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Lou D. MacWethy was the owner of the St. Johnsville Enterprise & News for many years. His granddaughter, Peg Davis, has permitted articles from the Enterprise and News to be used on the Fort Klock web site. Our sincere thanks!

The Will of Peter Waggoner

From "Johan Peter Wagner"

Signed 1806, Probated 1813.

Printed in the Enterprise and news, St. Johnsville, NY Dec. 7, 1927.

The following copy of will is furnished our readers through the kindness of Mrs. Lillian D. Van Dusen of Fonda genealogist who has kindly copied from the original records in the County Clerk's office. Mrs. Van Dusen is a genealogist and historian and has lent her assistance in many cases in tracing the genealogy of our early families. She is the author of several historical pamphlets.

He bequeaths to his wife Barbara during her natural life a competent and decent maintenance on his estate and in his house and all household furniture; also for her own use and disposal a Negro woman slave named Rebeccah and a Negro boy slave named George. He orders that his son Peter shall keep two good milk cows and two sheep for the sole use of his mother; provide her yearly with a sufficiency of good wheat flour; fatten for her yearly two hogs; and provide her yearly with 5 gallons of good old rum or spirits.

He bequeaths to his son Peter, the farm on which he resides, known to be apart of Lot No. 6 in the Harrison Patent, with all the buildings a appurtenances. Also the residue of Lot No. 5 in said Patent commonly called the Castle Hill or Castle Berg. Also the equal half of two certain lots of land at Springfield known by the name of Lots No. 57 and 58 in a Paten commonly called Waggoners Tract. Also all his blacksmith and farming utensils. He bequeaths to his son George the other equal half of the Lots Nos. 57 and 58 at Springfield.

Having conveyed to his son Hanyost and John Lot. No. 31 in the last mentioned tract at Springfield he therefore remains silent respecting them, only to his son John he bequeaths his Negro man slave, Nicholas.

He bequeaths a sum of money to his daughter Elizabeth the wife of Andrew Nellis; his daughter Margareth, the wife of Henry I. Klock. To his daughters Anna, the wife of Casper Lieb and Maria, the wife of William W. Nellis he bequeaths Lot of land No. 23 at Springfield, containing 200 acres to be divided equally between them.

He bequeaths unto his daughters Catherine, the wife of William Saltsman and Magdalene, the wife of William I. Nellis Lot of land No. 14 at Springeifld containing 200 acres to be divided equally between them.

A legacy to the six daughters of 400 acres of land situate at a place called the Little Lakes known as lot No. 5 at Springfield, to be divided among them.

Signed April 5, 1806. Probated June 15, 1813.

John Tyckle.

Peter W. Fox.

George Barsh,


Peter Grebs, Jun, friend,

Richard Young, friend,

Peter Waggoner, son.


Recorded in Book of Wills, Vol. 2, page 266.

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