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Note: The e-mail addresses of persons who write are included so that if family (Klock) members wish to communicate with each other, you have the addresses. Just use the hyperlink or copy and paste in the address bar.

Please do not request research or genealogical work from the webmaster. This is a volunteer position, done as I have the time. There are no additional documents just lying around here, what I have is on the web site. Research can be requested from the usual resources, here is the link provided on the Herkimer/Montgomery Gen Web site. In addition, you can request research by writing to the fort at: Fort Klock; P.O. Box 42; St. Johnsville, New York 13452. Make the request to the attention of: Anita Smith, who will do research for a modest fee.

Sarah Klock Ohning Date: 2000-05-13 Comments: Just located your site. Great stuff. Maybe we are somehow related as Johannes is listed way back in our history. I come from the Johnstown,Pa area where there are still a large amount of Klocks. My Grandparents came from Michigan by way of upstate NY.
Name: Kelly Klock Stetson Date: 2000-05-11 Comments: It was 1986 when I first visited the Library of Congress and found Mrs. (Clock) Williams book. I'm so glad to find a text of most of it now available here. I am the great-grandson of the late Earl Klock Flanders (1880-1971), Gentleman Farmer, of Rodman, NY, who is listed in the book. I have done extensive research on this line and many others. Would love to hear from anyone and everyone.
Name: Darwin Foster Date: 2000-05-03 Comments: Nathaniel Foster was my Great Great Great Grandfather, so I found your Website very informative. I am working on my family tree and am looking for relatives in the area.
Name: Laurie Smith Date: 2000-05-01 Comments: Yippee Yahoo. Thank you very much. I am working on the Petrie family. This is the most informative site for my internet shy friend's family. I cannot say thank you enough. I wish I had enough time to read everything.
Name: Michele Folts Date: 2000-05-01 Comments: Great site. I really enjoyed looking at you site. I had to write a speech on Gen. Nicholas Herkimer and I was pleased to find a tidbit of history on my family. It is rare to see something written because they were overshadowed by many other Palatine families. Thanks
Name: Nancy Englerth Date: 2000-04-27 Comments: Wonderful site...Am researching Pettingell, Martin and McGraw families from this area before the Rev. War.
Name: Ray Cronk Date: 2000-04-27 Comments: My family ancestry goes back to about 1800 in the Mohawk Valley. I find your sight very interesting and plan to spend a lot of time studying it.
Name: Lori Lazore Date: 2000-04-11 Comments: Very interesting web site. I am a college student and chose to write about Joseph Brant. I am also a Mohawk Native American. I reside on the reservation "Akwesasne" that borders north New york, South Ontario, and Southwest Quebec.
Name: Connie Naughton Date: 2000-04-09 Comments: Thanks so much for putting the Klock geneology on the web. My g-grandmother Emma Klock Avery(1871-1903) died in child birth when my grandfather was born. I had often been told I looked like her and recently took intrest in looking into her background. She had grown up on the homestead in Central Square NY and I had traced her linage through cencus records to Henry Klock/Sarah A Dutcher.In the 1850's Henry's mother Lydia was living with them. I was able to trace Lydia to John Klock and from there back to Hendrick. Untill I started this search I knew nothing of the Fort, but now will be visiting the home of my ancestors this summer. Connie A Naughton
Name: Darren J Bellen Date: 2000-03-26 Comments: Very Nice
Name: Penny Van Curler Singleton Date: 2000-03-25 Comments: This is wonderful work. I truly enjoyed it. Penny
Name: Brent Cuyler Date: 2000-03-19 Comments: I am a direct descendent of Aarendt Van Curler. Brent Cuyler
Name: Jason M. Klock Date: 2000-03-19 Comments: very intersesting,read the geneology section possible family link to my ancestors? I see some familliar names on the 4th and5th generation list that somewhat coincide with info that my father had but he could only find links back to the mid to late 1800's which was around the time of my great-grandfather i believe his name was John there was also a mention of a Michael and a James that my great grand father was related to possibly brothers,I am not sure as the family history gets sort of muddy back before the turn of the century, my grandfather John W. Klock died in the 1950's when my father was 16 yrs. old so not alot of info was passed on from him to my dad who was very interested in the family history. I do that my grt grandfather did some farming in the Ohio area and moved back and forth between the northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan area and Toronto Canada area my grndfather John W.was born in plattsburgh N.Y. and lived for a short time in bogartown ontario canadaI know that the family were all U.S. citizens even though they lived in canada off and on
Name: Joan Brodine Date: 2000-03-15 Comments: Dear Sirs, Could you please give me some information? I'm trying to do some genealogy on my family. Was told my great, great, great grandfather might have come from Ireland, last name of Kling. I asked an Irish genealogist if Kling is an Irish name, and he said No, but it might have come from the Palatine settlements! Can you help me on this? Thank you for your time, Joannie
Name: Bill Warmouth Date: 2000-03-13 Comments: Enjoyed the info on the Wormuth house.
Name: Jerod Rosman Date: 2000-03-08 Comments: Enjoy the site, Joyce, very much. Lots to learn!
Name: ernest handy jr Date: 2000-03-02 Comments: Im like the web site. I am looking up my geneology. I now that i am related to the klock family by an article from a paper of my great grand father Earl Handy in that his father was Dennis Handy and his wife was Gertrude (klock) Handy.I was looking for names of Gertrude parents
Name: David W. Klock Date: 2000-02-29 Comments: Great Site. Johannes Klock was my GR.GR.GR.GR. Grandfather. Give or take a Great. Goes like this, Hendrick, Johannes, John, John Jr., Isaac, Ira, Jacob, and my father Carl. I learned a lot about my family from this site... Thank You
Name: Katherine Mary Nellis Hudson Date: 2000-02-06 Comments: Hello: This is a virtual return to the place of my ancestors--the Klocks and Nellis's. My Dad, Edward Klock Nellis, took us to St. Johnsville on a regular basis to visit Fort Klock and the local cemetaries. My younger brother is also named Edward Klock Nellis. My husband Bob and I named our son Robert Klock Hudson and a picture of Fort Klock is over his bed. I am doing additional research because Robert has a genealogy project for school. We hope to visit either this summer or next. Regards,
Name: Robert Walleston Date: 2000-02-23 Comments: I was looking for a Herman Young and Sofia Streeter who had a daughter Hannah B. Young in Feb 1846 in herkimer. please contact me if you have information. Thank you.
Name: Don Fonda Date: 2000-02-02 Comments: What a great site, I have read every word and downloaded most THANKS Don Lake Wales, Florida
Name: John Redshaw Date: 2000-01-29 Comments: Wonderful! Capt. John Zielley was my g-g-g-g grandfather. Can anyone confirm Lt. Col. Peter M. Zielie, being John's father? Is there a record of Peter's birth and marraige? Thank you, John Redshaw
Name: John D. Ressue Date: 2000-01-27 Comments: Great work !!! I enjoy all comments and content from all !!! Thank you to all who contribute and maintain this site, and to all that read and enjoy the photos and articles, know that it constantly changes and evolves..., so check back with us...!!! John Ressue, Member President, FKHR.
Name: Joseph Capece Date: 2000-01-25 Comments: Just found this and am looking it over now.J Capece
Name: Penny Van Curler Singleton Date: 2000-01-13 Comments: What a wonderful suprise! Thank you very much for the valuable information. Well done. Penny
Name: Jerod Rosman Date: 2000-01-10 Comments: Very well done, Joyce!
Name: Robert Rogers Date: 2000-01-04 Comments: Great Web Site and very interesting info on the colonial period in the Mohawk Valley. Thanks.
Name: eric braham Date: 2000-01-02 Comments: i believe i am related to the klocks of fort klock ! my great grandmother jessie lucena klock,her father is arthur leslie klock,his father was oliver klock,his father was john klock born 1787 died 1860 NY,his father was hendrick klock thats were the records stop. does your historian know if these klocks are relatives of those who founded the fort! dbraham@microsoft.comi
You have a very good site here for research on the Mohawk valley. Louis (Van Curler) Cuyler 10th generation, direct decendant of Arendt Van Curler.
Sirs: I had written to you before about my ancestor (Conrad Near) being killed in the Fort Klock/Klock's Field battle of the Revolutionary War. You asked me to give you follow up information about my search for information. The Montgomery Dept. of History and Archives has a book called "Various Nears of the Mohawk Valley and some of their descendants". Starting on page 75 it talks about Conrad Near and his brother Caspar. They served in Colonel Klocks regiment and the actions of the Fox family servant girl that day.. Also in the book "The Schults Family in America" by Sue VanWie on page 42 # 36 Anna Eva Empie. talks about Conrad being killed at battle of klocks's field/fort. hope this gives you more information. Bud Near.

WHAT A GREAT SITE. I am a descendant of Peter Wagner, and 4th cousin of Nancy Wagoner Dixon who contributed the Ft Wagner piece. It is great to see this terrific site. Jon Holcombe PS to Nan: What more can I say? I expected excellence from you, and this is a really terrific link. When do we do the Wagoner/Wagner page?

(Nan wrote about the Wagner family. Wagner Thanks for the suggestion. ajberry)

Good day !! I attended your Interrupted Harvest in Oct and throughly enjoyed my visit. I see you have your schedule for 2000 posted but what I would like to know is..How might one go about contacting those individuals connected with Reenactment. I have been wanting to do something like this for some time now and I dont really know where to start or who to contact. I am a descendant of Melchert Folts and given the familys rich history and participation in the events of this state and country I would be most appreciative of any information that you may be able to provide. it is one of the most charming historic site I have visited.. and to think it is only a short ways from my home in Oneida County.. Wonderful!!!!! Thank you for you time and I wish you much success in your endeavors. I am looking forward to St. Nicholas Day. Sincerely, Nora Smith

(Write to the snail mail address for the fort and the letter will be directed to the proper person. ajberry)

Was hoping to possibly find out if myself, my brother, my father and grandfather are mentioned anywhere in the Klock genealogies. My name is Robert Dale Klock and I have been to Ft. Klock many times, but I was a young boy when we used to visit and I can't remember much. My fathers name is Dale and my Grandfathers name was Robert. My grandfather is deceased and my father still lives in Gloversville, NY, where myself and my brother were raised. It is possible that you have heard of us and I am interested very much in our line. Any info you may be able to send would be greatly appreciated, even if just a note to say "find out for yourself!" Thank you. Robert Dale Klock
My 4xgrandfather was Conrad Near/Neer/Nier from Palatine/Stone Arabia he was the husband of Anna Eva Empie. A couple of books have him die on October 20, 1780 during the battle of Klock's field. There is a full detail about his son Conrad Near Jr. being captured by the indians during the revolutionary war in the book "The Schults Family in America. published by Doris Dockstader Rooney in 1981on page 4, and also on page 42 under #36 Anna Eva Empie about Conrad Near Sr.

We visited this past summer and we really enjoy the new web site. I am a descendant of Harriett Louisa Klock She married John Milton Bennett, from Lyme. Keep up the good works. Sincerely Jackie Mangana

What ever happened to the Klock family reunions that were held there usually in August? Now that I am retired and could go they don't have them anymore. Jackie Mangana

The Photograph on your main web page titled red coats fireing on the fort dated Oct 3, in the center of the photograph is my son and myself. Is it possible to get a copy of this photograph? Or at least a version that can be blown up. I would like to use this to promote your event to our unit so I can have a larger turn out of troops. Please help. It is not often that we get to see pictures of ourselves in action like this. Glenn Cunningham
Hi! My daughter and I were just at Fort Klock on Tuesday of last week (Oct. 5th). The last time I was there was probably 45 years ago, and I did not remember much from that time since I was a child. I am sending you the papers that I have on Fort Klock that were published in 1937. It appears that several copies were secured of each article, and I have kept one from each part. You may have them all and glean from them anything you might not have, or display them or whatever. My trip to the library yielded a huge bag of books re the Klocks, but I will have to spend more time there before I can determine whether my family is listed in any of those books. Since my father's family settled in Watertown, I think I will find more information there. My next trip. Our stay in St. Johnsville was delightful. Signed, Mrs. Frank A. Hoagey (Elizabeth F. KLOCK Smith Hoagey)

You have a nice site. Please visit mine at for fine history boks relating to 18th century American history. I would like to be LINKed to your site. Please send me information at my web site at I would also like to be invited to your next event as I was a participant two years ago and it was wonderful! I will be looking forward to hearing from you! Stephanie Zebrowski The Book Lady

Just a quick note to say thanks for the Fort Klock site. My ggg grandfather, Phinehas Whitney, a chair maker, was from German Flatts and I am enjoying learning of the history of your area. Maybe some day I'll visit . -- Cliff WhitneyCharlotte, NC 28210
Hi. I've been searching the Mohawk Valley for a long time and this site is absolutely the best I've ever seen. Hoping to place a prominent link on my site to this page (I am descendant of the Johannes EHLE line). Really enjoyed those Ehle signature. My soon to be revamped site: Darci's Place of Origins where more of these families are found. Again, thanks for putting this on the web for all to enjoy! Darci
Dear Ft. Klock -- We visited your site at least 20 years ago during a visit to our relatives in Amsterdam, NY. We are looking forward to a historical vacation through the NY and New England areas this coming summer. On our 'must see' list is of course, Ft. Klock, again. If you have any information about special events, and most important, how to get to you, please forward same. We still use the blue and white fringed mat woven on one of your looms from our initial visit; it continues to look great on the dining room table. Look forward to your reply. Regards, Joseph Bauer

We visited Ft. Klock Approx. 5 years ago and receive the newsletter. You are doing a great job. Tish & Tom Klock; Goodrich, Texas

I just received your email address from my father, James Clark (Klock), who has been doing some geneology work on the family. we've known for some years that our side of the Klock's came from the Mohawk Valley, but until recently we weren't too certain about the exact lineage. Through the internet, my father has learned considerably more about our heritage (hence, he sent me your internet site). We're considering a trip up that way to look around, perhaps sometime in the spring. Are there any particular events planned for that time (something similar to the craft fair that you're having in September)? I thought that if you were then we could plan our trip around the event. Scott Clark

We enjoy your interesting web-site, but better yet we had the opportunity to actually visit Ft Klock for the first time on July 4th. The tour and friendly hosts was well worth the trip from our home in central Calif. Jon's ancestor was a Jonathon Klock who was born in l84l in Orleans, NY, and moved to Virginia at age 6 We donated a Ft Klock banner, which apparently was about l00 years old to the museum We recently mailed our pictures to Mrs Anita Smith, historian & school teacher. Keep up the good work of restoration and the web site. Jonathon Summers

Hello, Interesting site but there is a problem regarding the opening statement attributed to Milo Nellis on "The Dutch and Walloons were one people, of Netherland stock "The Walloons were from Belgium, not Netherlands. Dutch are from Netherlands, not Belgium. The Dutch and Walloons are not only geographically distinct, they have their own culture and language. Many Walloons were in fact Huguenots, not Palatines. Please see my article on Huguenots and Walloons at To be precise, Walloons are from southern Belgium. The language of the Walloons is a dialect of French. -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze The Olive Tree Genealogy
(Webmaster's note: the offending page has been removed. It seemed to cause problems instead of giving information.)
The article was a quote from Milo Nellis in one of his writings. ajberry

I am a descendant of Hendrick Klock(1663-1760). I am related by my great grandmother Alice Klock. She was married to Channing D. Baker my great grandfather. She is a descendant of Johannes IV, son of Hendrick. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the Web site you have created. I found the Klock coat of arms on your site I have been looking for it for a long time. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your ideas and addresses and information. I have carefully written down for future use all the info you have given us and want to say we very much appreciate your helping us find "fortklock." We are rubbing our hands in anticipation of a"good read" about an interesting and historic part of New York State and getting into the genealogy too. You have so much information here - we will be kept busy for a long time with a subject that interests us both. We can see the results of the dedication and hopes of all of you in getting this all to a web site. Over the years we have seen the area of the Fort change and improve as its story has been spread to many people and your activities have made history come alive for the many who have taken part in them. We all and our children need to know our history as a basis for the future. You are all to be commended for a great job. Sincerely Dale and Ben Schuman - visitor #2843.
Thanks for your help - we found the Fort Klock website, using the whole address. Looking forward to reading it all and learning more about the family of my husband, Bernard Klock Schuman. Our days of visiting the Fort are over so we are grateful for all the information which has been laid out here. It looks just great! Thanks again. We also have always enjoyed reading the news and learning about the activities that you have going up there along the Mohawk and you write about in your paper. We have seen your area come a long way over the years. And now so many can learn and enjoy it.
Ft. Klock is NOT Ft. Klock, and it was not BUILT by a Klock. It was built by my ancestor Richard Ellwood. His children, among them, his son, my ancestor, Richard Ellwood, Jr. were born in and lived in that house. Richard Ellwood, Sr. was commissioned, with one other man, by Sir William Johnson, to BUILD that place, and after Richard Ellwood's death in 1754, it ended up in the hands of the Klocks, who added an addition to it. The place was known, far more properly, for many years, as the ELLWOOD/Klock Stone house. It is NOT the Ft. Klock of history, as your site properly points out. That my ancestor who actually built the place, is no longer EVEN MENTIONED, is a great injustice, keenly felt by his descendants. I am in possession of several clear photographs, showing that the stones over a niche that once held the carved initial E for ELLWOOD, have either been reversed or replaced so that the E for ELLWOOD no longer is visible, and dark repointing mortar has been plastered over the original inscription of the TRUE BUILDER OF THIS STONE HOME RICHARD ELLWOOD, and false initials scraped into this modern and obviously fake surface. Elwood descendants are aware of this deception, and are very distressed that the contribution of our ancestor Richard Ellwood, and his place in history has been willfully and wrongfully erased. My ancestor Richard Elwood, the son of Richard Ellwood was BORN in that house now called "Ft. Klock". The Klocks did not come into possession of that place until after Richard Ellwood's death in 1754, and added only a small addition, to which the Klock initials were added. I would like an explanation of the actions of the "restorers" of "The Ellwood-Klock Stone Home" in destroying historical TRUTH by deliberately defacing and effacing Richard Ellwood's initial and signature. Sharilyn Whitaker

(Note from Webmaster: Please check the Deed, 1742, between Johannes Klock and John Wendell. Johannes Klock was the owner of the land from 1742. There has been no "deliberate defacing of the stone house". Just the fact that the Klocks have lived in the house since the mid 1700's until the time it was turned over to the trust should be enough to name the site "Fort Klock".) Deed and Harrison Patent Land Map. Check the photo titled, Klock Family Photo 1902. You can see carving on a lintel. The weather has since worn the carving so it is no longer visible.

HOWDY COUSINS! My husband is a descendent of the KLOCK family branch from NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY,PA. His name is Jeff Treon and his great grandmother was a KLOCK, we think her first name may have been AMANDA. She married FRANCIS HOFFMAN and had a daughter ALBERTA HOFFMAN FEGAR TREON who was the mother of Jeff's dad, GERALD TREON, who was born in 1932 and lives with his wife RITA in MECHANICSBURG,PA. Just a quick note to say "hello!" We live in NC. Jeff is 45 and I am 41 and we have 2 children, ages 13 and 4. Found your site while doing a genealogy search. Very interesting! Never knew the Klock's were orig from NY. Great site! Bonnie and Jeff Treon Hi, My name is Winnie. I have been doing my family tree and my Great Grandfathers name is Henry Vincent Klock -- born 5-1-1842 or 44, in Theresa, Jefferson, NY. According to my papers his fathers name was either Joseph or Jacob, born 1814? not real clear on that date. His wifes name we think was Martha, does this sound at all like the Klocks in your article. Henry raised a family in New Richland Center, WI. I am at a dead end right now with this. I enjoyed your article very much, not done yet though. I hope to hear from you Winnie Goette The information I have researched is about #40 v. in the William's genealogy who is Jacob, born about 1754, known as Jacob C. and Jacob Con. in the records, son of Conrad Clock, one of the minors in Henry's will. The William's genealogy states a marriage for him to Hannah Forbes, Oct. 2 1763, at Trinity Church of New York. I have reason to believe that this is an error and the marriage belongs to the Dutch Clock family of New York. Jacob Conrad married Anna Eva Staring, born about 1758, daughter of Jacob Staring, in 1774, Herkimer, German Flatts. Jacob and Anna Eva arrived in York Township, York County, Ontario, Canada about 1802. According to his petitions he had 4 children at the time of the reduction and thirteen children on arrival in Canada. This information along with the census information of 1790, Palatine, NY, clarifies some of the known children and unknown ones.

They are: 1) Lena, baptised 17 Sep 1776, German Flatts. Speculation is that she married Johannes G. Etel. No evidence yet she was in York Township.

2) Jacob, born 24 Jun 1778, baptised 1 Jul 1778, German Flatts. Speculation is that he married Margaret Elizabeth Christman. Some evidence that descendants from this union may have been in the Oshawa/Bowmanville area of Ontario.

3) Catherine, speculative birth date 1780 who married George Riffenburgh/Rissinburg/Reisingburgh in 1803 at St. James Anglican Church, Town of York (now Toronto). Lived in Etobicoke, York County, in 1846 and George witnessed Jacob Conrad's will in 1832 when Jacob died.

4) a male, speculative birth birth date 1782. No evidence yet he was in York Township.

5) Margaret, speculative birth date 1784, who married Benajah Rouse and who had a child Benajah baptised at St. James in 1809. Descendants lived in the Whitby/ Oshawa region of Ontario. Benajah was a ferryman at Niagara who drowned. Margaret then married George Anderson, son of Elias Anderson, UEL.

6) Joseph, baptised 12 Apr 1785, German Flatts. Evidence of him in York Township as a sponsor of the above child Benajah and a marriage witness.

7) a Male, speculative birth 1786-7. No evidence yet he was in York Township.

8) Elizabeth, baptised 23 Nov 1788, St. Johnsville Reform, who married Jacob Anderson, son of Elias Anderson, UEL, 10 Dec 1810, St James Church, witness Joseph Clock. They eventually go to King Township, York County.

9) Maria (Mary) baptised 12 Jul 1790, St. Johnsville Reform, who married Edward Phillips, 13 Mar 1809, St. James. They lived in Etobicoke area of York County. Information on many descendants

10) Johannes, baptised Mar 1792, St. Johnsville Reform, who married Mary Diver, daughter of John Diver, 16 Mar 1815, St James. No further information on this family.

11) Conrad, birth date from his petition, 1796. Known to have married Leanny and who in 1825 had a wife, 4 boys and 1 girl. They were in the vicinity of Pickering/Whitby/Bowmanvile area as well as Toronto area. No further information.

12) David, birth date from his petition, 1797. He married Diadema Diver, daughter of John Diver. No marriage yet found although Diadema was baptised at St. James, age 16, 13 Mar 1816, presumably just before her marriage. David died at Toronto in 1846 and his family then migrated to Michigan where there are many descendants to-day.

13) Ann, speculative birth 1799-1800. She married Henry Phillips, 11 Feb 1817, St James. Henry Phillips was the brother of Mary Clock's husband Edward. Also connected to this family in York Township was Eliza Scarlett who was mentioned in Jacob Conrad's will as his grandaughter. She eventually marries Jacob Delong and then John Burkholder. There is also a possible Catherine Clock who married David Delong. The connection here is being looked into. Margaret" Very interesting, related to it, my own genealogy. Lived here all my life, as well as my family. Have copied almost all that has been viewed on the internet of Montgomery & Herkimer County, and now Fulton County. It is because my families have lived here all their lives and I am the last, oldest one left in the family. Remembering Clark and my father telling about the old times, when I was young, too bad that I couldn't have kept that. I thank you for your good work. Some of the families, Belding, Smith, Christman & the Klock's. I don't have someone close to work with. Earl O Burkdorf
By all means St. Johnsville CC and Fort Klock may link to our site. I just checked our your web pages and am very, very impressed. Very nice work. I have not yet developed a link-to page but will for sure include both your sites when I do. This is a do-to-yourself project I started on my own and I work it in between..... Thank you for your interest. Dan While surfing the net, I came upon this site. I live in Herkimer, and I am a descendent of Johannes. My great Grandfather was Sherman O. Klock, and I have read a lot of his research on the family of "Klock", I know he would be very proud to see this site, by his writings he was very proud of his name, as I am. I hope to visit Fort Klock this summer with my wife and 6 year old daughter. Keep up the good work, and I will keep checking for new articles and postings. Thanks for keeping our treasured name alive. Tim Klock
sklock@prodigy.netAwesome! Just happened to be browsing tonight when I stumbled across your page. We have visited Fort Klock in '97 and was favorably impressed. This is great , keep up the great work. Stephen Klock Philadelphia, NY First, I would like to congratulate you for your fine website and links. I am a Klock descendant, my g-g-g-g-g grandfather Hendrick Wallrath, b. 1737, married Catharina Klock, b. 1741. Hendrick was in the Gerhardt Wallrath line and Catharina Klock the d/o of Johnguergh Klock and Maria Catharine Wallrath, a d/o Heinrich Conrad Wallrath. My line: Hendrick/ Peter H., b. 1766/ William P., b. 1790/ James H., b. 1820/Charles J., 1857 /Alvin L., b. 1887 /John G., b. 1912 /myself, Jerry Walrath. I am especially interested in the information presented that the Klocks were originally of Dutch origin who migrated from Holland to France to the Palatine. In researching the Walrath surname I have discovered a possible coat-of-arms for Walrath. It was specified as such by a Walrath researcher in the 1930's. My research has found the same coat-of-arms under the name WALRAB with the source being "Palatinat" in a book illustrating Reitstap's "Armorial General". The Walrab 'wappen' could be that for the Walrath name as there were many spelling variations in not only colonial NY but in the Runkel Churchbooks. One alternate spelling was Walrad, and if an Old German typeset were used, the 'd' could look like a 'b'. The Coat-of-arms has two gold fleur-de-lis on a black background on the top half of the shield, and a black raven on a green mount and background of gold on the bottom half. The crest showed the black raven on a green mount with a ring in its beak between two horns of gold and black. In the illustrations of other Reitstaps armorials were other families including Walraven and Walrave, both of Dutch origin, with similar shields. One, for Walraven, had the black raven with a ring in its beak on a field of black. It would be interesting to find out if the Walrath's were of Dutch, or French, origin like the Klocks, an allied family. The Runkel churchbooks begain in 1650 but Gerhardt Wallraths records start in 1691. This is a clue that the Walrath family migrated to Ennerich, outside Runkel, where they lived at the time. Regards, Jerry Walrath HLKW's family history and Milo Nellis's additions are riddled with errors. First, they were Palatines, not from Holland. Second, they came in 1709 or 10 with the Palatines. Third, the Col was not the son of Henry. Fourth, Henry Jr. died in 1760, not the immigrant. And on and on. I can proved evidence to that effect. Kathleen McLaughlin. I picked up your last message at work, so I will answer it without quoting your letter. First, my children are descendants of Barbara Klock and Christian Nellis. Second, I am the coordinator for the Nellis family history project and am trying to pull an accurate, documented Klock history as well. I communicate frequently with a number of Klock researchers in the US and Canada and probably have the most complete set of source material for the five to nine original Klock immigrants, some of whom were Dutch, some of whom were clearly German. My research goal has been to more completely document the Klock's of the 1600' and 1700's. I have many of Milo's original letters and most of the articles that he wrote. He knew his own line very well, but really goofed up a number of other lines by transposing generations, misinterpreting source material, and accepting tradition as fact, and pulling stuff out of the air. He did not, however, have the computer programs available today to help him sort out generations and avoid obvious errors. I have a very telling letter between him and a Bellinger researcher debating who married Margaret Klock. Bellinger was right. Milo was wrong but refused to yield. I do not deny Milo and HLCW's dedication, but I do debate their reliability. I know for a fact, that the original Klock family has been located in the Palatinate, and that that information will be published within the year by a highly respected, internationally known researcher. I have an unverified transcript of Henry Klock's will of 1743 which names Jacob Klock as an executor, but not as a child of the immigrant. I have Xerox copies of the original transcript of Henry Klock's (Jr.) will of 1759 (who we can match up with his daughter's husbands and can thus estimate his birth age) and Col. Klock's will of 1798. I sent the Colonel's will to the Herkimer Montgomery page but it may have gotten lost (twice). There was clearly a merging of Henry Sr. and Henry Jr. into one mythical giant of a man. I have a Xerox copy of SOK's 460 page document located in the NYS Library, a document far better researched and documented that HLCW who lived in Ohio and was most concerned, naturally, with her own line and less well versed with the NY sources. There are many discrepancies in the two works, including adopting one line of Klock's from Connecticut, most likely a Dutch family from very early Long Island. The story of Henry being in the America's prior to 1710 is not documentable. Those families were distinct and separate form the Henry of the Mohawk valley. Henry was listed with the other Palatines in West Camp where his second wife gave birth to a son in 1711. He would not have been with this group if he had come earlier than 1709. The West Camp did not generally have Dutch immigrants with them. The Palatines, did, indeed come from Holland. They traveled up the Rhine to Holland and obtained passage from Holland to England, then to America. This is documented by existing lists of passengers to Holland from Germany. Milo did his early research in the 1920's. It was not uncommon at that time, just after the Great War, to deny German heritage. This was further exaggerated by WWII. Also, Germany was called Deutsch, making it easier to hide the Germanic background of people ashamed of the behavior of their land of origin. My father was of this generation and I know that he said they were "Dutch", from Baden. As for the Reformed church being "Dutch", the Lutherans, Reformed, and Catholics were all living in the same villages, etc. in Germany in the era of which we speak. I don't know when, or if, the Reformed in the Valley took on a distinctive "Dutch" ethnic connotation. The history of St. John's that I have seen is actually fairly poorly documented, the church moved several times, and most of the early records were probably destroyed. As to Henry Klock's tombstone which gives him a very long life span, that stone appears to have been placed by his great-grandson 100 years after the events in question. There was supposed to have been a Bible that belonged to John Beekman Klock, whom I think up up the tombstone (in English, not dutch, not German) but, again, that was 5 generations removed from the immigrant and there is no indication about the date of printing of the bible or of it's current whereabouts to justify it as a legitimate source of information. I did not have time earlier this week to review the rest of the material on Fort Klock, but I do appreciate your effort to put the material on the web for people to read. It is unfortunate that you did not have access to a simple genealogy program to web-i-size the genealogy. I have a primitive home page and have difficulty figuring out how to make simple changes to it, so I do appreciate your effort. If I knew how to do the web stuff, I would have put the first three generations on once I was more comfortable with some of the documentation.
rubo2@telenet.netHi - I live in Nelliston and visit Fort Klock frequently so was delighted to see it on a web site. One factor you might consider adding to the site is the novel and movie "Drums Along The Mohawk" took place around Fort Klock. I read the book years ago and am not quite sure of the facts, but you might want to check it out. It might draw more visitors to the Fort. Kind regards. Joan It was interesting to see that the Williams Genealogy of the Klock/Clock family history is now posted on the internet. I have been researching the Jacob Conrad Clock family for the past 20 years. The Williams genealogy has little to say on this family except that he married Hannah Forbes in New York City. This piece of information led me astray for many years unil I came in contact with a lady who used this information in her application to the DAR. She set me straight re this marriage. She knows where Jacob Klock and Hannah are buried. This Jacob Klock was part of an earlier immigration of Klocks to America from Holland in 1650 and who resided in New Amsterdam. This connection considerably muddied the waters. Jacob Conrad Clock of the Palatine Klock family which immigrated about 1709, married Anna Eva Staring, 1774, German Flatts. They had 13 children and in 1802 they came to York Township, York County, Canada. There are many descendents in Canada. Part of this family moved on to Michigan about 1850-60 and many of their descendents are there. Information on this family is sorely lacking in the above genealogy. Would you please put me in contact with someone who could correct this . Margaret Gordon Congratulations on a job well done on fort Klock. You are an artist. A web page tastefully done. Tiny Shuster.
It is getting to be a GREAT site. Human interest, historical interest, very professional presentation in that it anticipates and answers questions. It's the best site yet that I've seen for an historical place. Martha S. Magill.
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