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Van Curler Genealogy, submitted by Louis E. Cuyler

1. Arendt Van Corlear came to New York in 1638. Married Antonia Slaaghboom, wid. of James Brouck, in 1643. He was drowned in Lake Champlain 1667. Will dated 8-26-1665, willing to Anna Shaets for son Bennoni.

Founder of Schenectady, NY 1661--Mentioned in the World Book Enclylopedia.

Agent for his great uncle Killaen Van Rensselaer of Amsterdam, Holland. His father was Hendrick Van Curler. His Grandfather was Goesson Van Curler, sheriff in Nijerk, Netherlands. 1619-1622.

Ref. Court Minues, Albany 1675--1680

History of Schenectady Co. Howell and Munsell 1622--1882

American Historical Report for 1895, pg. 81-101.

2. Bennoni Van Corlear b. before 1665, mar. Elizabeth Vanderpoel wid. of Sybrant Van Schaick (d. 1685) on 6-2-1686. He died 1704.

Ref. --Will of Elizabeth Van Corlear dated 11-7-1750.

3. Arendt Van Curler, b. 4/19/1696, d. 3-1-1795, Mapleton, NY. (near Hoosick Falls). His headstone is still standing at St. Croix.

Wife, Mary Lake is given in real estate transfer, 1-16-1775. Aaron & wife Mary to France Lucker, 96 acres east side of Hudson River.
Ref. B. 11, page 435--County of Albany Clerk's Office.
Aaron M. Mary Lake daug. of Nicholas Lake 1743, New Brunswick NY 1743 Middlesex, Co..

4. Aaron Van Curler b. before 1749 census, d. after Census 1800, pg. 349, Cambridge, NY. Mar. Sarah b. before 1755. Family tradition says her father was killed at Bunder Hill. (There is a Bunker Hill near White Creek, NY) in the Revolution.

Ref.-- See real estate deed, dated Nov. 14, 1807, Liber H., p. 559-Washington Co. between Aaron Van Curler and Sarah his wife, Salem, NY.

See deed dated 3-20-1806, Liber 1, p. 403, Washington Co., NY. between Meriah, wid. of Aaron Van Curler; Aaron Van Curler and Sarah his wife; Henry Van Curler and Sarah, his wife; Jacob Van Curler and Rachel, his wife; Henry Barnhart and Elizabeth, his wife; and Joseph Barnhart and Polly, his wife, heirs and successors of Aaron Van Curler, late of Cambridge, Co. of Washington, NY. and . . . .

Inserted Comments from Louis Cuyler: Arendt was the son of Bennoni van Curler, he was the first born so he was named after Bennoni's father Arendt, that is why he is listed 3rd, all of Arendt's the 3rd as some people refer to him were illiterate. When he died the children said his name was Aaron, this of course was incorrect, but when you say Arendt incorrectly is sounds like Aaron, so the person who was the undertaker put it down as Aaron and the children didn't know any different, that is why it also says Aaron on his tombstone. He is the one who built the trading post in White Creek, along with his brothers in law, ( 4 of them ) by the name of Lake, and it still stands there today and was built in 1709 or 1711, there are two different versions of what the date actually was. His tombstone says he lived to be 107, this happened because he was actually born in 1688 but was not baptised until 1696, The Dutch many time only date a persons birth (rom what I've been told ) from their baptism date in the old days.

Information concerning Killian Van Rensselaer, great uncle of Arendt Van Curler from which our lineage started in the USA.

He had the largest of all patroonships or areas of land around Albany NY which numbered 200,000 acres of land.

Not many Dutchmen wanted to leave their peaceful surroundings for the dangers of the new world, the Dutch West India Company, faced with this situation, decided to offer grants of land to any person in Holland who would agree to send fifty immigrants to settle his patch of the slow growing colony. These grants were called patroonships and the men hwo got them, patroons. Two decades after the system was instituted only one survived--the vast inland empire of Van Rensselaer. He realized that fur-trading was a transitory business and saw to it that he acres were plowed, sowed, and harvested and that his colonists worked at more lasting ventures.

Killian Van Rensselaer was a diamond merchant of Amsterdam who never saw the huge empire his agents put togehter on both sides of the Hudson at Albany.

Perhaps the best evidence that the Dutch pioneers left behind helathy genes and chromosomes lies in the fact that at least 1,000 men belong to the Holland Society of New York, where membership is limited to direct male descendents of the Dutchmen who founded or helped develop the colony Holland claimed for so much of the 17th century.

Killian Van Rensselaer, who had the largest holding of land, near Albany is represented by many heirs including William H., an executive of the National Association of Savings Banks, and Hendrik, the former president of the Lock Joint Pipe Comany.

These excepts were taken from the April 1970 issue of the American History Illustrated published by the National Historical Society of which I am a member. Louis E. Cuyler, Dec. 31, 1790.

4. Con't..Aaron Curler--Certificate of pay issued to Aaron Curler for service as private in Capt John McKillips' company of Col. Lewis Van Woert's (16th) regiment of Albany County Militia (Cambridge district).

Roster of State Troops contained in State Archives, v. 1 (Documents relating to the Colonial History fo the State of New York, V. 15), p. 353 (This is proof for membership in the D. A. R. or S. A. R. societies Revolutionary War records.

5. Aaron Van Curler, Jr. b. 1775, Census 1820, Salem, NY. , pg. 354. Aaron married Lucy b. 1783, census 1860 Lysander, Onondaga Co., NY married before 1907, d. 1860.

Ref--Real estate deed dated 2-12-1814, Recorded March 3, 1828. Liber W. p. 618. Washington Co., NY between Aaron Van Cuyler, Jr. or Salem, NY and Lucy his wife.

Death record of son Aaron b. 1807, d. in Sherwood Two., Branch Co., Mich. Feb. 2, 1888 ae 80 yr. 10 mo., 24 da. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, Mich. Father's name Aaron b. NY state; mother's maiden name Lucy Cuyler.

6. Aaron Cuyler III son of No. 5. b. 1807 had:

Sister Mary Ann Cuyler b. about 1817, d. 3-20-1885 Sodus, NY mar. Chauncey Lake Fowler as 2nd wife.

Brother William Cuyler b. 1814, mar. Mary. Estate probated in Hannibal, Oswego Co., NY. book 2--P T May 9, 1881.

Other brothers and sister, unknown. Aaron van Curler the III sometime between 1830 and 1850, ( for some unknown reason ) changed his last name from van Curler to Cuyler which was his Mothers maiden name. In 1864 he moved his family from New York to Michigan and settled near the small town of Girard ( which is just north of Coldwater, Mi.) and there he took up farming.

Children of Betsy Cuyler Smith: 1900 (Probate Ct. Syracuse, NY)

Town of Cambridge, Washington co., NY Census 1800, page 349.

Aaron Curler. . .1 male 10 and under 16 yrs. (Jacob)
1 male 26 and under 45 years (Could be Aaron Jr.)
1 male 45 and upward. . (Could be Aaron Sr.)

2 fem. 10 and under 16
2 fe. 16 under 26 (Lydian)
1 fem. 45 upwards (Lucy)

Next to brother

Henry Curler. . . 1 male under 10 yrs. (Peter)
1 male 10 and under 16 (also named Aaron after his uncle)
1 male 45 and upwards (Henry)

3 fem. under 10
1fem. 10 and under 16
1fem. 26 and under 45
1 fem. 45 and upwards (Sarah)

Addison Co., Vt. P. O. Ferrisburg, Census 1800, pg. 91

Jacob Curlers Family

2 males under 10 yrs.
1 male 26 and under 45 2 fem. under 10
1 fem. 26 and under 45

1810census of Salem, Washington Co., NY p. 445

Aaron Van Curlear (or Corlear)

1 male under 10 yrs. (Aaron III)
1 male 45 and upwards (Aaron Jr.) 1 fem. 16 and under 26
1 fem. 45 and upwards

Living next to

Jacob Van Corlear. . . 1 male 16 and under 26 yrs.
1 fem. under 10
1 fem. 16 and under 26

Census 1810, p. 120 Addison Co., Vt. P.O. Ferrisburg

Jacob Curler's Family
1 male under 10 years
1 male 10 and under 16
1 male 16 and under 26
2 males over 34 years 2 fem. 10 and under 16
1 fem. 26 and under 45 Census

Census 1820 of Salem, Washington Co., NY page 354A

Aaron Van Curler, Jr. . . 3 males under 10 yrs.
1 male 10 and under 16 (Aaron III-13)
1 male 16 and under 18
1 male 18 and under 26
1 Male 45 and upwards (Aaron Jr.) 3 fem. under 10 years
1 fem. 10 and under 16
1 fem. 26 and under 45 (Lucy his wife)--Aaron III was married by 1830-1827.

Granby Census 1850, Oswego Co.,

(Also here in 1830) as head of household but listed as A. Van Curler
Aaron Cuyler 43 farmer
Jane (Priest) 44 wife
Edwin 18
Rufus (Mar. cousin Eliza Smith) 11

Ann 5
John (A) 3
b. 8-15-1847
D. 1-24-1867
Aaron (Alonzo) 1 mo.
b. 1-12-1850
d. 1-28-1867
(from gravestone in Oakgrove cem. coldwater, Mich.)

Chauncey Fowler 45 b. NY
Carpenter & Joiner
Mary (Ann Cuyler) 33, 2nd wife
Hiram 13
Mary Jane 12
Martha 11
Maria 9
Amy 8
John W. 7
Almira (mother of Mrs. Josephine Beem the lady who had this family tree investigated.)
Artemesia 1

Granby Census 1850, Oswego Co.,
Wm. Cuyler 36
Eunice 34
Hiram 14
James 12
Ezra 9
Matthew 7
Wm. 5
Susan 2
David Cuyler 34

Hannibal, Oswego Co., NY Book 2 Book T (Est. of David Cuyler) Pet. of Niles Tice show that David died in Oswego, May 9, 1881, heirs--Mary A. Cuyler wife; Geo. Cuyler son; Alonzo Cuyler son; Lemuel Cuyler son; Lucinda Salesbury dau; Elmire Boom dau; Floretta Straw dau; Mary Criss dau; All of age except Mary Criss and Lemuel who are over 14.)

Mary 27
George 5
3 Almira 8/12
Henry Cuyler 25 Cabinet maker
Janes 25

Census 1860, Lysander, Onondaga Co., NY p. 148, P.O. Lysander, NY
Aaron Cuyler 53 b. NY (this is the third Aaron Cuyler he married Jane Priest)
Jane 29
Edwin 29
Ann 14
John 12
Alonzo 9
Lucy 77 (Mother of the above Aaron.)

Washington, D. C., Feb. 22, 1938

Dear Mrs. Beem:

Census 1850, Granby

Robert Nipper age 40 yrs. born England, farmer
Lucy Nipper 41 yrs. born Mass.
Ellen Nipper 6 yrs. born NY
William Nipper 4 yrs.
Adelia Nipper 3 yrs.
Catherine Nipper 1 yrs.
Matthew Cuyler 13 yrs. This could have been a son of Lucy by a first husband.
In 1850, as you probably know Aaron, David, and William Cuyler are listed in town of Oswego..
Yours truly,
H. W. Jenks.

Census 1860, Lysander, Onondaga Co. N. YU. P. 40/148

Aaron Cuyler Age 53, Farmer, born New York State
Jane Cuyler Age 43 born New York State
Edwin Cuyler Age 29 born New York State
Ann Cuyler Age 14 born New York State
John Cuyler Age 12 born New York State
Alonzo Cuyler Age 9 born New York State
Lucy Cuyler Age 77 b. about 1783

6. Aaron (Curler; Van curler) Cuyler

b. Mar. 8, 1807 (Wash. Co. NY)
d. Feb. 2, 1888 ae. 80 yr 10 ms 24 days g.s. Oak Grove Cemetery.
Coldwater, Mich. Lot 128, bought 1867, 5th burual.
Mar. Dec. 25, 1827 Jane Priest (father Wm. Priest)
b. Sept 22, 1806. d. Jan 28, 1888 ae 81 yr. 9 mos. 22 days, g. s. 6th burial

Children: of Aaron and Jane Cuyler

I. Edwin Cuyler b. 1832 (Census 1850 Granby, Oswego Co., NY) <br> d. 4-24-1890 bur. Lot 126 Oak Grove Cem. Coldwater, Mich. no g.s.
They had Children

1. Edith Cuyler
d. bur. Oak Grove Cem. Lot 128,
8th burial
Mar. Cousin Charles Cuyler
b. 1859Mbr.d. May 1, 1935 ae 76 Camden, Mich.
Lot 126 Oak Grove Cem. Coldwater
has son Arlie Cuyler, 4 grandchildren 2 great grandchildren living in 1935. Arlie living with second wife in 1935.

2. Frank Cuyler b. Jan 12, 1863
d. 1941
Mar. Ida Finny
b. June 28, 1869
d. May 31, 1919
Their children-
Floyd d. in infancy
Leo b. Dec. 13, 1890
Leslie b. Sept 20, 1892
Otto b. Nov. 4, 1894
Clifford b. Oct. 15, 1896 unmarried: WWI veteran. Buried Rock Island Ill. Garlie b. July 8, 1902
Harold b. June 23, 1904
Everett b. July 31, 1906 d. Jan 31, 1970
Ione d. ae. 1 yr.
(These children's marriages on later page)

3. Fred Cuyler b.
d. single, bur. Lot 126, Oak Grove Cem. Coldwater Mich.

4. Alonzo b.
d. no children

5. Annie Cuyler d. (Single)

6. Maude Cuyler b.
d. bur. Lot 126, Coldwater, Mich.
Mar. Fred Sixburry Children

7. Laura Cuyler b. 1877
died 1897
Mar. Fred Ranch
one child, Clifford and he died shortly after birth. Laura died with consumption

II Charles Cuyler b. 1836
d. Chas. A. C. bur. Lot 128 Coldwater, Mich.
mar. Elizabeth before 1859
Their children:

1. Charles C. Cuyler b. 1859
Mar. Cousin Edith, dau. of Edwin
Add. Lived in Califormia
3. Albert
4. Elean (Twins), lived in Chicago.

III. Abram Cuyler b. 1836
d. 1924 Union City, Mich. buried there
Mar. 1st? b. ? d. 1879, Lot 455 Oak Grove Cem. Coldwater Mich.
mar. 2nd sister of 1st
b. ? d.?
mar. 3rd Minnie Sharpe
in East about 1870, only dau. of his 2nd cousin.
Mesissa Smith Sharpe- Lived in Union City,Mich.
Mrs. C. and Annie bur. on Abram's lot.
Annie may have been 2nd wife.
no children.

IV. Rufus D. Cuyler b. 3-28-1840
d. 9-2-1928 Scottville, Mason Co., Mich.
death dertificate No. 10
mar. his cousin Eliza Smith, dau. of Betsey Cuyler (Civil War Pension #74940) and L. Clark Smith
Eliza b. 3-2-1844
d. 11-6-1928 Scottville, death cert, #13.
A daughter, Mrs. Estlow, signed death certificate #13
Their children. Mame mar. Samuel Estlow
Celia mar. Albert Estlow

V. Ann Cuyler b. 1845
d. ? 7th burial on Lot 128 Coldwater, Mich.
VI. John A. Cuyler
b. 8-15-1847
d. 1-24-1867 g. s. on lot 128 (bought 1867)

VII. Aaron Cuyler, in census 1850 1 mo. old called Alonzo in census 1860 Lysander, Onondaga Co., NY
b. July 12, 1850
d. Jan 28, 1867 g. s. on lot 128

George Cuyler must have been nephew of Aaron
mar. Mary ? went East
Children- Georgie, Lottie, Jennie.

Recod of children of Frank and Ida Finney Cuyler

1. Leo Cuyler, b. Dec. 13, 1890, lives in Farmersville, Calif.
M. Della Mae b. Dec. 5th 1909.
Children- Leo Cuyler Jr. b. 7-23-1933.

2. Leslie Cuyler, b. Sept 20, 1892
d. April 19, 1971 age 78 years.
Mar. Carrie May Maynard 2-6-1915
b. 9-25-1895
d. 11-10-1970 age 75 years.

3. Otto Cuyler b. 11-4-1894
d. 1977
mar. Florence Dubendorf d. Aug 1937
remarried Della
Children, Clarence, Donald, Ralph, Vern.

4. Garlie Cuyler b. 7-8-1902
d. 4-12-1977
mar. Rhea Walker Dec. 31, 1923, no children.

5. Harold Cuyler, b. 6-23-1904
d. 1976
mar. Viola Hiscock
Gerald b. 7-4-1937
Lawrence b. 1-12-1938
Marylin b. 12-29-1939
Joyce b.

6. Everett Cuyler b. 7-31-1906
d. 1-31-1970
mar. Emma Sonickson 1st wife
Children -Wayne
mar. Vivian Unroe 2nd wife
children Richard, Carol

The children of Leslie and Carrie May Maynard Cuyler

1. Lennard Cuyler b. 8-25-1915 d.
mar. Irene Baker 8-8-1940 d. 2-28-1968.
Remar. Lillian Herrier
children Rita b. 12-20-1944 mar. Kenneth Parshall
Ruth b. 7-24-1946 mar. Roger Enyart

2. Leo Cuyler b. 12-2-1916
mar. Ethel Mason 3-7-1936
Children--Earl Lavern b. 9-17-1936 mar. Grace Halstead 3-10-1959
Louie Eugene b. 10-17-1940 mar. Sandra Weiderman 7-2-1960
Marvin Dean b. 5-8-1943 mar. JoAnn Veahiena? 6-21-1965
Ethelyn ? b. 7-7-1949 mar. Donald Collins 2-10-1966

3. Wilma b. 9-15-1919 d. 12-27-1920

4. Lloyd Cuyler. b. 3-26-1922
mar. Edith Shappler
children Kenneth b. 10-14-1916 mar. Marlene Manchester
Larry b. 11-22-1948 unmarried

5. Donna Bell b. 6-18-1925
mar. Ralph Batterson
one daughter mar. 1st Richard Warner
2nd Larry Freed
3rd Hanry Davis

6. Maxine b. 8-3-1929
mar. Darwin Musselman
children Kathy b. 7-9-50 mar. Paul Groll Div. 1970
Dennis b. 8-6-1956
Scott b. 11-14-1963

These are the children of Earl and Grace Halstead Cuyler

1. Kitty Carrie b. 5-8-1964
2. Kyle Kim b. 10-5-1966
3. Kris Kerry b. 2-14-1968

These are the children of Louis and Sandra Weiderman Cuyler

1. Lousann Melody b. 10-8-1964
2. Jeffrey Leo b. 4-1-1966
3. Brent Louis b. 1-9-1968
4. Brad Thomas b. 8-3-1970

These are the children of Marvin and JoAnn Vecchione Cuyler

1. Lisa d. at birth
2. Michele b. 8-26-1960
3. Denise b. 3-4-1974

Corrections to the genealogy by Michele Ward.
Marvin Cuyler was born on 5-9-1943 (not 5-8)
Marvin Cuyler married JoAnn Vecchione  on 6-21-1964 (this reads 1965)
Michele Cuyler, birthday should read 08-25-1969 (not 08-26-1960)

Denise Cuyler (died 5-8-2001)
Michele Cuyler married Victor Buono on 2-17-1990
Toni Nicole born on 2-9-1992
Dominic Robert born on 7-1-1993

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