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Two new books, "Descendants of Lawrence Timmerman", and "Descendants of David Timmerman" complete the set of genealogies for the four brothers - Lt. Henry and George were the first two. These books complement David Kendall Martin's "the 18th Century Zimmerman Family " by extending the known descendants to the latter part of the 20th century.

Books by Carolyn Timmerman Sidenius

DESCENDANTS OF LAWRENCE TIMMERMAN is a 150-page genealogy (plus 50-page index) which includes the many descendants of John C. and Gertrude Timerman who moved to Perch Lake, Jefferson County, NY in 1832, also Henry Lawrence Timmerman's family, many of whom lived in Indiana. Larger entries are Snell (117 in the index), Darling, Davy, Mosher, and Van Allen; also a Hoover family in Jefferson County, NY. Surname entries run from Abbott to Zunmbrun. Softcovered. 1998, 204pp..$18.00+S&H

DESCENDANTS OF DAVID TIMMERMAN is based on the 1925 work by Manley Timmerman but is greatly expanded and includes names such as Allison, Cronk, Durner, Fellows, Gaylord, Smith, Spoor, Van Deusen, Wooledge, and Zoller. Softcovered. 1994, 200pp..$18.00+S&H

DESCENDANTS OF LIEUT. HENRY TIMMERMAN follows a great many descendants to the 1980's and has a large index that includes many Germans, Green(e)s, Handys. Herkimers, Klocks, Snells, Vedders and Walraths, among others. Hardcovered 1988, 344 pp..$35.00 + S&H

DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE TIMMERMAN (1734 - 1800). The index of this genealogy includes Bellingers (209 names) of Onondaga, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties in NY; Billings, Broat (94), Flanders, Fox Frye, Hayes (339), Keyser/Kyser (78), Le\iee, Mason, Mosher, Robinson (of Canada), Snell, Van Gorder (70), Williaams Softcovered 1995, 300 pp....$25.00 + S&H

DESCENDANTS OF PETER AND ANNA KILTS SNELL traces over 3400 descendants, many into the 1990's. High-count names include Allen, Bauder, Bellinger, Failing & Hutchins, Klock, Lipe, Reed, Wilson, Wohlgemuth, Youker, Zimmerman. Softcovered 1992, 335pp....$25.00+S&H

Books by David Kendall Martin:

THE 18TH CENTURY ZIMMERMAN FAMILY traces the descendents of Jacob and Margaretha Jung Zimmerman for six generations ,over nearly 200 years, from their German home village in the mid-1600's to the Mohawk Valley and beyond Indexed, and heavily illustrated with maps, photos and signatures. Hard-covered. 1994, 331pp..$45.00 + S&H

THE 18TH CENTURY SNELL FAMILY provides the history of our Snells from Germany to New York State and gives all available information on those Snells born before 1800. The various family lines are carried well into the 1800's. Softcovered. 1982, 144pp...$15.00+S&H

THE 18TH CENTURY FAILING FAMILY follows descendants of Henrich H. and Anna Maria Kunigunda Failing (Fellingl Fehiing) from about 1710 to 1900. Rich with history, family lore, and illustrations, maps and documents. Softcovered. 1979, 110pp....$10.00 + S&H

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Other books

THE WAR YEARS IN THE MOHAWK VALLEY Frank C. Bellinger. Articles describing conditions, activities, and battles during the Revolution and its' altermath. Pamphlet. 1983, 20pp....$2.00

FIFTY YEARS WITH THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Carolyn Timmerman Sidenius & Edith S. Timmerman. A history of our Reunion and Church compiled for the Reunion's 50th Anniversary from newspaper accounts, early newsletters, and meeting and reunion minutes. It is particularly informative for new members. Pamphlet. 1988, 48pp....$4.00

AMERICAN PATRIOTS AT THE BATTLE OF ORISKANY Vera De Witt. A register of Tryon County Militia and New York Volunteers in The Revolulionary War. Softcovered. 1977, 60pp....$5.00

THE LAWRENCE ZIMMERMAN PAPERS is a booklet based on old documents, letters, and Indian deeds, and includes the wording on the 1755 Snell-Timmerman Patent. Pamphlet. 1937, 32pp....$2.00

WITH MY GRANDPARENTS Dr. Ada L. Snell (1870-1972). A charming & illustrated story about her childhood visits in the Mohawk Valley, appealing to children and elders alike. Booklet 1972 34pp....$3.00

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