Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Annals of Tryon County;
or, the
Border Warfare of New York,
During the Revolution.
By William W. Campbell
New York; Printed and Published by J. & J. Harper 1831

Number of Indian Warriors employed in the Revolutionary War.

"An estimate fo the Indian natiosn employed by the British in the Revolutionary War, with the number fo warriors annexed to each nation. By Captian Dalton, superintendent of Indian affairs for the United States, who, after being several years a prisoner with the enemy, arrived at Philadelphia, where he published the following account, 5th August, 1783.

Warriors 12,690

*"The Rev. Mr. Kirkland informed Dr. Stiles, that there were 410 souls beofre the war, and that 120 joined the enemy."

"In 1783 Mr. Kirkland estimated the whole number of fighting men, in the Seneca trible at 600."

**10th Vol. Mass. Hist. Collections, page. 123.

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