Fort Klock Historic Restoration

St. Nicholas Day, December 5, 1999

Sister and brother
Coonskin cap pioneer
Sinter Klaus outside Part of the Kitchen crew.
The Music Men The new oven
Serving hot cider Saint Nicholas himself
Part of the volunteers for St. Nicholas Day The Story Teller

The weather was warm, the air pleasant, the turnout was large. All in all, it was a wonderful St. Nicholas Day celebration at Fort Klock.

What is St. Nicholas Day? It is a traditional holiday for children which was observed by the early pioneers. The historic holiday dates back to the fourth century and was brought to America by the early Dutch and Palatine pioneers. This was a prelude to the holiday season and was a special day for children, who received their presents on this day because December 25 was reserved for the religious observance of Jesus' birth. The celebration is from a rich heritage that is preserved at Fort Klock through colonial music, homemade cookies and gingerbread, stollen, hot chocolate and spiced cider, treats for all. Saint Nicholas gave all children a homemade wooden ornament. Added to this, there were militia drills, a storyteller, music, roaring fires and traditional decorations of pine boughs!

Photos by A.G. Edmunds and ajberry.

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