Matthaeus WALDENMAIER (Waldenmeyer)

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Generation One

Modified Register for Matthaeus WALDENMAIER-26437

First Generation

1. Matthaeus WALDENMAIER-26437 was born before 1658 in , , , Germany. He died 1708/1710 in

Affalterbach, , Wurtemburg, Germany.

OCCUPATION: Forest Ranger ("Forstknecht").

CHURCH: Lutheran.

Matthaeus married (MRIN:10761) Maria-26438 . Maria was born before 1660 in , , , Germany.

They had the following children:

2 F i. Margaretha WALDENMAIER-26439 was born 14 Dec 1678 in Affalterbach, , Wurtemburg, Germany.

Margaretha married (MRIN:10763) Johann Georg KESER-26440 on 9 Jun 1711 in Affalterbach, , Wurtemburg, Germany. Johann was born before 1678 in , , , Germany.

3 M ii. Matthaeus WALDENMAIER-26441 was born 1680 in Affalterbach, , Wurtemburg,

Germany and was christened 11 Feb 1680 in Affalterbach, , Wurtemburg, Germany.

BAPTISM: Clayton Waltermire gave me, 1 August 1998, a copy of the page from the

Affalterbach church in Germany where the entry for Matthew's baptism appears. (I can't read the script to copy exactly what it says.) He secured this page of the churchbook from the LDS microfiche of their photograph of the original book. He is going to ask Herr Wolmersheimer about researching the Waltermires in Affalterbach and other places. This search will depend on his cost estimate.

+ 4 M iii. Johan Georg WALDENMAIER-26435 was born 23 Apr 1682.

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