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A Family History donated by: Harry Windecker

Petition granted to depart Germany for America.

The following petition was located in Büdingen, Germany by Henry Z. Jones, author of "The Palatine Families of New York."

"Highly esteemed Graf (Count), most gracious Graf and Lord:"

"Your Grace:"

"May we subjects and obedient servants, named below, indicate and not avoid setting forth how large we measure our debts and the extreme poverty to which we are reduced, so that because of the (lack of) food we can no longer remain at Stockheim with our wife and children. Because now the lord has revealed a land where, in the same island and country, the poor people and the needy could cultivate their nourishment and could enjoy it till the end of their days, when therefore our humble request and petition reaches you to be charitable in consideration of our debts and on account of our extreme poverty to permit us the favor to go to the Island and aforementioned land with wife and children and on account of our conduct to permit it with an honest farewell (discharge)."

"As we hope confidently for your most gracious compliance and meanwhile in all respectful¼(?)"

"Your Grace's subjects and Obedient Servants
Johann Henrich Conradt
Peter Lambmann
Hardtman Windecker
Justus Deppich
Christian Depie's widow with her two daughters
Johann Conradt Deckmann's two sons,
Johann Henrich Deckmann and Johannes Deckmann
Johan Conradt Windecker"

"Just as your exalted Graf-ly Grace, our merciful Graf and Lord, does not wish to hinder his petitioners in their probable good fortune, therefore they are permitted to go to Carolina with wife and children; also the exemption certificate should be delivered as follows:"

" To Johann Henrich Conradi with wife and 4 children f 15
To Peter Lampmann with his wife and 4 children f 7 1/2
To Justus Dewig with wife and children f 7 ½
To Christian Dewig's widow with her daughter f _
To Johann Henrich Deckmann f 5
To Johannes Deckmann f 5
To Johan Conrad Windecker with his wife f 7 ½
To Hardtman Windecker with wife and Children f 8"

The release was
"Documented and sealed at Marienburg, 31 August, 1709 Carl A. Gf Ysenburg."

As previously stated, Hartman Windecker was born (baptized, November 5, 1676 in Dudelsheim) Germany (Vogelsberg area of Hessen State) in 1676 and married Anna Catharina Birx in 1700. It was also reported, however, that he came from Huntegessass, HessenNassau, Prussia, but this report has his birth as 1690 (Married at age 10, unlikely!).

Copyright 2001. Harry Windecker. All rights reserved.

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