Three Rivers
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July 4, 2004, Jamie and Glenn's Wedding
Indian Castle Church
Glenn has been a re-enactor for many years, and now he has Jamie at his side.

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Ball and Cahin Glenn Wore Before The Wedding Best man and his lady
Center of church East side of church West Side of Church
Giving the bride away Exchanging Baskets Sealed with a kiss
We're married! Guests Her family
His family Huzzahs to the bride and groom In the tent
Married Militia Militia waiting for the wedding couple
rifle salute Bride and Groom in church door Through the rifle arch
The family The KISS All Done
Ball and Chain coming off Glenn's ankle Through the Window

It was a beautiful wedding.
Much happiness to Jamie and Glenn.

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Before the Wedding
Best Man and His Lady
Giving the bride away
Her Family
Hands Raised
Basket Exchange
Sealed with a kiss
His family
Huzzahs to the bride and groom
Militia Waiting for the wedding couple
Rifle Salute to the bride and groom
Through the rife arch
The Kiss
The Family, both sides
Bride, groom, her parents
Ball and Chain coming off Glenn's ankle
Bride, Groom, her parents Mother and daughter

Here is the the beautiful wedding ceremony.

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