The Descendants of Johann Conrad Kilts
Emigrant to America
Genealogy of the Kilts Family

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Only Known Picture of The Stone Arabia Church
(Destroyed by Sir John Johnson October 19, 1780)


The above drawing was executed on a powder horn by the artist T. F. which stand for Timothy Frank. The horn is in possession of Frank D. Deuel, genealogist of Schenectady, who kindly made the sketch from the horn. While dated 1753 Mr. Deuel thinks it was carved a few years later as on one side is shown Fort Stanwix which was built 1758. The view of "Stonrapie" includes the church which was destroyed in 1780 by Sir John Johnson and is the only known picture of that early edifice. The sketch is allegorical in that it implies distance without regard to actual distances. The bird over the church indicated north and south by its wings. The busyh indicates a trail and the lower house near the river may be the Frey house and the upper house near the river the Ehle house. The house to the northeast may be Johnson Hall or Johnstown and the bush indicates a trail between the two. Mr. Deuel says: "My great grandmother Catharine Folts Dygert, born 1778 was a step daughter of Timothy Frank who married her mother Anna Dygert Folts, widwo of Conrad J. Folts as his second wife.----From the St. Johnsville NY Enterprise, February 4, 1931.

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