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William W. Wands
Compiled by Larry House-December 2001

[This Wands' family is related to the other Wands' families of Albany County. The connection hasn't been concretely made yet.]

William W. Wands

Compiled by Larry House-December 2001/Revised January/February/April/May/July 2002

[This Wands' family is related to the other Wands' families of Albany County. The connection hasn't been concretely made yet.]

On 8/27/1767 Whilliam (sic), son of Whilliam (sic) and Elisabeth Wens (Wenz) was baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, Albany, N.Y. The witnesses were Jacob Moak and Elisabeth Winne.

By the issue of 8/2/1792, William was co-editor of the American Spy, with Silvester Tiffany. This was published in the Town of Lansingburgh, N.Y. (just north of Troy) in a building a little south of Douglass' tavern. This newspaper had been started by Tiffany with the issue of 4/8/1791. By the issue of 12/21/1792, William was the sole publisher. This was printed through at least the issue of 6/6/1797 (with William as publisher). The other newspaper he was associated was the Washington Patrol published in Salem, Washington County. He was the publisher and St. John Honeywood was the editor. The first issue was dated 5/27/1796. It ceased within the first year of publication. It was said that the paper was discontinued because of a fire that destroyed the office. Brigham indicates that the paper was published in 1795. He also printed books. One of which was Greek Grammar printed in 1797 (in Lansingburgh).

The Lansingburgh Library opened 9/9/1794. The library was incorporated by Act of Legislature 2/14/1795. The incorporators included William W. Wands.

In 1797 William W. Wands was adjutant in Lt. Col. John W. Groesbeck's regiment located in Rensselaer County. He was an Ensign in the 12th Infantry Regt. on [by?] 1/14/1799. He was appointed a 2nd Lt. in that regt. on 3/3/1799. He was honorably discharged 6/15/1800. [The Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1789-1873 indicates that on 1/10/1799 the Senate asked the President to further postpone the nominations of a number of persons including William W. Wands as an Ensign.] The Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment also mentions him in 1800, in Rensselaer County, in connection with a troop of horse in Brig. Gen. Henry K. van Rensselaer's Brig.

He was involved in two legal cases, in October 1799, as defendant, before the Supreme Court in Dutchess County. Peter W. Radcliff was his attorney. The 1st versus John Gaston ended on 5/20/1800. The 2nd versus Perez Ensign ended 1/7/1800.

William W. Warn (sic) (Waan) married Edith LaGrange (7/1769-4/28/1845) [died aged 75 years, 10 months].

Edith Wands became a member, by certificate, of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Lansingburgh, on 7/25/1797.

In the 1790 census, William was enumerated in the 1st Ward, City of Albany. There was listed-1 male under 16, 1 male over 16 and 1 female. He also owned a slave.

Sometime after 6/15/1800 and 1809, William, Edith and some of the children moved to Philadelphia, Pa. In the 1809 Philadelphia City Directory, he is listed-printer 476 Sassafras.

William died 10/5/1810 in Philadephia. His death was reported in the Lansingburgh Gazette issue of 10/16/1810 with the notation of dieing in Philadelphia, a printer, and "…formerly of this village…". He didn't seem to have a will.

Mrs. Wands (Edith) appears in the 1810 census of Philadelphia (Middle W) with the following enumeration; males 2-0 to under 10 and 1-10 to under 16 and females 2-0 to under 10, 1-10 to under 16 and 1-26 to under 45 (herself). She is also listed, as Widow of William W. Wands, in the 1811 Philadelphia City Directory Chestnut near Sch (sic) Sixth.


John Ebenezer (7/19/1789-6/12/1849) was born either 7/19/1789 (DAR Bible listing) or 7/19/1790 (Records of the Reformed Church, Albany also Munsell). On 11/25/1818 he married Charlotte Springsteen (6/10/1796-5/12/1871).

The 1850, 1860, and 1870 census' show the following:
name - age - occupation - value real property - value personal property
1850 Town of Canajoharie, Montgomery County (7/25/1850)

Wands, Charlotte 53
Joseph S. 27 carpenter
Gilbert 22 carpenter
Frances M. 23
Susan 19
Sarah A. 16
Charles J. 12

1860 Town of Cherry Valley, Otsego County (8/3/1860)

Wans (sic), Charlotte 60 housekeeper $400 $100

Sally 25 domestic
Charles 22 laborer

1870 Town of Cherry Valley (8/11/1870)

Wands, Charlotte 67 $200
Charles 33 farm laborer with the Henry Wilmot household
[The Wands bible listed in the DAR Family Bibles Vol. 21 was in the possession of George H. Wilmot, Cherry Valley (1932).]

1 William W. (8/15/1819-12/31/1854) married Laney Maria Roof on 11/5/1846. On 2/2/1843 John E. Wands and Charlotte, his wife, of Bethlehem, sold to William W., of Bethlehem, for $300, a lot in Bethlehem of 7 acres (of a lot comprising 107 acres). John E. signed. Recorded 2/18/1843 at 4 pm. On 10/26/1843 William W. received a mortgage from John C. LaGrange. The discharge is blank. This was recorded 10/28/1843. On 12/14/1846 William W and his wife Lany Marie, of the Town of Canajoharie, sold to Simon Jacobson, of Bethlehem, for $410, the lot he bought on 2/2/1843. He signed, and she made her mark. This was recorded 12/18/1846 at 11:45 am.

They had a son Elijah Gilbert born 7/19/1847 in the Town of Florida, Montgomery County, N.Y.

2 Rebecca Elizabeth was born 1/1/1821. She married, on 1/12/1841 Harmon G.T. Halenbeck. They had a son Joseph S. who married on 7/5/1870 Helen L. Houghton.

3 Joseph S. (also refers to a Joseph T.) was born 7/18/1822. He married, on 12/14/1851, Elizabeth Henderson. [I think this is him.] In the 1860 census for the Town of Lacon, Illinois (done on 6/8/1860), is the following listing:

name - age - occupation - value of personal estate - place of birth

Wands, Jas 39 carpenter $200 N.Y.
Eliz 30 N.Y.
Charlotte 7 N.Y.
Eliz 5 Iowa
Josiah 2 Ills.

On 4/12/1848 Joseph S. Wands and Charlotte Wands [his mother], of the Town of Root, Montgomery County, N.Y., sold to?, for $800, lots in the Town of Root-the sawmill lot (5 acres) and a lot of 2 acres. He signed and she made her mark. Recorded 4/18/1848.

4 Edith LaGrange (7/1/1824-11/26/1904) was born in New Scotland, N.Y. She married Joseph J. Moak (6/7/1814-4/17/1886), on 10/11/1843, at the Unionville Reformed Church. They were both from New Scotland, the fee was $3.00 and the witnesses were James B. Wands and James Bender. Joseph was the son of John I. Moak and Elizabeth Ramsey. He was born and died in New Scotland. Edith died in New Scotland.

Their children were:
John Slingerland, born 3/11/1845, died in New Scotland unmarried.
Samuel, born 8/28/1846, married Gwendolyn Schuyler. They both died in Amsterdam and had no children.

5 Frances M. (6/15/1825-10/10/1866) married James P. Ballard on 2/20/1869.

6 Gilbert M. (5/18/1828-11/1911) [A Gilbert S. died in Cherry Valley on 11/1/1910 and is buried in the Cherry Valley Cemetery, Cherry Valley.]

7 Susan was born 6/6/1830. She married Horace A. Goodrich on 2/20/1860.

8 Catharine Jane was born 1/31/1832 and died 3/21/1833.

9 Sally Ann "Sarah" was born 10/31/1834 and died 1/13/1918. She married Henry Wilmot. [I believe the following is referring to her.] She appears in the 1900 soundex census for the Town of Cherry Valley-age 77 (born 8/1822), enumerated with William H. Baldwin as a servant.

1880 Town of Cherry Valley

age -occupation
Wilmot, Henry 35 farm laborer born England
Sarah 39 keeping house
Joseph E. 11
George H. 10
Charles Wands 35 brother-in-law peddler of yankee notions

Their children were (as listed above):

Joseph E. and George H.

10 Charles J. (6/7/1837-12/14/1897) died in Cherry Valley, N.Y.

There is one name in the DAR Family Bible Record that I can't place-"Anson Wands died 2/16/1918.".

Charles R. Webster (4/22/1794-7/12 or 13/1841) was baptized 6/22/1794 at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Lansingburgh. He married Elizabeth Hardenburgh (10/8/1791-8/28/1845). She was the daughter of Isaac Hardenburgh and Rachel Graham and was baptized on 11/21/1791. Elizabeth had a sister Catherine who married James Burnside Wands of Bethlehem. In their father's will, proved 4/27/1821, they both were given land. Elizabeth received lot #6 in the 3rd tier on which she (and her family) then lived. She was also given lots #3 and 4 in the 4th tier. In the 1820 census, there is a Charles R. with wife, 1 son, 2 daughters and a brother living in Rosebury, Delaware County, N.Y. In the 1830 census, the family, now 2 sons and 4 daughters, lived in the 5th Ward of Albany. He is listed in the Albany City Directories for the years 1828/29 through 1833/34 living at various addresses as a grocer, currier and pedlar (sic). In the 1833/34 edition (only), he is listed as Inspector of Weights and Measures for the City of Albany living at 34 Maiden Lane. In the 1840 census, the family, consisting of 1 son and 4 daughters, lived in the 4th Ward of Brooklyn, N.Y. There was also a "free colored female", aged over 10 and under 24, enumerated with them. The 2 males were in commerce. Charles R. first shows up in the New York City Directories in the 1834/35 (Longworth's) edition as a broker at 92 Vandam. He is listed as a commercial merchant at 171 Front in the 1841/42 (Doggett's) edition of the directory. He died either 7/12 or 7/13/1841 depending on the source (Munsell and Maher). His wife Elizabeth died 8/28/1845. I don't know where they are buried.

Children (that I know of):

Edith Margaret was born 9/6/1816 and was baptized on 10/13/1816 at the New Scotland Presbyterian Church. She died 2/4/1837 as reported in the N.Y. Herald (Maher). She is probably buried with her parents.

Isaac G. Hardenburgh was born 9/27/1818 and was baptized on 5/31/1819 at the New Scotland Presbyterian Church. [Was his middle name Graham-his grandmother's maiden name?] He married and had at least one child. They are listed in the 1840 census as living in the 7th Ward, Brooklyn. There is listed-one son under 5 years old, Isaac and his wife. Also listed with them is a free colored male over 10 and under 24. Isaac was in agriculture.

Caroline (1829-3/10/1832) In Bowman, she is listed as the youngest daughter who died in Albany.

Abraham was born 7/13/1796 and was baptized 9/11/1796 in the 1st Presbyterian Church of Lansingburgh. He died young.

Abraham was born 1/5/1798 and was baptized 4/29/1798 in the 1st Presbyterian Church of Lansingburgh.

[There may have been other children born either in New York, who accompanied William W. and Edith to Pennsylvania or who were born in Pennsylvania. Remember the 1810 census of Philadelphia listed her as having 4 children under 10 years of age and 2 above 10 and under 16.] From the census' and Philadelphia City Directories are the following Wands.

Alexander H. appears in the 1820 Philadelphia City Directory as a cordwainer 57 Dock d, home Blackberry Alley. He continued in that job through 1850, possibly being the shoemaker listed in the 1845 Philadelphia. In 1855 and 1857 an Alexander H. was listed as a dealer. In the 1830 census, in Philadelphia is an A.H. Wands being listed as: males 4-under 5 years, 2-5 to under 10, 1-20 to under 30 and 1-30 to under 40; females 1 under 5 years, 1-20 to under 30 and 1-30 to under 40. In the 1840 census, Philadelphia-South War, for Alexander H. Wands is listed; male 1-15 to under 20 and 1-20 to under 30. There was also listed a free colored male 10 to under 24. The following is the listing for the 1850 census, Moyamens, 4th Ward, Philadelphia: Alexander Wands, age 50, was a shoemaker and was born in Pa.; Eliza (his wife) age 48 born in Pa. In the 1870 census, 3 WD, 8th Dist., Philadelphia was Eliza Wands age 68, born in N.J. [I believe Alexander H.'s widow.]

In the Philadelphia City Directories, for the years 1860, 1861 and 1865, there is listed an Alexander H. Wands who was a confectioner/grocer/shop.

There is an Alexander H. Wands (~1825-4/10/1848) who served in Co. H, 1st Pa. Vol. Inf. Regt. in the Mexican War. He enlisted 12/2/1846 at Philadelphia as a private. He was promoted to Corporal 5/20/1847. He was listed as sick on the Jan.-Febr. 1848 muster rolls. He was discharged at Camp Washington, Vera Cruz on 3/29/1848 with consumption. His pension record indicates that he was discharged due to chronic bronchitis and chronic rheumatism. As a private, he earned $7/month while as a Corporal he was earning $9/month. As both he earned a clothing allowance, from the government, of $36/year. [Company H left Philadelphia 12/9/1846, under Captain Robert K. Scott, and marched to Pittsburgh where, on 12/16/1846, they were mustered into Federal service. The company participated in the investment of Vera Cruz, the battle of Cerro Gordo, the garrison and defense of Perote and the battle of Huamantla. They did garrison duty in the Mexico City area, reaching there 12/8/1847. The company was mustered out, in Philadelphia, on 7/29/1848.] At the time of his enlistment, he was 21, born in Philadelphia, was a printer, was married, lived at 95 Fitzwater St., and had the following characteristics-height 5' 9 ½ ", light complexion, hazel eyes and light hair. He married Mary Ann ---- (~1826- ). She was awarded a pension, of half of his earnings ($4.50/month), for 5 years, starting 4/10/181848. She filed for a renewal of the half pay provided for in the 1st Section of the Act of 2/3/1853. She indicated that she was still a widow, aged 27 years. She made her mark. [Was Alexander H. the son of the older Alexander H/grandson of William W.?]

In the 1850 census, Moyamens, 4th Ward, Philadelphia (8/21/1850), there is listed a William W. Wands, a printer, aged 30 and born in Pa. Included in this listing is his wife Sarah, age 20 and son Alexander E. age 2. The 1850 Philadelphia City Directory does list William W. Wands, a printer, Auburn near 8th (son of the older Alexander H/grandson of William W.?).

The 1850 Philadelphia City Directory also shows a Mrs. M. Wands living at 1 Nectarine.

In the 1840 census, Philadelphia, Moyamens, was a Jane Wands. The listing was-female 1-5 to under 10, 1-10 to under 15 and 1-60 to under 70 (herself). In the 1850 census, Moyamens, 4th Ward, Philadelphia (8/23/1850), was Jane Wands age 72, born N.Y., with value of real estate-$400. She was listed in the 1820 Philadelphia City Directory as living in Raspberry Alley. In the 1825 directory, she is shown as a "gentlewoman", widow, living at 2 Watson's Alley. She is listed in the directory of 1855 as living at 19 Auburn. [Her relationship?]

[More research on the later line(s) of this family needs to be done.]


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