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Modified Mohawk Marriage  Ceremony for Glenn and Jamie


(The opening prayer begins first by Judge Catena, acknowledging all relatives and friends who have come together by greeting them and thanking them.)


Judge Catena;

On behalf of the people, greetings, love and thanksgiving, is given to our Mother Earth, then to the waters of the world, the fish life;


¯    to the food, corn, beans and squash, and to all the garden food

¯    to the berries and their leader, the strawberry

¯    to the trees that make up the forests of the world

¯    to the animals, big and small and their leader, the deer

¯    to the medicine in the mountains, the worlds, the rivers edge and in the forests that heal our sicknesses.

¯    to the grasses of the world that provide food for the animal life

¯    to the birds who greet our oldest brother the sun with beautiful songs to bring satisfaction and enjoyment.

¯    to us, the human beings

¯    to the eagle, who is the leader of all bird life, we greet and thank you for your gifts.

¯    to the four winds who bring the warmth and coolness the changing of the four seasons for the people.

¯    to our Grandfather, the Thunders, for renewing the lakes, the rivers and quenching our thirst.

¯    We the human relatives, give you our greetings and thanks

¯    to the eldest Brother the Sun for the light and warmth, for all that grows and our children to live.

¯    to our Grandmother, the moon, for the birth of our children

¯    to the stars for the deposit of morning dew and their great beauty

¯    to the four Sacred Sky Dweller beings who protect and guide us, as the Creator instructed them

¯    to the ultimate, our Creator, who provided all that is necessary for life

¯    to our Creator that only asks that we be grateful.


We ask you, our Creator, now that the power and guidance be given to the people and Glenn and Jamie, who will be starting a life together as you so intended for all human beings.


Our creator, your people are of one mind and we send you our love, greetings and thankfulness. The Creator made Earth, from Earth, man was made. Man became lonely so Woman was made to be a companion and the Creator put them together to populate his world. His wish is being carried on. Welcome to everyone who is here.


Tho,  that is all.


Judge Catena;

(now address the couple to be married)


Judge Catena;

The Chiefs of Montgomery County are not the ones with the power to marry you. We only Facilitate or repeat the words of Marriage from the Creator. You will make your pledge of Marriage to one another and the Creator. If something should happen that one or both of you don’t follow through on your pledges, then you do no cheat the Chiefs council or anyone here so gathered. You then will hurt the feelings of our Creator and in fact you would be cheating on our Creator.


Marriage is the most sacred the most important event of our human lives. It is the oldest, continuous plan or instructions from our Creator. That I emphasize, and ask each of you to understand this.


Now, Glenn and Jamie. You have chosen to become husband and wife. This means that you are prepared to be husband and wife exclusively for the rest of your lives.

Is this the way you understand?


(couple answers)


Judge Catena;

Now it may be that in the future a sickness may fall upon either of you. This will change things that you were used to before. You must not get angry with your husband or your wife because they cannot work or do their normal duties. You will look for medicine that will make your husband or your wife well. You will bathe him or her, comb his or her hair and fix his or her pillow, in the event he or she cannot do it because of sickness.

Do you accept this responsibility?


(couple answers)


Judge Catena:

Now you will act as a team consulting with your husband on all matters and agreeing or using one mind. This marriage is a partnership and no one is of more authority. You will not dominate your husband nor will he do this to you.

Do you accept this in your marriage?


(couple answers)


Judge Catena;

Now it may be that at some time a doubt is brought to your mind that would act to destroy this good marriage. You will honestly talk to each other so that there will be no room for doubt or conflict between you. You will go forth knowing that you each conduct yourselves honorably, together and apart, with trust and respect of the highest regard for each other, yourselves and Creator.

Do you understand and accept what I have told you?


(couple answers)


Judge Catena;

(instructs couple to somewhat face each other)

Now,  please exchange your wedding baskets as a symbol of your commitments and acceptance of the most sacredness of marriage


Judge Catena;

Jamie, will you do all that has been said?


(Jamie Answers)


Judge Catena;

Glenn, will you do all that has been said?


(Glenn Answers)


Judge Catena;

Now please (**state your pledges and…) exchange your rings and wear them as a symbol of your love and commitments to one another.


***( insert of pledges?? As rings are exchanged)


(now the couple are married)


Judge Catena;

By the power vested in me by the State of New York,

I  hereby pronounce you Husband and Wife


(prompt couple to kiss)


I would like to present to you for the first time,


Mr. And Mrs. Glenn A. Bentz


(Glenn and Jamie exit followed by Judge Catena and proceed outside to receiving line in front of church)

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