Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Documents Relating to The
Colonial History of the
State of New York
Edited by Berthold Fernow
Volume XV.
State Archives, Vol. I
Albany N.Y.
Wood Parsons and Company, Printers, 1887

FIFTH REGIMENT-(3d Rensselaerwyck Battalion).

Colonel: Stephen Schuyler.
Lt. Colonel: Gerrit G. Van Den Bergh.
1st Major: Peter P. Schuyler.

1st Company.
Capt., Cornelius Van Beuren
1st Lt., Nicholas Staats
2d Lt. Obadiah Lansingh
Ens'n, Philipp Staats
2d Major: Volkert Veeder.
Adjutant, Maas Van Vranken
Qr. Mr.: Francis Marshall.

3d Company.
Capt., Volkert Van Veghten
1st Lt., Gerret T. Van Den Bergh.
2d do John Amory
Ens'n, Jacob Van Schaick

1st Company, under new arrangement. (See 1st. Comp. 4th Reg't.
Capt., Coonradt Ten Eyck ,
1st Lt., Peter Witbeeck
2d Lt. Dan'1 G. Van Antwerp
Ens'n, John Ver Planck

2d Company.
Capt., John H. Beeckman
1st Lt., Jacob 0. Schermerhorn
2d do Abr'm I. Van Valkenburgh
Ens'n, Jacobus Van Der Pool

2d Company, under new arrangement, see 2d Comp., 4th Reg't.

Under New Arrangement.
Capt., Dirck Bicker
1st Lt., John A. Van Wie
2d Lt. George Hogan
Ens'n: Hezekiah Schoonmaker

4th Company, see 1st Co., 4th Reg't, under new arrangement.
Capt., Abr'm Slingerlandt
1st Lt., Jellis Lagrauge
2d Lt. Teunis W. Slingerlandt
Ens'n, Teunis A. Slingerlandt

5th Company.
Capt., Philipp De Freest
1st Lt., Rynier Van Alstyn
2d Lt. Peter Sharp
Ens'n, David De Forrest

Under new arrangement.
Capt., Albert Van der Zee
lst Lieut., David Hoghteeling
2d Lt. Anthony Vrooman,
Ena'n, William Van Aelen

6th Company.
Capt., John J. Fonda
1st Lt., John P. Fonda
2d Lt. George Berber
Ens'n, George Sharpe
Under the new arrangement this Reg't had only 6 Companies, and this Comp. became the 1rt.
Comp., 6th Reg't.

Changes in the Regiment.

In the list of officers, made in February, 1778, Stephen Sehuyler is left out as Colonel.

April 4, 1778.

Henry Quackenbush, Colonel, vice Garret Vandenbergh, who begs leave to resign.

Volkert Veeder, Lieut. Col.

Coenradt T. Ten Eyck, Major.

Abraham Veeder, Captain.

James Burnside, 1st Lieut.

Myndert Legrange, 2d Lieut.

Ephraim Hudson, Ensign.

Peter Witbeck, Captain.

Daniel Van Antwerp, 1st Lieut.

Cornelius Degroot, 2d Lieut.

Coenradt T. Ten Eyck, Ensign,

Philipp Luke, Captain.

Thomas Easmey, 1st Lieut.

Peter De Winne, 2d Lieut.

Henry Sheaver, Ensign.

John Van Wie, Captain.

Tunis Vandenbergh, 1st Lieut.

Henry Van Ostrander, 2d Lieut.

Hezekiah Schoonmaker, Ensign.

Tennis W. Slingerlandt Captain.

Teunis A. Slingerlandt, 1st Lieut.

John Leonard, 2d Lieut.

John Wans, Ensign.

Jurian Hogan, Captain

David Hoghteling, 1st Lieut.

Matthew Flensburg, 2d Lieut.

Wm. Van Alen, Ensign.

February 6, 1779.

Daniel Q. Van Antwerp, Captain, vice Peter Witbeck, resigned.

Cornelius Degroot, 1st Lieut.

Coenradt T. Ten Eyck, 2d Lieut.

Jacobus Mall, Ensign.

Mathew Flansborough, 1st Lieut., Hogan's Comp.

Wm. Plansborough, 2d Lieut., Hogan's Comp.

Ezra Cleveland, Ensign, Hogan's Comp.

March 4, 1780,

Maus Van Vranken, Adjutant.

Andries Van Wie, Qr. Master.

Ephraim Hudson, 2d Lieut., Veeder's Comp., vice Lagrange, deceased.

Jacob Veeder, Ensign, vice Hudson.

Teunis A. Slingerlandt, Captain, vice Teunis W. Slingerlandt, removed out of beat.

John Leonard, 1st Lieut., vice Slingerlandt.

March 22, 1781.

Col. Quackenboss, Lieut. Col. Veeder and Major Ten Eyck, send in their resignations, which are accepted.

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