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Full Context of New York City Wills, 1766-71 Ancestry

Full Context of New York City Wills, 1777-83

"In the name of God, Amen. I, ISAAC PARIS, of Stone Arabia, in Palatine District, County of Tryon, merchant, being presently in good health, February 15, 1776. Imprimis, I give unto my firstborn son, Peter Paris, for his right of primogeniture, the sum of œ5. I leave to my wife Catharine a negro man 'Adam' and a negro wench 'Jude,' and a horse and my chair, with all the gears thereunto appertaining, and four cows and œ500, and all my bedding and household goods and œ50 yearly for her maintainance, to be paid yearly by my executors until my son Isaac is 22 years old, and then he is to pay œ10 and my estate the rest. The cattle left to my wife are to be sufficiently pastured and alimented in summer and winter, and my wife may live in any of my dwelling houses on my estate, but if she marries, then all these gifts to be void. I leave to my son Peter two tracts of land on the south side of the Mohawk river, in Canajohary district, in a Patent called Osquagoe, and which are known as Lots 20 and 7, with all the mills, dams, streams, etc., but he shall not possess them until my youngest child is of age. The mill buildings are to be finished according to the plans now laid out and enterprized by me. And when need requireth, a convenient dwelling house and barn to be built. And my son Peter, if found capable by my executors, shall manage the mills and trade, under the direction of my executors, and for his services he shall receive œ100 yearly. And when my youngest child is 22 years of age he shall then have possession of the same. I also leave him œ1,000 when he is 22 years of age, and he shall punctually perform the payments to be made to my wife. I leave to my son Isaac œ1,000 when he is 22 years. I leave to my daughter Margaret œ1,000, 1/2 on her marriage day and 1/2 when she is 22 years old. I leave to my sons, Francis and Daniel, four Lots of land in the Patent of Stone Arabia, being lots 81 and 83 of the First Division and Lot 35 of the Second Division. The first three lots containing 300 acres and the last lot being 100 acres, with all the buildings and mills. I also leave them equally nine horses, four cows, one wagon, two Harrows with iron teeth, and a negro man. I leave to my beloved sister Margaret, wife of Dr. Bodo Otto, of Reading, Pennsylvania, œ100, to be paid by my executors if she outlives her husband, but if she dies before him this devise is null and void. I leave to the Reformed Church of Stone Arabia, or to the Church Wardens and their successors, for the use of the church and poor of the congregation, œ150. But if the Congregation shall build a new church, the interest on that sum for ten years shall be given for that purpose. I will and order that the tract of 18 acres at Stone Arabia whereon I now live, and all my right in 550 acres in Youngs and Dubois Patent, and all my bonds and book debts shall be taken in stock with my other property, and from it my minor children shall be educated and maintained in all good, genteel, and Christian manners necessary and useful, languages and sciences, in conformity to each one's sex and Genius. If any future matrimonial issue shall be born it is to have œ1,000. I make my wife Catharine, and Rev. Mr. Daniel Gross, minister of the Gospel at Canajohary, and Mr. John Eisenlon, merchant, of N. Germantown, in Palatine District, in the County of Tryon, my loving friends, executors, and to each I leave œ10."

Witnesses, B. Higgins, John Smith. Proved before Christopher Yates, Surrogate of Tryon County, upon the oath of Symon Rydeman, of Canajohary, and John Smith, of Palatine district, and executors. Confirmed, August 19, 1778.

New York City Wills, 1777-83

"In the name of God, Amen. I, CASPER LIPE, of Canajohary District, Tryon County, August 4, 1775. I leave to my wife Catharina all that messuage and tenement in Canajohary District, joining John Appeal, and the Mohawks river, where I now live, with all the pasture and woodland; And one-half of that part of the Expense Lot, which I and my son Adam did jointly purchase from the Commissioners, Nancy Fisher and others; Also another lot of sixty-six acres, adjoining the woodland of John Appeal and others; And another lot of twenty acres adjoining to John Bleyher and Conrad Mathews, during her life, except what I allow to my son Adam. I leave to my wife all my goods, household stuff and personal estate during her life. I leave to my son John all that land adjoining John Appeal and the Mohawk river with one-half of the Expense Lot and pasture and woodland, and the other half after the death of my wife; And he is to pay to my son Adam one-half the purchase money he was to pay Jacob Ten Eyck for his lands, and he is to bear half the expense of building a new barn for my son Adam; And he is to pay to my daughter, Anna Maria, wife of Jacob Van De Werken, œ45, and to my son Jost œ16. I leave to my son John one hundred acres of land, lying in Riemenshneider's Bush, known by the distinction No. 2. I leave to my son Jost œ233, eight pence, which he is indebted to me. I also leave him one hundred acres of land in Riemenshneider's Bush, known by the distinction No. 5. I also leave him œ16. I leave to my son Adam one hundred acres in said Bush, known as No. 3. One-half of the purchase money for his land is to be paid by my son John, and one-half the expense of a new barn. I leave to my daughter, Anna Maria, œ55, due to me by a bond. I leave to my daughter, Maria Elizabeth, one hundred acres in said Bush known as No. 1. I leave to my daughter Anna one hundred acres, in said Bush, known as No. 4. After the death of my wife I leave all the remainder of personal estate to all my children, and to my grandchildren, the children of my daughter Margaretha, late wife of Adam Condermann. I make my wife executor, and my friend, John Daspel Gros, overseer."

Witnesses, William Seeber, Jacob Seeber, Johannes Wohlgemuth, Jr. Proved,November 16, 1782, before Christopher P. Yates, Surrogate

[NOTE.--When a Patent or large grant of lands was divided among the several owners, it was customary to lay out one lot, which was to be sold to defray the expenses of survey and division. This was called the "Expense Lot."--W. S. P.]

"In the name of God, Amen. I, PETER SARVICIS, of Tryon County, farmer, being in a low satavation of bodily halth, but parfect in my understanding, I leave to my two beloved sons-in-law (stepsons?) Jacob Kitts and Johanis Kitts, all my real and personal estate, and movable estate and I make them executors; And they are to pay all debts and take upon them the maintainance of my dear and loving wife, Madallaine Sarvis, during her lifetime; And when it shall please God to call her to himself, I order and charge my executors to give her a good, decent funeral."

Dated August 11, 1782. Signed "Peter Servos." Witnesses, James Platto, of Cachnawage, in Tryon County, Godfrey Shew, Stephen Shew. (In the probate the testator is called Peter Service.) Proved, January 10, 1783.

Page 384.--"In the name of God, Amen, February 17, 1773. I, JURRY MOSSEER, of the West Camp, in Albany County. I leave to my son Jacob a young horse, or œ5, and my Large Dutch Bible, in bar to all claim as heir at law. I leave to my son Thomas the farm he now lives on, with all the buildings, and the remainder of the lands which I have not made over to my son Jacob out of Lot Number five, out of which I have made over to my son Jacob three hundred and thirty acres, as by deed. My two sons are to pay each an equal part of the Quit rent. My son Thomas shall pay in three years to my executors œ150 for the use of my other children, and œ18 for money lent him. I leave to the Poor belonging to the Reformed Congregation or Church, at a place called the Haasbaan, for the relief of said poor, fifteen shillings. After my wife's death I leave all the rest of my estate to my children and children's children, as follows: Elizabeth, wife of Peter Young, my grandchild, Elizabeth Kerker, Christina, wife of Harme Fritts, Margaret, wife of Michael Finger, my grandchild, Christina Chifham, Helena, wife of Johannis Petrie, Lea, wife of Christian Petrie, and Susanna, wife of Christian Sax. I make my trusty friends, Harme Best, Johannis Michael, and Dirck Jansen, of the Manor of Livingston, executors."

Witnesses, petrus Van Gaasbeek, Christian Valkenburgh, Jon Habs. (Name of wife not given.) Proved, October 2, 1782.

Full Context of New York City Wills, 1766-71

In the name of God, Amen, August 28, 1766. I, CHRISTOPHEL FOX, of Burnett's Field, being sick. All debts in Law or Conscience to be paid. "I leave to my eldest son Frederick as a fore right œ5," "my wife is to have her choice of living with either of my sons and have her maintainance as becometh, with meat, drink, washing, and boarding without any molestation." I leave to my sons, Frederick and Johanes, all my land and woodlands, house and place and orchards except 3 lots of wood land lying in the New Patent, being Lots 27, 39, 79, containing 600 acres. I leave to my two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, each an equal share of the said 600 acres. I leave to my two sons all my movable estate except all cattle which I leave to my 4 children. I make Teunis Hess and Rudolph Shoemaker, executors.

Witnesses, Peter Ten Broeck, Peter Billinger, Johan Thomas Schumaker, Jr. Proved, in Albany, before John De Peyster, February 13, 1767.

Confirmed, April 17, 1770.

In the name of God, Amen. August 12, 1740. I, JOHN VAN DRIESEN, JR., physician; now belonging to his Majesty's Ship "Squirrel;" "My body I bequeath to the earth or seas, as God shall appoint." All my estate I leave to my loving mother Eva Van Driesen, that is, all my right to my father's estate, being 1/4 of a house and lands in Albany County, and my share in his personal estate, as by his will, January 29, 1738; And all the wages due to me. I leave to my brothers, Petrus and Henry Van Driesen, all my wearing apparell, and to my sister Ann, 10 guineas. I make my mother Eva, executor.

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