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There is a correction that should by made in Louis Cuyler's "Van Curler" genealogy.

If you look at page 7 under the children of Leslie and Carrie May Maynard Cuyler there are a few mistakes in my family. Number 1, It is Kennard Cuyler that marries Irene not Lennard.

number 4(my dad); Lloyd Cuyler
It should be changed to this:

4.  Lloyd Leslie Cuyler, b.3-26-1922  d. 3/20/1997
     mar. Edith Lourane Shepler b. 3/6/26
     children:   Kenneth Lee Cuyler b. 10/14/1946  Mar. Marlene Manchester
b.4/9/1948 d. 9/8/1974
                           children; Jason b. 1/10/1971 and Kristina b.
                                         Jason unmarried,  Kristina mar.
Danny Peek, children; Kyle and  Brian
                                                                   twins b.
                                        Kenneth remarried to Vicki who had
two daughters Nicole and Jacki;
                                             Jacki is unmarried, Nicole
mar.Ken Clemens, children Darius and Alex.
                    Larry Leslie Cuyler b. 11/22/1948 unmarried.

Larry L Cuyler

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