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Future Considerations and References


A partially completed story of our ancestors is presented here, in a text format and in the genealogy reports of selected individuals. It has been developed for our children and future generations, and for our aunts and uncles, with the intent of passing it on to our cousins and their descendents. For the most part, the information presented is narrowly focused, geared to our direct ancestors. In some instances, however, the line was extended beyond that to include others. The Windecker lineage, for instance, is extended far beyond our line, to include many of the descendants of Hartman Windecker, including portions of our Canadian kin. To provide support to some of our cousins, limited data is also provided as an attachment on the Klock (Hyer), Fay, and Upson family lines. Some of the data presentation was "customized" to fit the particular recipient (aunt, uncle or cousin).

We wish that our many aunts, uncles and cousins use the contents of this brief family history as a basis to incorporate their own family history information, and that our progeny carry this work forward. As with all family histories, this is a "work in progress" and additional input and contribution is welcome and desired.


This work was conducted through direct and telephone contact with several interested individuals and by visits to several locations including the National Archives, the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake City, and the Herkimer County Historical Society Office in Herkimer, New York. Between the latter two locations, considerable historical information was available, and referenced here. The largest portion of the research, however, was conducted by visiting free Internet sites. Notable sites include, and References follow:

freepages.genealogy, USGENWEB Sites, particularly Herkimer/Montgomery County, Schoharie County and Oneida County, New York


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