
Parentes Johannes Dietrs. Fehling, Palatine, Elisabeth Fehling; 29th July Infans Anna; Testes Johannes Smith, Magdalena Fehling.
Parentes Jacob Johs. Klock, Palatine, Anna Klock; 29th July Infans Catharina; Testes John Dieffendorf, Catharina Klock.
Parentes David adon Schuyler, Canajoharrie, Margretha Schuyler; 29th July Infans Lea; Testes Peter Wollever, Catharina Wollever.
Parentes James Wilson, Canajoharrie, Elisabeth; 29th July Infans Eva; Testes Henry Wi*, Anna Mayer.
Parentes Thomas Obynn, Yukersbusch, Magdalena Obynn; 4th August Infans Maria; Testes Joel Haid, Betsi Haid.
Parentes Martin Von Sleyk, Canajoharrie, Anna Von Sleyk; 5th August Infans Niclaus; Testes Niclaus Haus, Catharina Van Alstyne.
Parentes Christian Bellinger, Canajoharrie, Barbara Bellinger; 12th August Infans Barbara; Testes Adam Bellinger, Elisabeth Bellinger.
Parentes James Dannels, Palatine T., Gertrud Dannels; 14th August Infans Bally; Testes Johann Haus, Anna Haus.
Note, entry No. 4. The name of the male witness has been corrected, and as noted, is illegible; it may possibly be "Winn" or "Wilsy". Entry No. 5.
Compare the names of parents with entry No. 8, page 90.

Page 63
Parentes Peter Muscher, Palatine T., Maria Muscher; 14th August Infans Elisabeth; Testes John Rerich, Delia Rerich.
Parentes Albert White, Palatine T., Margretha White; 14th August Infantes Sara, 12 years old; Elisabeth, 4 years old; Maria, 1 year old; Testes James Dannels, Gertrud Dannels; Salomon Yuker, Elisabeth Yuker; Jacob Palsli, Anna Lise Palsli.
Parentes Abraham Arnd, Canajoharrie, Anna Arnd; 19th August Infans Johannes; Testes Adam Zimmerman, Margretha Zimmerman.
Parentes Adolph Wallrath, Palatine, Maria Wallrath; 26th August Infans Adolph Beckman; Testes Cornelis Beckmann, Catharina Beckmann.
Parentes Jacob Scheffer, Canajoharrie, Engel Scheffer; 26th August Infans Magdalena; Testes John Hauss, Magdalena Hauss.
Parentes George Wallrath, Canajoharrie, Anna Wallrath; 2th Sept Infans Daniel; Testes Johann Wallrath, Catharina Wallrath.
Parentes Friderich Josts. Klock, Palatine, Magdalena; 2th Sept Infans Robert; Testes Georg Jbs. Klock, Catharina Klock.
Parentes William Klabsattel, Herkemer County, Marie Lise Klabsattel; 8th Septbris Infans Maria, born the 8th August; Testes Andreas Klabsattel, Marie Klabsattel.

Page 64
Parentes Jacob Mayer, Herkemer County, Anna Mayer; 8th Septbris Infans Elisabeth, born the 27th Aug.; Testes Jacob Wallrath, Elisabeth Wallrath.
Parentes Christian Sillenbach, Herkemer County, Elisabeth Sillenbach; 9th Septbris Infans Johannes, born the 16th Aug.; Testes Johannes Imhof, Anna Weber.
Parentes Johannes Keller, Herkemer County, Maria Keller; 9th Septbris Infans Margretha, born the 7th Aug.; Testes Peter Ayrer, Margretha Keller.
Parentes Lorenz Frank, Herkemer County, Maria Frank; 9th Septbris Infans Matheus, born the 30th Aug.; Testes Johannes Frank, Eva Frank.
Parentes Elias Muller, Kingsborough, Elisabeth Muller; 10th Septbris Infans Anna; Testes Franz Muller, Anna Schmid.
Parentes Jacob Dieffendorf, Canajoharrie, Elisabeth Dieffendorf; 13th Septbris Infans Cornelius; Testes Cornelis Von Campe, Barbara Von Campe.
Parentes Johann Jost Edel, Palatine District, Maria Edel; 16th Septbris Infans Johann Jost; Testes Heinrich Edel, Anna Bayer.
Parentes Joseph Numen, Palatine District, Elisabeth Numen; 16th Septbris Infans Stephen; Testes Stephan Coming, Debora Coming.
Parentes Niclaus Farbus, Canajoharrie C., Sara Farbus; 16th Septbris Infans Maria; Testes Albert Mabee, Bally Mabee.

Page 65
Parentes James Dannels, Palatine Town, Gertrud Dannels; 23th 7bris Infantes Richard, 12 years old; John, 4 years old; Testes Friderich Bellinger, Catharina Bellinger; Daniel Enkeson, Anna Enkeson.
Parentes Theobald Thumm, Palatine, Eva Thumm; 23th Septembris Infans Johannes; Testes Adam Thumm, Maria Kringg.
Parentes Georg Dieffendorf, Canajoharrie C., Catharina Dieffendorf; 23th Septembris Infans Anna, born the 20th 7bris; Testes Rudolf Dieffendorf, Anna Fox.
Parentes Frideric Bonstetter, Canajoharrie, Marie Lise Bonstetter; 23th Septbris Infans Eva; Testes Jonas Dillenbach, Eva Knieskern.
Parentes Dines Helleburg, Palatine, Charlotte Helleburg; 26tn 7bris Infans William; Testes Peter Van Driesen, Margaret Haus.
Parentes John Graves, Palatine, ------Graves; 26tn 7bris Infans William, old 12 years; Testes Dines Helleburg, Charlotte Helleburg.
Parentes Graves; 26tn 7bris Infans John, old 4 years; Testes John Graves, ------Graves.
Parentes Johannes Lauer, Palatine, Magdalena Lauer; 6tn Octobris Infans Eva Elisabeth; Testes Dieterich Lauer, Margretha Fehling.

Page 66
Parentes Dieterich Pilgrim, Palatine, Christina Pilgrim; 11th Octobris Infans Niclaus, born the 6th Octobr; Testes Niclaus Thumm, Elisabeth Thumm.
Parentes Peter M. Ehle, Canajoharrie, Gadlyn Ehle; 14tn Octobris Infans Barnt, born the 17tn Septbris; Testes David Mayer, Anna Mayer.
Parentes Charles Bischop, Palatine, Maria Bischop; 21tn Octobris Infans Anna; Testes Lorenz Zimmerman, Maria Zimmerman.
Parentes Friderich Ostrot. Palatine, Elisabeth Ostrot; 24tn Octobris Infans Elisabeth; Testes Henrich Mayer, Anna Mayer.
Parentes Jacob J. Weber, Herkemer County, Margretha Weber; 28tn Octobris Infans Lorenz, born the 13th 8bris; Testes Lorenz frank, Margretha Weber.
Parentes John Brodhack, Herkemer County, Mary Brodhack; 28tn Octobris Infans Maria; Testes Henry Sallie, Mary Sallie.
Parentes David Ph. Schuyler, Canajoharrie, Helletsy Schuyler; 28tn Octobris Infans Maria; Testes Johannes Schuyler, Maria Smith.
Parentes Johannes Stahli, Royal Grant, Marie Lise Stahli; 11tn Novembris Infans Heinrich; Testes Heinrich Scheffer, Anna Scheffer.

Page 67
Parentes Heinrich Haus, Canajoharrie, Anna Haus; 11tn Novembr Infans Catharina; Testes Johannes Dusler, Catharina Dusler.
Parentes Dieterich Jbs. Fehling, Palatine, Elisabeth Fehling; 18tn Novembr Infans David; Testes Heinrich Fehling, Anna Zimmerman.
Parentes Isaac Ellwood, Canajoharrie, Magdalena Ellwood; 18tn Novembr Infans Abraham, born the 7th Nov; Testes Peter Knieskern, Lea Knieskern.
Parentes Adam Bellinger, Schneidersbusch, Magdalena Bellinger; 25tn Novbris Infans Magdalena; Testes Marx Bellinger, Margretha Zimmerman.
Parentes Robert Gersten, Palatine District, Eva Gersten; 25tn Novembris Infans Maria; Testes Henry Gersten, Maria Smith.
Parentes Adam Bellinger, Canajoharrie C., Elisabeth Bellinger; 27tn Novbris Infans Abraham; Testes Christian Bellinger, Barbara Bellinger.
Parentes Johann Jost Klock, Palatine, Dorothea Zimmerman; 4th Decembris Infans Margretha; Testes Heinrich Bekmann, Margretha Bekmann.
Parentes Salomon Yuker, Palatine, Elisabeth Yuker; 9th Decembris Infans Margretha; Testes Jacob Palsli, Margretha Haus.
Parentes Georg Oberaker, Canajoharrie, Jannike Oberaker; 9th Decembris Infans Sara; Testes Kneles Krankheit, Anna Krankheit.

Page 68
Parentes Philipp Gerlach, Canajoharrie C., Marie Lise Gerlach; 9th Decembris Infans Delia; Testes Johann Eker, Anna Lise Eker.
Parentes David Mayer, Canajoharrie C., Anna Mayer; 9th Decembris Infans Catharina; Testes Johannes Mayer, Alida Mayer.
Parentes John Rice, Palatine, Catharina Rice; 16tn Decembris Infans Maria; Testes Wilhem Wallrath, Margretha Hellegas.
Parentes Philip Hellmer, Palatine, Margretha Hellmer; 16tn Decembris Infans Elisabeth; Testes Peter Young, Marie Lise Young.
Parentes Heinrich Louks, Palatine, Anna Eva Louks; 16tn Decembris Infans Conrad; Testes Conrad Zimmerman, Magdalena Zimmerman.
Parentes Martin Siever, Canajoharrie, Maria Siever; 23tn Decembris Infans Catharina; Testes James Siever, Catharina Siever.
Parentes James Delany, Canajoharrie, Alida Delany; 23tn Decembris Infans Maria; Testes Dines Krankheit, Baly Krankheit.
Mater Maria Hellmer, Canajoharrie; 25tn Decembris Infans Moses, born in July last; Testes Philipp Hellmer, Margretha Hellmer.
Parentes Jacob Snell, Snellenbush, Elisabeth Snell; 30th Decembris Infans Margretha; Testes Jost Snell, Rosina Zimmerman.

Page 69
Parentes Heinrich Ritter, Sneidersbush, Margretha Ritter; 30th Decembris Infans Margaretha; Testes Johannes Bayer, Margretha Bayer.
Parentes Philipp Muller, Klocksbush, Elisabeth Muller; 30th Decembris Infans Catharina Margretha; Testes Ludwig Mayer, Catharina Mayer.
Parentes Philipp Fehling, Palatine, Margretha Fehling; 30th Decembris Infans Daniel; Testes J. Dieterich Fehling, Elisabeth Fehling.
Parentes Stambrough P. Stancliff, Palatine T., Sybille Stancliff; 30th Decembris Infantes Mary, born the 15th February 1786; Thomas, born the 22nd August 1788; Betsi, born the 8th Octobr 1790; Perry, born the 20th August 1792; Testes J. Jost. Snell, Maria Snell; Johannes Snell, Anna Snell; Johannes Mayer, Catharina Mayer; Conrad Zimmerman, Margretha Zimmerman.

Page 70
Parentes Marx Dusler, Palatine, Elisabeth Dusler; Jan 1 Infans Catharina; Testes Jost Klock, Maria Kring.
Parentes John Nelles, Palatine, Delia Nelles; 5tn Januarii Infans Margretha; Testes Friderich Bam, Elisabeth Bam.
Parentes Jacob Crass, Palatine, Catharina Crass; 7th Januarii Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob Hellmer, Anna Fox.
Parentes Georg Haus, Canajoharrie C., Maria Haus; 20th Januarii Infans Anna; Testes David Hess, et his Wife.
Parentes Peter Fort, Canajoharrie, Catharina Fort; 20th Januarii Infans Peter; Testes Peter Bakos, Margretha Bakos.
Parentes Georg Stahli, Herkemer County, Dorothea Stahli; 27th Januarii Infans Niclaus, born the 1 Xbris 1792; Testes Niclaus Stahli, Eva Bayer.
Parentes John Doleny, Herkemer County, Elisabeth Doleny; 27th Januarii Infans Elisabeth, born the 21 Xbris 1792; Testes Dieterich Demud, Elisabeth Demud.
Parentes Henry Deygert, Herkemer County, Margretha Deygert; 27th Januarii Infans Maria, born the 19th 9bris 1792; Testes John Cuningham, Maria Cuningham.

Page 71
Parentes Henry Hees, German Flats, Catharina Hees; 27tn Januarii Infans Magdalena, born the 21 Xbris 1792; Testes John Hees, Eva Hees.
Parentes Georg Weber Junr., Herkemer County, Margretha Weber; 27tn Januarii Infans Maria, born the 11 Xbris 1792; Testes Peter J. N. Weber, Maria Weber.
Parentes Johannes Yuker, Palatine, Anna Yuker; 29tn Januarii Infans Catharina; Testes Friderich Bellinger, Catharina Bellinger.
Parentes Johannes Ougspurger, Canajoharrie, Susanna Ougspurger; 3th Februarii Infans Elisabeth; Testes Georg Nier & his Wife.
Parentes Jacob Nier, Canajoharrie, Catharina Nier; 3th Februarii Infans Johannes; Testes Johannes Ougspurger, Susanna Ougspurger.
Parentes Benjamin Ros, Canajoharrie, Maria Ros; 3th Februarii Infans Susanna; Testes Jonas Krankheit, Maria Krankheit.
Parentes Jacob Joran, Palatine, Catharina Joran; 10th Februarii Infans Eva; Testes Hellmes Schall, Margretha Haus.
Parentes Georg J. Klock, Palatine, Catharina Klock; 10th Februarii Infans Philipp; Testes Philipp Nelles, Elisabeth Nelles.

Page 72
Parentes James Manson, Herkemer County, Maria Manson; 10th Februarii Infans James, old 7 months; Testes Johann Jost Haus, Elisabeth Gerlach.
Parentes James Woodert, Herkemer County, Catharina Woodert; 10th Februarii Infans Maria; Testes Georg Haus, Mary Lise Haus.
Note for page 74, omitted there on account of lack of room. Entry No. 8.
Humphy Deffenport and Polly (or Maria) Deffenport; compare with entry No. 5, page 41, Humphry Deffenburg.

Page 73
Parentes Georg A. Smith, Canajoharrie C., Anna Smith; 17tn Februarii Infans Gastina; Testes Heinrich Richtmejer et his Wife.
Parentes Johannes G. Zimmerman, Palatine, Sara Zimmerman; 17tn Februarii Infans Johann Jost; Testes Johann Jost Snel, Margretha Zimmerman.
Parentes Adam C. Haus, Palatine, Magdalena Haus; 17tn Februarii Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob Staring, Elisabeth Staring.
Parentes Peter G. Snel, Palatine, Maria Snel; 17tn Februarii Infans Georg; Testes Jacob Snel, Susanna Killsz.
Parentes Johannes Pickard, Canosserago, Anna Margr. Pickard; 18tn Februarii Infans Adam; Testes Adam Gerlach & his Wife.
Parentes Matheus Ritter, Royal Grant, Anna Eva Ritter; 22tn Februarii Infans Catharina; Testes Adam Klock, Catharina Klock.
Parentes Adam Bersch, Palatine, Anna Bersch; 24tn Februarii Infans Johannes; Testes Wilhelm Nelles, Magdalena Nelles.
Parentes Lorenz H. Herter, Herkemer County, Anna Eva Herter; March 3 Infans Heinrich, born the 25th Febr; Testes Heinrich Herter, Magdal. Frank.
Parentes Jacob J. Weber, Junr., Herkemer County, Margaretha Weber; March 3 Infans Peter, born the 1st Febr; Testes Peter Weber, Junr., Maria Weber

Page 74
Parentes Heinrich Zimmerman, Palatine Town, Margretha Zimmerman; March 3 Infans Peter; Testes Peter A. Bellinger, Elisabeth Bellinger.
Parentes Johannes Wollever, Palatine Town, Catharina Wollever; March 3 Infans Catharina; Testes John Mayer, Catharina Mayer.
Parentes Jacob Wendeker, Sneidersbush, Maria Wendeker; March 4 Infans Conrad; Testes Wilhelm Killsz, Eva Killsz.
Parentes Peter Muscher, Palatine Town, Mary Lise Muscher; March 17 Infans Gnelia; Testes Peter Scheffer, Elisabeth Rerich.
Parentes Wilhelm Fox, Canajoharrie, Margretha Fox; 21t March Infans Georg; Testes Georg Dieffendorf, Catharina Dieffendorf.
Parentes Peter Wollever, Palatine Town, Catharina Wollever; 1 April Infans Elisabeth; Testes Johannes Snell, Elisabeth Snell.
Parentes Heinrich Bellinger, Palatine, Anna Eva Bellinger; 7th April Infans Peter; Testes Peter Bellinger, Elisabeth Bellinger.
Parentes Humphry Deffenport, Canajoharrie (See note page 72) Bally Deffenport; 14 April Infans Susanna; Testes Niclaus P. Schuyler, Elisabeth Schuyler.
Parentes Jacob Fr. Bellinger, Yukersbusch, Sophie Bellinger; 21 April Infans Margretha; Testes Heinrich Beckman, Margretha Bekman

Page 75
Parentes Johannes C. Fox, Palatine, Maria Fox; 21 April Infans Margretha; Testes Daniel Fox, Catharina Fox.
Parentes Robert Bayer, Sneidersbush, Catharina Bayer; 21 April Infans Margretha; Testes Dines Bayer, Margretha Bayer.
Parentes Johannes Haus, Palatine, Anna Haus; 4tn May Infans Heinrich; Testes Heinrich Bellinger, Anna Eva Bellinger.
Parentes John Seckler, Canajoharrie, Anna Seckler; 5tn May Infantes Charlotte, old 2 years; Mary, old 4 months; Testes Conrad Counterman, Margretha Counterman; Adam Bellinger, Elisabeth Bellinger.
Parentes William Hofher, Canajoharrie, Betsi Hofher; 5tn May Infans Jacobine; Testes John Seckler, Anna Seckler.
Parentes Charles Alberti, Canajoharrie, Margretha Alberti; 12tn May Infans Maria; Testes Georg Wallrath, Anna Wallrath.
Parentes Johannes Joh. Bellinger, Palatine, Magdalena Bellinger; 12tn May Infans Johannes; Testes Jacob Fox, Maria Reuter.
Parentes Jacob Mayer, Mohacq District, Anna Eva Mayer;19tn May Infans Adam, born the 21tn Xbris 1792; Testes Johannes Salzberger, Catharina Fehling.

Page 76
Parentes Georg Rykard, Canajoharrie, Catharine Rykard; 20tn May Infans Samuel; Testes Samuel Krank, Margretha Rykard.
Parentes David Mabee, Canajoharrie, Gertrud Mabee; 20tn May Infans Maria, born the 3 March 1793; Testes Abraham Mabee, Maria Mabee.
Parentes Jacob Farbus, Canajoharrie, Eva Farbus; 26tn May Infans Bartholome; Testes Barthol. Farbus, Catharina Farbus.
Parentes Henry N. Fehling, Palatine, Anna Margretha Fehling; 3th Juny Infans Abraham; Testes Jacob Keller, Magdalena Keller.
Parentes Henry Scheffer, Royal Grant, Anna Scheffer; 9tn Juny Infans Heinrich; Testes Johannes Snell, Anna Snell.
Parentes Heinrich Hart, Royal Grant, Anna Eva Hart; 9tn Juny Infans Catharina; Testes Johannes Hart, Sara Hart.
Parentes Heinrich Hose, Snellenbush, Margretha Hose; 9tn Juny Infans Heinrich; Testes Friderich Snell, Anna Zimmerman.
Parentes Rudolf Koch, Palatine, Anna Koch; 9tn Juny Infans Catharina; Testes Dines Helleburg, Charlotte Helleburg.

Page 77
Parentes John Preiss, Sneidersbush, Maria Preiss; 10tn July (1999 note-this is probably Juny) Infans Abraham; Testes Joseph Pikard, Anna Eva Pikard.
Parentes Henry P. Deyggert, Canajoharrie, Margretha Deyggert; 16tn Juny Infans Peter; Testes Peter Deyggert, Sara Deyggert.
Parentes Niclaus Barth, Canajoharrie, Verona Barth; 16tn Juny Infans Bernhard; Testes Bernhard Hudson, Elisabeth Hudson.
Parentes Henry Deck, Canajoharrie, Anna Deck; 16tn Juny Infans Wilhelm; Testes Willhelm Zobel, Catharina Zobel.
Parentes John G. Herkemer, Canajoharrie, Bally Herkermer; 16tn Juny Infans Elisabeth; Testes Isaac Raasch, Catharina Herkermer.
Parentes Peter Freeman, Canajoharrie, Rebecca Freeman; 16tn Juny Infans Rebecca; Testes Christian Bellinger, Barbara Bellinger.
Parentes James Dan, Palatine, Gertrud Dan; 23tn Juny Infans Michel; Testes Michel Keller, Sara Keller.
Parentes John Young, Canajoharrie, Margretha Young; 23tn Juny Infans Johann Georg; Testes Georg Dumm eum uxore.
Translation, entry No. 8. Witnesses, Georg Dumm with wife.

Page 78
Parentes Conrad Counterman, Canajoharrie, Margretha Counterman; 23tn Juny Infans Johann Adam; Testes Adam P. Bellinger, Elisabeth Bellinger.
Parentes Adolph Wallrath, Palatine, Anna Wallrath; 1tn July Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob Zimmerman, Magdalena Zimmerman.
Parentes Gottlieb Braun, Otsego County, Anna Braun; 7th July Infans Benjamin; Testes Johannes Hess, Anna Hess.
Parentes Niclaus Scheffer, Snellenbush, Anna Scheffer; 7th July Infans Margretha; Testes Joh Jost Snell, Margretha Scheffer.
Parentes John Henry Dysslin, Pfarrer der Gemeinde, Anna Dysslin, geb: Klock; 7th July Infans Catharina, born the 2 July; Testes Jacob Klock, Elisabeth Nelles.
Parentes Jacob Christman, Palatine Town, Catharina Christman; 14th July Infans Jacob; Testes Isaac Christman, Maria Snell.
Parentes Andreas Scheffer, Palatine, Anna Scheffer; 21tn July Infans Abraham; Testes Abraham Keller, Elisabeth Keller.
Parentes Georg Counterman, Junr., Canajoharrie, Regina Counterman; 21tn July Infans Margretha; Testes Jacob Counterman, Margretha Counterman.
Translation, entry No. 5. Parents, John Henry Dysslin, Minister of the Congregation; Anna Dysslin, born Klock

Page 79
Parentes Niclaus P. Schuyler, Canajoharrie, Elisabeth Schuyler; 4th August Infans Margretha, born the 9th June; Testes Niclaus Herkemer, Margretha Herkemer.
Parentes ------; 4th August Infans Gredia Margretha Thomson, 9 years old; Testes Niclaus Herkemer, Margretha Herkemer.
Parentes Joh. Jost Louks, Palatine, Margretha Louks; 11th August Infans David; Testes Jacob Louks, Maria Mabee.
Parentes Johannes Haus, Royal Grant, Magdalena Haus; 11th August Infans Johannes; Testes Johannes Staring, Catharina Von Sleyk.
Parentes Ludwig Rykard, Sneidersbusch, Maria Rykard; 12th August Infans Peter, born the 3d August; Testes Peter Louks, Anna Louks.
Parentes Johannes Rykard, Sneidersbush, Catharina Rykard; 12th August Infans Catharina, born the 5th August; Testes John Puyeux, Catharina Puyeux.
Parentes Johannes Edel, Sneidersbush, Magdalena Edel; 12th August Infans Johannes, born the 6th August; Testes Johannes Petri, Anna Klock.
Parentes Johannes -----, Sneidersbush, Margretha -----; 12th August Infans Adam, born the 5th Juny; Testes Johannes Haus, Magdalena Haus.
Note, entry No. 8. The last names of the parents so blotted as to be almost, if not wholly illegible.

Page 80
Parentes Johannes Ds. Fehling, Palatine, Elisabeth Fehling; 18tn August Infans Anna Eva; Testes Peter Warmuth, Anna Eva Warmuth.
Parentes Christian Graf, Palatine, Catharina Graf; 18tn August Infans Christian; Testes Christian Graf, Barbara Graf.
Parentes John Cunningham, Canajoharrie, Rebecca Cunningham; 25tn August Infans Elisabeth; Testes Thomas Young, Elisabeth Young.
Parentes Wilhelm Schall, Canajoharrie, Eva Schall; 1 7bris Infans Lea; Testes Peter Knieskern, Lea Knieskern.
Parentes Beat Kern, Palatine, Catharina Kern; 5th 7bris Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob Jb. Klock, Elisabeth Nelles
Parentes Jacob Joh. Farbus, Canajoharrie, Catharina Farbus; 8th 7bris Infantes Niclaus et Martha--gemelli; Testes Niclaus Farbus, -----Wagoner; Abraham Mabee, Bally Mabee.
Parentes Philipp Fox, Palatine, Catharina Fox; 8th 7bris Infans Anna; Testes Peter Fox, Anna Nelles.
Parentes Johannes Jbs. Fehling, Palatine, Maria Fehling; 13tn 7bris Infans Maria; Testes Jacob Fehling, Maria Fehling.

Page 81
Parentes Philipp Herter, Herkemer County, Catharina Herter; 15tn 7bris Infans Eva, born the 25th August 1793; Testes Lorenz Herter, Anna Eva Herter.
Parentes Adam Bauman, Herkemer County, Barbara Bauman; 15th 7bris Infans Peter, born the 6th 7bris; Testes Peter Bellinger, Elisabeth Bellinger.
Parentes -----; 15th 7bris Infans Margaretha, old 4 years; Testes Dewald Rima, Margretha Breitenbucher.
Parentes -----; 21th 7bris Infans Moses; Testes Jacob Wallrath, Catharina Mayer.
Parentes John Knelis, Canajoharrie, Lea Knelis; 22th 7bris Infans Maria; Testes Georg Haus, Maria Haus.
Parentes -----; 26tn 7bris Infans Maria Magdalena; Testes John Henry Dysslin, Anna Dysslin.
Parentes Dines Flander, Palatine, Magdalena Flander; 28tn 7bris Infans Magdalena; Testes Philipp Fehling, Margretha Fehling.
Parentes Peter Van Nihr, Canajoharrie, Catharina Van Nihr; 29th 7bris Infans Peter; Testes Johannes Ehle, Delia Ehle.
Parentes Warner Farbus, Palatine, Marie Lise Farbus; 6th 8bris Infans Niclaus; Testes Niclaus Killsz, Catharina Farbus.

Page 82
Parentes Albert Blum, Canajoharrie, Anna Eva Blum; 6th 8bris Infans Catharina; Testes Heinrich Lanz, Catharina Lanz.
Parentes Abraham Mabee, Canajoharrie, Anna Mabee; 6th 8bris Infans Albert; Testes Albert Van Driesen, Maria Van Driesen.
Parentes Peter Killsz, Palatine, Margretha Killsz; 6th 8bris Infans Johann Jost; Testes Johann Jost Snell, Maria Snell.
Parentes Johannes Flander, Tillenburg, Margretha Flander; 13th 8bris Infans Johannes; Testes Philipp Flander, Eva Fox.
Parentes Cornelius Beckman, Palatine, Catharina Beckman; 13th 8bris Infans Cornelius William; Testes William Wallrath, Sally Macky.
Parentes Georg Staring, Royal Grant, Anna Staring; 13th 8bris Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob H. Zimmerman, Maria Zimmerman.
Pater William Woswirth, Palatine T.; 20th 8bris Infans Kmartin; Testes Jacob Snell, Anna Zimmerman.
Parentes Heinrich Herkemer, Otsego County, Catharina Herkemer; 22th 8bris Infans Catharina, born the 18th Aug 1793; Testes Jacob Snell, Elisabeth Snell.

Page 83
Parentes John Macreny, Palatine, Christina Macreny; 22th 8bris Infantes Margretha, born the 27th Novb. 1784; Sally, born the 28th Novbr. 1787; Eva, born the 14th Januar; Testes Peter Ris, Elisabeth Stamm; Andreas Palsli, Lea Palsli.

Page 84
Parentes Andreas Palsli, Palatine, Lea Palsli; 22th 8bris Infans Niclaus; Testes Niclaus Pikard, Barbara Pikard.
Parentes Christoph Bellinger, Herkemer Town, Anna Bellinger; 3th Novembr Infans Anna, born the 2d 8bris 1793; Testes Henry Wallrath, Anna Wallrath.
Parentes Henry Sallie, Herkemer County, Catharina Sallie; 3th Novembr Infans Margretha, born the 20th 7bris 1793; Testes Adam Sallie, Elisabeth Stahli.
Parentes Peter Lenz, Herkemer, Margretha Lenz; 3d Novembris Infans Catharina, born the 31t 8bris 1793; Testes Peter Rima, Catharina Hochstetter.
Parentes John Cord, Herkemer County, ------; 3d Novembris Infans Betsi, born the 27th 7bris 1793; Testes Henry Frank, Elisabeth Frank.
Mater Betsi Wayer, Herkemer County; 3d Novembris Infans John, born the 1 7bris 1792; Testes Jacob Lenz, Catharina Lenz.
Parentes Heinrich H. Zimmerman, Palatine Town, Apollonia Zimmerman; 4th Novembr Infans Johann Adam, born the 25th 8br 1793; Testes Joh. Adam Zimmerman, Catharina Zimmerman
Parentes Gover Radli, Palatine, Susanna Radli; 10th November Infans Anna; Testes John Clas, Gertrud Clas.
Parentes Ernst Flander, Palatine, Rosina Flander; 10th November Infans Jacob; Testes Henry Smith, Maria Smith.

Page 85
Parentes Johannes Ehle, Canajoharrie, Delia Ehle; 10th November Infans Johannes; Testes Joh. Georg Hahn, Elisabeth Hahn.
Parentes Joseph Pikard, Palatine, Magdalena Pikard; 17tn November Infans Rudolf; Testes Rudolf Koch, Anna Koch.
Parentes Niclaus Haus, Canajoharrie, Catharina Haus; 17tn Novembr Infans Susanna; Testes John Adam Hahn, Elisabeth Dewi.
Parentes Peter A. Schuyler, Canajoharrie, Catharina Schuyler; 24tn Novembr Infans Anna; Testes Heinrich Keller, Anna Wild.
Parentes Adam Bellinger, Royal Grant, Magdalena Bellinger; 26th Novembr Infans Delia; Testes Wilhelm Veeder, Elisabeth Veeder.
Parentes Peter Van Deursen, Palatine, Anna Van Deursen; 15tn Xbris Infans Johann Jost Schuyler, born the 6t Xbr; Testes Niclaus Schuyler, Elisabeth Schuyler.
Parentes Jacob Kring, Palatine, Maria Kring; 22th Xbris Infans Jacob; Testes Jost Klock, Maria Kring.
Parentes Jost Bellinger, Palatine, Elisabeth Bellinger; 27th Xbris Infantes Heinrich and Johann Adam--gemelli; Testes Heinrich Bellinger & Anna Eva (Bellinger); Jacob Bellinger & Sophie (Bellinger).

Page 86
Parentes Heinrich L. Zimmerman, Palatine, Elisabeth Zimmerman; 29th Xbris Infans Anna; Testes Isaac Christman, Anna C. Zimmerman.

Page 87
Parentes Johannes G. Hellmer, Palatine, Magdalena Hellmer; 30th Xbris Infans Gottfried; Testes Anthoni Ehle, Catharina Bersch.
Parentes Wilhelm C. Zimmerman, Palatine, Catharina Zimmerman; 30th Xbris Infans Catharina; Testes Heinrich J. Fehling, Catharina Zimmerman.

Parentes Jacob Moscher, Canajoharrie Town, Gertrud Moscher; 1t January Infans Lorenz, born the 19th 9bris 1793; Testes Lorenz Gross, Maria Gross.
Parentes John Wilx, Canajoharrie, Anna Wilx; 5th January Infans Catharina; Testes Johannes Bart, Catharina Mayer.
Parentes Benjamin Ellwood, Palatine, Elisabeth Ellwood; 5th January Infans Richard; Testes Christian Klock, Elisabeth Staring.
Parentes Johannes Dachstetter, Herkemer County, Catharina Dachstetter; 12th January Infans Niclaus, born the 7th of the Month; Testes Friderich Weber, Catharina Herter.
Parentes Peter Dachstetter, Herkemer County, Elisabeth Dachstetter; 12th January Infans Peter, born the 30 Xbris 1793; Testes Peter Herter, Catharina Herter.
Parentes Peter J. Weber, Herkemer County, Maria Weber; 12th January Infans Marcus, born the 7 8bris 1793; Testes Georg Weber, Margretha Weber.

Page 88
Parentes Joseph Mayer, Herkemer County, Catharina Mayer; 12th January Infans Daniel; Testes Daniel Petri, Anna Petri.
Parentes Adam Grimm, Herkemer County, Elisabeth Grimm; 12th January Infans Catharina, born the 4th 9bris 1793; Testes Franz Drausch, Barbara Drausch.
Parentes Conrad Staring, Royal Grant, Magdalena Staring; 17th January Infans Magdalena; Testes Valentin Bayer, Margretha Bayer.
Parentes Thomas Muscher, Canajoharrie, Gnelia Muscher; 18th January Infans George; Testes Georg Yuker, Elisabeth Yuker.
Baptizatus; 19tn Jan; Levi Odell, vir adultus in Canajoharrie Castello degens.
Parentes Johannes Mayer, Canajoharrie, Alida Mayer; 19th January Infans Catharina; Testes Georg Rosenkranz, Anna Rosenkranz.
Parentes Adam Franck, Palatine Town, Catharina Frank; 19th January Infans Friderich; Testes Ulrich Bader, Elisabeth Bader.
Parentes Daniel Hess, Otsego County, Maria Hess; 20th January Infans Joseph, born the 2d Aug 1793; Testes Peter Ph. Fox, Margretha C. Fox.
Parentes Peter Bellinger, Palatine, Elisabeth Bellinger; 26th January Infans Maria; Testes Johannes Scheffer, Maria Beckman.
Translation entry No. 5. Baptized, Levi Odell, adult man living in Canajoharie Castle.

Page 89
Parentes George Wild, Palatine, Dorothea Wild; 26th January Infans Dorothea; Testes Henry Crembs, Anna Crembs.

Page 90
Parentes Henry J. Bellinger, Palatine, Margretha Bellinger; 26th January Infans Elisabeth; Testes Jacob Klock, Elisabeth Nelles.
Parentes David Schremling, Otsego County, Susanna Schremmling; 1 February Infans Andreas, born the 19th July 1793; Testes Johannes Keller, Elisabeth Keller.
Parentes Peter Schremmling, Otsego County, Catharina Schremling; 1 February Infans Sara, born the 9th Xbris 1793; Testes Johannes F. Hess, Cathrina Schremling.
Parentes David Freymayer, Palatine Town, Catharina Freymayer; 2d February Infans Gertrud, born the 16th May 1793; Testes Georg Louks, Gertrud Louks.
Parentes Adam D. Zimmerman, Canajoharrie, Margretha Zimmerman; 2d February Infans Maria; Testes Jacob Matheus, Maria Zimmerman.
Parentes Heinrich Gerber, Palatine, Maria Gerber; 2d February Infans Jacob; Testes Jacob G. Fox, Anna W. Fox.
Parentes Heinrich Muscher, Palatine, Levina Muscher; 8th February Infantes Elisabeth, old 2 years; Peter, old 3 weeks; Testes Adolph Hauss, Elisabeth Rerich; Salomon Yuker, Elisabeth Yuker.
Parentes Thomas Obyrn, Palatine, Magdalena Obyrn; 8th February Infans Johannes; Testes Samuel Asch, Catharina Yoran.

Page 91
Mater Margretha Hauss; 8th February Infans Peter; Testes Benjamin Ellwood, Elisabeth Yoran.

Page 92
Parentes Joh. Niclaus Thumm, Palatine, Elisabeth Thumm; 9th February Infans Magdalena; Testes Christian Fink, Elisabeth Deyggert.
Parentes Michel Bauter, Palatine, Anna Bauter; 9th February Infans Johannes; Testes Johannes Koch, Barbara Bauter.
Parentes Johannes Hart, Royal Grant, Sara Hart; 9th February Infans Jacob; Testes Heinrich Hart, Anna Eva Hart.
Parentes Adam Eaker, Canajoharrie, Margretha Eaker; 9th February Infantes Elisabeth and Margretha--gemelli; Testes Joh. Jost Snell, Gertrud Snell; Johannes Christman, Anna Eaker.
Parentes Johannes P. Hellmer, Otsego County, Anna Hellmer; 14th February Infans Margretha, born the 17th March 1792; Testes Fridrich Bam, Elisabeth Bam.
Parentes Andreas Michler, Otsego County, Anna Michler; 14th February Infans Philipp, born the 19th Juny 1793; Testes Philipp P. Hellmer, Anna J. Fox.
Parentes James Farbus, Palatine, Margretha Farbus; 14th February Infans Maria, born the 19th January 1794; Testes John C. Nelles, Maria G. Nelles.

Page 93
Parentes Johann Andreas Dayer, Field District, Catharina Dayer; 16th February Infans Anna Maria Catharina, born the 30th Jan; Testes Valentin Muller, Maria Muller.
Parentes Jacob Mayer, Mohacq District, Anna Eva Mayer; 23th February Infans Magdalena, born the 11 Febr; Testes Jacob H. Fehling, Elisabeth Bauter.

Page 94
Parentes Johannes S. Snell, Snellenbush, Anna Snell; 23th February Infans Maria; Testes Johannes Stoll, Maria Stoll.
Parentes Jacob Flander, Palatine, Catharina Flander; 23th February Infans Elisbeth; Testes Dines Flander, Magdalena Flander.
Parentes Johann Adam Bellinger, Canajoharrie, Elisabeth Bellinger; 2th March Infans Elisabeth; Testes-----.
Parentes Michel Keller, Palatine, Sara Keller; 2th March Infans Catharina; Testes Lienhard Bam, Catharina Keller.
Parentes Peter Mosch, Canajoharrie, Dorothea Mosch; 2th March Infans Catharina; Testes Niclaus Sternberger, Catharina Sternberger.
Parentes Georg Rabolt, Palatine, Margretha Rabolt; 2th March Infans Elisabeth; Testes Conrad Hellegas, Anna Eva Hellegas.
Parentes Christoph W. Fox, Palatine, Margretha Fox; 13th March Infans Jacob, born the 7th March; Testes Jacob G. Fox, Delia W. Fox.
Parentes Georg Hahn, Canajoharrie, Elisabeth Hahn; 14tn March Infans Johannes Wendeker; Testes Johannes Wendeker, Catharina Wendeker.
Parentes Ulric Bauter, Palatine, Elisabeth Bauter; 16th March Infans Magdalena, born the 7th March; Testes Christian Graaf, Catharina Graaf.

Page 95
The preceding pages are all that remain of the first volume of the record of the Upper Palatine Church. The book as it now stands, consists of 44 leaves; one leaf in this part of the book has been torn out. The record is bound in parchment, and fully two thirds of the latter part of the book are at present missing, the leaves having been torn out thus opening a gap in the binding, from which the original size of the book can be estimated as having contained about 120 leaves. It is reasonable to suppose that Dominie Dysslin continued to inscribe in this record, the baptisms administered by him up to the time of his death, which occurred in about the month of September in 1812. It is possible that the book may also have contained a Marriage Register.

In view of the fact of this hiatus of over eighteen years in the vital records of this church, particular attention should be given to the remaining pages that appear in this typewritten volume. We have copied a considerable portion of the Treasurer's account book, of St. John's Church. In the lists of subscribers and pew holders, the names of the greater part of Dominie Dysslin's Congregation can be found, as also numerous items of historical interest, to which reference has been made in the introduction. The Treasurer's book is the same size as Dominie Dysslin's record; it is bound in 1/2 calf with paste board sides, cost nine shillings and contains about 200 pages, some of which are blank. It was in use until the year 1873, but only parts of the book have been copied. Some attempt has been made to arrange the items copied in chronological order, as the original record is very much confused. The Trustee's Minutes have been abstracted and not completely copied. Each page as a unit, as it appears in the original is indicated by the dotted lines, thus: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The end of book #1. Thanks again to our dedicated volunteers.

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